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09/25/17: Still more Favorite Pokémon Picker stuff

I've added yet another feature to the Favorite Pokémon Picker. For any generated favorite list with a link in the new format, the list page will have a link back to the picker that will let you pick up where that list leaves off - for example, this link to a list with Charizard, Butterfree and Scyther on it links back to a picker page that will offer to let you continue from that list. In practice, of course, it's not super-useful for you to be able to pick up from my favorite list unless those happen to be your top three favorite Pokémon, but it does mean that if you save the link to your favorite list somewhere, you'll always be able to pick up from it even if you move to a different computer or otherwise lose your state - and if for one reason or another your list ends up being wrong because you accidentally eliminated some Pokémon when you shouldn't have or something like the Zygarde bug messed with your results, it's possible for you to just erase some letters off the back of your link (two letters per Pokémon) to back up without having to start all over.

Note that the only information passed over this way is your found favorites - if you continue from a link, you'll have to do a very long round going through all the Pokémon not in the favorite list, instead of being able to work with the previously constructed tree of elimination. Also, the favorite list does not know what settings you originally used; the picker will turn on forms mode if one of the favorites on the list is a non-default form, and disable major only if one of them is minor, but if you had excluded some generations or types when you made your list, you'll have to edit those settings again after loading the favorite list.

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09/22/17: You guys have too much free time

I've made yet more updates to the Favorite Pokémon Picker, with two changes of note:

  • The shareable link to your current list is now a bit more streamlined: instead of containing a plain comma-separated list of the National Pokédex number and form identifier of each Pokémon in your list, it will now just have a nonsense string with two characters per Pokémon on the list. The reason for this change is that two separate people have contacted me in the past couple of days complaining because they'd ordered literally every Pokémon or something close to it, and the resulting URL was so long that the server refused to process it. In the new URL scheme, while it's possible to end up with a link of over 2000 characters (though only in forms mode with major only off), which some browsers may have trouble with, the server should at least always be fine with it. Old-style links will still work as before, of course.
  • I've also fixed an insidious little bug involving Zygarde 10%, where it and all Pokémon eliminated by it (or eliminated by them, etc.) could get vanished from your state. If you were affected, your state should silently fix itself when you visit the page again, adding Zygarde 10% to your not-yet-eliminated list and letting you pick it as normal - although of course, the presence of the bug may mean a bunch of Pokémon that should have appeared earlier in your list were incorrectly held back. Apologies for any resulting inconvenience.

As always, happy picking, and please let me know if you discover any further odd behaviour when using the picker.

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09/21/17: Destiny Deoxys

I've finished revamping my review of the seventh Pokémon movie, with a bunch of screenshots to break it up a little as usual. I can't wait to get to the eighth (also known as objectively the best one).

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