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12/02/21: Dusk Balls

I've been grabbing what chances I've managed to test a claim made by speedrunner Werster, namely that Dusk Balls don't get a bonus in lit indoor areas at night. As best I can tell, from in-game tests as well as looking at the code where I had it on hand, this is true in Gen V (for which Werster made the claim), but not in either Gen IV or later gens. I've updated the Gen V Capture Mechanics and the text of the Dusk Ball activation option in the Gen V Catch Rate Calculator accordingly.

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11/02/21: Nineteen

Happy birthday to you,
a tough year, but we're through.
You're nineteen, dear website!
Just look how you grew.

The Cave of Dragonflies is nineteen years old today, and to celebrate that milestone, it now has a proper dark mode in the redone Roar of Time style. The old one still works, but the new one is mobile-friendly and uses dropdowns. I tried to strike a bit of a balance between retaining the general aesthetic of the style and updating it to look a bit nicer; I'm not entirely sure I've struck the correct one, but hopefully it's at least usable as a dark mode style. I may fiddle with it more at some later point; right now I just need it out.

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10/07/21: Morphic Bingo

I've been a bit behind on putting my fanfiction up here for a while, often owing to wanting to make revisions that I then never get around to making. I'm resolving to actually get some of that done in the coming days; to start with, here's a set of three Morphic shorts written for a bingo event.

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