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01/24/23: Fanfic Updates

S/V content is coming, but in the meantime, I have put up a new fanfic - Go, a one-shot about what if Pokémon Go in its early days became real. Technically it was written for a contest in 2016, but I never put it up here because I didn't like it enough; now I've edited it to be reasonably happy with it, so here it is.

Alongside this, I decided to spruce up the fanfiction section a little bit. Lately I've been drawing cover art for my fanfics, so I figured I may as well include that there with them - and because Morphic and its seven billion extras was dominating the vertical space on that page a bit, I decided to give it its own page (and, while I was at it, mention there how old it is and that I'm working on a rewrite). Hopefully this makes it all a bit nicer to look at!

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01/03/23: Happy new year!

A little late for my usual New Year's update because I've been abroad! I hope you're all having a good 2023 so far.

I'm planning some more S/V content, but I've got various other things I need to get into first, so please bear with me for a little while. In the meantime, I'd like to extend my usual New Year's Thanks to:

  • ...all of my lovely internet friends, you all know who you are <3
  • ...but an extra special one to Jackie, Chibi and elyvorg, who I got to see in person this year and have some great times with
  • ...Negrek and the Thousand Roads fanfic community, my primary home on the internet these days
  • ...Tetra, for running the Adventure Quest RP in which I had a lot of fun writing some May
  • ...Latios of the newly-resurrected Shining Misdreavus, for reviving an old community and good nostalgic discussions
  • ...Quiara, who was persistent enough to prod me again after three years into doing some fascinating research on the R/S/E roulette minigame (coming to a Cave of Dragonflies near you)
  • husband Shadey, for continuing to be quality husband
  • ...our cat Birta, for continuing to be quality cat
  • parents, who are good
  • ...everyone still frequenting and creating old-school websites in this day and age
  • ...everyone who has read my fanfics
  • ever-gracious patrons

Happy new year, and I'll see you next update!

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12/22/22: Paldean Favorites

Hope you've all been having fun playing Scarlet and Violet. I did a mostly-blind playthrough myself which I had a lot of fun with, but now that I have finished that, I could get to work on adding some Gen IX content - starting, by popular demand, with the Favorite Pokémon Picker, because man, you all really wanted Gen IX in the Favorite Pokémon Picker.

As usual, let me know if anything's weird or off. Right now, since the S/V Pokémon haven't been added to Pokémon Home, they're using temporary images extracted from screenshots shared by Anubis, which do unfortunately stick out a bit, but they will be replaced once Home is updated.

I've marked Pokémon that show up only in the Area Zero endgame sequence, plus the sealed legendaries, as spoilers for now, which I hope is a reasonable balance. Happy picking!

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