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06/28/22: Capture visualization

Chibi Pika told me the other day that it was a shame I'd removed the old R/B/Y capture charts from my R/B/Y capture mechanics page, because they'd been really good for the intuitive understanding of Great Balls vs. Ultra Balls. I told them I'd removed the charts and instead put equivalent charts on the capture RNG mechanics page when that was created, because the original charts turned out to be misleading - the RNG significantly alters the result from the ideal depicted in those charts.

But then I figured it really was a shame that visualization was no longer there on the main mechanics page. Although in order to be actually accurate it would have to include data accounting for RNG skew, those charts didn't require any technical understanding of the RNG. I couldn't quite usefully use them as a vehicle to explain the mechanics without confusing people... but I could just add them as a cool visualization thing, right?

So: now there's a little visualization section on the R/B/Y capture mechanics page, which allows you to generate charts of how your chances will change as you lower HP for the different balls for a given Pokémon and status. I at least think it's pretty fun! Please do try entering a legendary and look at the absolutely baffling actual Ultra Ball curve.

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04/27/22: Calculators and styling

I have now updated all of my catch rate calculators with a new Pokémon dropdown component that's hopefully nicer to use - autocomplete box you can type in, cute little sprite, less clunky on mobile, etc. Please do let me know if you have any issues with it.

Additionally, I did some style tweaks - in particular, the menu is now a bit more obvious on mobile (had someone come to the site and just not see it).

While I'm here, I'd also like to give a shoutout to the ongoing Catch-A-Million charity marathon for St. Baldrick's Foundation - streamers and Twitch Plays Pokémon are making a valiant effort to capture a million Pokémon and raise money for childhood cancer research. Contribute and donate if you can!

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04/03/22: Happy April Fools' Day!

With apologies for being a little late, I have put up a blurb about Sutoraiku Legends in the April Fools' Day joke archive. Hope you all enjoyed the game! I may make an update to it making it more streamlined to play and adding a bit to it, but I know better than to promise it soon; I have a lot of things on my plate including a lot of things I should do for this site.

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