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12/29/04: Mew

I put up a new one-shot of mine called simply "Mew". I know I said I would finish the other quiz scripts, but unfortunately I got stuck...

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12/25/04: Whee...

Merry Christmas/Season's Greetings/whatever you may prefer. Anyway, even though the section is kinda still in progress, I put up a Free Quizzes section. It will have both ASP and Javascript scripts, but so far it only has the ASP for one type of a personality test. Have fun making your own.

Chapter eighteen, "Enemies Forever", of The Quest for the Legends is also up. Yep, I was writing till five in the morning on Christmas Day. I need help.

UPDATE EDIT: Yay! Thanks to Crystylla, who provided me with a link where I could find just the Javascript I was looking for, I finished the Javascript version of the free quiz. Now the other types will be a breeze to make, since they only differ in the way the final result is calculated, so expect them very soon...

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12/24/04: Yay...

Whee, it's Christmas Eve. That's a day when Icelanders celebrate Christmas because they're too impatient to wait for the twenty-fifth. Then, when the children grow up, they constantly believe that Jesus was born on the twenty-fourth, whether they actually believe in him or not because that's totally irrelevant (as we all know, they just want presents). When they finally find out that he's really supposed to be born on Christmas Day, they feel betrayed, just like when they finally start wondering why we have thirteen santas and their evil twins but all the movies they watch have one big fat Santa and a ton of elves who make toys and travel in a sledge with flying reindeer, and when they find out that actually Jesus was probably born sometime in June, they feel even more betrayed and become atheists. Yay.

My point is that I'm getting my presents and Christmas dinner before most of you guys. Nyah nyah. :P


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12/21/04: Chapter seventeen.

Chapter 17 of The Quest for the Legends is up. I was making a section with free quiz scripts in ASP and JavaScript, but I got stuck - if anybody knows how to request the value of a set of radio buttons in JavaScript, their help would be greatly appreciated.

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12/18/04: Whee, new style.

There's a Shiny Ninetales style up; it's that grayish lavender color. Don't think it looks too bad. Also don't forget that you can see a color preview in the style drop-down unless you're using Opera.

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12/15/04: Pokémon Master...

I rewrote my one-shot Pokémon Master, so it's up.

UPDATE EDIT: There's a new style, Destiny Deoxys style, and I've colored the style-switching drop down to give a small preview of the style's color scheme before you select it. Unfortunately, this does not work in Opera, so Opera users will still have to select their style blindly.

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12/14/04: Whee, the new splash is up

Dad fixed the scanner, I scanned the new splash image and colored it. Therefore, you can now view it at the Splash page. Not my best piece of art ever, but not too bad in my opinion.

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12/10/04: Yay!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have 300,000 front page hits! It's been four months since 200,000 front page hits. I drew a new splash page for it (holiday themed, too) but my scanner isn't working so I couldn't put it up.

UPDATE EDIT: I put up a new fanfic of mine, Life of a Character.

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12/06/04: Chapter sixteen + new style

Chapter sixteen of The Quest for the Legends is up. Don't remember if I did something else, but I don't think so. Well, I started a section, but I scrapped it. So yeah.

UPDATE EDIT: Whee, random new style. This time, it's Espeon style - purple and pink. Not one of my best styles, admittedly, but not the worst.

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12/01/04: Zodiac fix

As some attentive visitors may have noticed, the site started displaying an error message at around midnight GMT. Then, soon after 1 AM (GMT), it came back, the Zodiac claiming it as the day of Xatu, which is actually November the first.

What really happened is that there was a small error in the coding of the Zodiac, causing all of December to return an error. When this error came to my attention at slightly before 1 AM, I was about to go to bed so I decided just to manually put in the date for today until I could look into it. Unfortunately, I appear to have been half-asleep when I did that since I apparently plugged in the day of Xatu, instead of December the first, which is the Day of Starmie.

Well, at school I both realized that I had put in the wrong date, and what actually was wrong with the Zodiac, so now that I'm home, I could fix it so that now it displays the correct Zodiac day as it should. My apologies.

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11/29/04: Small tweaks

I added title attributes to the links on the menu, so if you hover over them, you'll see a more detailed explanation of what the section is about than can be fit into the menu. I also updated the sprite system; I've been making lots of edits to the sprites saved on my computer and stuff so with the old code you could've gotten a whole load of my recolorations while the page said you'd get unedited sprites. Now all of them will be either R/S or FR/LG sprites unedited. Of course, if you direct link, whether it's a R/S or FR/LG sprite depends on my opinion of the sprites, not yours. >:)

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11/28/04: Whee.

Chapter fifteen of The Quest for the Legends. Yay. 300,000 front page pageviews are drawing closer...

UPDATE EDIT: I also finally put up a one-shot of mine, Last Defense, which I wrote a while ago.

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11/18/04: Fixed

I got the Hangman working again, thanks to Dad. Neither the Hangman nor the Link to Me color changing works in Netscape, but I decided it's not my fault if Netscape alone is being annoying - since it's working in IE, Firefox and Opera I won't start putting in some major changes just for one browser used by 2% of my visitors.

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11/17/04: JavaScript

This site doesn't use very much JavaScript in comparison to a lot of other websites, but the two main JavaScript-based pages, the Hangman and the Link to Me, were previously working only in Internet Explorer. Well, I spent today making both of them work in other browsers. The Link to Me javascript is working in IE, Opera and Firefox, but not in Netscape (I'm looking into that), and the Hangman was working fine when I was testing it in Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox, but then it suddenly stopped working in IE and Firefox (without me actually changing anything). I've spent hours combing the code for anything that could be causing the error (it just tells me that an "object is expected" in line 26, char 1, which is the <body> tag), but found nothing. Any help from a JavaScript expert would be greatly appreciated, since I'm not one. x_x

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11/14/04: W00tness of doom!

The walkthrough is FINISHED! I just need to do a bit of proofreading, and then I can go and actually enjoy FireRed. Yay.

My final battle ended in the coolest way imaginable: All Pokémon fainted except Wildfire (my Charizard) and his Blastoise, I used Blast Burn, BOOM. I'm dead serious, it did end like that. Nightmare (my Scyther) wore Blastoise down a bit while it was asleep after Zala (my Butterfree)'s Sleep Powder. Basically, after Blastoise came out, it went like this:

I sent out Zala
He used Hydro Pump, bringing Zala to 7HP
Zala used Sleep Powder
A Future Sight from his Alakazam hit Zala and she fainted
I sent out Nightmare
She used Wing Attack until Blastoise was at around 1/4 health
Blastoise woke up and used Hydro Pump, fainting Nightmare
I sent out Wildfire
He used Blast Burn
Blastoise fainted.

Heh, that was a great battle.

UPDATE EDIT: I've finished the proofreading, so the walkthrough is up! Now, appreciate it. :P The walkthrough I've spent a month and a half on, sacrificing almost all of the fun I could've had playing my FireRed

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11/12/04: Whee, chapter fourteen

Chapter fourteen of The Quest for the Legends is up. I really think I did a good job on this one...

I'm at the Indigo Plateau (about to enter Victory Road) in the walkthrough. I had to go and finish the Pokémon found in a few areas before proceeding, so I didn't make much progress today except getting a few levels while waiting to be able to confirm the existence of Geodude in Kindler Road.

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11/11/04: No actual updates...

Just a note on the progress of the FR/LG walkthrough.

I'm currently in the Viridian Gym. That means it's just Victory Road and some strategy against the Elite Four, and then I'll be free from the walkthrough and able to play my FireRed in peave without having to write everything down. Yay.

Just to give you an idea of what's coming, it includes the wild Pokémon found in every area, an extremely detailed run-down of which way you should walk, and is all thought for people who play the game like me - people who purposefully battle every trainer, complete every sidequest, pick up all the items on the ground however useless they might be, etc. and are basically not in a hurry. If you're not one of them, you can at least look up Pokémon locations there.

And before you ask, yes, I actually search every area until I've confirmed every single Pokémon that is supposed to appear there.

UPDATE EDIT: OK, there are updates... I toned down Arcanine Style a tiny bit and made the menu headings more readable. Hope it's easier on the eyes now. I'll probably do some more editing to it later...

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11/09/04: Halloween is over...

Yep, it's over, and therefore Cave Style is back as the default style. Halloween Style, thanks to the poll results and also the fact that I've taken a funny liking to it, is still available as Houndoom Style.

I also updated the Quest for the Legends Revision History page with some notes about when each revision was made, and another question in the Quest for the Legends FAQ.

UPDATE EDIT: I also tweaked the splash page - the styles were getting so many I put them in a drop-down rather than the old radio buttons - and removed the music. Sorry to any fans of it, but I just don't like having it anymore. Most people don't like background music on websites, and if you wanted to listen to the music, you could just go to VGMusic. Besides that it only worked in Internet Explorer and complicated things, and made the site look less professional.

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11/05/04: Just a clarification...

Well, I did this when I started, so I might as well do it now too:

I will finish that stupid walkthrough up to the Elite Four and no further, and after that I'm NEVER writing a walkthrough again. Ever.

Just to tell you all, don't write a walkthrough. It takes all the fun out of the game if you HAVE to play it in front of your computer, HAVE to write down your every movement and HAVE to make sure you don't skip anything or do anything in the wrong order. It's a nightmare. I often want to play FireRed in peace, but I can't because the bloody walkthrough is limiting me.

I've openly announced that I'm going to write this walkthrough. Once I announce something somewhere, I never decide to break my promise, however torturing it is to keep it. But I'm never doing this again. You can take my word. And I advise you not to do it either.

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11/03/04: New free layout

There's a new free layout up, this time a fixed-width table layout (as explained, it is meant only as an image-based layout since the DIV layout is better in all other aspects).

For some personal news, we had Life Skills at school today, and we were sitting and answering various questions with our own opinion. The first was "Who do you think is the most important person who has ever lived?" First I was going to answer one of the obvious ones, like Gandhi or something, but my classmates weren't taking it all too seriously and when it came to me, I ended up turning towards the rest of the class and saying very loudly and clearly, "Satoshi Tajiri". Of course I got a lot of "Huh?" and "Who's that?" and I almost shouted, "The guy who invented Pokémon." I didn't say anything else in relation to Pokémon, but at least the whole class had a nice laugh.

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11/02/04: Do you know what day it is?

...Besides the US election day, of course, it's also this site's birthday - it went online on November the second, 2002. Actually, I haven't done anything special for it this time, as opposed to last year's gigantic Pokédex update. I was going to finish the FR/LG walkthrough up to the Elite Four, but I just realized that you can't go from Pokémon Mansion to Indigo Plateau in a day when you have to write down everything you do. So... well, happy birthday to the Cave of Dragonflies. :)

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10/30/04: Free layouts!

You won't believe this, but I actually just randomly went and made a free layout, which isn't like most free layouts. Details can be found here.

I also tweaked the menu. Now there's no table anymore. Whee, less loading time.

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10/29/04: Happy Halloween...

I made a special Halloween style featuring Houndoom, which will be the default style for the next few days. Since I don't like forcing a color scheme on anybody, you can nevertheless still use the other styles (heh, I also just noticed that Halloween Style is the thirteenth style to be made; that's kind of fitting). I also made a new Almighty Random Poll...

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10/28/04: ...and thirteen

I finished chapter thirteen of The Quest for the Legends. Then I've been tweaking the Writing Guide quite a bit recently.

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10/19/04: Chapter twelve

I finished chapter twelve of The Quest for the Legends... then I spent most of the weekend hunting for Scyther in the Safari Zone on FireRed. I caught two, both of them female, and named them Nightmare and Sickle. Nightmare is Rash and Sickle is relaxed; not the best Natures but since Nightmare exceeded Sickle in every stat except Special Defense when I caught them (both at level 23), Nightmare is the one on my team. This means that my Charizard, Butterfree and Scyther on my final team will all be Rash. Also, funnily enough, around 75% of all the Scyther I found were female. I'm at the Safari Zone in the walkthrough, too.

As a side note, the style poll is there for a reason; I see that Spell of the Unown style should clearly be edited a bit, since it's the most unpopular style, and probably Power of One style and Arcanine style too. Anything to please my visitors...

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10/06/04: Fanfic + secret page

Chapter 11 of The Quest for the Legends has been put up. The secret page has also been updated. And yeah, I'm working on the walkthrough.

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10/05/04: FireRed! Whee!

My FireRed just arrived in the mail today. I have not started it; instead, I have the box here beside me on the desk until I have made this clarification:

I will make a walkthrough for this game as I play it and put it up on the site.

There. Now I have no excuse. :P That being said, I'm going to start the game. Yay for FireRed and LeafGreen!

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10/03/04: Splash page

I put up a new splash with an autumn theme to it. Well, actually, I just downloaded a trial of Photoshop CS, which has a leaf brush I couldn't resist so I randomly sprayed it all over it when I was done. I also, incredibly enough, used the FR/LG Butterfree sprite on it, because somehow the body parts have been inflated enough to make the head not seem as bad - I needed that pose because Butterfree was supposed to be kinda flying among the leaves (and I've pretty much given up on drawing Butterfree). But the Charizard is hand-drawn, and I reeeally like it (the picture; the mascot Charizard is a he).

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10/01/04: *Dies*


Well, after getting over that shock, I finished the 88 * 16 link buttons and added a javascript to the page that means you can input your site's background color to see how each button will look on it. The old buttons are not retired or anything, but I've got to admit that I like these more.

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09/30/04: Link buttons and a small fix

I've thought for a while that I kinda abused Photoshop effects in the link buttons I made a while ago, so I made yet new ones, which I'm rather satisfied with. There's one for each style, starring the style's mascot (apart from the Oldie style button, which has Charizard and Butterfree on it because the point of the Pikachu picture in the Oldie style banner is that this particular picture has been on the site since it started), and I believe they look pretty good. I've only finished the 88*31 ones so far, but I'm working on the 88*16 ones. I also put background recommendations near the buttons to tell potential linkers which buttons they should use on their particular background.

I also fixed an old, silly coding problem, not exactly a mistake, but it basically forced you to download all twelve banners for every page that you viewed, even though only one would be visible. This means that a lot of loading time has been cut off, since the banners probably take longer loading than the whole page minus the affiliate bar (which I at least had the sense to put last so that it wouldn't load until after the content)...

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09/29/04: Purification

Today I purified Murkrow, Sunflora and Gligar - eleven more to go. Once I finish purifying, I will put up a list of all the Shadow Pokémon's levels and moves, but in the meanwhile, enjoy the Purification Guide.

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09/26/04: Pokémon Heroes

I just came back from seeing Pokémon Heroes (which was finally coming here now), dubbed in Icelandic, of course. My first reaction was: WHAT THE HECK DID THEY DO TO THE VOICE ACTING?? I've often said that the Icelandic voices are good, and they were when they showed the episodes, but now they got new voice actors. Ash sounded like he was done by the same voice actor as Brock, for crying out loud, and that's saying something! That voice could so absolutely NOT belong to anybody under 30 years old. It was almost as bad as the English one, but at least I managed to get used to this one within twenty minutes, while I was still freaked by his English voice at the end of the fourth movie (which I watched in English). I don't know who did his voice in the episodes and whether it was a man or a woman, but at the very least it sounded like a boy. I mean, I know we got the fourth and fifth movies late here, but THIS can't happen to anybody's voice, even during the three or so years it's been since the third movie, especially if said person is a cartoon character who doesn't seem to have a proper age. It also sounded like they re-dubbed Pikachu into something extra-squeaky that sounded just ridiculous, and additionally they apparently thought they shouldn't freak kids by pronouncing names the English way, so I had to watch 30-year-old "(insert bad version of 'butt' here)" talk to "Totodeel", and "Ah-eh-rodactyl" firing attacks. They also seemingly got a new translator, since this one translated the "Pallet" part of Pallet Town (the old one only translated the "town" part and that came out pretty good). At least this one didn't translate half of Murkrow's name like the old one did. I kinda liked Latios and Latias' voices, but during some scenes, those repeated, high-pitched wails got annoying.

Voice acting aside, though, I liked the movie. I love Oakley (Annie got on my nerves, though) and the plot was nice. Poor Latios, though... *doesn't want to spoil for any fellow Europeans whose countries suffer from the slow-dub syndrome* Alto Mare was a cool setting too.

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09/25/04: Sixteen pages...

Just a small update to tell all you fans of my writing that chapter ten of The Quest for the Legends has been ilcoed... and as a matter of fact, the fic's nominated for the Reader's Choice Awards at The Pokémon Tower. The version there is still the old version, but I'm going to replace it soon...

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09/24/04: Or should I say \"Day of Cubone\"?

I made a neat little addition to the site: the Zodiac. This means that right now, you should see some weird date just below the top banner, saying something about the Day of (whatever) in the Reign of (whatever), Season of the (whatever). It may just seem like pointless text as you're looking at it now, but look tomorrow and it will have changed. :) Additionally, if it happens to be your birthday, congratulations, you are born in the Day of said Pokémon. Neat, isn't it? But wait - this goes by GMT (no Daylight Savings or anything), so you'd better make sure it's your birthday over here too. Ah, well, I'm about to put up a table with the whole thing, so it doesn't matter...

Oh, and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES STEAL THIS ZODIAC. Make as many zodiacs you want, as long as they're not just mine with different names, but you have NO idea how long I spent stuffing all 365 non-Legendaries into reigns and seasons to make everything somehow fit in whatever absurd ways I could think of, and additionally to write the code to convert the date into a zodiac-date. Just please.

I also put up a new one-shot story of mine called Legendary Revenge. It's rated PG-13, just to warn you.

UPDATE EDIT: I made the page explaining the Zodiac and the legend behind it.

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09/21/04: Amazing but true...

I wrote a whole chapter of The Quest for the Legends in just two days. Well, I'm getting into mega-writing-mode-of-doom, so it shouldn't really be that surprising... and teachers are on strike (yay) so I've had all day.

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09/18/04: Updating...

I went through a few more pages revising them, and put up Extra IV and chapter 8 of The Quest for the Legends.

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09/15/04: Shadow Pokémon

This Almighty Random Poll is very interesting indeed. I'm glad that the far majority of you actually vote with your honest opinion, but I'm sorry to laugh a little at the people who vote the "You rock!!!" or "You suck!!!" options irrelevant of their own opinions. That's why this poll is so fun.

But the actual update is that I made a page about Colosseum's Shadow Pokémon.

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09/12/04: *giggle*

09/10/04: I'm being un-lazy...

I rewrote the listy part of the About me because I hate lists. Well, yeah, that's all I did, but you can't exactly expect me to do much more than completely rewriting half a section in a single day. So yeah.

Actually... I made a Site history. It's very short; the site hasn't had too many layouts, you know.

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09/09/04: I proudly present to you...

A section even longer than the Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters! A section I've spent months on and off on! It is...

The Cave of Dragonflies' Pokémon Fanfiction Writing Guide!

Of course, only some of my visitors are going to have any interest in it, and not all of them will find it useful because it's not like I'm a professional and anybody can disagree - but I hope somebody likes it. I really enjoyed making it, anyway, and it helped me through Writer's Block a few times, so it's not wasted time even if nobody likes it.

New Almighty Random Poll, too.

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09/07/04: Pokémon forever!

Today was a very important day in my life. In Art class, we were making the folders to use for the rest of out work, and a boy said (jokingly) "I'm going to draw a Pikachu on my folder. I'm such a major Pokémon fan". I couldn't resist saying "Oh, really? Me too" and after confirming that I was not joking a few times, I mentioned among other things that I've read a 200-page strategy guide to Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal, not including Ruby and Sapphire which are of course the most complicated games. I don't know how much of the class heard the confession, but I know for sure of at least two people other than us. Man, that felt great.

Anyway, I put up a fanfic of mine called Pokémon Master. No, it's not what you think, it's a one-shot about Ash as an adult.

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09/06/04: The Voice of the Forest

I made a Voice of the Forest style. It's a light, pleasant green, differing from the darker Scyther (formerly Green) style. I quite like it, personally, but it's up to you whether you use it or not.

UPDATE EDIT: I also made a Pokémon Heroes style, starring Latias. It's white and red. Because Jirachi Wish Maker style is going to be white and yellow, you'll have a light blue, light red, light green and light yellow style afterwards.

UPDATE EDIT 2: Jirachi Wish Maker style is here. Yellow, as I said already.

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09/01/04: Art theft...

Whee. Art thief and direct linker of the year, some Dutch person (who does know English, by the way) called Metal Harpey who owns this MSN group. A she, if I know correctly, and has stolen art from me, Mewkitty, Kyogroudon, Jolty and Melthree and put it on there without permission. Her e-mail address is all over. Go and express your opinion, and see if we can knock some sense into her.

Oh, and the Ilcoeth revision of The Quest for the Legends is up, along with chapter seven.

Update edit, 09/02/04: What the hell? They're direct linking from Suta-Raito too! NOW it's Wall-Of-Shame time...

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08/29/04: Sugimori art! Whee!

Well, I've been saying over and over again that I would make the banners on the styles each star a different Pokémon, but I never bothered drawing a Scyther or Arcanine (and for that matter, they'd probably have looked greatly messed up). So since I've got all the new Sugimori art (official art) on my computer, I decided just to put them on the banners instead. Of course, I don't know whether you like the change at all, so please vote in the Almighty Random Poll below.

I also made Snow style a bit lighter in the process; now the background is white.

UPDATE EDIT: I went through the affiliate list and changed some links and removed a few, whether they weren't the sites I actually agreed to affiliate with, had been hacked or just weren't working. Pikapi.net is down, but I think it has happened before so I didn't remove them.

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08/26/04: The EEEVIL marquee...

The "DO NOT CLICK HERE!" has been updated. It's now even longer, even more boring and pretty much completely foolproof.

A new splash picture will be coming soon; I've drawn it and just need to scan and color it.

UPDATE EDIT: Yup, done. Not as much shading and fanciness on it as on the old one, but meh. It's just a splash image.

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08/14/04: Stuff

Yeah, stuff...

  • There is a new "What Pokémon Are You?". The main change is in the result images, which look far better than before; there are also more possible results (bringing the total number of Pokémon you can be to eighteen) and more and different answer possibilities. The questions are mostly the same.
  • Chapter six of the HMMRCIG of The Quest for the Legends has been put up, too.
  • The Hangman has been tweaked around a bit. Now you, for example, will lose more points for each wrong letter you guess. ;)
  • Green style has been changed to a less eye-hurting type of green.
  • The R/S tips and tricks have been updated.
  • I updated one clue in the Secret Link game with something I forgot to put into it last time.


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08/11/04: The Secret Link...

I've gone through the whole secret link game (the clues, the explanation and the secret page itself) and the clues are now barely understandable, making them harder (then again, the clues never did help you too much). And well, yeah, that's all for today. As a side note, I just saw Fahrenheit 9/11. See it. It's good.

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08/10/04: Backiness.

I'm baaaaaack! Celebrate and throw confetti. Now, for anybody remotely interested in how Greece was, there's the next paragraph. Anybody else can skip past it.

Anyway, we went to Greece through Copenhagen, and because of the Olympics, apparently all the baggage going to Athens was carefully checked. Now, when they found the book Practical Cryptography in our bag, they apparently decided that it was suspicious and keept it for a background check of our criminal records or something, meaning that we had to live with our carry-on luggage for the first three days (luckily my Gameboy Advance was there so I didn't get Pokémon withdrawal symptoms). That also meant that we had to live with the clothes we had on, which were kinda more designed for an Icelandic summer than a Greek one. Basically, I was sweating into the same WAY too thick clothes for those three days (and because our swimsuits were in the bag too, we had to watch that swimming pool, unable to jump into it). Also, my nose decided to protest the changes in air pressure by starting to bleed randomly on the first two days, which was a nightmare (that really nice Greek who owns the house we were renting even cooked a dinner for us, and while we were eating I got a heavy nosebleed on the tablecloth). Anyway, then we finally got the bag, with Practical Cryptography not where we left it, and went into the swimming pool. Well, then days passed by, I now have seven level 100 Pokémon (Sceptile, Manectric, Absol, Gardevoir, Shedinja, Milotic and Flygon) and I'm currently filling up my Pokédex on Sapphire as far as I can get, we went to Athens (which I dubbed 'The City of Cats') and got stalked by restaurant owners while we were trying to find a decent one, I stood on Akropoli, turned my back on the Parthenon and watched four cute little cats (told ya it was the city of cats) who were sleeping there. We listened to Pink Floyd all the time and while we were watching Matchstick men, the biggest spider I've ever seen with my own eyes (it wasn't absolutely huge, mind you; the spiders over here are just so small I haven't seen much before) started crawling across the ceiling, resulting in a big chase between Dad, armed with some insect spray, and the spider, which always managed to hide so most of the insect spray ended up behing inhaled by us. In the end, Dad sucked the spider up with a hand vaccum cleaner and left it outside, fearing that it might not be dead, and we continued to watch the movie. Then Mom got the creeps again upon discovering what looked like an even bigger spider on a windowsill-type of thing (hard to explain), apparently dead, but it turned out to be a toy some kid had thrown up there. I don't remember anything else interesting at the moment, and this is getting way too long anyway. Oh, yeah, I got a trillion mosquito bites, and because I never get a tan (not that I want it) I'm now white with red spots. How extremely fun...

And now I'm all inspired because I've been unable to update for so long that suddenly I want to update as much as I can, so let's look at the poll results...

Well, the one person who voted giving the R/B/Y Pokédex and shrine another font is going to get his/her will first, ironically enough, because the more I think about it, the more I'm bothered by the fact that the whole thing is written in huge Comic Sans. I thought Courier was kinda stylish for a collection of data, so Courier it is for the Pokédex. Doesn't look too bad in my opinion; Courier is a plain type of font that fits with raw data that has no personality. The shrine is going to have a major makeover, of course including the font and everything else; I decided that if people do want a raw collection of data for these Pokémon, they'll look in the Pokédexes.

Yep, lots of updates coming soon. Promise. Oh, and thanks for the 200,000 hits! It's only been six and a half months since it was 100,000, and only two and a half since it was 150,000 (meaning that we can assume that in about two months, it'll hit 250,000). Whoa...

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07/29/04: Leaving...

I'm sorry that the site went down; Dad installed a new firewall which had some mighty problems, so he had to degrade it back to the one he originally had in order for the site to work. This wasn't done until now because we went on a trip before we managed to fix it and now we're going to Greece so I'm afraid there won't be any updates for the next ten days either. I will continue going through all the sections, though, like I was doing in the previous update.

There's also a new Almighty Random Poll, if you wanted to know. Please vote while I'm away.

o_O;;;;;; I just noticed that Irony of Fate won the Best in Category award for "Other" at The Pokémon Tower...

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07/21/04: Updateyness!

OK, I'm going through the whole site, making edits. The ones I edited to some real extent are:

I would like everybody who has won a Webmaster's Choice Award to re-apply so that I can give them the new award, so get applying.

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07/04/04: Must... play... Colosseum...

I've spent the majority of the weekend (plus the bit of Friday evening I had after the Gamecube had been set up and all that) playing Colosseum Story Mode, loving that music and getting it stuck in my head. I need to use headphones because my parents are getting tired of it (although before that happened, I saw Dad humming the bad guy battle theme so I guess he liked it), but I don't feel anything like that for some reason and keep loving 90% of the themes in the whole game, especially the Cipher Admin Battle. I mean, I found the Miror B. battle theme on VGMusic.com before I got the game and I thought I liked that, but nooo, that game is packed with absolutely wonderful music that makes Miror B's theme plain dull in comparison.

...Ahem, I can't keep going on about the music forever, but actually I've been far too busy with Colosseum to do anything for the site at all. A review of the game should be coming as soon as I can rip myself away from the TV for long enough to write it, but the only thing that's updated now is the Almighty Random Poll.

Did I mention that I love the Colosseum music?

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06/29/04: You'll never guess...

I will soon be getting something that starts with a C, ends in an M, and has an L, two S's and the vowels O, another O, E and U.

For those of you no good at anagrams, I'm getting Colosseum. Or rather, "Pokémon Colosseum Mega Pak Bundle", to be exact, which means, for those of you who don't know what that is, that it includes a Gamecube, the Colosseum itself, Box, a Gamecube controller, a Gamecube/GBA link cable, and a memory card. It was ordered from Amazon this Sunday and will arrive here tomorrow, Thursday or Friday. I can also happily announce that buying it from Amazon that way, VAT and shipping included, costs me less than going to our local computer store and buying one Gamecube and one Colosseum, with no other extra stuff at all. Things are expensive over here...

Therefore, expect quite a few Colosseum-related sections soon.

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06/26/04: Fanfiction

OK... firstly, I made an account on FanFiction.Net and I'm posting my best fics and poems there - feel free to review, everybody. Secondly, The Quest for the Legends, even the old version, actually, placed third in the Reader's Choice Awards at The Pokémon Tower (I don't get why people like the old version so much). Thirdly, for the actual updates on the site, I put up the How Much More Revised Can It Get? edition of The Quest for the Legends and a poem I wrote called On the Run.

[/egoistical update]

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06/21/04: New forums!

Aaaand... the new forums have opened! These are on Invisionfree, so no more popups, more features and everything easier. Of course, the old forums are still open and everything, but new registrations are no longer being accepted there.

See, everybody happy. All the old topics and everything are still there, and all's nice. Whee.

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06/15/04: Poll results = I have some fun.

Have I ever told you how much I love watching the results of the Almighty Random Polls? This one I find extremely interesting to watch, seeing as the poll subject wasn't random (as in that I actually care about the result). I'm really enjoying looking at the poll, seeing a few more votes each time and continuing my psychological research of how many people are too afraid of hurting my feelings if they say anything negative (yeah, I'm very interested in that kind of stuff, believe it or not). Oddly enough, the most popular pure negative option is the one I expected to be the least popular, the one saying it was all a completely worthless waste of your time. The reason I thought it was going to be an unpopular choice is that somehow I can't picture a person absolutely loathing what they're reading and not thinking it's getting any better, yet they still read to the end of it. Isn't it weird? I'm really surprised that there isn't a single vote for "I tried once, but what I read was so bad I stopped" - to be honest, I believe that if I was trying to read it now, I'd have stopped somewhere in the middle of chapter two, or even sooner. I myself voted for "The beginning is bad, but it gets better as it goes on" - an option I really expected more people to vote for, seeing as it is definitely true. I also hoped for "Urgh, that title sounds bad..." to be a bit more popular seeing as the other probability if I saw it now would be that the title sounded so clich I wouldn't bother reading it at all.

As for the ten people (so far) who never got around to reading it - I recommend that you go to some of the forums I'm posting the How Much More Revised Can It Get? version on. Seriously, I just re-read chapter 20 recently, and it was even worse than I remembered it. Seesh, the last revision of it was so rushed, I even referred to Charmeleon as "it" at least once if not twice. At least I'm doing a decent rewrite of it now... you know, I think I'm going to take it down and just ask people to read the new one...

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06/14/04: Sorry for the lack of updates...

I've been rather busy, working on the revised chapter five of The Quest for the Legends and then I've been working on a certain section on and off - a very big section (a detailed guide to something, to be exact), so forgive me for not having it finished. What this update is for is mentioning that I added some links to forums below the affiliates, topsites and networks. They will all be good forums that I'm a member of but could use a lot more members. If you're looking for forums to join, try them.

UPDATE EDIT: I made a new Almighty Random Poll, since I've been wondering about this for a long time. Please vote, everybody...

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06/01/04: Spell of the Unown!

I made a Spell of the Unown style. Doesn't look too good in my opinion, but meh, you might like it.

UPDATE EDIT: Some of my older visitors might remember Blue style, which was up for a short period of time but was then replaced with Dark blue style. Well, as my very oldest visitors should know, that was a remake of the style that was on the original "Butterfree's Pokémon site". Now, for no special reason, I remade that style again, as "Oldie style". It's a bit eye-hurting, at least to me, but you might either like blue or want to bring back some memories (yeah right).

ANOTHER UPDATE EDIT: While we're on the subject of "Butterfree's Pokémon Site", please vote in the new Almighty Random Poll. By the way, I just noticed that since the site's birthday (November 2nd), the page views on the front page (yeah, that counter in the corner is only for the front page) have more than doubled. :-) I love you guys!

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05/28/04: New splash page...

Although it's a bit late, there's a new splash page in "celebration" of 150,000 hits. It appears that the site's mascots aren't overly happy... but it does have the best piece of fanart I've ever drawn. Don't steal it...

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05/26/04: No more errors!

I managed to fix both of the stylesheet errors I noted a month ago (saying I'd get them fixed "very soon"). Sorry for the delay; at least, if you weren't here or forgot what the errors were: a) The style and music didn't change if you changed them via the drop-down until you refreshed the page or clicked a link, and b) if you changed the music but not the style, you'd get a styleless page. Part A was a technical problem because I loaded the stylesheets before checking the cookies, part B was a foolish error I don't get why I made since it was a really simple problem. At least, both are fixed now, so happy style/music switching.

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05/25/04: Yay!

OK... firstly, I am now able to update the London version of the site (although it hasn't been updated yet). Secondly, the vilhjalmur.com/butterfree URL will now redirect you to dragonflycave.com. Basically... I'M GETTING TOO DARN TIRED OF ALL THE E-MAILS ASKING WHEN I'M GOING TO UPDATE! Yeah, everybody, if you have www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree bookmarked or something, change it to www.dragonflycave.com, please, since I don't know if the other URL will be up for much longer.

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05/23/04: Contacting me

I made a section I've been intending to make for very long: Contacting me. The e-mail address and instant messenger names aren't the main focus of the section itself; it's the text above them with what you CAN send me and what you CAN'T send me. Even if you know my e-mail address and IM names, you should still read it...

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05/17/04: New sprite gallery!

The new sprite gallery has been put up. Unlike the old one, it does not have a right-click disabling script, because I was getting tired of all the people trying to be smart by "informing" me that there were ways around it. Also, most of the art thieves just seemed not to have read the text properly and believed they were free materials (oh, why can't people just read the text?), and I decided to be a bit nicer than before by allowing *some* usage. Therefore, this gallery has a big, red box containing Terms of Use, which no living person could possibly not notice, and additionally it has a command to all search robots not to index the page or anything on it, which will probably prevent people from finding my sprites on Google (altough, for safety, I did put a special warning in the Terms of Use about how "I found them on Google!" is not an excuse). However, this means that I depend a bit on you, my visitors, to catch art thieves, since even the ones who don't know how to get around right-click disabling scripts can get to them now. Basically... every time you see somebody breaking the Terms of Use, inform them of it, and if they ignore your warning, alert me of it. If you see somebody using what could be my sprites, but you're not sure, alert me first and show me the sprite they were using. And, of course, don't steal the sprites yourself...

Wait, I forgot one thing... some sprites don't show up because the sprite database hasn't been updated since I fixed them. The database will be updated very soon.

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05/15/04: Hmmm...

I put that "now I'll never use Cave style again" option in the poll, but I didn't really expect anybody to vote that. I dislike Umbreon, but that doesn't stop Dark blue style from being my personal favorite... (Please don't tell me that Umbreon RULES and "how could I hate it", I've had plenty of that and all it did was making me dislike it even more.) Anyway, it's none of my business if you hate Misdreavus that much, but really, if you did use Cave style sometimes (meaning you liked it), does one Misdreavus picture in the top banner really ruin it THAT much?

What I'm basically saying, don't let a Pokémon you hate ruin a style you like. I'd probably use Dark blue style even if somebody had put a Kingdra on it...

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05/12/04: Articuno and Lugia!

Now Articuno is on Snow style... it's just getting a Scyther correctly for Green style, and then perhaps I'll use Arcanine for Red style despite having used Misdreavus for Cave style... also, there's the new Power of One style. It's pretty plain, but some people might like black-and-white themes...

Interestingly enough, the star Pokémon of these two styles, Articuno and Lugia, are my fanfic character's favorite Pokémon...

And now, Mewtwo finally has his proper place in the Mewtwo Strikes Back style banner.

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05/11/04: Menu

I edited the menu. For one thing, I took down the links to the G/S/C and R/B/Y Pokédexes since the databases for them aren't in the site directory right now for whatever reason, I will get them fixed. Then, I decided to delete all the intermediary pages that just complicated stuff and made the Hall of Fame a special section under the menu, along with just putting the game-specific stuff right there on the menu instead of first clicking on the game's name. Hope this is more comfortable.

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05/10/04: Misdreavus

Just a small little update to tell you that Misdreavus is now on the Cave style banner. ;) I actually drew it a while ago at school on the back of a crazy English assignment about Kathleen Henson's Evil Ghost who said "Fear me, foolish mortals!" a lot (don't ask) with the Cave style banner in mind, but never bothered to scan it until now. Some of my better art, I must admit... There's also a new Almighty Random Poll about Misdreavus. I'm Misdreavus-obsessed at the moment...

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05/05/04: Ever wondered how Pokéballs work?

Well, here is your answer. I wrote a section about my theory of how Pokéballs work. Remember, it's fan-made, not official! I also took down the horoscopes because they look a bit awkward when they aren't finished.

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04/28/04: Just a small note...

There is a certain problem I've gotten a lot of error reports about. This is in two parts.

One: If you change something on the small drop-downs, nothing happens. This is due to the fact that it doesn't load the new stylesheet/music until you either refresh the page or click a link on the side menu. Basically, refresh after you've picked the style and things will be a lot easier. I might fix that very soon so that it happens right away.

Two: If you change the music, but not the style, and then click a link or refresh the page, it becomes styleless (white with everything looking crazy). This is because for whatever reason, the style cookie is replaced when you change the music. To fix this, select a new style from the drop-down and refresh the page. I intend on fixing that as soon as possible.

I might add that if the page appears styleless even after you've selected a new style, your browser probably doesn't support stylesheets or something. Get one of the ones listed on the splash page, they've been confirmed to render the pages correctly and are free for download online.

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04/24/04: Anti-anti and R/S

Just a small update: A new section, Anti-anti-Pokémon FAQ has been put up, and the Ruby and Sapphire tips and tricks section has been updated (it was about time). I'm GOING to make a decent FR/LG page soon, I promise.

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04/21/04: Gaah... >_<

Sorry I haven't been updating... but now I've got quite a bit, although it all has to do with my fanfics.

  • I put up the prologue of The Quest for the Legends. It was written after chapter 36, actually, but I still put it at the start. It's good; read it if you're a fan of the fic. Or if you gave up because the first chapters were so boring.
  • Chapter seven of The Type Chart has been put up at long last.
  • And... I BabelFished a paragraph of it. It's hilarious; read the result here.

Aaaand... although it's not exactly an update, the remade sprite gallery is almost ready. Technically it is ready, actually, although there's a small database error and I need to make it look a bit neater, but it works. I'm not giving you the link, though, seeing as there's no no-right-click script on it. *growls at art thieves*

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04/07/04: Error reports...

Just something I wanted to say... I've had two huuuuuge errors in my G/S/C tips and tricks sections since... probably since the site started, why did I first now get an error report about it? WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY NOTICE THAT I GOT SOME TYPE WEAKNESSES/RESISTANCES WRONG? Or did you maybe all notice, but just laugh and leave? This is what the page "error report" is for. By all means REPORT this kind of stuff.

A really funny fanfic by Emerald Milotic, When Chikoritas Attack!, is up, by the way. I recommend it for anybody who likes insanity. And talking about fanfics, readers of The Quest for the Legends might want to go to the forums.

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04/06/04: New poll...

I don't know what happened to the previous Almighty Random Poll, I even tried resetting the votes, but the results just wouldn't appear, so I deleted it. The other polls in the archive are all fine, so I just made a new poll. Sorry about that.

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In case you didn't notice, there are NEW link buttons. I would very much like you to use them instead of the old bad ones.

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04/02/04: Just a small update...

A fanfic by MissingNo (a really nice person, I might add) has been put up, along with some fanart. I still haven't put up all those contest entries.

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03/31/04: Whee, cheer, fans of my writing.

There was a fanfic contest at TPM, but I didn't get my entry in as it was ended a day before it was supposed to end. So now all of you can enjoy Sunset Beach...

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03/24/04: The Quest for the Legends fans rejoice...

...because chapter 36 is up. Go read it if you like the fic.

Also, I made 88*16 Photoshop buttons. They don't look as good as the 88*31 ones due to a lack of proper space to make them fancy, but they also come in different colors.

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03/23/04: Link buttons...

See? Now when I can update in real-time, I'm update-crazy. There, you have it: I'm not lazy! I just tend to think "I'll do it later, nothing will happen if I do it now anyway!"

Anyway, I spent today looking for tutorials for cool Photoshop effects, and then played around with it (I'm too used to ImageReady; the controls all seem upside-down) and ended up making new link buttons, so all affiliates and linkers should check them out. Only 88*31 ones, sorry. Oh, and even though it tells you to direct link them - please don't until my site gets moved back to the server. Thanks! :)

By the way, sorry for the downtime, it turned out that when dad was working he shut down the World Wide Web server on his computer and forgot to turn it on again. The guy promised that he would get it sorted Monday, but now it's Tuesday and nothing has happened. -_-

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03/22/04: Funny.

OK, I don't believe I told you already, but I might have. The secret page has been updated, and from now on will contain something new. Pay a visit to the secret page often, because I promise, I WILL update it frequently from now on.

The plagiarism case has also ended, Kristin has apologized and it's going fine. :)

Also, chapter 36 of The Quest for the Legends will be finished soon. Very soon.

Anyway, what the update's title is about... I was bored, so I looked for "Pokémon" at Dictionary.com. It didn't return any results, however, it did suggest that I might be looking for "Pokemon" or "PKMN". So I checked both of them. They were both listed in Dictionary.com as acronyms, so I checked them in Acronym finder. It turned out that "Pokemon" is defined as "Pocket monster" (for whatever reason, I cracked up when I saw that) and "PKMN" is defined as "Pokémon". Searching for Pokémon on Acronym finder returned no results. I also tried searching for "LOL" on Acronym finder, and one of the results was "Little Old Lady". That also cracked me up. I also found it very funny that Official Meeting Facilities Guide is listed as a meaning for "OMFG" before the one most people know, and that "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages" or anything similar is not listed for "SPAM". By the way, if you're lost in internet slang, try Acronym finder. It could have saved me a lot of pondering...

Speaking of random searches for stuff out of boredom, you can find proof that the Nine Vertical Pies are taking over the world in Microsoft Excel's chart wizard and about two thirds down this page. It's all a big conspiracy! The Pie of Pie is after me! AAAAHHHH!!!!

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03/18/04: Victory!

NOTE: This isn't an actual update on the site. Read the update below to get what I'm talking about.

Kristin deleted my first message on the forums, but then I posted another one where I didn't actually say what was going on, just asked her to e-mail me if she wanted to keep this private between me and her. Amy, who appears to be her friend, asked what was going on, as she had apparently not seen the other message before it was deleted. I answered, and when I checked now (after getting to be a part of the audience in Who wants to be a Millionaire), that had not been deleted, but Amy hadn't replied either, so I don't know if she has read it. However, what I was hoping for came true: The editor did accept my message I sent to the PokAuthors section, and also added in another message that this was a very serious accusation and that she should e-mail with an answer as to whether this was true or not. Just hope that Kristin doesn't deny that, I want this to end here, not to get into something complicated. Actually, I take the fact that she left both other messages on the forums alone as a clue that she might regret what she did, so let's just hope it ends there.

Oh darn... I guess I forgot to mention it to her that the parts she did write weren't all that bad for a ten-year-old... I hope I didn't discourage her from continuing to write.

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03/17/04: Plagiarism...


Ladies and gentlemen... a plagiarized, simplified, edited version of The Quest for the Legends can at the moment be read on this page. Look for "Our Great Pokémon Journey" by Kristin. Try clicking the "Read past Pokémon Adventures" link and going to September 2003, the plagiarism continues there. Actually, it starts in June 2003, with an exact rip-off from the start of The Quest for the Legends, just with a modified name, and then continues. In chapter three, somebody apparently saves the main character by sending out "his Kyogre". The chapters have been greatly mixed up, the Mew hunter is now half himself and half Marge, the leader of the Aqua town gym.

EDITED: After a long search, I actually found something called "PokAuthors" where authors posted messages to each other, and just in case they don't let my message in due to not really being relevant and maybe counting as flaming if they're really strict on it (well, the worst thing I said was that she was violating copyright laws, so that's highly unlikely), I managed to find her website and therefore forums also and post there. Hope she will peacefully admit to having stolen it...

So... how did I find that? Well, it just happens that I discovered this plagiarized copy of Star Latias and the Nine Vertical Pies by Latios as I was feeling random and searched for "Vertical pies" on Google. I realized that fanfiction isn't safe, and I entered Chaletwo... and got that rip-off.

I hope nobody will ever plagiarize your fanfiction. And you should hope that too. It's not fun.

As for the site, as you should have seen already, shiny Umbreon is now the star of Dark blue style, and I wrote a new rant called In Defense of Fire Red and Leaf Green.

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03/07/04: Temporarily updated!

If this is the topmost update, it's because you came to the site through the URL http://www.dragonflycave.com, which was temporarily moved to refer to dad's computer upstairs, which has everything fine and updated. Unfortunately, as dad's computer is running on Windows XP, not Server, it can only handle eight people (or something similar) anywhere on the site or viewing images direct linked from it at a time, so I must ask you to access it through the other URL when you've read all the updates and don't need to see the updated version (like if you're just coming on to go to the forums). As I said, this is only a temporary solution. There are four updates below this one you still haven't read, so go on, don't stop here. Anyway, there's an update in the Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters section, and the Secret link has been hidden a bit better (the placement hasn't changed, but now it won't appear in search engines) and the secret page it leads to has been updated.

Also, there's a new header in the menu called Opinions, and under it there are thoughts and rants, currently there's only one on there, by me. You can submit some too (but read the rules, please). There are also horoscopes I got up, but they aren't finished, you can read the ones that are already there. (No, I'm not copying Ricky's cave, these are actual predictions!)

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02/26/04: So, new layout, isn't it?

Isn't this amazing? You come here and the latest update states that I made a new layout, then you come the next day and the latest update ALSO states that I made a new layout? Well, as you probably already noticed, I remade the layouts with these neat banners with that cool font, and spent a lot of time on that. Currently, Charizard is the mascot of all the styles, but the plan is:

  • Cave style: Shiny Charizard or Misdreavus
  • Green style: Scyther
  • Dark blue style: I'm not sure, to be honest
  • Red style: Normal Charizard (if Cave style is Misdreavus) or Arcanine
  • Snow style: Articuno
  • Mewtwo Strikes Back style: Mewtwo (duh!)

I'm still working on that Power of One style, I can't figure out how I can make it white, black, red, yellow and blue without hurting the viewer's eyes. Anyway, as you can see, there are three new updates below this one. Just read all of them for all the stuff that's up...

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02/18/04: Happy birthday to me...

Happy birthday to me,
but my visitors won't see.
I can't update my website,
happy birthday to me!

Yes, it's my birthday. Anyway, I feel terrible about this. Last year on this day, I practically promised that I would always make a big update on my birthday. But not only am I unable to upload anything; I've also not done anything at all since Valentine's day for the site. I got a new computer for my birthday, though. We'll get this fixed soon... hopefully.

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02/14/04: Stupid computer and host and Dad and everything... -_-

OK... first, I'll explain. I had the update below ready the day I reached 100,000 hits. It wasn't even on the twenty-eighth, it was before that, but when I was about to update on the 28th, I changed the date. Now, I was about to get Dad to make me able to update from my computer, but it turned out that it wasn't possible to update - not from his computer either. So he sent an e-mail to the host about it. Then he went to the USA - before he ever got a reply. So I couldn't update. Then something strange happened to my computer. I used to be able to have at least three Internet Explorer windows, Microsoft Word, Adobe ImageReady and Notepad open at a time without the computer even slowing down. But suddenly, it started to freeze about 30% of the time when I touched the top menu (File, Edit, that stuff) in any program at all if I had two windows open of anything. Actually also when I only have one program open. My computer does have very little memory, due to it being some strange type normal memory cards don't fit into, but like I said, I still used to be able to have six programs open at once without any problems except that if I used the Paint Bucket tool on a really large area in ImageReady I'd get an error saying "Could not complete this operation because there was not enough memory available". But it still does have this problem, and there's nothing I can do about it but shout "HELVÍTIS TÖLVUFJANDI!!!!", unplug the stupid thing, wait for twenty seconds and then replug it and make that picture I spent so many ages on again because I didn't save it. And what was EVEN worse, my computer doesn't reconnect to the Butterfree drive, which holds all the files for the website, until about an hour after turning it on. As you can hear, I've been having problems...

Anyway, there's something special I want to say: Remember PokéPC, a great website which was my affiliate, but was deleted due to Hikaru, the webmistress, losing interest in her site. And it had such a great future, too.

Anyway, to the UPDATES:

  • Chapter six of The Type Chart.
  • Chapter 33 and 33,5 of The Quest for the Legends.
  • New affiliates all over the affiliate list.
  • Mew's hangout topsites rejoined.
  • Visit Pokémon Online's website. I'm making sprites for it. The button is now on the right menu.
  • As usual, there are a lot of sections I've forgotten I updated.
  • Update in Deja Vu.
  • New style (Mewtwo Strikes Back style).
  • A new section, Pokémon Forever...

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01/28/04: 100,000 hits! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Look, I'm POSITIVE there's a lot of stuff I updated. But I just forgot about all of it except that there's an update in the Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters section. Of course, as the title of the update says, the main reason I'm updating right now and not some other time is that the site just reached 100,000 hits (or well, "just"... I originally was going to post this update just after it happened, but now it's been a while since). Fear me. Mwahahahahahaha. Now, out of these 100,000 hits during those somewhere around 14 months since I got a hit counter, a few of them have been, according to SiteMeter, kind of weird (no offense if any of these is your own visit, this is just for fun). For example, one of my visits comes from some guy searching for "Japanese hate sites". Also, I've had one visit from somebody searching for a "REAL cheat to get Mewthree on Silver", a few people searching for "do not click here" (funny, I didn't think people actually searched for evil things like them), some searching for Animal cruelty, some REALLY weird person searching for "I hate websites", a few Pokémon haters searching for "anti-Pokémon" or "Pokémon haters" and quite a lot of veeery suspicious hits coming from a "blockedReferrer". Hmmm... "blockedReferrer"... what could that mean? Who's linking to my site from something that could be "blocked" by Site Meter? It's not the same as "unknown", it's "blocked"... highly suspicious. Anyway, first person who discover what pages I updated other than the Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters section gets a prize. No, really. A real prize. Just tell me in the guestbook...

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01/11/04: The impossible has happened...

Gahhh, it's been ages... >_< Anyway, I actually made a new layout, as you should have noticed already. Not because of the whiners who kept begging for one, but because I was making an HTML guide and when I made an example layout, I just realized that it looked better than my real layout, so I put that up. Lots of new topsites and affiliates... lots of sections I forgot I updated... it was lucky that I tested my site in Mozilla Firebird before I put the updated one up, because I made a small typo in the CSS that didn't disturb Internet Explorer, but in Firebird all the links in everything except the dark blue style (oh, yes, that's another update, I made a new style) turned blue and purple until I ran my mouse over them. It took a lot of figuring to find out that I accidentally put an extra comma in there... chapter five of The Type Chart is up... I tweaked the secret link game around a bit (the secret link itself is still in the same place, though)... there's a section called What's the difference? meant for confused new webmasters... I added to the Why Pokémon isn't animal cruelty section...

Oh, yes! I realized that I forgot to put up the 88 * 16 Link button when I made it. Stupid me. Anyway, I put it up now. A lot of things have been tweaked in a lot of sections, too...

Oh! Big update in Deja Vu! Forgot that...

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