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Here, you can read all the updates on this site since October 25th 2003 and some of the ones from September and August 2003 - the site has been around since November 2nd 2002, but unfortunately most of the updates from the first year were never archived. Be advised that some links might take you to outdated sections or something else that has been taken off the site - I do not necessarily endorse the content of any such sections.

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12/30/05: Source order, fwee

Firstly, Axe-Murderer Style is now completely black-and-white, with the affiliate buttons changed to text links. In standards-compliant browsers, the actual button will display above the menu when you hover over the text links, but in Internet Explorer I'm afraid it's just a plain text link, period. Sorry. Of course, this only applies to Axe-Murderer Style. I also moved the menu in non-IE Axe-Murderer Style to be floated left rather than right.

Secondly, the content now comes before the left menu in the HTML, which means that it will load first and if somebody views the page without CSS, they will not have to scroll past the whole menu in order to read the content. Much whee.

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12/25/05: Merry Christmas

Or, if I want to be all politically correct, Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings.

Anyway, chapter 29 of The Quest for the Legends is up. Have a nice day.

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12/21/05: Emerald sprites

The Emerald sprites have been added to the Pokémon Sprite Generator at last. Enjoy. :3

Really, you better enjoy - that took HOURS with all the bad rips I had to fix... <<

By the way, if any of them have pure black (#000000) in them so that if you copy and paste them and then remove the black background some of the outline is removed too, please tell me about it and I'll get that fixed.

UPDATE EDIT: I also changed both the Almighty Random Poll and the Style Poll.

UPDATE EDIT (2): The FR/LG Teddiursa and Deoxys have been added to the sprite generator, as well as having all the Unown and being able to generate a random Unown when it's randomized.

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12/17/05: Direct-linkableness, whee

Since the London server is back up and running, I made it so that you can direct link the sprites provided by the Pokémon Sprite Generator. Whee.

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12/14/05: One-shots

Sorry for not updating in a while.


Anyway, I put up two new humourous one-shots which are in the fanfic section, and although it's not quite finished yet, I thought I might point out that I've been working on the spriting guide recently.

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11/29/05: Fwee! The last quiz!

Yup, the G/S/C quiz.

I also added a name feature to the quizzes, so you enter your name/screenname at the bottom to make the instructions when you pass them clearer. And then I thought "What the heck" and made it address you by name if you fail, too, for no particular reason. Whee.

Oh, yeah, and I fixed two errors in the Flying quiz. x_X

I might make more quizzes, by the way. It would be a shame to have that quiz generator for nothing.

UPDATE EDIT: I successfully added a difficulty feature to the Hangman. Easy is the old nine wrong letters, medium is seven, and hard is five. I also tweaked the scoring system so now it will give points equal to the sum of the points defined for each letter in the name divided by the number of letters and then multiplied by 100, 200 or 300 depending on what the difficulty is. Basically, if the letters in the name are very rare, you get more points; if there are many individual letters in the name (as opposed to many of the same, like in Eevee or Alakazam), you get more points; if the name is long, you get less points; and if you're playing at a higher difficulty, you get more points. The second and third basically balance each other out so the end result of them is that you get more points the less each letter you guess correctly reveals to you. If you didn't get all that math, it doesn't matter.

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11/28/05: Fwee! More quizzes!

Well, I remade the Yellow quiz too, and additionally I remade the script that checks the answers to make it simpler and nicer, although you won't see a difference so of course you wouldn't care. XD

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11/26/05: Fwee! Quizzes!

*points up* That's a reference to my reaction when I see a certain Pokémon... *coughs as a Scyther flies by*

But yeah, I remade the Steel and Flying quizzes, made a quiz generator for my own use which probably took longer to make than it would have taken to remake all the quizzes manually, got a random longing for Pokémon XD and consequently wished it was Christmas, and now it's five AM and I need to go to bed before I kill myself from sleep-deprivation. Good night.

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11/25/05: Stuff of stuffiness

Stuffy in here... *opens window*

Anyway, I went through all the old updates and changed them to be formatted like the newer updates. That took a while, considering it was probably several hundred updates... x_X Then I made the Do Not Click Here slightly easier (no test at the end anymore) in exchange for making it pretty foolproof in another way.

Then I meant to start remaking the Steel Quiz, although I didn't actually do anything for it because I didn't feel like it. The first thing I thought when I looked at it was, "Oh geeze, my grammar was awful." And it was. x_X *hide the quizzes in embarrassment*

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11/23/05: Obsession

The Pokémon Fan Test has finally been remade.

  • 65% Gamer. You have a burning interest in Pokémon gaming.
  • 45% Animé-freak. You have quite a bit of interest in the Pokémon animé.
  • 85% Pokémon Know-it-all. You are literally a walking Pokédex. o_O
  • 90% Obsessed. Your life practically revolves around Pokémon!
  • 85% Fan Worker. You should be hired by Game Freak.
  • 74% Pokémon Fan. You have a burning interest in Pokémon.

Yup, that's me. Go try it.

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11/14/05: Fwee.

Chapter 28 of The Quest for the Legends has been put up. And I'll get working on that About Me section/HTML guide.

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11/07/05: Type Quiz

The Type Quiz has been completely remade. It's only three easy questions, so go try it. ^^

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11/06/05: Writer's block...

Well, I've been having some nasty Writer's Block with my NaNo so I made a new Almighty Random Poll. Fwee.

Oh, and I'm randomly experimenting with whether I can move the polls to my own server instead of relying on Pollhost and its annoying ads.

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11/02/05: Happy birthday to The Cave of Dragonflies!

It's been three years today since The Cave of Dragonflies went online. ^^ To celebrate this, I finished the revised Site History page - I felt it was the most appropriate section to finish for it. Otherwise I'm participating in NaNoWriMo so I won't be updating much in November.

Oh, and just for those who didn't see it in October, the site is being converted to a new layout and being revised along the way, so not all the pages will look the same at the moment.

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10/30/05: Fwee.

Happy birthday to Dannichu! ^^ Heh, just had to put a little surprise for you in here.

Either way, I added FR/LG shinies to the Pokémon Sprite Generator.

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10/29/05: Tools

The section that used to be called "Small Freebies" has been renamed to Tools, and a Pokémon Sprite Generator has been added to it. It can both generate random Pokémon and give you the R/S and FR/LG sprites of them. This is probably more useful than the Pokémon List Generator will ever be. :P

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10/22/05: Don't. Really.

The Do Not Click Here has been updated to be harder to get around, as well as the Award for Extreme Patience being redesigned. Go get it while you can.

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10/21/05: Hangman

I've finished completely remaking the Hangman. I actually retyped the whole script, partially to fix it up and partially to learn from it (since Dad wrote most of it when it was first made). It now works in Netscape 7.x since it uses document.getElementById instead of document.all. (Of course, that means it won't work in ancient Internet Explorer anymore, but nobody uses that anyway.) Many things in it have also been tweaked, including the scoring, images, etc.

I also made the secret link game harder to cheat in. Mwahahahaha.

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10/19/05: More stuff!

Yay... I've been continuing my slow pace in going over every section in the site, making revisions and switching to the new layout, and I've now just revamped the Secret Link game. Well, technically, I've yet to find a location for the last clue, but that is being worked on. Hmm... *thinks of something*

Now to work on the Hangman...

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10/09/05: Stuff

I've now done the following:

  • converted quite a few sections to the new layout (although I've been lazier than I'd have hoped)
  • combined all of the FireRed/LeafGreen walkthrough into one page and likewise the Sevii Islands walkthrough into another
  • taken down the R/B/Y and G/S/C tips and tricks and truth sections for revision
  • gone through the Fan Fiction section and both changed the format and removed discontinued fics
  • gone through the Fan Art section and changed the format to be similar to the new Fan Fiction format
  • changed the Ouen Map on the Quest for the Legends minipage to pure CSS that works in all modern browsers, looks better and does not require you to hold your mouse over the spot for a few seconds

So yeah. I think that's it.

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10/05/05: Layout conversion

Well, since it appears that an overwhelming majority wants to see the new layout NOW, I will begin the site's conversion to the new layout now. A few messages to everybody:

  • The site will be converted page by page, and I might make some edits to the pages, so it might take all of today and tomorrow, during which some pages of the site will have been converted and some will not. I apologize for that.
  • All affiliates, if you are no longer on the affiliate list on the new layout, it is either because the URL wasn't working, the site appeared to have died, or it no longer fit the affiliation requirements for one reason or another. If you believe that I removed your link based on a misunderstanding, please contact me immediately.
  • In a moment I will change the name of the style cookie for the old layout, which will basically mean that all of a sudden your style will be reset. Don't worry about that and don't report it as a bug or anything; it isn't.

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10/02/05: Style Poll

There is an important new Style Poll that I would like you all to vote in.

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10/01/05: New rant

A new rant, Browser Wars, has been put up at Dragonfree's Rants. Otherwise I've mainly been working on the new layout - I've got three styles done for it now (one of them being an adaptation of a current style).

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09/24/05: Reviewing guide

I finished the Reviewing Guide. Now to work a bit more on that HTML guide, About Me page and new layout...

UPDATE EDIT: Oh, and Extra V of The Quest for the Legends ILCOEth revision, or Guilty, which can also technically serve as an individual one-shot for those who haven't read the main fic.

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09/21/05: New chapter and stuff-in-progress

I'm making a new layout.

*hears audience gasp* Yup, it's true. I just randomly decided, "Hey, my site has ugly, messy HTML. I should redo it." So now a new layout is in the works, which will for example make the menu stretch if you adjust the font size on your browser, make the Cave of Dragonflies logo have text to replace it if images are turned off, and allow much more freedom for me in making styles. Fwee. As a side note, though, this will take a while as I'll have to completely remake the stylesheets for all the styles, so don't like expect it tomorrow or something.

I'm also making a guide to reviewing fanfiction, which should be up pretty soon unless I randomly lose inspiration for it, and lastly, I've written chapter 27 of The Quest for the Legends.

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09/18/05: Minipage

I made a minipage called Dragonfree's Rants, which currently has only one rant which is strictly related to one forum I go to. Ah well. There will be more.

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09/08/05: Not much...

I haven't gotten to work much on the site, but I've "updated" the main secret of the secret page and put up both a new Almighty Random Poll and a Style Poll.

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08/23/05: New splash

I drew a new splash image at school today and put it up, so yeah... I know I'm very late celebrating 500,000 front page hits, but meh.

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08/21/05: Sorry, no updates.

School is starting and stuff... I was also away for the weekend. At least, I've taken down yet another section which is currently under revision, this time the About Me section. I also updated the secret page a bit...

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08/12/05: Whee.

^^ 500,000 hits! Thanks, everybody!

UPDATE EDIT: I've been working on the HTML guide today. I also checked my e-mail for the first time in over a month - I had like 120 e-mails. @_@ There were some error reports in there which I fixed, one hatemail, an awful lot of rulebreaking reports from the Serebiiforums, and other stuff... That's all - as I said, I was working on the new HTML guide. It's going to be a lot more professional and it will teach nice, valid HTML 4.01. (I might include a part for interested about converting to XHTML.)

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08/07/05: ._.

Still no internet access... I miss Nidokingu... ;-;

Well, on the Quest for the Legends minipage, I put up chapter three and the first extra of the IALCOTN. Oh, and the Trivia page. Hmm, maybe I should start updating that page completely separately from The Cave of Dragonflies...

I've also discovered that oddly, while no other websites work (not even Icelandic ones, actually), I can easily access jkrowling.com. This just makes things even stranger. I have no idea what's wrong. Dad is going to call the guys at our ISP tomorrow, though.

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08/06/05: Uh oh...

Hmm, this is more serious than I thought... I still don't have access to the internet outside of my own site, and it's clear that nobody can access my site either since the hit counter isn't rising at all. @_@ I just hope Nidokingu isn't tearing his hair out in worry.

Well, looking on the bright side, this allowed me to finish a great one-shot which will actually be a Quest for the Legends extra (sorry, it won't be up until after chapter 27), experiment with how it would be possible to make an image-based style for the site in pure CSS, finish the IALCOTN version of chapter two of The Quest for the Legends, make up a whole new Quest for the Legends minipage from scratch, and start remaking the HTML guide (which is therefore temporarily down). My internet access should be cut more often; it really gets me to work.

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08/05/05: I bet you want an explanation now...

Well. I was on vacation in Switzerland (and a bit of Sweden and Denmark), but somehow I managed to forget to update the site about it. Nidokingu announced it at the forums and I managed to get on to post in the guestbook and stuff a bit while I was there, but for anybody who hasn't been checking that stuff, well, I'm back now. Another reason I'm updating is that I promised to tell Nidokingu when I was back, but I can't seem to be able to access anything outside of Iceland right now (stupid internet connection) so this is the only place I can write anything at all.

Well, I've been thinking of lots of stuff to put on the site when I get around to it, so expect some updates soon. Right now I'm going to write down this one-shot I was writing on paper on the plane and then just go to bed. (Darn, now I've gotten used to Swiss keyboards that switch the z and y keys.)

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07/13/05: Finally...

It's been a long while since I remade the Pokémon Obsession Test, but I never bothered to put it up until now. I've also randomly made a section that you may call me weird for making: the Evolution List. Basically, it lists all methods of evolution that Pokémon have, and all the Pokémon that evolve by said methods. Yeah, I know, it's weird. Just the kind of thing I'm interested in, you know.

The Site History page is still being worked on. Oh, and I tweaked the Why Pokémon Is Not Animal Cruelty section a bit.

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07/08/05: Sorry for the lack of updates...

I haven't been updating lately since Nidokingu came to visit me and I've been spending time with him instead of working. (Of course, me being the workaholic I am, I've still been working a bit after he has left in the evening, such as by tweaking parts of the writing guide around for the billionth time (or should I say Ilcoeth?).

Anyway, I moved the June updates to the old updates. I haven't been able to work more on that site history section because annoyingly, TPM went down and although the forums are technically back, the old threads haven't been retrieved yet so I can't check my sprite thread. Somewhere within its 50 pages I should be able to find a) when the site was moved to the London server and b) when I became unable to update the London server exactly.

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06/25/05: Chapter 26

I've finished chapter 26 of The Quest for the Legends at long last, so yeah. Sorry, nothing else. I've been kinda lazy.

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06/18/05: Hit counter

Dad helped me with what was basically a hit counter script long ago, and recently I randomly started spiffing up that script a bit. I actually made a graphical counter but then figured that I might as well just write it out on the page and be able to change the color of the numbers in the stylesheets, so yeah. *points to corner*

I also made it so that the number is shown on all pages, but only increased on the main page (just to keep it counted the same way as before).

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06/15/05: Memory lanes are fun to trip down.

I took down the Site History page temporarily because I'm making HUGE revisions to it involving extensive research on the history of the site. I've been digging through my old e-mail account, Archive.org, the old updates and soon my sprite thread at TPM to find out every detail about the site and according dates. (The only other time I've gone THIS deep was when I found the day I created this site to be able to celebrate its birthday.) If you've been a loyal visitor for a while, you might find it interesting when it's done. If not, well, I'm enjoying this research whether you're going to enjoy the finished product or not. Did you know that this site became The Cave of Dragonflies in late May 2003?

Then I added some stuff to the FAQ.

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06/13/05: Sprite Theft Prevention

Today I got some inspiration for writing a guide to preventing and proving sprite theft. Spriters, go there. Mods who have gotten caught in a "Which sprite is stolen" argument, go there. People who like to stick cool sprites everywhere without permission, go there.

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06/09/05: Almighty Random Poll

Yeah, new Almighty Random Poll about the Sevii Islands walkthrough. Whee.

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06/08/05: Sevii Islands walkthrough

Nidokingu randomly went and made a Sevii Islands walkthrough which he wanted me to put up on the site. It's been put at the bottom of the FR/LG walkthrough that I made. I highly recommend it for a laugh because he's better at that than I am.

UPDATE EDIT: He finished it all the way to the Tanoby Ruins. Go him.

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06/03/05: Horoscopes updated

The Horoscopes have been updated. And yeah. In just a minute I'll be going through all the styles and making the update box smaller like on Deep Sea style...

UPDATE EDIT: Meh, I don't need to... I did, however, move the May updates to the old updates.

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05/27/05 (2): Horoscopes

Yup, you heard me right; the Horoscopes are back! They're a bit different this time - shorter, but based on the Pokémon Zodiac instead of the traditional one. Fwee. I also got Nidokingu to help me with them this time.

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05/27/05: Colosseum Review

I finally wrote that Colosseum Review. You know, the one I said I would write just after I got it. Hey, at least I DID write it...

Of course, as usual, I played around with it too much and got a bit dramatic. Sorry about that. I was in writing mood.

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05/26/05: Sprite editing guide edits

I've intended to revise the sprite editing guide for a while since I've myself gotten much better at spriting since I actually made the guide. So yeah... it's all rewritten and nice now. And teaches you to make much better sprites.

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05/24/05: Shadow Pokémon List

Since I've purified all the Shadow Pokémon on Colosseum, I've made a Shadow Pokémon List and put that up.

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05/11/05: Almighty Randomness

There is a new Almighty Random Poll, and I rearranged the Poll Archive to show the newest polls first. And yeah, that's all for now...

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05/10/05: Small Zodiac and list update

The Zodiac tables have been put on a separate page. I've also added a preview feature to the Pokémon List Generator.

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05/09/05: Small freebies and small change

I've put up a section called Small Freebies. The only thing currently on it is a Pokémon list generator, which I spent all day on for God-knows-what reason. If you're a webmaster and want ANY kind of HTML that repeats for all the Pokémon in National Pokédex order, this will be of immense help. I originally made the basic code for myself, but I made it more user-friendly...

I'm also now putting all the updates for the current month on the front page. I'm getting tired of moving an update to Old Updates every time I update. x_X

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05/07/05: Chaletwo arrives!

...Aww, I didn't get my few days. *hits self for writing so fast*

Ah well, chapter twenty-five is up.

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05/06/05: Chapter 24

I've put up chapter 24 of The Quest for the Legends. Now please excuse me for a few days while I write my precious chapter 25.

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04/23/05: New style

Whee, new style. And lo and behold... it has GRADIENTS!

*gets blank stares from people who know her and think Hell must have frozen over*

*gets more blank stares from people who don't know her and wonder what's so special about that*

x3 Well, basically I'm not much for gradients, but I STILL randomly made a gradient style. I'm weird. Deep Sea style is also different from the other styles in a little more than just the colors. What a miracle.

Then there's a new Style Poll. Speaking of polls, it's a bit creepy to have 100 people on the internet in love with you. o.O;; Well, sorry, guys, I'm taken. :P *hugs Nidokingu happily*

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04/20/05: Revisions + Chains sequel

I've made small revisions to the Writing Guide and About Me sections. Then I put up Shackles, the sequel to my one-shot Chains that I put up a little while ago.

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04/17/05: Whee.

There's a new splash page celebrating 400,000 hits (slightly late, of course, but meh). Oh, and just a note: the fourth generation Pokémon are being revealed, so if I were you I'd scurry over to one of those news sites quickly. ;)

(And, indeed, this means that you do NOT need to inform me of Manyula, Usohachi and Manene.)

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04/10/05: Secret Project of Doominess

04/08/05: 400,000 hits!

Aaaaand... we have 400,000 front page pageviews! Let's all throw confetti for the 100,000 front page pageviews this site has gained in the past four months. Actually, this is kinda weird, because it also took four months to go from 200,000 to 300,000. Hmm...

Anyway, I put up chapter 23 of The Quest for the Legends. And, um, that's all I did.

...Darn, now I'll have to draw a new splash page.

UPDATE EDIT: Oh, wait, I changed the default style to Mew style in accordance with the poll.

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04/01/05: T3h Day of D00m.

Yes, that thing on the splash page is an April Fool's joke, and I'm well aware that it's a very obvious one. I just want to see how many complaints I get in the new Guest forum from people who didn't get it. Which means that you should not go and spoil all the fun, by the way.

Oh, almost forgot... *loves that poll* I voted "Who are you?" ;)

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03/31/05: Yay, almost April Fool's Day...

Yup, April Fool's Day tomorrow. *whistles*

Anyway, I'm revising some pages again, making the FAQ a bit neater and not so horribly ranty, and I've finally saved a sample of this layout to put in the Site History the next time the layout changes. But the main thing I'm updating about is actually this fun new Almighty Random Poll.

*whistles more*

UPDATE EDIT: Don't ask, but I just spent ages re-ordering the style drop-down. I need help. At least now they dark styles are at the top and the light styles are at the bottom.

UPDATE EDIT (2): New Style Poll, too. Vote on the default style for April...

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03/26/05: Whee, Easter

Nidokingu and I are still working on that secret project, but lots of work has been done at the forums and I've put up a new one-shot of mine, Chains. Yay, my most symbolic piece yet.

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03/09/05: Very minor update

Technically I didn't update, I just slightly changed the colors of the sprites on the style banners. But there's a big project in the works between Nidokingu and me, so I might be a bit busy for quite a while...

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03/04/05: Cool date...

Anyway, I made a Mew style. If you like pink, this is something for you. I also removed the borders from the updates on all the styles except Misdreavus style; the borders were kind of ugly on the updates when they weren't on the menus anymore.

Oh, yeah - I've forgotten to mention it for a long time, but according to SiteMeter, the total pageviews of the whole site now exceed 1,000,000 and the total unique visits are over 200,000. The site gets over 700 unique visits per day on average (nothing abysmal, but I'm proud nonetheless) and almost 4000 pageviews per day. :3 I'm still celebrating in accordance with that old front-page-only hit counter, though - that's how I've been doing it since the site began.

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03/02/05: ...and so is my HTML

I've validated all my HTML as HTML 4.01 Transitional. I've been writing valid HTML 4.01 Transitional for a while now, actually, but I never bothered putting a doctype declaration. I've been going through EVERY PAGE of the site now sticking the doctype declaration at the top and fixing some of the errors on the older sections. But well, now the site is all nice and valid. Ph33r.

Of course, probably less than half of you even know what valid HTML and CSS are, and most likely only 1% of you actually care whether my HTML and CSS are valid or not, but meh. This is what I do.

Well, the good part is that while I was going through them, I grabbed the opportunity and replaced all the annoying "Pokmon" that have been appearing on the pages with "Pokémon".

Oh, yeah - all of my "ranty" updates will from now on have a counterpart in my LiveJournal where you can comment if you wish (anonymous comments are accepted).

UPDATE EDIT: Whee, Nidoking style. Kind of similar to Espeon style in a way, but I'm thinking about redoing Espeon style anyway...

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02/28/05: Yay...

My CSS is all nice and valid now.

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02/27/05: *takes a deep breath*

I spent like five hours yesterday trying to make a fancy little "background-color-changes-when-you-hover-over-link" thingy for the menu, and all I accomplished was discovering how to make Internet Explorer go haywire and start randomly blinking images and flashing random red thingies on and off when you hover over links at completely different places. Then Eevee from the forums fixed it for me (all hail him) and I got it all up after a while of everything looking messed up because I forgot that I had to change the stylesheets first and then the menu itself. So enjoy hovering over the links now. Whee.

On another note, I got a LiveJournal.

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02/18/05: Whee...

It's finally happening. The fourth generation is being revealed. We have Munchlax and we have the silhouette of Rukario. Then we have Meowth346's names, which might or might not be real. I remember when the R/S Pokémon were being revealed... it seems so long ago, but it's still only been two years and a few months since... it's funny to think about the fact that then I was a twelve-year-old with a brand-new n00bish website with eye-hurting colors and BMP images on the front page. I've matured a lot since then, and speaking of maturing, it's my birthday. Well, it was an hour ago. Technically it's almost one in the morning on the 19th, but it's still my birthday for those of you who live in America, and since you're the majority of my visitors, I'll put the date accordingly.

Either way, I've put up a section called Fun Facts which contains some interesting Pokémon facts. And believe me, some really are interesting.

On another note... *snickers* I just love these polls.

UPDATE EDIT: Added a new question to the FAQ...

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02/10/05: Great, isn't it?

Yay. Another one of my fanfics, Mew, has been plagiarized. (Look in the old updates if you're curious about the first one.) This time, the "author" at least had the decency not to mangle my characters or plot, but on the other hand they forgot the first paragraph of the fic and have such horrible spelling that there is no way to think that they could possibly have written that. Everybody still believed it.

I'm going to sit down and weep for mankind.

UPDATE EDIT: I made a new Almighty Random Poll as well as a new Style Poll. Then, additionally, I finally changed the default style to Shiny Umbreon Style, since that was the one with the most votes in the poll.

UPDATE EDIT (2): I added a few questions to the FAQ.

UPDATE EDIT (3): Oh no. Look at this. Third plagiarist... who put "Created by Mechaflame" below the title. *twitch* Apparently, my fic was both created by a ten-year-old named Kristin and Mechaflame, who somehow wrote ten chapters in one day but then (hopefully) realized the error of his ways before he got around to mangling the first good chapter (since he stole the UMR).

I'm really going to cry now.

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02/05/05: o.O OMGWTFBBQinessofdoom!!!!11one!eleven

Kairashania won first place in Uni in the Beauty Contest! W00tness!

But guys... I'm just hoping that anybody who might have voted for me voted because they thought I deserved it, not because you like my website... I frankly don't want to sit here with a trophy thanks to people who voted only because this is my site. Look at the entry in second place... it's a fellow guild member with awesome talent... I feel guilty. x_x

Well, either way, I got myself a DeviantART account and am currently in the process of uploading my best work there, both of Pokémon, Neopets and other things. I'll appreciate all comments and criticism on my art. :D

Well, now I need to stop thinking only about Neopets... I admittedly entered my Peophin for this week too as I said in the last update, but I'm not entering for next week, I promise. I've also been struggling on with the next chapter of The Quest for the Legends between advertising. As earlier, don't vote unless you're sure it's definitely the best.

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01/30/05: x_X

Sorry for the lack of updates recently... I've been busy this and last week advertising my Beauty Contest entries on Neopets and that has taken up most of my energy. I'm afraid I entered for next week too. :/ The Beauty Contest is addictive...

If you're a Neopets user and want to see my entry, look here, but don't vote unless you really mean it, since you can only cast one vote per species in case you didn't know, and I don't want the majority of my votes to come from people who were just voting because they like my site.

If you're not a Neopets user, it's a virtual pet site with over 90 million users, addictive games, tons of contests that really are popularity contests, and various pets that you might find cute. Click here to join...

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01/21/05: More fics

I put up a poem called The Experiment, and the revised version of Sunset Beach which I wrote a while ago but never bothered to update.

And then I need to work on some sections...

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01/16/05: ...and Swampert style

OK, I'm crazy - I made yet another style. This time, it's Swampert Style. Hope you like it.

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01/15/05: Sandslash Style

It was suggested, I liked it, and I made it. Say hello to Sandslash Style, which isn't all that bad to my opinion...

Have you noticed that this is the fifth day in a row I update?

UPDATE EDIT: I've finished the Fake Pokémon guide! At least I think so. In case you're thinking "What's the point, there's one at Mew's Hangout anyway", it's the exact opposite - that is, the one at Mew's Hangout covers mutations, so I made one for completely original fakes. It's also more detailed, hehehe. ;) Also, a certain problem with the style going back to default all the time has been fixed.

UPDATE EDIT (2): W00t, I've finished the second style in one day, Skarmory style. Go me! Admittedly I'm not exceptionally fond of it (not much for gray), I'm sure those who requested it will be happy.

UPDATE EDIT (3): o.O Ponyta style... I'm really style-obsessed now, don't you think?

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01/14/05: Variable test, and a new Style Poll

What the title says, basically. I've put up the last type of a Free Quiz Script, which also includes educating Javascript lessons since I for some reason felt an urge to explain how the code works, and I've fixed a small error I made in the "Votes" type. There is also a new Style Poll, and I've put a link to the old updates under the newest ones, which are now three. I've also put a heading on the news page; it seems awkward that there is a heading everywhere else but not there.

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01/13/05: Chapter 21

We're having an English test tomorrow, which is the last exam for now. I'm so going to fail that one... ;) But I still did a lot of studying today. That means I bought some Lemony Snicket for a book that I turned in a year ago, hung around on the internet all day, and last but not least, wrote chapter 21 of The Quest for the Legends.

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01/12/05: \"One Value\"

I've put up a new Free Quiz Script, this time for the type I dubbed "One Value". I found out what I was doing wrong, thanks to finally discovering where to find Javascript errors in Firefox, and only needed a tiny bit of editing to take care of that. Now the script works in both ASP and Javascript. I promise that the third type of quiz is coming soon; there is no way I can have problems with that one since I'll really just edit one part of the "Votes" script.

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01/11/05: Evilness...

I was bored... so I made the Do Not Click Here even more evil. >:) Now it will a) only scroll while you hold your mouse over it (I've forgotten who suggested that, but it's been a while since), and b) not be displayed at all in Opera, since Opera doesn't allow the speed change and makes it scroll in two parts. Anything that's not JavaScript enabled will get a message telling them to enable it if it's just disabled. Whee.

If anybody out there uses Opera, is it also messing up the link styles for you?

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01/09/05: Chapter 20...

Yep, chapter twenty of The Quest for the Legends. I can tell you, though, that I've been working very hard on a section lately, which should be up soon.

Chapter three of Life of a Character is also up, and so is The Pokademy Awards, a revision of my really old fic "The Pokémon Oscar".

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01/05/05: Chapter 19. Yay.

I've put up chapter 19 of The Quest for the Legends. Joy.

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01/01/05 (2): New Year's Changes

Well, since it's 2005, I've made some changes.

Firstly, there is now an Old Updates section. Secondly, now only the newest update will be on the main page; I think it looks better like that.

Thirdly, I have tweaked Misdreavus Style's color scheme - the text is now slightly bluish gray rather than white, the red is not as bright, and links have changed from yellow to grayish blue (white on hover). I hope it's easier on your eyes. There is also a new Almighty Random Poll, finally.

UPDATE EDIT: I also made a Style poll which will allow you to vote on various things concerning the styles on the site in the future.

UPDATE EDIT (2): I made Snow Style the default style just because of the season (sorry everybody in the Southern hemisphere) and weaked almost all the styles a little bit, the most noticable being Arcanine Style and Power of One Style. Not Oldie Style, though; if it weren't eye-hurting, it wouldn't be Oldie Style. ;)

UPDATE EDIT (3): I wrote a thought called The Mew Trick. It's about how the Mew Trick came to be and what kind of a feeling it was to discover it.

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01/01/05: Happy 2005!

Happy new year, and thanks to everybody who visited this site in 2004. I would also like to specially thank the following people:

  • Dannichu, for being a great friend and brightening up my days with her e-mails until she started having technical problems. :( Dannichu, if you're reading this: I'm sure the Nine Vertical Pies were behind it.
  • Micky Onimusha, for being so cute and fun to insult. ;) (The cute bit is an inside joke, by the way.)
  • Dad, for helping me out with a ton of ASP coding when I was stuck.
  • DarkScyther, for writing the absolute best piece of Pokémon fanfiction I have ever read.
  • Brit Chris, for writing Monica's Revolution to keep me occupied for the whole year.
  • ChicRocketJames, for writing Tangled Web and The Last of Its Kind, both of which have left me amazed.
  • The authors of all my other favorite fanfiction.
  • Obsidian Blade, for inspiring me to scrap The Quest for the Legends and completely rewrite it.
  • Frostweaver, for both writing inspiring reviews and giving me a huge ego boost.
  • Everybody else who has reviewed my fanfics, especially those whose reviews were rewrite-inducing.
  • All the loyal visitors of this site, for making me feel loved when I look at the hit counter.
  • Satoshi Tajiri, for having invented Pokémon.
  • Everybody on the forums I go to, for providing me with what I spend my day on.
  • Pokémon fans, for making me feel like I'm not alone.

Happy new year, and I hope you enjoyed 2004 as much as I did. ^_^

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