Fake Cheats

NOTE: Everything in this section is fake. If you choose to regard any of it as true and actually try it, that's your own stupidity, so don't get mad at me.

R/B/Y Fake Cheats

Evolving Ampharos into Dratini

By Butterfree/Dragonfree/antialiasis

First, train a Mareep in Gold or Silver to level 15 and evolve it into Flaaffy, then train the Flaaffy to level 30 and evolve it into Ampharos, and then train the Ampharos to level 100. Then give it Rare Candies until it becomes level 0 and then go to the move deleter and delete all of its moves except Thunder Wave. Then, trade it to Crystal. There, teach it a damaging attack and train it to level 5. Then, delete the damaging attack and trade it to Yellow (the nurse won't stop you). When it is in Yellow, it will be a Dratini!

Get Mew (1)

By Butterfree/Dragonfree/antialiasis

First, get six level 100 Pokémon in your party. Make sure they are all final-form Pokémon. Then, teach them all Strength. Go to the truck by S.S Anne and make all of your Pokémon use Strength in turn. Then push the truck and Mew will be there!

Get Mew (2)

By Butterfree/Dragonfree/antialiasis

After getting all other 150 Pokémon and the diploma, go to the Game Freak man that gave you the diploma. Talk to him 100 times and he will say "Oh, right, I forgot to give you something. Take this Pokémon." Then, he will give you Mew!

Get to Johto and Hoenn

By Matt

You need a Red/Blue game. Go to the Safari Zone. Find a Kangaskhan, but don't catch it. Walk out. The safari people will come up to you and ask you to come with them They walk outside into a glitchy messed-up city. they take you to the right. They walk into a wall, and suddenly you're in Kanto AGAIN, but with improved graphics and all 386 are out there. There is a portal in front of your house.It takes you to Johto, but there is another one in the lab that takes you to Hoenn. Choose!

Obtain Sparky (Pikachu with hairdo)

By Kyogre

Red and Blue:
Choose Charmander as your starter (nickname Zippo). Do not catch any Pokémon until you get to Viridian Forest. Catch a Caterpie (nickname Happy) and Pikachu (nickname Sparky). Raise the Caterpie to a Butterfree. Look at Sparky's stats. It will have a hairdo!

The same, except you get Pikachu as a starter, and get Charmander after the Nugget Bridge.

Get the Hoenn starters

By Sky_queen3

Get all 151 Pokémon and the diploma. Next, you go to Prof. Oak’s lab and talk to him 50 times. He will get annoyed and say, “Quit talking to me. Here, take this Pokemon and leave me alone.” The Pokemon he gives to you is Blaziken. To get Sceptile, talk to Daisy, and to get Swampert, talk to your mom.

How to get a Phantom (Ghost)

By Latios 5000

Go to Pokémon Tower without the Silph Scope. Find a Ghost and try to attack it 50 times. After that, run. Don't worry about finding another Ghost. Go it the Healing Tiles and step on them 100 times. Then talk to the woman attending the Healing Tiles 25 times. Then go to the Marowak Ghost. Don't fight it. Instead, use Flash outside of battle 10 times in front of it. Then find a regular Ghost. Try to attack it 10 more times. Then throw an Ultra Ball at it. You will have caught a Ghost. Look in your Pokédex. It should have an entry just after 151 with a ? for a number. Look in it to find a Ghost called Phantom. It has one attack: Death. This attack will knock out an opponent's Pokemon in a One Hit KO. Phantom also has the power of immortality. He can't take any damage. Once you do this though your Hall of Fame will be glitchy and everyone will address you as Charon.

Dragonball Z Reference

By Celebi of Powered Pokémon

Step 1 - Get Surf and teach it to a Pokémon.
Step 2 - Go to the coasts of the inside of the Indigo Plateau.
Step 3 - Stay on the coast until you make 999,999 movements.
Step 4 - After you make 999,999 movements, go up 1. You will hear a glitched up Mewtwo cry, then your game will freeze.
Step 5 - Reset your system.
Step 6 - Instead of Continue being on the main menu, it will say Battle.
Step 7 - Choose Battle, then you will go into a fight. It will say "Wild GOKU Appeared!"

Notes - If you defeat it in battle, it will say "ARAKI OTRYMAA Obtained 999,999,999 [MONEY]. If you unscramble the name, it will say "AKIRA TORYAMA".

If you catch it, its moves will be

Kamehameha - Like "HYPER BEAM" without needed charge.
Spirit Bomb - Like "SELF-DESTRUCT"
Super Saiyan - Attack UP
Melee - Like "POUND"

G/S/C Fake Cheats

Obtain Sparky (Pikachu with hairdo) - G/S/C

By Kyogre

Trade Zippo and raise it to a Charmeleon. Trading will be easier for Happy and Sparky, but you can catch them, too. Sparky will use his hairdo. Now catch a Larvitar (nickname Cruise) and raise it to a Pupitar. Look at Sparky's stats, and hairdo! (NOTE: Zippo, Happy, Sparky, and Cruise must be the only Pokemon in your current team for it to work.) (NOTE: If you give it a haircut, it will grow back in an hour.)

Obtain Pichu with hairdo

By Kyogre

(NOTE: You can have any team you want, as long as it has a female Sparky and a male Pokemon that can breed with it) Breed a female Sparky with a male Pokemon that can breed with it at the Day-Care Center. Eventually Sparky will lay an egg that will hatch into the Pichu with the hairdo. (NOTE: It will still have the hairdo when it evolves, and if you give it a haircut, it will grow back in an hour.)

Get a part Fire Butterfree

By Matt

First, get a male Charizard. Then, get a female Butterfree. Breed them in the Day-Care near Goldenrod City. They will have an egg, which will be a Caterpie that knows Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Flame Wheel and Ember. Raise it to a Butterfree and it will be a Fire-type.

Make the Townspeople of Goldenrod flee from a giant Aipom

By Matt

First, obtain an Aipom. Raise it to level 100 without it getting KO'd. Breed the Aipom with a Steelix. Even if the Aipom is a boy, they baby will be a giant Aipom. Go to Goldenrod. Release the giant Aipom. Go outside, and there will be crushed buildings. The giant Aipom did this. Goldenrod is destroyed. If you want to save Goldenrod, you need to find the Giant Aipom in the wild, and make it faint within a month. If you do this, Goldenrod will be saved and have an underground city called New Goldenrod. Wattson from R/S is helping them get electricity down in New Goldenrod. Down in New Goldenrod, there are a lot of Voltorb and Electrode. There are also Teleporters that go to all of the places in Kanto or Jonto you have never been before.

Create your own Eevee evolution

By Matt

First, get a shiny Eevee from Bill. Clone it 25 times. Train 6 of them to level 100 and turn them into the 5 evolutions except one. Go to Cinnabar Island. On the way to Cinnabar, a path of green things and some purple things are blocking you. Talk to a purple one. It will go "seriiiii!!"and then you find yourself into a battle with a purple Celebi. Beat 5 purples. Continue to Cinnabar. Go into the lab (yes there is a lab, Celebi sent you back in time). 3 super nerds are in there. (IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOUR LEVEL 100 Eeveelutions and Eevee are in your lineup.) The one on the left has:

  • Lv. 100 Jolteon
  • Lv. 100 Ampharos
  • Lv. 100 Raikou
  • Lv. 100 Zapdos
  • Lv. 100 Lt.Surge (beware!! Surge has Pokémon too!!)
  • Lv. 100 Jolly Rancher (this is his strongest Pokémon, but it's actually a glitch)

The one on the right has:

  • Lv. 100 Flareon
  • Lv. 100 Typhlosion
  • Lv. 100 Entei
  • Lv. 100 Moltres
  • Lv. 100 Blaine
  • Lv. 100 Twix (just like Jolly Rancher)

The one down the middle has:

  • Lv. 100 Vaporeon
  • Lv. 100 Kingdra
  • Lv. 100 Suicune
  • Lv. 100 Vaporuno (Articuno's brother)
  • Lv. 100 Misty
  • Lv. 100 Hershey (stronger than the first two)

Beat all of these nerds and go down the hall. There will be an entrance down the hall as well as a sign. The sign says "DNA reproduction lab".

Go in. Get the Eevee first in your lineup. Talk to the person in the back. He will say: "I can turn your Eevee into any type. Catch me a Pokémon with the type you want to turn Eevee into. Bring it to me. I will mix its DNA with Eevee's DNA. It will take about an hour."

After you did all of this work you can do this any time. (IMPORTANT: Will take twice as long with Pokémon with 2 types.)

Obtain HM99

By Matt

First, get a Fire or Ghost-type Pokémon with the PokéRUS virus (it doesnt matter if it has two types). Get 5 more. Bring them to Cinnabar Island. Take them to the Pokémon Center. There will be a professor inside. He will examine your Pokémon. After that, use Itemfinder 1000 times. It will then respond. Press A. You will find HM99. This HM lets you burn down caves and buildings. If you burn down a building without an entrance, it will instead make a door. Go inside. You just got 2 HMS in one, Burndown and Unlock. In battle, Burndown wittles down the opponents HP only if the user is a Fire type (it only works on fire types anyway). If it's Unlock, it unlocks your opponent and reveals its darkest secrets, causing it to lose HP (Ghosts only).

Get Celebi

By Serebii99

First you need 99 Poké Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls. Then you need all of the different Apricorns and an extra White Apricorn. Also, you need the Gold and Silver wings. Go to Azalea Town and go into Kurt's house. Give him one of the Apricorns. Then talk to his daughter 5 times. Talk to Kurt again he'll ask you if he can have the other Apricorns (except a White Apricorn). Then he'll tell you to come back in one day.

One day later...

Talk to Kurt again. He'll say he needs one more apricorn. Give him the White Apricorn. Then come back in one hour.

One hour later...

Kurt will give you a GS Ball. Go to the Celebi shrine in the Ilex Forest. Put the GS ball in. After a while, the screen will start to turn white. The you'll hear Celebi's cry. The screen will return to normal. Check your bag. You will be missing an Ultra Ball. Go to Bill's PC. Celebi will be in it. It will be at level 100. It will be a shiny.

R/S/E Fake Cheats

Get a Groudon with Scyther scythes

By Matt

If you have Ruby, catch the Groudon, and name it Kooper. If you have Sapphire, trade Kyogre for Groudon with the Kyogre named Kloozty. Fly to Lilycove. Enter Kooper in the Master Rank (the lady won't stop you). In the Master Rank Contest, there will be all Scyther (even though they are unobtainable in R/S without Gameshark). Get any rank but 3rd place in order for your Kooper to get Scyther scythes.

Mario and Peach double battle

By Matt

First, you need a shiny Groudon. Then a shiny Kyogre. Trade them to Red or Blue. The nurse won't let you in, but she will chase you. The wild Pokémon are scared. They won't come out, so you aren't bugged by them. Run to Lilycove. Go to the Lottery. Pull a ticket. Show the nurse the ticket. She will disappear. Save. Turn your gameboy off, and don't play it for a whole day. A day later, turn it back on, and Mario and Peach will be in your room with you. They have Groudon (for Mario) and Kyogre (for Peach), both at level 1000. Check your Pokémon. They should be at level 1000 too. Battle them. You can battle them any time.

Get to Johto and Kanto

By Potatochu

In Sapphire, catch Kyogre, and go to Littleroot Town. When you enter Littleroot, a Spinda will appear and battle you. Send out Kyogre, then use any attack. On your next turn, run. You will not be able to run away. On your next turn, run again. This time, you will be able to run away. Go 2 steps forward, and the same Spinda will attack you. Send out Kyogre. Use any attack you want. The Spinda will use Hyper Beam. Catch the Spinda with any ball you want. When you do, you will not be in Littleroot town, but in Glitchlot town. It is all glitchy, and pieces of the buildings will fly at you. Do not move, even if a piece of a building hits you. Eventually, the screen will flash white, and you will be in a small room with two doors glowing with different colors. The blue one goes to Johto, and the green one goes to Kanto. Choose wich region you want to go to!

In Ruby, catch 3 Spinda and put them in the first 3 slots in your team. When you do that, a man with a blue hat will ask you if you want to do an illegal 3-on-3 pokemon battle. Say yes. Send out all your Spindas. The man in the blue hat will use:

  • Lv. 21 Jigglypuff
  • Lv. 24 Oddish
  • Lv. 18 Electrode

(Take the first letter of each Pokémon's name, and you will see the man's name!) Beat Joe, and your Spinda will start glowing green, and dissapear! (They are still in your team.) You will be in a small room, and there will be two doors glowing different colors. The blue one goes to Johto, and the green one goes to Kanto.

Get Mew

By Draconic Mew

You will need:

  • To have beaten the game
  • A Slowbro from FR/LG that knows Strength

OK, to do this, first turn on your R/S game pac. Then, fly to where Rayquaza is. Note: SAVE HERE! Then, go to the top floor. When you get there, take out your Slowbro. Where Rayquaza was, use Strength 56 times! Then, Jirachi will come down and say, "Thank you, (your name). You have disturbed my enemy's resting place I shall reward your Pokemon who did this with power." After this, have Slowbro use Strength on the rocks around the center. Then, walk to the right. Break all rocks in your way. Eventually, you will drop. When you do, a pink thing will be on an island. Corner it. Battle it, and catch it! Congrats, you caught a Lv. 32 Mew!

Portal to Kanto/Johto

By Grimdour

First defeat Steven 100 times with a Kanto Pokemon with you. Then when you're in your room, your Mom will tell you that Prof. Birch has discovered a way to teleport you into other regions. He will make you choose between Johto & Kanto. When you choose the region, you'll end up in either Prof. Oak or Prof. Elm's lab. You can still return to Hoenn, but not to the other region.

Create a Pokémon (this cheat works in all games, but it's best used in Emerald!)

By Trikitiger

First get your starter Pokemon, it can be either one, it won't matter. You'll notice that usually the game has a rival's house, if it's G/S/C, check all of the neighboring houses.

After you get your Pokemon, you're told to go to the next city, usually a city that doesn't have a gym, except for Viridian, but you can't go into the gym then anyways. Instead of going to the next city, head into your rival's house. Depending on the game, there will be a map holder or not in that rival's house. Either way, in the rival's house, there's ALWAYS a map of the continent/world there.

Go right up to the map, hold both the A and B buttons, and hit these buttons in order, Select, Select, ^, ^, Select, Select, ^, ^, Start. If you hit the start button and the menu comes up, you did the button order wrong, but if you get a little lag before the menu comes up, let go of your A and B buttons, and hit B to get out of the menu.

An event will be triggered in the game, and you will get a notice saying, "What's this? It looks like a part of some machine!"

Depending on the game, you have to go a certain place, but G/S/C should still be the same (if I remember right) from R/B/Y, but in R/S/E, go to the Dev Corp. building.

Either way, when you get the chance, go up to the man who usually lets you make an ancient Pokemon live (Make sure you set off the event that lets you revive a Pokemon! It's better to revive your fossil Pokemon first!), instead of talking to him, go into your key items pouch (Or regular backpack), and select "Machine Part", the scientist will be glad you found the part and will allow you to make any Pokemon you want! (congrats!)

(Note- You will be able to get MissingNo and 'M' in R/B, but doing so will be worse than just catching them!)

There's more. You may be able to make any known Pokemon you want, but it will be considered a "Glitched Pokemon" and will never show up as a correct sprite, how does the game know? It adds a bright blue square at the top left of the stats screen of the created Pokemon, that, and the Pokemon's attacks are cut in half, because YOU CHEATED.

Well, you're halfway there, you may be able to make any Pokemon known to the game, but, what's the fun in that when the game actually knows it's a glitched Pokemon? Next, defeat the Elite Four 10 times, it doesn't matter when you do it, just defeat the Elite Four 10 times.

Because a certain event switch in the game is set to "True", on your 10th revolution of the Elite Four, you'll start hearing the Elite Four start whining that you're going through them too much. After you defeat the champion again, all of the Elite Four's threats of getting stronger Pokemon will come true (the next time you fight them), and the professor of the game (Whomever he is in the game), Will come and congratulate you. Instead of the usual, put your Pokemon here and put them in the hall of fame right away. He gives you two choices.

*Trainer* is whatever name you named your Trainer

"*Trainer*, I want you give you one of my fabulous inventions I've been working on. Would you like to have a Meta-morphosis Watch, or a Life Watch?"

Despite how cool the Meta-morphosis Watch sounds, take the Life Watch:

"The Life Watch is an item that gives all of your Pokemon +25 max health"

After you go through the entire Elite Four credits again, go to your Fossil Pokemon reviver (who is now your Pokemon creator), and do the same thing you did with the Machine Part, go into your key items and use the Life Watch. The Scientist will exclaim that you have a rare item, and will take the Life Watch off of your hands. But because now you're hacking into the game's mainframe, instead of getting a message such as "Would you like me to take the watch so you can create new species of Pokemon?" You get a whole bunch of screwed up letters, and at the end of his sentence "and destroy your life?"

You only have one chance to say this, if you say no, your game gets corrupted, You lose the tenth win at the Elite Four, and you lose the stronger Elite Four, and you lose your Pokemon creator. So say yes, if you don't you get this message:

"Fine *Trainer*, enjoy a boring life!" After this message your game resets.

Anyways, you selected yes, and now when you create a Pokemon, you will see a Pokemon called ??? underneath the last Pokemon in the Numbered Pokedex. Click that Pokemon and you get a new screen where you get to paste bits and pieces of sprites, color them, etc., you also create the stats, how it levels up, etc.

The game won't allow you to create all-powerful ones, in other words, no level 5s with 999 stats ^_~

Meta-Morphosis Second Chance

By Trikitiger

After you do everything in the last cheat. Make a created Pokemon, even a simple Normal one, or clone of a real one will do. Level it up, because you'll deffinetly be fighting with it!

After you get it to a high level, go to the Elite Four again, and go up to the new gate infront of the door, you will get a message asking you if you want to go to the High-Level league, or fight the Elite Four again. Select the High-Level League, and fight to the death in each mach against level 70 - 80 Pokemon from the Elite Four (O.O). After you finish the Champion (You'll get your Pokemon healed after every match in the High-Level League), you will do the Hall of Records, but when the Professor gets to the Pokeball with a created Pokemon in it, the game stops:

"What's this? It's a Created Pokemon! *Trainer*, you are a better scientist than I am, you may have the Meta-morphisis Watch." Then you go through the credits, and then you wake up with a new item. The Meta-morphisis watch allows you to change your sprite to any "character sprite" known in the entire game. That's right, you can turn into Misty if you wanted (Your name stays the same, and no one notices that you're not normal).

How to Get Trikicat (Trikitiger comes from evolving)

By Trikitiger

Well, I told you the game can't handle all-powerful Pokemon made with the Pokemon Creator. Make a Glitched Eevee with the Pokemon Creator, and give it a Leaf Stone.

The Game will prompt you, "Eevee is mutating! Quick, we must bring it to a Secret Place!" In the Gameboy series, go to the Secret Cave where you catch Mewtwo, in the GBA Series, go to where you capture Rayquaza. If neither of these Pokemon are caught, catch them, or fail at catching them (either way, you'll end up with an awesome Pokemon at the end of this cheat).

Before you go, take one of each evolution stone for Eevee, plus the Leaf Stone (Leaf, Water, Fire, and Lightning stones are easily bought), and bring an Onix with you, and make sure your Onix is in the 6th slot. Don't have an Onix? Create one!

After you go to the Secret Place, you will get another Prompt, "Hurry *Trainer*, Eevee has only a few seconds left!" This is when you use all of your evolving items to evolve Eevee, so pick which evolution stone to evolve Eevee with it won't matter, and do that with all 4 stones, it will act as if you used all of them at once. After that it will say, "What's this? Eevee's Mutating!" Instead of Evolving.

Let it Evolve/Mutate, and it will turn into Trikicat! You will lose your Onix, but who cares!? You have a living 5-element Pokemon! If you go into its states, you'll get the Element ??? or "Multiple" for the Pokemon's element.

You can't use Trikicat for the second-chance Meta-morphisis trick, but if you evolve your Trikicat into Trikitiger (Level 85), you'll be able to use more than 4 moves with him, with his special Elemental Blast, and you'll be the most powerful trainer on your block because Trikicat/Trikitiger isn't considered a glitched Pokemon on the game!

(Trikicat/Trikitiger © Trikitiger. Not to be used without permission.)

Get Lucario and Diaruga on Ruby

By BlazeFire

Start a new game and name your starter Pokémon Lucario. Beat all the gyms and catch a Groudon and name it Diaruga. Go to Petalburg City and Prof. Birch will be there. He says that he has found a strange portal in his lab. Go through the portal and you will be on an island called Lucarioza. Go to the Pokémon Center on the hill and heal your Pokémon. They will now be the same colour as Lucario and Diaruga, but not look like them yet. Walk outside and a Mew will be there. Capture it and breed it with your starter and Groudon. The babies will both be Celebi. Trade them to FireRed or LeafGreen and back to Ruby and they will be Lucario and Diaruga.

Manaphied Sneasel

By cellblock

Go to the Day Care center and drop off a Charizard and a Mew. The woman will say, "A mew? How dare you!" and attack you. You then enter a battle without Pokémon and have to battle using yourself. Your attacks are Roar and Bite. Her attacks are Milk Drink, Flamethrower, Solarbeam and Thunder. She will never hit you because you had a Charizard. After five hits of Bite she has red HP. Use roar instead of Bite, because if you use Bite it misses and she returns to full HP. She faints from the Roar, and the battle makes a hole in the desk. You enter the room you can never enter and see millions of Pokéballs, a hologram generator and a mixer. You are ready to grab until your pockets are full, but you hear the man approaching. You can grab two pokeballs and mix them. If you use the Itemfinder, you find a Sneasel and a Manaphy. Mix them and you get a Manaphy with a Sneasel attack ( depending on the level of the Mew) and the Manaphy also has Sneasel claws on a necklace. It is level 572. If you grab any different Pokéballs, nothing happens and you are disallowed to visit the Day Care center for the rest of the current game. You must save a new game to return. The Manaphied Sneasel will, for some strange reason, make a seventh slot in your Pokémon party if there are already six Pokémon there.

FR/LG Fake Cheats

Get Calvin & Hobbes

By The Unown Trainer

The Unown Trainer is here, with a cheat for you! In order to get Hobbes, you MUST start with Charizard! Now, catch the legendaries in this order:

  1. Moltres
  2. Articuno
  3. All 28 Unown
  4. Mewtwo
  5. Suicune
  6. Zapdos

One of these pokemon MUST be shiny for the trick to work! Now, go to Prof. Oak with these Pokémon in your party:

  • Mewtwo (MUST be lvl 80)
  • shiny legendary
  • shiny Spearow
  • Charmeleon (MUST be female!)

He will say: Oh my! you have so many rare Pokémon! Here, take this, you'll find an even rarer one! You will receive TIGER INSTINCTS SIMULATOR!

Gary will run up and say: Awwwww! I want one too!

Oak will reply: Here, this will find one just as rare. Get out!

Go to Route 1. The TIGER INSTINCTS SIMULATOR will start flashing!

You'll run into a battle with a lvl 5 Hobbes. Catch it with an Ultra Ball on the first turn or he'll flee and you'll have to catch him like Suicune. Go back to Oak's lab with only Hobbes in your party.

Gary will meet you and say:
Oh wow! You caught a rare one too!

You will immediatly run into a battle with him. He only has Calvin at lvl 5. Beat him. To get Calvin, use LeafGreen, start with Venusaur, and catch Entei instead of Suicune.

*in case you were wondering, Calvin & Hobbes is a comic strip.*

Getting Celebi

By Larvinator

  1. You'll need a level 100 Jirachi in your party. I'll make a cheat for Jirachi too. Oh, shoot, did I say 'make'? I meant, um...find. Yes, find.
  2. Have Jirachi be the only Pokémon in your party.
  3. Battle a WILD Pokémon. On your first turn, press these buttons in the following order: Left, Right, B, A, L, R, Up, Down, Up, Up, A. If done correctly, the 'Fight' option will be replaced with some glitchy blocks.
  4. Select the glitch option. It should say, "*your trainer's name* pulled a WISH TAG off JIRACHI!" Jirachi's top tag will disappear on the sprite.
  5. Jirachi will get ticked off. The text box should now say, "JIRACHI used DOOM DESIRE on *your trainer's name*!" followed by "JIRACHI fled from battle!" Jirachi will disappear and you will automatically flee.
  6. Right after you flee, a text box will appear. "*trainer's name* was hit by DOOM DESIRE!" Your overworld sprite will fall over. "*trainer's name* fainted!" The black screen will appear, but the text is replaced by ? marks and pieces of Pokémon. You'll get teleported to the Pokémon Center in Viridian. Nurse Joy will say the usual "First, we should heal your Pokemon." There will be a 5-second pause. Then she'll say "WTF, you don't HAVE any?! It's dangerous out there, you idiot! I'm calling a mod to BAN YOU!" Run like heck to Viridian Forest.
  7. Once in Viridian, use the Wish Tag you still have. It will show a list of options, all of which are heavily encoded in 1337.
  8. Choose "OMG 1 VV1$|-| 1 |-|@D (EL1B11 @ND TH@T J1R@CH1 |-|@D |-|ER VV1$H T@G B@CK @ND @ B@RB1E D0|_|_ 2 LOLOLOL!!!!!!1111!!!one!!!"
  9. Check your party. There should be a level 100 Celebi in it. Congrats.
  10. Jirachi will fly down and hug you for giving her the Wish Tag back and a Barbie Doll. She will offer to rejoin your party. If you say no, you should be shot.
  11. Optional: Destroy the poor, foolish mod that tries to ban you with your new ubers.

How to Get All the Pokémon

By Jirachi

To get all the Pokémon, you have to have the name of SiLvEr and then get your starter (any starter). Catch a Pidgey and name it Pidgehobo. Get Oak's Parcel and deliver it to him. Go to the Elite Four (the guards won't stop you). You will see that Pidgehobo will mysteriously have all HMs. Then, once you get there, Pidgehobo will be an Abra, and beside the door which you go through to face the Elite Four, there will be a second door. Go through, and it will lead to the Hall of Fame, and Oak will be there. He will say, "Why, you've gotten here before (rival's name)! You have done well!" Talk to him 50 more times, and he will say, "Here is a reward!" He will give you all the Pokémon!

Get the Last Starter

By Art Critic Cubone

1. First, in order to perform this cheat, you must pick the female protagonist. You can use another cheat or a glitch to switch to male afterwards, but then the other side effects of this cheat will be negated.
2. After receiving your starter and beating your rival, talk to Oak seventy-seven times. Nothing will happen. Talk to his aide seven times- any aide will do. Nothing happens at all once again. Walk outside, then save. Here is where the fun comes in- walk seven steps left, seven steps right, seven up, and seven down. Then walk back inside. Talk to Oak seven more times, then press start, select, A, and B together. This will reset the game, causing you to appear again in front of the lab. Walk inside and talk to Oak.
3. Here is where the fun comes in. When you talk to Oak, the following event will take place (Note: "ACC" is used to designate your character.):

Oak: ACC, I saw you dancing around outside earlier! I had no clue you were so talented! Please, help an old man fulfill his dreams- all my life I have secretly wished to learn to moonwalk! Please, teach me!

(Answer yes, or the game will freeze, and if you reset it the soundtrack will be replaced with bad country music).

Oak: Great! Finally, I can learn to dance! Teach me the moonwalk!

In order to moonwalk, simply press B, hold it, then push the directional button in the opposite way that you intended to move. Your character will walk backwards- Ta-da! Instant moonwalk!

Oak: Amazing! You are a true master... please, watch my first steps as I attempt to emulate your greatness!

Oak will then attempt to emulate your mad dancing skills, but will trip and fall flat on his own idiot face, knocking himself out. Very funny.

Aide *running up to Oak*: Oh dear! Professor Oak is out cold! Quickly, run and fetch the doctor from Viridian!

Being the altruist you are, go to Viridian.

3. When you reach the Viridian Pokemon Center, talk to the doctor- he looks like an aide. The following dialogue will take place:

Doctor: What? Oak knocked himself out? What was he doing?
Oh- the moonwalk? Someone tried to teach that crazy old fool to moonwalk? Whoever it is must be some sort of idiot! Wait... why are you looking at me so angrily? Did you attempt to teach that pitiful old fool to dance?

(Answer yes- if you do not, the game will freeze, and upon resetting it, the soundtrack will be replaced with the "Doctor Mario" soundtrack.)

What? You idiot! That does it- I'll teach you a lesson!

You will battle the idiot doctor- his only Pokemon is a level five starter with a type disadvantage to yours. If you've done a little training, piece of cake. After beating him, the doctor will have a few more words to say:

Doctor: What was your name again? ACC? Dang, you kicked my butt! I need to take some battling lessons... Ah, yes, Oak is out cold! I must tend to him! But don't think I've forgotten this- as soon as I finish tending to Oak and get a good therapist, I will beat you! Beat you, I tell you! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Okay,,, that was weird. Return to Oak's Lab.

4. Oak is still out cold when you get to the lab. Talk to the doctor, who has beaten you there- apparently, he has some sort of super-speed power. Yeah.

Doctor: Crap! I left my doctor's bag back in Viridian! ACC, please do me a favor... go back and get it for me!

Once again, play the altruist and get the creepy doctor his bag back- it's in the Pokemon Center, next to where the good doctor was standing- or maybe he's not so good. If you select "use" on the doctor's bag, you will get the message: "You open the doctor's bag. What? It's full of swimsuit calendars and "Love Hina" graphic novels! You close the bag and sweatdrop."

Return to Oak's Lab, and deliver the bag. The doctor will thank you, and walk up to Oak. The follwing message will appear:

Message: The doctor waved a swimsuit pin-up under Oak's nose... Oak twitched.... Oak's nose began to bleed... but nothing happened!

Doctor: Curses! Not even my greatest revival technique has had an effect!

Aide *whispering*: You know, I've heard kicking perverts often wakes them up...

Well, you heard the man. To kick Oak, just walk up and move an extra step forward. You should get a response like this.

Message: Oak stirred! Keep hammering him!

After sixty-five kicks, Oak will awaken.

Oak: ACC! You helped me regain consciousness! And not only that- while I was unconscious, a giant monkey appeared and taught me the secrets of moonwalking! Watch!

Oak will moonwalk. You might want to save just before this, so you can watch Oak doing his thing over and over again. It's pretty funny.

Oak: As a thank-you for helping me realise my dream, ACC, please take my final Pokemon! It's yours!

After accepting the Pokemon, your rival will burst in. (Note- "Gary" denotes your rival here, regardless of actual name.)

Gary: What? You gave ACC another Pokemon? Grandpa, I'm supposed to be your favorite!

Oak: Gary, just shut up and kiss her already.

Gary will move toward you- an option board will pop up. You can either accept the kiss, or reset. If you accept the kiss, nothing happens, and the game progresses as normal. If you reset, however, you will begin the game with a level five starter already on hand- the one Oak gave you before. Just pick your ordinary starter, and you're ready to go! However, this is not the only fun thing that comes of using this cheat.

As long as you have remained a girl throughout this process, (In-game, not in real life! As if you could switch genders....) your rival's dialogue will change- instead of his normal "I'm so cool" type lines, he will begin declaring his love for you, and when you meet him as Pokemon champion, he will make an impassioned speech about how his love for you transcends all boundaries, and how he will defeat you to prove his love. Very funny. On your second entry to the hall of fame, he will be wearing a tuxedo, and on your fifth entry, he will be wearing the tux again, and holding a rose in his mouth. On entry number ten, he will ask you, once your Pokemon have been registered, "Hey, what is that on your shirt?" The following credits will have the music replaced with clips of the voice actor who furnishes Gary's voice saying "What? I- I wasn't touching you! Really, I wasn't! Hey- what are you doing with that can of mace... come on, we've known each other since we were kids... please, NOOO!!! Oh, thank goodness- I'm so sorry... wait, what is that? Is that a mallet? What? MISTY'S BEEN GIVING YOU MALLET-BONKING LESSONS?"

Let your imagination fill in the blanks. XD

D/P Fake Cheats

Get Dialga/Palkia Early

By Dialga & Lugia Freak

Beat the Gym leader that allows you to use Rock Climb outside of battle. Fly to Hearthome City and head west out of the city, towards Mt. Coronet. (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR STARTER!) Climb the mountain. Sometimes you'll be inside the mountain, sometimes outside. At the top, called Spear Pillar, walk as far north as possible. There will be an Adamant Orb (Diamond) or Lustrous Orb (Pearl). Pick it up. Press X, X, SELECT, X, SELECT, X, X and you will hear Dialga's/Palkia's cry. use the Orb and Dialga/Palkia will appear. SAVE! Talk to it and you will battle it. Catch it. (DO NOT K.O. IT AND SAVE AFTERWARDS OR YOUR FILE WILL DISAPPEAR!) You will have a Level 47 Dialga/Palkia in your party. If you have all 6 party pokemon, you will get a 7th slot. Congrats! You have caught Dialga/Palkia early!

Note: When you face Cyrus with Dialga/Palkia, battle with Dialga/Palkia and a funny scene will occur. Cyrus will see that you have it and will cry like a 4-year-old. He'll whine about how his plans are ruined, quit Team Galactic, and run home to his grandparents' house in Sunnyshore. After you beat the Sunnyshore Gym Leader, Cyrus will start a fan club dedicated to you. He will worship you as a deity!

How to Get Cynthia as Your Girlfriend

By Lavinia D

Standard process; beat the Elite Four, etc. etc. When you arrive at Cynthia, proceed to also wipe out all of her Pokemon except her last one, Garchomp. You have to leave its HP bar in the red zone for FOUR TURNS. That means once you have the HP in the red zone, use non-damaging moves on it for four turns. Cynthia's sprite will appear and she will say "Please, spare my Garchomp!" Use another non-damaging move and she will end the battle.

The screen will then fade to the Chamipon's room again and Cynthia will say,

"Thank you, <player name>. You have proven yourself to be a truly kind soul. If you don't mind, um . . . can I, er, thank you by . . . taking you out to eat?
Cynthia . . . is blushing?
<Yes/No> option.
Yes: Oh, really? That's great! Okay! Let's go then! I know a great place.
No: O-oh . . . i-it's okay . . . I guess not then."

Once you say yes, the screen will fade again. When it comes back upyou will be seated at a table for two with Cynthia at the Hotel Grand Lake restaurant with your party Pokemon all restored to full health, and all your battles will be double battles with her from now on. Her Pokemon's levels will increase with yours at the same rate.

And there you have it!

No submissions anymore!

Submissions into this section are no longer accepted since I was getting too many and it was just getting too tedious to put them up. The collection of fake cheats here already is it, sorry. Well, if you have one that is absolutely genius and happen to tell me about it, I might consider it, but then it better be good.


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