As said in the Shadow Pokémon section, there are five methods of purifying your Pokémon without a Time Flute or the Purification Chamber in XD: Walking around with the Pokémon, sending it out into battle, calling it back from Hyper Mode, leaving it in the Day-Care (in Colosseum), and massaging it with the Cologne Case. The main fun of the game is to train all those different Pokémon and earn their trust slowly but surely - but which method to use for maximum effectiveness, if you just want to purify them quickly?

Pokémon Colosseum

You should first save your game and buy a lot of Vivid Scents. Take one Shadow Pokémon at a time and use the scents to purify it past the second bar. This will allow you to see the Pokémon's Nature. Write it down on a piece of paper or something, along with the Pokémon's name. Then turn it off without saving, buy a lot of Vivid Scents again and take the next Shadow Pokémon. Repeat until you've got the Nature of all your Shadow Pokémon written down.

Then, when you're going to purify one, check what the nature is wherever you wrote it down. Then check this table - the best method(s) for each nature are bolded.


Now, if your Pokémon's best method is DayCare, just leave it in the Day-Care in Agate Village while you purify some other Pokémon. This is the easiest method, although it costs a bit of money, since you won't even have to carry the Pokémon.

If your Pokémon's best method is Cologne, it's time for more Cologne massages. Buy Vivid Scents and massage them pure; you won't need that many for these Natures. If you need more money, just go through Realgam Tower again.

If your Pokémon's best method is walking, there is a trick you can use. Put it in your party with five other Pokémon with these natures. (If you have less than six, put them all.) Then walk to top of the hill to the left of the pier where you enter Agate Village, and hold down. If it's the right hill, the screen should start shaking. Hold it there for a while and check on your Pokémon's stats. Good to use while one of your other Pokémon is in the Day-Care.

If your Pokémon's best method is Battle, take it on a course through Area 1 of Mt. Battle. Their Heart Gauges should lower a lot when they enter battle, and because they shouldn't exactly have problems with the Pokémon of Area 1, it should be a breeze.

If your Pokémon's best method is Call, make it battle a lot of Pokémon around the same level as it is with a strong Pokémon for support. (The reason you should battle Pokémon around the same level rather than weaker ones? When you beat everything in one hit, you don't get much of a chance to go into Hyper Mode.) When they go into Hyper Mode, calling out to them should lower their Heart Gauge effectively.

Of course, if you prefer battling, or hate battling, or don't have money or whatever, you can use one of the other methods that are also good. Also keep in mind that stronger Pokémon will take longer to purify than weaker ones; their Heart Gauge will clear slower.

At the very least, once you fully purify a Pokémon, however you work your way towards that point, it will regain all the experience that it should have gained after two bars of its Heart Gauge were cleared, regain its last attack and a ribbon, and finally you will be given the choice to nickname the Pokémon. Then it's just purifying the next one. Remember that you can only get Ho-oh after you purify 'em all.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Honestly, the quickest method is just to dump them all in the Purification Chamber. Why bother with all the elaborate, time-consuming, effort-demanding methods when you can just leave them on the computer with some ordinary Pokémon, go out and work towards beating the game, and then have your controller rumble to alert you that your Pokémon is fully purified?

Even XD001, the Shadow Lugia, doesn't require you to go through anything requiring true effort - all you need to do is max out the tempo of all nine sets of the Purification Chamber and then put Lugia in one of the sets. It will be purified instantly. Well, uh, that was anticlimactic.

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