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07/30/22: BD/SP captures

I've made a couple more minor updates to the Gen VIII capture mechanics and calculator, primarily to add BD/SP information (it's basically the same mechanics) but also fixing a couple of tiny bugs/inaccuracies (X values greater than equal to 255 but less than 256 were not being properly treated as guaranteed captures, and a potential rounding error was not being replicated fully in the calculator).

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07/28/22: Sw/Sh raid captures

I've updated the Gen VIII capture mechanics and calculator in accordance with the actual raid multipliers as recently uncovered by Anubis. The most noteworthy thing about this: non-event Gigantamax raids for non-hosts get obscure random-looking difficulty modifiers that appear to be decided based on each Pokémon's catch rate such that they all end up effectively having a catch rate of just over 3 (i.e. a little more than a legendary). My mind is blown.

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07/09/22: Picker updates

I've made a few little improvements to the Favorite Pokémon Picker:

  • First, I fixed a bug reported the other day where the form type settings weren't loaded correctly when continuing from a saved state, resulting in all form types getting selected even if you originally had selected only some of them.
  • Secondly, I've updated the images used for the Pokémon Legends: Arceus Pokémon to the Home sprites, for consistency with other Pokémon. Using the game's native sprites for them was always intended to be temporary until they were implemented into Home.
  • Thirdly, I've tweaked the animation on the progress bar to be a little more pleasing - there's now a bit of a satisfying throb as you reach 100% and find a favorite, and the favorite visually appears after the progress bar animation has played, instead of the somewhat awkward way it was before where you'd see the favorite appear before the progress bar filled.
  • Finally, behind the scenes I've moved the actual Pokémon data for the picker into a single data file which is now used as a source of truth both for the picker itself and for the shareable favorite list pages. This should prevent the recurring issue where regularly it would turn out some Pokémon didn't work right on the shareable list after I'd added it to the picker itself.

Happy picking!

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