Up for a little laugh or at least a smile? Hopefully these sections will cheer you up.

Conspiracy theories

It's all one big conspiracy, I tell you. [WARNING: If you take any of these seriously, it's at your own risk.]


Who doesn't love Babelfish, AltaVista's translator program? When text is translated from English to another language and then back to English, all through a computer program, it can have very interesting results. Pokémon-related texts are no exception.

In-Game Humour

The Pokémon games have never taken themselves too seriously, so there is a lot of priceless humour to be found in them. This section is dedicated to pointing it out.

What Trainer Class Are You?

This was originally an April Fools' Day joke, but proved popular enough for a mention here. It's not a real personality test, but hopefully amusing anyway.

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