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11/02/20: Eighteen years

Happy birthday to you,
you're all grown up, it's true.
On to legal adulthood!
Happy birthday to you.

The Cave of Dragonflies is eighteen years old today! They grow up so fast. Unfortunately I don't think websites can actually vote, even when they're legal adults. (But if you are, I hope you do.)

For the occasion, I wanted to finish writing about the R/B/Y RNG, but unfortunately that's just taking ages. Instead, I've now updated most everything in accordance with the Crown Tundra DLC, including the Pokémon List Generator, Favorite Pokémon Picker, Hangman and Number Game.

Furthermore, I've added a provisional Gen VIII Catch Rate Calculator. Please note that at the moment this is based on Gen VII mechanics - to my knowledge, the capture routine/ball bonuses have not been extracted, and the Switch hacking community is never anywhere near as interested in capture mechanics as I am, so who knows if/when that might happen. However, in-game observation suggests the mechanics are probably similar, except that during the story, before the Wild Area levels up to level 60, the catch rate is lowered massively if your Pokémon is a lower level than the opponent. I've made a wild guess at this modifier (a 0.15 multiplier to the X value) and how it might be applied, but for the moment it really is a wild guess based on really not enough data. I hope to do more in-game observations for this, but until then, I hope having a calculator with the Gen VIII Pokémon in it helps at least a bit.

Finally, there is also since yesterday a Twitter share link and a textbox with a copy-pastable summary on the results page for the Pokémon Fan Test. It's already seen more use than I expected, but in case you wanted to share your results but there was just a little too much friction, now's your chance. I'd like to spruce up my other personality test results a bit soon and probably add something similar there, for modern convenience.

Here's to TCoD's young adulthood!

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10/17/20: Pokémon Fan Test update

As usual I go impulsively do something entirely different from what I'm trying to work on on a sudden whim. This time, it's an overhaul of the Pokémon Fan Test, which has been grossly out of date for a long time and I've been meaning to update it for years. Thanks to 15 pointing out a bug that spurred me to actually go ahead and do it, and the lovely Cupcakedex for a bunch of help coming up with new questions/categories!

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09/06/20: Belated favorite list upgrade

Thanks to the couple people who reported it, the sharable link to your favorite list in the Favorite Pokémon Picker will now properly show the Isle of Armor DLC Pokémon like it should. Apologies for the error! I've also updated the Interactive Type Chart with the new existent type combinations in Gen VIII and accordingly updated a couple of things in the Fun Facts as well.

I've been working on some delicious R/B/Y mechanics, but it's taking a while because I'm trying to put it all in an understandable form. Soon!

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