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08/08/23: Butterfree cover

I am somehow still not quite done with my roulette mechanics writeup because I have had a million other things taking up my time and my brain decided to involve multiple calculators and in-browser emulation of the roulette physics, but in the meantime, I've redrawn the cover for my fanfic Butterfree, to a version that I think is significantly better than the original one (from three years ago). It also helps that it actually has the fic's title on it, making it finally consistent with the other covers on the fanfiction page.

Roulette really really should be coming soon, though, honest.

Also, the other day someone asked me if I could add two more possible types to the Moveset coverage mode in the Interactive Type Chart, so that's now available too, if you wanted it!

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04/29/23: Morphic Lives

Roulette mechanics are still being worked on, but in the meantime, I've put up a new short Morphic extra, Dave and Jean Discuss Swearing. Contains strong language and some talk of bullying and discrimination.

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04/01/23: April Fools

Yesterday's update was obviously a joke; I hope you all got some amusement out of it. The Favorite Pokémon Picker is now back to normal, and I've written up this year's joke on the April Fools' Day joke archive.

Hope you've all had a fun day filled with amusing hijinks!

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