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What are Fire Red and Leaf Green?

Fire Red and Leaf Green are remakes of pokémon Red and Green, the first games. They're freshly released in Japan and will be released sooner or later in other parts of the world. There are new islands called the Rainbow Islands, and they have Johto pokémon and such on them, reverting from the strict remake part.

Are they Red and Green with GBA graphics or entirely new games?

They're Red and Green with GBA graphics, updated completely to R/S standards in everything, have all 386 pokémon programmed in and the new Rainbow Islands. Basically, good old R/B/Y feeling for those who want that, and new Rainbow Islands for everyone who wants that.

Which pokémon are included in Fire red/Leaf green?

Pokémon 1-151 (yup, Mew is there somewhere, it has an overworld sprite), Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia, Deoxys and some Johto pokémon.

When are the games coming out?

It isn't known, but most people assume May.

Where can I get more information on these games?

One word: Serebii.net. It's updated daily and has all the newest information. Check out the forums too, there's a lot of stuff there.

Are they REAL?

Yes, they're real... otherwise they'd hardly be on GameFreak's site (in case you didn't know, GameFreak is the company that makes the pokémon games), there wouldn't be a ROM and there wouldn't be screenshots all over...

What pokémon are on the boxes?

I really can't believe anyone asked this, at least it was obvious to me the whole time that they would put new pics of Charizard and Venusaur on the boxes... ahh, whatever. The are putting new art of Charizard and Venusaur on the boxes (surprise, surprise). Check the Sugimori art to see the box art.

Are they going to be tradeable with Ruby and Sapphire?

Yes. In fact, they will come with a special wireless link "cable", although I'm not sure if it will work with Ruby and Sapphire.

Who do you play as?

You play as the old Red. No, his name isn't Ash. Check out the character you play as in R/B/Y again. He hasn't got spiky hair, has he? No. And the reason his hair looks black is that they only had the yellow for his face and the red for his clothes, and no brown to color his hair with. Green, the female player, has never been seen before, though.

What pokémon do you start with?

This is another question I can't believe people were wondering about. They ARE new games, but they ARE also remakes of Red/Green. Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are still the starters, and they won't make a game where you can choose between the nine starters. And DEFINITELY NEVER IN THIS LIFETIME LET YOU CHOOSE BETWEEN NORMAL STARTERS AND PIKACHU OR PICHU. Did I make that clear? No matter how many games are coming out, you will NEVER be given a choice between Pikachu and normal starters. Never. Did I make that clear?

When does it happen?

R/B/Y's time. The guy still hasn't built his house, the S.S. Anne is still there, everything.



I removed the screenshots because I don't own them... I'll get my own soon, because I have the... *ahem* ROM. Do NOT ask me to send it to you or give you the link to where I got it from, because although I was tempted by a link, they're still illegal and I don't distribute them.

Sugimori art

Red and Green

Fire Red box

Leaf Green box


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