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01/01/21: Happy new year!

2020 is finally at an end! It's been a rough year for most everyone on one level or another, but here's to a better 2021. It'd take a lot for it not to be, right?

This year, I would like to extend my traditional thanks to...

  • Jackie and Chibi, for the chats, RP, motivation, affection, and great times. You're incredibly special to me. Love you.
  • elyvorg, one of my very best friends, who is lovely and deserves everything and I cannot wait to read more of her thoughts on fiction.
  • Negrek, for the Thousand Roads community, great talks, Nate, and generally being cool.
  • Cupcakedex, for the new Pokémon Fan Test, encouraging me to be on the Lass Podcast, the delightful Pokémon cooking livestreams, and being a lovely friend.
  • Namohysip and everyone playing Blacklight, which has been such a great time and continues to be.
  • Everyone in Telecod, for the chats, streams, movies and more.
  • My Patreon patrons, for the support.
  • My parents, for being cool parents.
  • Shadey, my husband, who I am just as in love with today as fourteen years ago.
  • Birta, the softest cat.
  • Everyone who played my Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival, which was a blast to watch (and opal for assisting with it).
  • Everyone who played and commented on the full version of Sutoraiku High.
  • Everyone who actually read my R/B/Y RNG mechanics article it's really cool you guys I promise

Fingers crossed for the year 2021. Love you all!

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12/18/20: Updated Safari Zone Calculator

The R/B/Y Safari Zone page has now been updated, including the calculator, to account for the RNG mechanics. As always, please let me know if you bump into any errors or glitches while using the calculator.

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12/09/20: RNG Mechanics

Finally, after far too long, I have finished writing a full breakdown of the random number generator in Red, Blue and Yellow, and how it affects capturing in R/B/Y. I think it's pretty fascinating! Please take a look and tell me if you can't follow the explanation at all. (But one of the primary takeaways is: those annoying Pokémon in the Safari Zone that seem near-impossible to catch genuinely are way harder to catch than intended.)

The R/B/Y capture calculator has also been updated accordingly (a little while back) and is a fair bit more elaborate and sophisticated, thanks to the relatively intensive calculations involved in simulating every possible RNG outcome; please let me know if you have any issues with the new one, before I convert the other capture calculators to this new system.

I actually haven't yet updated the Safari Zone calculator; that's coming too, I promise, but I just needed to get this up first.

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