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11/02/22: Twenty years

Two decades of you
and we're nowhere near through.
Happy birthday, dear website!
Still so much to do.

The Cave of Dragonflies is twenty years old today! That's a hell of a milestone and I'm very proud of it.

For the occasion, I of course did something no one asked for. It has been bothering me for years now that the site had two sets of styles - the new ones, built with modern technologies and mobile compatibility and so on, and the old ones, which were kludgy on phones, sported absurdly tiny font sizes and barely-existent spacing, and were often only updated to support new features as an afterthought. One possible way to deal with this would have been to remove them, but I never like the idea of removing anything, they were a source of more variety in presentation, and also... they were just kind of nostalgic for me, and probably other people who used to visit the site back in the day when they were kids, too.

So, twentieth anniversary? Good time for nostalgia. I have now remade all the old styles. I did this very conservatively this time around - adding mobile compatibility, increasing the impossibly small font size (every time I looked at the old styles it was somehow even smaller than I remembered it), having some semblance of spacing, some other small tweaks, but carefully keeping the original aesthetic of each intact, as charmingly dated as they are. The goal I had in mind was, basically, that if you visited this site in 2007 and used a style, you should be able to switch to the new version of it now and think, "Wow, it's just like I remember it!" (It isn't, the font sizes were truly made for ants, but the overall effect should be identical.)

I think it went pretty well, but let me know if you bump into any oddities in any of the old-new styles.

As a bonus, I also made an attempt to make the menus slightly less janky on mobile. It's still kind of janky, but I truly hate working around mobile quirks and this was about as much of it as I could take.

Happy birthday to a beautiful relic of the old internet! There's more content I'm hoping to get to soon (PLA catch mechanics/calculator would be good to get up before Scarlet and Violet come out), but this is the silly little anniversary update I wanted and I'm very happy about getting it done.

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09/28/22: Curse

I've made some revisions to my 2009 one-shot horror fanfic, Curse. If you read the old version, it's still the same story, but I've made some adjustments to hopefully improve how it comes across. Let me know how you feel about it.

I also updated the server the other day and had to reinstall various things, incidentally - please let me know if anything's off or not working.

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07/30/22: BD/SP captures

I've made a couple more minor updates to the Gen VIII capture mechanics and calculator, primarily to add BD/SP information (it's basically the same mechanics) but also fixing a couple of tiny bugs/inaccuracies (X values greater than equal to 255 but less than 256 were not being properly treated as guaranteed captures, and a potential rounding error was not being replicated fully in the calculator).

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