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09/30/19: More picker

You can now expand the found favorites list in the Favorite Pokémon Picker by clicking the arrow "tab" next to the "Found Favorites" tab. This should make things a bit easier for those of you with very large lists who would like a bit more room for rearranging your list, and has a fancy sliding effect for those of you easily amused by things moving around on webpages.

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09/05/19: Bugfixing and update update

I've made a couple of bugfixes to the Favorite Pokémon Picker (but more actual feature updates coming soon); this should fix some weird jank with the picker scrolling up when you pick in new browsers.

I've also, as you may notice if you scroll down, changed how the front page updates work: instead of showing the updates from the latest month, it'll now just show the last three updates.

This is how the updates used to work back in 2005 after I'd first created the update archive, but then a few months later, because I was handling all this manually, I got fed up with having to move an update to the archive every time I updated, so I started doing the archive move whenever I updated in a new month instead. That went on to be the system I used for the last fourteen years, even after I redid the update system so that no manual archiving is involved anymore (I actually painstakingly coded it to continue to automatically show only the updates from the latest month that's had updates, just to keep it the way it'd been, even though it was significantly more complicated than just showing the latest x updates).

But now that I'm a busy adult and tend to only get in an update or two a month, I've finally decided this way of presenting updates, though nostalgic, is impractical. The feature updates to the Favorite Pokémon Picker that I made last time shouldn't be pushed off the front page because I made some bugfixes after the month happened to roll over. And since now there's no technical reason for it, I could just go back to the system I wanted to have before laziness made me do the month thing. Rejoice, fifteen-year-old me! Your dreams have finally come true!

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08/31/19: A little more pickering

I've tweaked the generated favorite list pages for the Favorite Pokémon Picker so that they include the names and placings of the individual Pokémon, which should be nicer for those of you with large lists: you can use your browser's search feature to find a particular Pokémon, and you can better see exactly where each one placed. I also made it so that if your picker is in shiny mode, then the generated link will also show the Pokémon as shiny - if you make a list of your favorite shinies, it becomes more sensible to share it.

I'll probably be making a few more picker updates tomorrow/soon, while I wrap up my new twelfth movie review. Did you know these are based on suggestions someone e-mailed to me? Because you can totally do that.

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