If you have a website, this section contains things to help your site.

HTML Guide

A complete HTML guide, starting with the basics and eventually moving on to CSS, layouts and menus. Teaches valid HTML!

Website Tips

General tips for making your site better and more popular.

Content-Writing for Dummies

A full guide to creating good content for your website.

Kinds of Content

The six types of content you can have on your site, the differences between them and how to use them.

Page Pitfalls

Several types of misguided sections found on oodles of websites that you should try not to have on yours.

Site Rater

Get your site reviewed by me. Be warned: I'll be brutal.

Free Layouts

But be warned: they're 100% plain. They won't look good unless you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS and actually edit them.

Free Quiz Scripts

Ever wanted to make a "What Pokémon are you?" or similar? Three types of scripts, both for ASP using server-side JScript and for plain old client-side Javascript.


These can actually come in handy for people who aren't webmasters, but basically they're tools and resources that you can use.

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