FR/LG Walkthrough

I really hope you like this walkthrough. I sacrificed 80% of all the enjoyment of playing my FireRed to write it and it held me back for a month and a half due to my inability to play it away from the computer and without writing everything I do. Stupid walkthrough.

Anyway, it's written in a somewhat more humourous manner than the average walkthrough, and also goes in very stupid details at times, telling you to go left and up and stuff like that when it's completely unnecessary. I just work like that. It also assumes that you play the game like me - collecting almost every item you come across, completing every sidequest along the way, and battling all the trainers you can for the experience. Sorry about that. It also becomes a bit evident later on that I was getting dead bored of writing it.

Please report any errors that you find here.

Click a link to get to a specific part.

  1. Intro
  2. Pallet Town
  3. Route 1
  4. Viridian City
  5. Route 1 (2)
  6. Pallet Town (2)
  7. Route 1 (3)
  8. Viridian City (2)
  9. Route 22
  10. Viridian City (3)
  11. Route 2
  12. Viridian Forest
  13. Route 2 (2)
  14. Pewter City
  15. Route 3
  16. Route 4
  17. Mt. Moon
  18. Route 4 (2)
  19. Cerulean City
  20. Route 24
  21. Route 25
  22. Cerulean City (2)
  23. Route 5
  24. Route 6
  25. Vermilion City
  26. Route 11
  27. Vermilion City (2)
  28. S.S. Anne
  29. Vermilion City (3)
  30. Diglett's Cave
  31. Vermilion City (4)
  32. Route 9
  33. Route 10
  34. Rock Tunnel
  35. Route 10 (2)
  36. Lavender Town
  37. Route 8
  38. Route 7
  39. Celadon City
  40. Route 16
  41. Celadon City (2)
  42. Team Rocket's Hideout
  43. Pokémon Tower
  44. Route 12
  45. Route 13
  46. Route 14
  47. Route 15
  48. Fuchsia City
  49. Safari Zone
  50. Fuchsia City (2)
  51. Cycling Road
  52. Fuchsia City (3)
  53. Saffron City
  54. Silph Co.
  55. Saffron City (2)
  56. Fuchsia City (4)
  57. Sea Route 19
  58. Sea Route 20
  59. Seafoam Islands
  60. Route 20 (2)
  61. Cinnabar Island
  62. Pokémon Mansion
  63. Cinnabar Island (2)
  64. One Island
  65. Two Island
  66. Cape Brink
  67. Three Island
  68. Bond Bridge
  69. Berry Forest
  70. Kindle Road
  71. Mt. Ember
  72. One Island (2)
  73. Power Plant
  74. Sea Route 21
  75. Pallet Town (3)
  76. Route 1 (4)
  77. Viridian City (4)
  78. Route 22 (2)
  79. Indigo Plateau
  80. Victory Road
  81. Indigo Plateau (2)

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"Hi there! Glad to meet you! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak. People affectionately refer to me as the Pokémon Professor. This world is widely inhabited far and wide by creatures known as Pokémon!"

So begin the remakes of the games that started it all - Pokémon Red and Green (known as Blue outside of Japan). I'm slightly disappointed that they re-translated the intro in FireRed and LeafGreen - originally it was slightly different so it decreases the Déjà Vu feeling, but meh. Nothing is perfect.

Anyway, Professor Oak will then ask for your gender and then your name, and then he will show just how much of an Einstein he is, first by thinking he has to acknowledge who your life-long rival is, and then by forgetting the name of his own grandson so you need to tell him. Of course, you just arrived in the world of Pokémon, so you have no idea what his name is (even though supposedly you've also been rivals since you were babies). Just name him whatever you like.

Then Professor Oak will inform you that your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold (which they kept in the translation, whee) and you can start the game itself...

Pallet Town: Shades of your journey await!

Pallet Town is your tiny hometown. The music is slow and sweet, the houses are plain-looking with red roofs, and for God-knows-what reason, the only professor in Kanto lives there of all places. You sure are lucky to live in the only other house in town. It is also surrounded by forest instead of the mysterious grass from the originals.

First off, go to the PC, Item Storage, and withdraw the Potion. Then go downstairs. Your mom will be there, but she'll just be very un-soccer mom like and say that all kids leave home on a Pokémon journey. Yay, at least she won't be holding you back.

Go outside. There will be a person there who's very intrigued by the sign that says you can open the menu with START - can't really blame her, I'd be too if there was a sign like that somewhere in my hometown. Although her house clearly isn't in Pallet Town - there are only two houses there aside from Oak's lab - so it's a mystery where she actually lives.

At least, you can talk to your rival's sister in the house on the right if you want, but she will just say he's at the lab. When you come to the lab at the bottom of town, your rival will tell you that Oak isn't around. Now, you can see he's clearly not in town, so in order to search for him, you walk up to the only exit out of the town. Then Oak will magically appear out of nowhere, tell you that it's unsafe, and take you to the lab. You will get to pick your first Pokémon: Bulbasaur the Grass type, Squirtle the Water type, or Charmander the Fire type.

Make your choice, restart a ton of times to get the gender/nature you want (if you're one of us poor people who can't help caring) and head outside. Your rival will stop you and force you into a battle. Oak will explain Pokémon battling to you briefly, and you get to battle.

Battle - Rival

Pokémon: Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle lv. 5

If you picked Bulbasaur, he will have Charmander. If you picked Charmander, he will have Squirtle. If you picked Squirtle, he will have Bulbasaur. Meaning that he will always have the one that's super effective versus yours. You should be able to win, even though he will have the type advantage - neither Pokémon knows an attack of its type. You'll get 80 Pokédollars (which I believe is the official name for Pokémon currency now) for winning, and Oak will congratulate you. Now you can head out of town.

Route 1: Pallet Town - Viridian City

Pokémon found: Rattata, Pidgey

This route has this happy-go-lucky music that makes me not like it very much, and is very grassy, but otherwise just uninteresting.

It is also very short. Just walk through the first grass and turn to the left, beat any wild Pokémon that might appear, talk to the guy with the apron so he gives you a Potion, turn right and go through that perfectly rectangle-shaped patch of grass, turn left and go up through the gap in the ledge, turn right again and go upwards through the two grass patches and turn slightly left to get to the road up to Viridian.

Viridian City: The Eternally Green Paradise

Viridian City is indeed green. There are bushes all over it, the houses have green roofs, and there's an old man lying in the middle of the street, forbidding everybody to go through, supposedly because he hasn't had his coffee. I like the music; there is noticeably more to it than the original, while it still keeps a similar feel.

Anyway, just enter the city, heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, try to figure out why the old man is lying there, fail, go into the Pokémart and the guy will immediately recognize you and entrust you with a parcel to be delivered to Professor Oak. He will refuse to sell you anything, so you have no choice but to turn back to deliver the package.

Route 1: Pallet Town - Viridian City (take two)

Pokémon found: Rattata, Pidgey

This time, you can take a shortcut. Jump off the ledges instead of having to battle tons of wild Pokémon on the way, and go through the grass, back to your hometown. Gee, that was short, wasn't it?

Pallet Town: Shades of your journey await! (take two)

If you met a Pokémon somewhere on the way, go to your mom and let her heal your Pokémon. Otherwise, just go straight to Oak's lab. Talk to him, and he'll tell you that you're really talented. You will automatically deliver the parcel, and then your rival will burst in.

It turns out that while Oak didn't call you or anything, he was going to give both of you Pokédexes. He will, and then he gives you five Pokéballs, unlike the originals. Yay.

He'll ramble a bit about how he's too old to catch all the Pokémon in the world, and your rival will say, with a "MEANIE RIVAL!!!" attitude, that he doesn't need you and is going to get a Town Map from his sister (and gloats about how she's not going to give you one). Then he'll basically hint through reverse psychology that his sister is in fact going to give you a Town Map. When you come over to his place, you will find out that your speculation is right - she does give you a Town Map. Now, head out for Route 1, yet again...

Route 1: Pallet Town - Viridian City (take three)

Pokémon found: Rattata, Pidgey

Meh, you know this route by now. Only thing worth reminding you of is that this time, you can catch the Pokémon you come across. Just go through the route.

Viridian City: The Eternally Green Paradise (take two)

Heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, and I recommend buying some more Pokéballs. This time, the old man will be standing, he'll have had his coffee, and he will show you how to catch a Weedle. He'll also give you the Teachy TV. It's very funny, by the way - it's run by a guy called "the Poké Dude". Try looking at some lessons, whether you know it all or not - they're helpful if you don't, and kinda funny if you do.

Head to the left, turn up at the first opportunity, and take the narrow path that takes you to what appears to be a Pokéball on the ground. It is a Potion, though, funnily enough. It just looks like a Pokéball.

Anyway, go back down, and continue left this time, towards the next route.

Route 22: Viridian City - Indigo Plateau

Pokémon found: Rattata, Mankey, Spearow

OK, I know what you're thinking. What the heck? She must've made a typo! We can't go from Route 1 to Viridian to Route 22! But it is not a typo. The thing is that Route 22 isn't a part of the real storyline. I like this route's music, especially the remix. It leads to a mysterious place...

I recommend that you grab a Mankey in the first patch of grass, but after training your Pokémon some, it is time to head on... go up (the lower way leads to nowhere), save your game, and start walking left...

Battle - Rival

Pokémon: Pidgey lv. 9, Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle lv. 9

This is a rather tough battle, which is why I recommended training your Pokémon a bit first. His Pidgey loves to use Sand-Attack, which can be very annoying - save your strongest Pokémon until Pidgey is beaten so that its accuracy won't be lowered. Afterwards, head back right to Viridian.

Viridian City: The Eternally Green Paradise (take three)

Heal your Pokémon, and head upwards. If you want, you can go right and see the Gym, but it's locked so you don't need to. Then just go up...

Route 2: Viridian City - Pewter City

Pokémon found: Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle

It's the same music as Route 1. It has one patch of grass on it, and that's about it apart from the cuttable trees you can't Cut right now. Short one...

Just walk upwards, and enter the big house at the top, which is a gateway. Go through it and...

Viridian Forest: A Natural Maze

Pokémon found: Weedle, Caterpie, Kakuna, Metapod, Pikachu

I love Viridian Forest. It has this really mysterious, eerie music, and you get to see your first 1st-person view, which shows the light filtering through the trees - the POVs are some of my very favorite features from this game. It also truly is a maze - it takes a lot of time to get to know the way through. I got lost like the first ten times I went through it on my Yellow...

First off, walk up and press A on the left side of the big tree the Youngster stands in front of. You will find an Antidote. Then take the left path and turn up. There will be an item lying on the ground there, like the Potion in Viridian City. Turn back, either down or to the right; it doesn't matter because you'll end in the same place anyway. Then take the right path from the forest entrance. Pick up the item in the grass patch to the far right, then head upwards. Go either the left or right path, depending on whether you want to encounter Pokémon or not, continue on after they come together again and turn right. Go up there, turn left, battle the trainer, keep walking, go down, ignore the possibility of turning right, go further down, left, up, left, battle trainer, down, right, get item, left, up, battle trainer, press A on the grass tile next to the trees directly opposite the trainer to find a Potion he supposedly dropped but doesn't want if you talk to him after finding it, continue upwards and TADA - you come to a gateway.

Route 2: Viridian City - Pewter City (part two)

Pokémon found: Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle

Yep, it's the same Route 2 as earlier, but a different place. Route 2 is in two parts: Before and after Viridian forest. Now you're in the second part.

But this second part is extremely short. Turn a bit right, and walk straight upwards. Gee, that was hard, wasn't it?

Pewter City: A Stone Gray City

It's the same music as Viridian City, but Pewter has a different mood to it. The houses are white with gray roofs, there are plenty of trees in town, a guy's garden although we don't see his house anywhere, a museum, and finally, it is the home of Brock, the Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer, who is your first Gym leader.

Heal your Pokémon first. If you want to see Kabutops and Aerodactyl fossils and how they removed the name of the space shuttle, go to the museum and pay the entrance fee of 50P, but otherwise, it's just time to do some training before facing Brock.

When you're ready, go up past the Pokémon Center, turn left, then down, and back right. Whee, it's the Pokémon Gym. Time to test your skills.

Battle - Camper Liam

Pokémon: Geodude lv. 10, Sandshrew lv. 11

Remember when I told you to get a Mankey? Low Kick the guts out of Geodude, and use some Pokémon of yours as long as it's not a Pikachu to beat Sandshrew. If you win this without one of your Pokémon fainting, you should be fit to take on Brock. But remember to heal your Pokémon first! Then return to the Gym and save in front of Brock.

Battle - Leader Brock

Pokémon: Geodude lv. 12, Onix lv. 14

OK, he's tough. Well, if you picked Squirtle or Bulbasaur, he shouldn't be a big trouble with their elemental attacks, but Charmander-pickers and those who don't want to take the cheap way around need to use some strategy - unless you've leveled your Pokémon up a lot.

I recommend Growling out Geodude's attacking power while it makes attempts to Defense Curl, and then you can just attack. Odds are you won't win with your first Pokémon (I'm using a level 9 Spearow as I type this), but then just send out Mankey and you should be fine using Low Kick.

That's when Onix comes out. Keep Mankey in. In the Advance games, Low Kick's power depends on the weight of the opposing Pokémon, and because Onix is a very heavy Pokémon, Low Kick should beat it within two hits. Congratulations, you have the Boulderbadge!

Brock will also give you TM39, Rock Tomb. I taught it to Mankey, but I have no idea whether that was a wise decision or not. I tend to do that. I remember the old days when I would discover that the Bag was full and in order to pick up an item on the ground, I would teach a random TM to a Pokémon that could learn it... ah, memories...

Anyway, heal your Pokémon and head east out of the city. Professor Oak's Aide will stop you and give you the Running Shoes from your mom, who's rooting for you at home. Now you can hold down B and run. What fun.

Route 3: Mt. Moon Ahead

Pokémon found: Pidgey, Spearow, Mankey, Jigglypuff, Nidoran male, Nidoran female

This route is packed with trainers and experience. Just make sure to battle them all. Be especially sure to battle the Youngster who's facing down just after the Bug Catcher who says he met you in Viridian Forest, because it's the "Shorts are comfy" guy. That quote is something all Pokémon fans should remember by heart... although they modified the translation, again. -_- Can't they even keep that classic intact? Unless they changed it in the Japanese version too... shame on them.

Anyway, once you're past the crowd of trainers, there's one Lass who will say "Eek! Did you touch me?" whether you're playing as a boy or a girl, and then there's the grass, which you can choose to skip entirely if you want. Keep going right until you get to another grass patch and a Youngster; the grass patch is just a dead end and the Youngster isn't a trainer, so you just turn upwards.

Route 4: Pewter City - Cerulean City

Pokémon found: There is no grass in this part

This half of Route 4 is sandy, bumpy and rocky, and has a Pokémon Center, next to the entrance to your first cave...

A walkthrough isn't really needed for it, because all you do is walk straight upwards until you come to the Pokémon Center, heal your Pokémon, buy a Magikarp from the Magikarp salesman inside for 500P if you feel like it (I'm not joking, Gyarados can be worth it), and then enter the tunnel...

Mount Moon: Home of the Meteorites

Pokémon found: Geodude, Zubat, Paras, Clefairy

Mt. Moon has "lonely" music, fitting with the space theme it's supposed to have. It's also filled with Pokémon, trainers, Team Rocket members, items and fossils.

Head up and left first. Down there on the right side is TM09, Bullet Seed. If you go up and a bit further left, you'll also find a Parlyz Heal. Battle the Bug Catcher just to the right (who has a Weedle and a Kakuna at level 11, meaning they could have evolved into Beedrill but didn't), head right and battle the Lass who has a Clefairy (watch out, it knows Encore), get annoyed to death by all the wild Pokémon that keep appearing, turn up, right, down (don't take the stairway yet), battle that Super Nerd, get the Potion slightly to his left, head right, pick up the Rare Candy, go up and slightly left to battle that Bug Catcher, go back down and right and then head straight upwards to find an Escape Rope, go on upwards, head left, battle the Lass who's running around in circles, and now go through the staircase just below. Go through that tunnel, and to the other staircase to battle your first Rocket Grunt!

Well, after beating him, head right, go up there and pick up the Star Piece (yay, an item you can sell), go back left and up the stairs, through the tunnel and back. Now you don't have to worry that there's something left to do there, so you can head right up, left past the Lass-running-in-circles, down, down the stairs, left through the very short tunnel, down the next stairs, battle the Rocket Grunt, press A on the rock just to the right to find an Ether, go up and pick up the TM46 (Thief), and go back through the tunnel.

Go slightly down, left, battle the Youngster, go more left, up, battle the Hiker (remember, Low Kick owns Onix), go up and get the Moon Stone in the top left corner of the room. Then go down the stairs. Follow the tunnel and go down the stairs at the end, and go straight upwards from there to find a Revive. Go back down and turn right. Go down and right to battle the Rocket Grunt there, right, up, right and down. A few steps left, farther down, left, up, battle the Rocket Grunt, up, right into that tiny dead end and press A on the rock to find another Moon Stone. Go back left out of the dead end and try to get past the Super Nerd. He will stop you and say the fossils are his (even if you never asked for them) and battle you. After you win, you get to pick one fossil for yourself. Generous guy...

Anyway, pick your fossil (Helix Fossil for Omanyte, Dome Fossil for Kabuto), head left and go down the stairs, pick up the Antidote and go up the stairs. Go through the small tunnel, up the stairs, and... LIGHT! You're out of Mount Moon! Congratulations!

Route 4: Mt. Moon - Cerulean City (part 2)

Pokémon found: Rattata, Spearow, Mankey, Ekans (FR only), Sandshrew (LG only)

The second half of this route is bumpy and grassy, but there's not much more to it, apart from the fact that here are the first two Move Tutors.

Go right from the cave exit, and up towards the two karate guys. They aren't trainers, so don't worry if your Pokémon are weak. The left one teaches Mega Punch, the right one Mega Kick, and both are convinced that their attack is the best thing ever. They aren't, so I suggest you ignore them, but you can get one if you want. Jump down from the ledge and head right. Go up when you reach the trees, a few steps left and up to get TM05, Roar. Then head right, and jump down onto the road leading to Cerulean City. Now you are trapped; you won't be able to get to Mt. Moon again until you get Fly. However, there is always the grass patch if you go down from this point and then left, which contains the only wild Pokémon of Route 4. But if you don't want to train, just go into the city.

Cerulean City: A Mysterious, Blue Aura Surrounds It

I don't like Cerulean City very much. The music annoys me for some reason, Misty trains Water Pokémon, which is my least favorite type, and the whole of it is too happy. But it has some plot progress...

Heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center. You can go to the Bike Shop and get an option of "BIKE 1,000,000" or "NO THANKS", which I at least found a bit funny, the girl's Electrode has been changed to a Slowbro, the man who'll give you a Jynx for a Poliwhirl is back, the officer in front of the robbed house is there too, Misty's Gym, a new guy who loves Berry Crushing, aaaand... Nugget Bridge! Be sure to heal your Pokémon, because when you head there...

Battle - Rival

Pokémon: Pidgeotto lv. 17, Abra lv. 16, Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle lv. 18, Rattata lv. 15

This is a rather tough battle, especially Pidgeotto - even paralyzed, it beat half of my team. But after the battle, he'll give you a Fame Checker and say some comical lines about how he doesn't care about others. Heal your Pokémon and head out towards Nugget Bridge again.

Route 24: Nugget Bridge

Pokémon found: Abra, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only), Caterpie, Kakuna, Pidgey, Weedle, Metapod

It's the music from the intro! Yayyyy! I bet you're thinking "OMG WTF ROUTE 24?!?!", and yes, this game is weird. But Route 24 isn't really inside the storyline either, which is why it's not Route 5. I love Nugget Bridge, battling all the trainers and getting a Nugget, and the new look is great, looking more like a bridge. Go Nugget Bridge.

Anyway, you just battle the trainers, and because I feel like it, I'll list them...

Battle - Bug Catcher Cale

Pokémon: Caterpie lv. 10, Weedle lv. 10, Metapod lv. 10, Kakuna lv. 10

It's times like these when you knock your head against the wall and think What's wrong with this guy?? He could have two Butterfree and two Beedrill by now, but it is clearly a Bug Catcher's destiny to be a piece of cake. And that's exactly what he is.

Battle - Lass Ali

Pokémon: Pidgey lv. 12, Oddish lv. 12, Bellsprout lv. 12

She's also a piece of cake. Just use super effective attacks.

Battle - Youngster Timmy

Pokémon: Sandshrew lv. 14, Ekans lv. 14

A bit better than the previous two, but again, just use the types to your advantage...

Battle - Lass Reli

Pokémon: Nidoran male lv. 16, Nidoran female lv. 16

Not hard to beat either, but at least she's halfway decent.

Battle - Camper Ethan

Pokémon: Mankey lv. 18

OK, this one can be a bit more challenging, and might actually faint one or two of your Pokémon, but shouldn't give you any problems.

Heal your Pokémon if necessary, and come back to claim your prize - a Nugget. This can be sold at a Pokémart for 5000P. He will ask you very casually to join team Rocket, clearly not at all worried that you might report him, and you will apparently answer no, although you won't be able to see that so you'll just see him trying to convince you many times in a row. Then he'll challenge you...

Battle - Team Rocket Grunt

Pokémon: Ekans lv. 15, Zubat lv. 15

Funny, he looked nothing like that in the field. Anyway, he's actually kinda pathetic, apart from Zubat's annoying Supersonic. He'll keep trying to convince you for a little afterwards, but then you can just go and heal your Pokémon.

Go left after passing Nugget Bridge, and battle the guy who was hiding in the grass. Just a tip - if you're going to catch an Abra, just throw a Pokéball and forget about weakening it.

Next, it's time to go up and pick up TM45, Attract, that's lying there. Then hurry down to the right...

Route 25: To Sea Cottage

Pokémon found: Abra, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only), Caterpie, Kakuna, Pidgey, Weedle, Metapod

The Pokémon found in the grass are the same as Route 24, just different levels. In fact, this route in general is just Route 24 with slight differences.

Head right and battle the trainers. Those bushes really aren't hard to get around. When you come to that place where there's a trainer and a Cuttable bush blocking the way to an item, make sure that you make the trainer walk far enough up to you so you'll be able to get the item. It's TM43, Secret Power. Once you've reached the Sea Cottage where Bill the Pokémaniac lives, enter it.

The house appears to be empty apart from a Clefairy on the floor. Talk to the Clefairy, and it turns out to be Bill, who has screwed up an experiment with these results. He will ask you for help. Say yes, because you have to progress the plot.

He will enter the weird thingy that's supposedly a Teleporter, and you go to the computer and press A to run the Cell Separator program. You will see some flashy lights and stuff, and then Bill will come out of the other end of the Teleporter. Talk to him. He'll give you an S.S. Ticket.

Exit the house and go straight down. Take the lower path back to Cerulean. I won't even bother telling you that you're going to go through Route 24 on the way...

Cerulean City: A Mysterious, Blue Aura Surrounds It

It's time to battle Misty! Heal your Pokémon and enter the Gym on the right side...

Her two junior trainers are pieces of cake, one having a level 16 Horsea, the other a level 19 Goldeen (well, its Horn Attack hurts, and it knows Supersonic, so maybe I was just lucky). But Misty herself...

Battle - Gym Leader Misty

Pokémon: Staryu lv. 18, Starmie lv. 21

She claims that her policy is an all-out offensive with Water Pokémon, but she still possessed an X Defend or two back in the day. She now has a Super Potion, and her Starmie knows Recover. x_x Not all-out offensive, but very annoying. It may sound funny, but what saved me was actually Butterfree's Poisonpowder; she didn't take that HP loss into account when she decided what move to use. If you have another Pokémon that can poison, use it. Poisoning may be rubbish against human players, but the AI has a major weakness to it.

Anyway, when you exit the Gym and heal your Pokémon, you'll find that the girl has moved away with her Slowbro, and the cop has moved away from the door to the robbed house. Go into it...

Everything there is turned over, and footprints (which actually aren't human) lead out through the hole in the wall. Go through it and talk to the shady guy. He'll claim he's an innocent bystander while the "suspicious guy" music begins. Stupid music, he probably thinks, he'd have gotten away with it if it didn't tell on him. So, naturally, he's forced to try to battle you...

Battle - Team Rocket Grunt

Pokémon: Machop lv. 17, Drowzee lv. 17

He shouldn't be too hard - I beat him easily with a level 17 Pidgey. Watch out for Drowzee's Hypnosis, though.

After you beat him, he'll give you TM28, Dig, which he stole, and "blast off". If you go into the house to the man who originally owned it, there's no way he'll take it back, so you get to keep it for yourself. Yay.

Anyway, take the road down from the house's backyard. To the right, there's a Cuttable bush, but you can't get there yet since you don't have Cut. Therefore, just go on down and left.

You can go jump down the ledge if you want to get into the grass, but otherwise just take the left or right road down.

Route 5: Cerulean City - Saffron City

Pokémon found: Pidgey, Meowth, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only)

If you chose the bumpy path, you can catch yourself a lovely little Meowth in the grass. Meowth has the Pickup ability, meaning that you could find an item attached to it after a battle. This can come in handy, even if you don't use your Meowth at all. There is also a Day-Care once you've jumped through all the grass, but it only takes one Pokémon, so no breeding as of now.

Anyway, the road to Saffron is closed by a thirsty guard, so you should go into the house to the right. It's the underground path to Vermilion. The little girl there will trade you the rare Nidoran in your version for the common Nidoran in your version - so in FireRed, she'll trade you a Nidoran female for a Nidoran male, and in LeafGreen she'll trade you a Nidoran male for a Nidoran female.

Then just go down the stairs, run through the tunnel, and come out on the other end. Exit the building, and you're on Route 6...

Route 6: Saffron City - Vermilion City

Pokémon found: Pidgey, Meowth, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only)

The Pokémon found here are the exact same as on Route 5. Anyway, just head left and battle the Bug Catcher (with unevolved Weedle and Caterpie as always), go down and follow the road, talk to the two trainers to battle them, and go right and down to battle a Bug catcher with *gasp* a BUTTERFREE! And a level 20 one at that, so be careful. Go left and down, and battle the two trainers, and you're in Vermilion!

Vermilion City: The Port of Exquisite Sunsets

Heal your Pokémon first. Talk to the woman standing near the counter in the Pokémon Center and she will give you the VS. Seeker. It's an item that makes trainers want a rematch.

Go to the house left of the Pokémon Center. It's the home of the Fishing Guru. He'll give you an Old Rod if you tell him you like fishing. Then go right past the Pokémon Center, down and left, where you'll see a house with a sign beside it. This is the Pokémon Fan Club.

Go in and talk to the Chairman, who sits on the left side of the top sofa. He'll ask if you came to hear about his Pokémon. Brace yourself for a verbal attack and say yes. After he's bragged for a while, he'll give you a Bike Voucher which you can use to get a free bike from the Cerulean City Bike Shop.

In the house right of the Pokémon Fan Club is a kid who'll trade you a Farfetch'd for a Spearow, by the way. Anyway, now you can head right...

Route 11: Vermilion City - Lavender Town

Pokémon found: Ekans (FR only), Sandshrew (LG only), Spearow, Drowzee

This route is full of trainers, and the reason I told you to go here was for battling them. This is quite a bit of experience on a plate. The old Gamblers of R/B/Y have been renamed to Gamers (the world is ruled by soccer moms), but Engineers are still the same. Just make sure you battle them all. Press A on that tree in the top right corner to find an Escape Rope, and there's an Awakening in the top left corner of the route. There's also an X Defend somewhere in the middle, visible. Below the guardhouse you can take a small, hard-to-see path and find a Great Ball.

Well, when you've battled all the trainers, go to the guardhouse to the right. There are two guards there, one telling of the Name Rater, and the other telling you to go through Rock Tunnel to Lavender Town. Upstairs there's a guy who'll give you a Nidorina for a Nidorino in FireRed or a Nidorino for a Nidorina in LeafGreen, Professor Oak's Aide who'll give you an Itemfinder if you have 30 Pokémon in your Pokédex, and binoculars praising Rock Tunnel more. If you go right through the guardhouse, Snorlax is just going to be blocking your way so don't bother. Go back to the city...

Vermilion City: The Port of Exquisite Sunsets (take two)

Heal your Pokémon and go to the harbor at the far right end of the city. You'll be able to go aboard the S.S. Anne using the ticket that Bill gave you. Yep, that's it.

S.S. Anne: The Luxury Ship

OK, lots to do here. First, walk all the way to the left and go into all the cabins from left to right. Battle the trainers, pick up the items, etc. The cabin straight below the entrance on the right has a woman inside who'll heal your Pokémon. Go down and down the stairs there. That trash can below the stairs once you're down contains a Hyper Potion. Battle everybody in the cabins here too. Then go back up the stairs and up.

Then go all the way left again, and turn down. The kitchen is there. In the bottom left corner there's a Great Ball, and in the trash cans on the right are Berries. Go out of the kitchen and go up the stairs above. Battle everybody on that floor too, but DO NOT go up on the right side. When you're done, go back left and up the stairs in the bottom left corner. Go left through that corridor and you're out on the deck. Battle everybody there as well.

Now, once you're done there, go and heal your Pokémon. In case you don't remember, that's out of the deck, along the corridor down a staircase, up and then down another staircase, and right to the second-last cabin on that side. Then go back left, up the stairs, down, right, save your game and walk up...

Battle - Rival

Pokémon: Pidgeotto lv. 19, Raticate lv. 16, Kadabra lv. 18, Ivysaur/Wartortle/Charmeleon lv. 20

Hmm... actually, he wasn't that hard. His Pokémon have only grown by two levels, but yours should have grown much more than that. Hmph.

Anyway, continue up, and press A on the Captain. You will magically heal him of seasickness by rubbing his back, and as a reward he'll give you HM01, Cut. Don't look in his trash can.

Anyway, then go down, exit the ship, and just after you leave, it will set sail. Boo.

Vermilion City: The Port of Exquisite Sunsets (take three)

Heal your Pokémon (I'm telling you to do this too often). Teach Cut to one of your Pokémon, and go down to the Gym, which is blocked by a small, funny-looking tree. Press A on it, and your Pokémon will Cut it. Go into the Gym and battle the junior trainers, they shouldn't be too hard. Then it's time for the trash can game...

OK, go to the top left corner of the trash can rectangle and press A on the trash can there. If it says there's only trash, move one to the right and press A on that trash can. You get the picture, just press them all in order. Decide a random direction (left, right, up, down) and when it finally says there's a secret switch under the trash, go in that direction and check that trash can (even if you just checked it, the switches can just magically appear under the trash cans). If you're very lucky, that's the right direction and the door to Lieutenant Surge will open. Otherwise, just repeat the process. Always keep to the same direction unless it's not possible for said trash can, it makes things seem easier although they really aren't. This is a very annoying feature of this Gym and not the slightest bit fun or strategic, so you'll be delighted when you press the right switch.

Then go on to the Leader's room (heal your Pokémon if you haven't already). Save your game, and talk to him...

Battle - Leader Lt. Surge

Pokémon: Voltorb lv. 21, Pikachu lv. 18, Raichu lv. 24

He shouldn't really be too hard - the only reason he fainted two of my Pokémon was that they were Flying-types and I was using them for the possibility of a level-up, but if you're having problems, just go into Diglett's Cave on Route 11 and catch a Diglett or Dugtrio at a decent level.

Anyway, heal your Pokémon, and speaking of Diglett's Cave, Professor Oak's Aide should be standing just to the right of the entrance into the town. He'll tell you that another Aide is waiting for you on Route 2. The way there? Diglett's Cave.

Diglett's Cave: Vermilion City - Viridian City

Pokémon found: Diglett, Dugtrio

Yup, Diglett, the digging Pokémon, dug a tunnel with Viridian Forest's music from the start of Route 11 right back to Viridian City. I wonder why it's so broad, though - it's not like they need it.

Anyway, this is the one and only place where you can find Diglett and its evolution, and likewise you won't find anything else. They're pretty high-leveled, though - be careful. You could run into a level 31 Dugtrio.

It's impossible to get lost, you just follow the only path through. Once you've gone through the cave, go down to find a house. In there, you can trade an Abra for a Mr. Mime with the kid holding the GBA.

Go down from the house and Cut the tree. Go on down and enter the gatehouse. Professor Oak's other Aide will be there and give you HM05, Flash, if you have ten Pokémon in your Pokédex. Since it's pretty guaranteed that you do have ten Pokémon in your Pokédex, he'll give it to you. Flash is horribly inaccurate so technically, Butterfree is the best Pokémon to use it (as Butterfree has Compoundeyes which makes it more accurate and not as much of a waste of a move slot). But Pikachu and Meowth can learn it too, if you don't fancy giving up a move slot on Butterfree, or don't have one.

Go on downwards, pick up the Parlyz Heal, Cut one of the Cuttable trees and head down to Viridian. Go down there, and head left of the Pokémon Center, past that pond, Cut that tree and inside is a Move Tutor who will teach one of your Pokémon Dream Eater (coughButterfreecanlearnitcough). Then you can go back up, Cut another tree to get back to Diglett's Cave, and go through it. Hmm, I've covered Route 2 and Viridian City (take whatever-it-is-now) in the Diglett's Cave part... bad me.

Vermilion City: The Port of Exquisite Sunsets (take four)

Go to the Pokémon Center and heal your Pokémon. Then go out through Route 6 and the Underground Path to Cerulean. Take that right turn just right of the city. Bad, bad me is covering a whole load of places that aren't Vermilion City here...

Route 9: Cerulean City - Rock Tunnel

Pokémon found: Spearow, Rattata, Ekans (FR only), Sandshrew (LG only)

Cut the tree that's in your way, and go right. Battle the Picnicker. Jump off the ledge and pick up TM40, Aerial Ace. Battle the Hiker. Go right and up, and battle the Camper. Up and left, battle the Bug Catcher (who has two Beedrill), go on left and there is grass. This is also your only way back to Cerulean City to heal your Pokémon, which is why I told you to clear it first - you don't want to battle all the other trainers, have very weak Pokémon, and have to battle your way back to the Pokémon Center.

Anyway, then come back right, past the Camper, take the lower path right and battle the Hiker and pick up the Burn Heal. Go back left and take the upper path this time, and go up when you come to a small gap. Battle the Bug Catcher. Go on left and battle the Camper. There's a patch of grass there too. Go right to the Bug catcher again, and turn up to battle the Hiker. Go right and jump down the ledge. Battle the Picnicker, and head on right.

Route 10: Rock Tunnel Ahead

Pokémon found: Ekans (FR only), Sandshrew (LG only), Spearow, Voltorb

Just go on right, seek a Voltorb in the grass if you want, and go down towards the Pokémon Center. Heal your Pokémon and talk to the scientist guy sitting by the table. He is - you guessed it - Professor Oak's Aide yet again. If you have twenty Pokémon in your Pokédex, he'll give you an Everstone. That is in fact the most useless item you will ever find, because all it does is to prevent evolution (which you could just as well stop by pressing B once). Just sell it when you get the opportunity. Or well, you can use them to pass on Natures through breeding in Emerald, too. So maybe you should keep it until you get Emerald.

Go out of the Pokémon Center and head down. Go left and battle the Picnicker, then head upwards into the cave.

Rock Tunnel: Detour to Lavender Town

Pokémon found: Onix, Mankey, Zubat, Machop, Geodude

Start off by using Flash. While it's technically possible to go through it without Flash, I don't recommend that you try. Walk all the way to the right. There's an item there you should pick up. Unfortunately, I found the item while I wasn't at the computer and forgot what it was, despite all my efforts to remember. (ETA: Somebody e-mailed me and told me that it's a Repel.) Go back left and down that path where the Pokémaniac is (you know, I still remember this guy from my Yellow; he had a Cubone and I used Pikachu's Thundershock on it, wondering why it didn't work, because I didn't understand types at the time).

Continue down and right, then up when you come to a wall. Go down that staircase. Head down from there and left. Battle the Pokémaniac. Head on all the way to the left and pick up the Revive that's there. Go back right and turn upwards to battle the Picnicker. Turn right once you're past her, go up when you reach the wall, battle the Pokémaniac (why are there so many Pokémaniacs in Rock Tunnel?), turn right, go up when you reach the wall, battle both the Hiker straight above and the one slightly to the left, and then go to the top left corner of that room and up the stairs there.

Go down and battle the Hiker to the right. Go down from there and battle the Hiker below to the left. Head straight right after that, and get the Escape Rope that's there. Then go up, battle the next Hiker, and go down the stairs. Head left, ignore the top path and go down. Go left and battle the Picnicker. If you go down and left, there's a little boy there who's actually a move tutor and will teach your Pokémon Rock Slide. Whee.

Well, if you don't feel like getting Rock Slide yet, just go upwards. Take the right path when you see a Hiker, because there's a Max Ether there, then go down again and battle the Hiker. Go left and up, battle the Pokémaniac. Go up the stairs, down and battle the Picnickers and turn left. Go up there and pick up the Pearl; it's one of those items only good for selling. Go down again and go farther left. Battle that Picnicker (just what are all those Picnickers doing in a pitch-black cave?), continue left and then go down when you see a sign sticking out of the ground. Then you can exit the cave!

Route 10: Rock Tunnel - Lavender Town (part 2)

Pokémon found: No grass in this part

If your Pokémon are still in the state to battle, beat the Picnicker and Hiker to the left, jump down the ledge and battle the Hiker there, then beat the Pokémaniac to the right. If you go back right and up, you should see a small shadow in the grass - it's a Nanab Berry. Either way, just go down, down, down, and end up in Lavender.

Lavender Town: The Noble Purple Town

I've got to say, Lavender Town is amazing as a place. Unfortunately it isn't all in that lightish purple shade that it had in Yellow anymore, but it's still got extremely depressing music. On my old Yellow, the place had so much impact on me that I did my best to stay away from Lavender.

As always, heal your Pokémon. In the Pokémon Center, you'll be informed that Team Rocket killed Cubone's mother. Said Cubone is located in the house that's located in the bottom left corner of the town. Mr. Fuji lives in the house just down and right from the Pokémon Center. Then, of course, there is Lavender's biggest attraction: the haunted Pokémon Tower.

In the house just above the bottom exit out of Lavender town lives a Name Rater. He will rate the nicknames of your Pokémon. Don't trust him, though. He'll always say the name is decent and claims he can make a better name, unless you got the Pokémon in a trade, in which case he'll love the nickname no matter how lousy it is. What's more, it isn't really him who gives it a new nickname, it's just you. To top it all, if you name your Pokémon the same thing as it used to be called, he'll say it "looks no different from before, but is still vastly superior!" Well, you get the point. Don't listen to him.

At the Pokémart below Pokémon Tower, you can buy Great Balls for the first time in the game. Stock up, at least if you tend to forget buying Pokéballs like me.

Anyway, head left out to Route 8.

Route 8: Lavender Town - Celadon City

Pokémon found: Meowth, Pidgey, Growlithe (FR only), Vulpix (LG only), Ekans (FR only), Sandshrew (LG only)

There's a Lass facing away from you to the left; battle her. Then battle the Gamer who's facing down just to the left. Head upwards from there and battle the Super Nerd. Go left and find the first 2-on-2 of FR/LG! Whee!

After beating the twins, head on left and battle those four (funny they haven't noticed each other). Go down and battle the Biker, head left and battle the other Biker. Go up and battle that Super Nerd, and battle the Gamer to the right. Then enter the underground path and go through it.

Route 7: Why They Made This Into a Separate Route is Beyond Me

Pokémon found: Meowth, Pidgey, Growlithe (FR only), Vulpix (LG only), Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only)

Well, it's not exactly beyond me, because they obviously put it there to have a patch of grass outside Celadon. Just go up through those gaps in the ledges, and head left into the city.

Celadon City: The City of Rainbow Dreams

Ah, what a lovely city. Home of the world-famous Celadon Department Store, the Kanto Game Corner, the Softboiled Move Tutor, the Celadon Mansion, Eevee and Erika's Gym, Celadon City is without a doubt the biggest city in Kanto, at least in terms of things that will be of any use to you.

As usual, start by healing your Pokémon. In the Pokémon Center, there's an old man who claims that the Poké Flute awakens Pokémon with a sound that only they can hear, despite the fact that when you get the Poké Flute, you'll be able to hear it clearly. Then go outside. Take that tiny path to the right of the Pokémon Center until you come to a gap in the trees. Go up there and head left. Go on through that back entrance to Celadon Mansion. Go up all the staircases and go into that funny room on top of the building. The Pokéball on top of that small table contains Eevee, and you can steal it. Yay.

Go back outside and head further left. There's an Ether there that you'll want to pick up. Then go back into the main city. Enter Celadon Mansion from the other side, talk to the woman and she will give you some Tea to give to the Saffron City Guards (boo, I liked it when you had to buy a Fresh Water). You can go upstairs and meet with the Game Freak staff on the third floor if you want, but there's nothing else in there that matters.

Enter Celadon Department Store, that big building on the left. I'll just give you a quick list of everything you can buy:

2nd floor: Trainer's Market

  • TM05 (Roar): 100P
  • TM15 (Hyper Beam): 7500P
  • TM28 (Dig): 2000P
  • TM31 (Brick Break): 3000P
  • TM43 (Secret Power): 3000P
  • TM45 (Attract): 3000P
  • Great Ball: 600P
  • Super Potion: 700P
  • Revive: 1500P
  • Antidote: 100P
  • Parlyz Heal: 200P
  • Awakening: 250P
  • Burn Heal: 250P
  • Ice Heal: 250P
  • Super Repel: 500P

3rd floor: TV Game Shop

(Only a Move Tutor for Counter)

4th floor: Wise Man Gifts

  • Poké Doll: 1000P
  • Retro Mail: 50P
  • Fire Stone: 2100P
  • Thunderstone: 2100P
  • Water Stone: 2100P
  • Leaf Stone: 2100P

5th floor: Drugstore

  • HP Up: 9800P
  • Protein: 9800P
  • Iron: 9800P
  • Calcium: 9800P
  • Zinc: 9800P
  • Carbos: 9800P
  • X Attack: 500P
  • X Defend: 550P
  • X Speed: 350P
  • X Special: 350P
  • X Accuracy: 950P
  • Guard Spec.: 700P
  • Dire Hit: 650P

Rooftop Square: Vending Machines

  • Fresh Water: 200P
  • Soda Pop: 300P
  • Lemonade: 350P

Give the little girl one of each drink (Fresh Water, Soda Pop and Lemonade) and she'll give you TM16 (Light Screen), TM20 (Safeguard) and TM33 (Reflect). Then you can exit the store.

Head left to Route 16...

Route 16: Celadon City - Cycling Road

Pokémon found: Doduo, Spearow, Rattata, Raticate

There's a Snorlax blocking your way to Cycling road, but that's not what we're here for. Cut that tree and go up. Battle that Young Couple (whee, your second 2-on-2). Then go through the gatehouse. Enter the building to the left, and talk to the woman there. She's a celebrity and hides there to be in peace with her Fearow, and bribes you with HM02, Fly, not to tell anybody she's there. Teach Fly to a Pokémon of yours, and you will be able to fly instantly to any Pokémon Center you've already visited! This will come in handy, so make sure to remember who you taught it to.

But it's not time to fly just yet. Just go back into the city.

Celadon City: The City of Rainbow Dreams (take two)

Head to the Pokémon Center, heal your Pokémon, go down and left and enter the first house from the left with a door in the bottom right row of houses. Talk to the man in the top left corner, and he'll give you a Coin Case. Exit, and enter the house just to the right of that one. There's a Rocket there who'll tell you not to touch the poster in the Game Corner because there's no secret switch behind it. Guess what? He's lying.

Head all the way to the right, and turn upwards. Press A while facing the tile in the upper right corner of that passage to find a PP Up. Go back and just below the Rocket walking around, there should be a Cuttable tree. Cut it.

Head through that passage, and enter Erika's Gym, which, according to the old man outside it, is full of women.

Battle - Lass Kay

Pokémon: Bellsprout lv. 23, Weepinbell lv. 23

She's the Lass facing right in the middle of the Gym. Watch out for Sleep Powder.

Battle - Beauty Bridget

Pokémon: Oddish lv. 21 (x2), Bellsprout lv. 21 (x2)

She's the Beauty facing left in the middle of the Gym. Again, watch out for those powders, unless you're using a Pokémon with Guts.

Battle - Beauty Tamia

Pokémon: Bellsprout lv. 24 (x2)

She's to the left, facing down.

Battle - Picnicker Tina

Pokémon: Bulbasaur lv. 24, Ivysaur lv. 24

Right, facing down. Her Ivysaur can use Razor Leaf, so watch out for that.

Now, you should Cut one of the trees. Erika is near...

Battle - Cooltrainer Mary

Pokémon: Bellsprout lv. 22, Oddish lv. 22, Weepinbell lv. 22, Gloom lv. 22, Ivysaur lv. 22

She's the trainer at the bottom who's facing left. Her Ivysaur can also use Razor Leaf, and because of the powders her previous Pokémon might have used on you, it could be very annoying.

Battle - Beauty Lori

Pokémon: Exeggcute lv. 24

She's the one left of Erika, and her Exeggcute is darn annoying. It uses Sleep Powder and Leech Seed, and Reflect to top it all. Might be tough to bring down.

Battle - Lass Lisa

Pokémon: Oddish lv. 23, Gloom lv. 23

Nowhere near as annoying as Lori's Exeggcute - you've gotten used to Oddish/Bellsprout and evos by now. Just use whatever method you used to beat the others.

Now it's time for the big one...

Battle - Leader Erika

Pokémon: Victreebel lv. 29, Tangela lv. 24, Vileplume lv. 29

Her Tangela uses Ingrain, which can be a bit annoying, but not that much. Her Pokémon like to use Giga Drain, so watch out for that - even if you've got them low on health, they might not stay like that for long.

After beating her, Erika will give you TM19, Giga Drain. Now it's time to whip those Rockets at the Game Corner, but heal your Pokémon first!

Enter the Game Corner a short way below the Pokémon Center. Talk to all the people playing the slots. Some of them will give you coins. Then talk to the Rocket Grunt staring at that poster.

Battle - Team Rocket Grunt

Pokémon: Raticate lv. 20, Zubat lv. 20

He's a breeze, so just beat him. I doubt you'll even need to heal afterwards.

Press A on the poster and press the switch behind it. Go down the staircase that appears.

Team Rocket's Hideout: Game Corner Basement

Ah, gotta love Team Rocket's Hideout. I LOVE the music in it, I think they did a very good job at remixing it to make it seem more wicked and evil.

Go down and battle the Rocket Grunt to the left. Go all the way left and down into that room. Pick up the Escape Rope from the table. Go back up and head all the way to the right. Battle the Rocket Grunt in the doorway to the room below, but you won't be able to get through the door at the bottom until later, so go back and go down the other staircase there at the top.

Go and battle the Rocket Grunt in the room you've come to now. Go down the stairs there and battle the Rocket Grunt below you. Go down into the room he's guarding; at the very bottom, you can see half an item ball. This is TM21, Frustration. Go back up and head left. Go down when you can. Take the bottom path and step on the arrowpad pointing down. Go one tile upwards and go right to pick up the Rare Candy there. Go back out of that dead end and step on the arrowpad above that points up.

Next, go up and out of the arrowpad area, and go back into it where you have two pointing in opposite directions and one tile between them. Step on the one to the left that points left. Go down and step on the arrowpad pointing right. Go two steps left, then down. Don't step on the arrowpad, go left and down. Then there are two arrowpads below a small wall; take the upper one. Battle the Rocket Grunt there and go down. Head right and take the Blackglasses on the floor. Go down that staircase.

Head left and pick up the Max Ether on the table. Go back right and go up from the staircase. Go right once you're at the top, pick up TM49 (Snatch) and then battle the Rocket. After you beat him, he will drop the Lift Key and make no effort to pick it up, so you can take it. Go back down, up the stairs, upwards on the up arrowpad, two steps left and two steps up, right and then up. Go up the stairs at the far right; then step on the lower one of the two arrowpads pointing left. You will be transported to the far left side of the room. Pick up the Moon Stone near the place where you are, and then zigzag back right between the arrowpads so that you can pick up the X Speed in the far top right of the arrowpad area. Go back to where you stopped originally and step on the arrowpad just below pointing right. Pick up the TM12 (Taunt) and step on the arrowpad pointing down at a stopper pad that's just one tile away from it. From there, go right, step on the arrowpad there pointing right, go left from the stopper pad there, go right, down and take the bottom arrowpad. You'll end up in front of a Super Potion which you can pick up. Go up from there and step on either arrowpad, it doesn't matter. From where you end up after that, take the arrow pad pointing down at a stopper pad one tile away again. Go to the arrowpad to the right again, and take the arrowpad to the left, but after you turn right and down, choose the upper arrowpad this time. Then go one step right and one step down. Voila.

Go into the room to the right. Don't use the elevator just yet; go up the stairs. Battle the Rocket Grunt to the left. Go to the top left corner of the room and pick up the Hyper Potion. Battle the Rocket Grunt to the right. Now you can go back down the stairs and enter the elevator.

Go to B1F first. Battle the Rocket Grunt on the left. If you need to heal your Pokémon, you can go upwards and get back into Celadon City, but otherwise, just go into the elevator again and select B4F.

Go to the right; there's a Calcium on the table. Then go back left and up, and battle the two Rocket Grunts on either side of that door. It will open, and you can go up to face the boss...

Battle - Boss Giovanni

Pokémon: Onix lv. 25, Rhyhorn lv. 24, Kangaskhan lv. 29

Onix and Rhyhorn didn't give me too much trouble, but his Kangaskhan is tough. It likes to use Mega Punch, and will take quite a few non-Fighting attacks to bring down. After the battle, he will drop the Silph Scope. Take it. Now you can go back into the elevator, select B1F, go up, up the stairs, and you're back in the Game Corner. Walk out, Fly to Lavender Town, heal your Pokémon and enter Pokémon Tower...

Pokémon Tower: Becalm the Spirits of Pokémon

Pokémon found: Gastly, Cubone, Haunter

Pokémon Tower is a sad place. On the ground floor, it's full of people whose Pokémon have died. The second floor is full of your rival's ego, probably the saddest thing in there. The upper floors are full of possessed Channelers and Ghost Pokémon.

Head right through the first floor and go up the stairs. Second floor is where the fun starts; head upwards to find your Rival there. He will say the nastiest sentence ever in Pokémon: "Is your Pokémon dead?" Or, in the originals, "Your Pokémon don't look dead!" and then "Well, I can at least make them faint!" After that he will challenge you to a battle.

Battle - Rival

Pokémon: Pidgeotto lv. 25, Growlithe/Gyarados/Exeggcute lv. 23, Exeggcute/Growlithe/Gyarados lv. 22, Kadabra lv. 20, Wartortle/Ivysaur/Charmeleon lv. 25

OK, that might have been a bit hard to understand, but basically, look at his starter first. Then, depending on which starter it is, he will have the Pokémon that have the same place (if he started with Wartortle, he'll have the Pokémon listed first, if he started with Ivysaur he'll have the middle ones, and if he started with Charmeleon, he'll have the final ones).

After the battle, head left and go up the staircase on the far left.

First off, head up and right. Battle the Channeler and pick up the Escape Rope. Go back down and head right. Battle the Channeler straight ahead, then go up and battle the Channeler there. Go up past her, right and then up the stairs.

As soon as you step left on the next floor, a Channeler will battle you. Pick up the Elixir straight ahead, go up, left and pick up the Awakening. Head down and battle the Channeler there. Pick up the Great Ball. Head left, go up and battle the Channeler, then head up the stairs.

Go up, right and battle the Channeler at the top. Go on right and battle the Channeler there. Go down near that other Channeler standing on a weird symbol; this is a purified, protected zone, and stepping on it will heal your Pokémon, which I suggest that you do. Pick up the Cleanse Tag there, go down and battle the Channeler there. Go right and down, and battle the Channeler there; to her left, you'll find a Nugget. Take the diagonal path up and right leading to the staircase.

Go left and battle that Channeler. Then head down to find an X Accuracy. Go back up and battle the Channeler there, then go on left. Turn down, battle the Channeler there, go on left and then down. Pick up the Rare Candy, and then head towards the staircase. Before you come to it, you will be sent into battle with a Ghost, which your Silph Scope will identify as Cubone's mother: a level 30 Marowak. Beat her, and her spirit will calm down and return to the afterlife. Go up the stairs.

When you head upwards, you'll find some Rockets there...

Battle - Team Rocket Grunt

Pokémon: Zubat lv. 25 (x2), Golbat lv. 25

Battle - Team Rocket Grunt

Pokémon: Koffing lv. 26, Drowzee lv. 26

Battle - Team Rocket Grunt

Pokémon: Zubat lv. 23 (x2), Rattata lv. 23, Raticate lv. 23

Above them, you'll find Mr. Fuji. Talk to him; he'll say he came there of his own free will in order to calm the spirit of Cubone's mother. Since you did that for him, he'll take you to his home. Talk to Fuji again; he'll talk a bit about love for Pokémon, and then give you the Poké Flute.

Now exit Fuji's house and head down Route 12.

Route 12: Silence Bridge

Pokémon found: Pidgey, Venonat, Gloom (FR only), Weepinbell (LG only), Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only)

Ironically enough, this is called "Silence Bridge", but yet has powerful music that I like. It consists basically of piers with lots of dead ends and Fishermen.

Head downwards and go into the gatehouse. If you go up the stairs in the bottom right corner of it, you'll find a girl who will give you TM27, Return, because her Pokémon died. :( Exit the gatehouse and just head through the route, battling the Fishermen along the way. When you come to a place where there's an island of grass, there's an invisible Hyper Potion in the exact middle of it. The two people facing the sea a short distance below are a Young Couple who will battle you, and when you come down from there, you'll discover a Snorlax blocking the way. This is the same Snorlax as the one who was blocking your way out of Route 11. Save your game; then press A, and it will give you the option of using the Poké Flute. Say yes.

Battle - Wild Snorlax

Level 30

This is tough. Snorlax can use Rest, and is holding a Chesto Berry. It is horribly annoying to catch, and might just wipe out your team because you lose so many turns trying to chuck Great Balls at it. Catch it if you can, though. Otherwise, you do get a second chance at a Snorlax after you've gotten yourself some Ultra Balls and a few levels for your Pokémon, so don't worry.

Just keep on following the route after you've caught/beaten Snorlax; if you need to heal your Pokémon, head left towards Vermilion City. Otherwise just go on downwards. When you come to a house, enter it. The Fishing Guru's younger brother is there and will give you a Super Rod if you tell him you like fishing. Exit the house.

There's a Rocker just to the left who you should battle; then head onwards. You'll come to a Camper standing behind a Cuttable tree; Cut it, battle him and pick up the Iron to his left (funny he didn't just take it for himself). Then just go on. In the end, you'll be informed that you've entered a new route...

Route 13: Silence Bridge - Fuchsia City

Pokémon found: Venonat, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only), Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Ditto, Gloom (FR only), Weepinbell (LG only)

Now, this route is a maze.

First of all, follow the rest of Silence Bridge past the corner and battle the trainers on the way. Once you're on dry land again, go slightly up and battle the two Beauties. Head on left, battling the Picnicker, and then take the path above her. When you come to a gap where you can go upwards, you can head right along that path if you want to catch one of the wild Pokémon in the grass (remember that Ditto will breed with any Pokémon); then go up near the wooden sign and go right to find a Cuttable tree and then a grass patch. Otherwise, continue along the path to the left, go down where it ends, and head on left. You'll find a Bird Keeper you can battle. If you go down where he is and turn right, you'll find a sign with a "trainer tip" informing you that there's something to the left of that post. Well, go back left to where the Bird Keeper is, turn up and head all the way right. You'll find a Picnicker; battle her and go down into that small dead end to the left. Face the bottom tile of the dead end, and press A to find a PP Up. It is evident that there is nobody else in the whole of Kanto who both read the sign and bothered to look there. Lucky you.

Remember that place where you could turn to find the grass patch? Well, go there, but instead of going up the path with the wooden sign next to it, go up the path left of that one and go on left. You'll be challenged by a Bird Keeper there; beat him and the Biker below him. Take the path just above the Biker, and head straight left...

Route 14: Why Couldn't They Just Have Kept This As A Part Of Route 13?

Pokémon found: Venonat, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only), Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Ditto, Gloom (FR only), Weepinbell (LG only)

Well, that is definitely beyond me. But meh...

Just keep going left. You'll come to the very edge of the route, where there is a Bird Keeper. Battle him, then go back right until you come to a gap in the fence. Go down there and head left again. You'll find another Bird Keeper. Go down past him, and just below to the right you'll find a gap out of the maze. Yay, you're free!

Go down and battle the two Bird Keepers there. Go on downwards, battle the two Bird Keepers on the way, and then go down and slightly left to battle the Twins. Just to their left, head upwards and battle the four Bikers; if you want to catch Pokémon, Cut that tree and go into the grass. Otherwise, just head down and turn left once you're back on the road. And what do you know... ANOTHER route. I'm starting to understand why I couldn't bring the number of routes in Ouen up to anywhere near as much as all the routes of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn... -_-;;;

Route 15: Ton of Useless Routes - Fuchsia City

Pokémon found: Venonat, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only), Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Ditto, Gloom (FR only), Weepinbell (LG only)

Go on left and battle the two Bikers. This time, the grass patches actually aren't behind Cuttable trees, but the Pokémon found in them are the EXACT SAME, levels and rarity included, as on Route 13 (Route 14 has slightly different rarity and levels, but the same Pokémon). Like I said, a ton of useless routes...

To the Bikers' left, there are two Beauties, who you can also battle, and left of them, a Picnicker. Then two Bird Keepers, and after that, another Picnicker (because all the trainers here seem to be in pairs). Then finally, there's a gatehouse. But first (provided that your Pokémon are fit for it), go all the way back through the whole of Route 15, Cut that tree just above, and take the upper path. A Picnicker after a bit of walk left, then a Crush Kin (meaning a Battle Girl and a Blackbelt in a 2-on-2), and then the other Picnicker (meaning that EVERY SINGLE TRAINER on Route 15 is paired with another trainer). If you continue left, you'll find TM18 (Rain Dance), and then jump off the ledge and enter the gatehouse.

Go up the stairs in the bottom right corner; if you have 50 Pokémon in your Pokédex, Oak's Aide will give you the EXP. Share. Otherwise, just go through the gatehouse and continue left.

Fuchsia City: Behold! It's Passion Pink!

That's a lie if you ask me. I don't find it very pink at all. These worked in Yellow, but not anymore.

Anyway, Fuchsia City is the home of the Safari Zone (Scyther! Fwee! Or Pinsir, if you have LeafGreen), Koga's Gym, and the most annoying Pokémon Center in the region. Reason? You can't access it without taking a big circle around some stupid mountain. Why did they build the Pokémon Center there of all places? But well, you must go there if you want to heal your Pokémon. The good thing is that you can take a short cut when you're going out of the Pokémon Center by jumping off the ledge to the right.

From there, enter the first house to the right, which, according to the mailbox outside it, is the Safari Zone Warden's house. Then again, you shouldn't trust those things - the mailbox outside your house will tell you it's in fact your house, when it seems more logical to say it's your mother's, but anyway. Inside you'll find an ununderstandable old man who keeps a huge boulder inside his house, in front of some kind of a u-shaped table, locking away an item ball. That guy must be a weirdo. It's a wonder somebody entrusted him with the job of being the Safari Zone Warden.

Just exit the house and instead go into the house to the right. The Fishing Guru's older brother will be there and give you a Good Rod, provided that you tell him you like fishing. The Super Rod you got earlier is technically better than the Good Rod, though, so you aren't going to use it very much.

Exit the house and go up towards that big, weird house. Cut the tree beside it, go up, Cut the tree there too, and enter the big house to the left. Head onwards and pay the entrance fee of 500P to enter the Safari Game.

Safari Zone: Play the Safari Game!

Pokémon found (Center Area): Nidoran male (FR only), Nidorino, Nidoran female (LG only), Nidorina, Rhyhorn, Exeggcute, Venonat, Parasect, Scyther (FR only), Pinsir (LG only), Chansey

Pokémon found (Area 1): Nidoran male, Nidorino (FR only), Nidoran female, Nidorina (LG only) Doduo, Exeggcute, Paras, Parasect, Kangaskhan, Scyther (FR only), Pinsir (LG only)

Pokémon found (Area 2): Rhyhorn, Nidoran male (FR only), Nidorino, Nidoran female (LG only), Nidorina, Exeggcute, Paras, Venomoth, Chansey, Tauros

Pokémon found (Area 3): Doduo, Nidoran male, Nidorino (FR only), Nidoran female, Nidorina (LG only), Exeggcute, Venonat, Venomoth, Tauros, Kangaskhan

NOTE: In this walkthrough, I will assume that you are only there for the items, not for catching Pokémon. If you search for Pokémon along the way, your steps probably won't last long enough. You can walk through the grass, but don't waste precious steps walking in circles. Also, there are more items than the ones I tell you to get here; these are just the ones found along the way.

First off, head to the upper right corner, and exit the Center area. Head right, into the grass, and don't go up until you reach the wall. There, go up the stairs, pick up the Leaf Stone and head down. Turn left from the bottom of that rock thingy, then down the stairs. Left, up, get the TM11 (Sunny Day) in the grassy strip that goes into the water; then head all the way left and up to find a Max Potion. Go up the stairs to the right, and go over that rock. Go down and pick up the Full Restore on the right. Up, then left through the grass. Take the lower path there (the upper one is a dead end) and head on left. If you go up the first stairs you come across and go to the end of that rock and head on left, you'll find a Quick Claw; go back, into the grass to the left and up the stairs there. Go over that rock, and head up past the lakes. To the right there, you'll find TM47, Steel Wing (I think - I accidentally skipped past the finding message before I read it properly) and then go on right. Turn upwards when you come into the grass, and turn left there. Pick up the Protein. Go on left, and turn down when you come to the grass. Go past the lakes again, and go down into the next Area. Head down there and pick up the Gold Teeth there. Head left, pick up TM32 (Double Team) and then enter the house. If you followed my instructions, you should have plenty of steps left.

Talk to the man inside. He'll inform you that you're the first person ever to reach the Secret House, and that he was getting worried nobody would. Then he will give you HM03, Surf. You can spend the rest of your Safari Zone time catching Pokémon or something.

Fuchsia City: Behold! It's Passion Pink! (take two)

Now, I'll be assuming that your team is more fit to take on Poison-types than Psychic-types. Sorry if it isn't, but I'm not going to write a separate walkthrough in that case, so just figure out by yourself how to change the order of events.

Yes, you're going to the Gym, but not just now. First you're going deliver the Gold Teeth to the Warden. The Warden is the funny old man with the boulder inside. When you talk to him, you will automatically deliver the Gold Teeth, and he will give you HM04, Strength. You can then use this to push the boulder and steal that Rare Candy.

Then you're going to get some practice on Cycling Road before going into the Gym.

Cycling Road: Celadon City - Fuchsia City

Pokémon found: Raticate, Doduo, Rattata, Spearow, Fearow

Fly to Celadon City, since you'll be quicker down Cycling Road that way. Head left out Route 16, and wake up Snorlax with the Poké Flute. It's at level 30 like the other one, and is your last chance at catching it if you didn't catch the other one. Stock up on Ultra Balls in Fuchsia City if you're having troubles.

Anyway, after beating/catching Snorlax, make sure you definitely have the Bicycle. If not, Fly to Cerulean, enter the Bike Shop and you'll get one in exchange for the Bike Voucher. Then go back to Route 16 and enter the gatehouse. Upstairs, Prof. Oak's Aide will award you with an Amulet Coin if you have 40 Pokémon in your Pokédex. Once you're outside, you'll see what looks like six Bikers. They're actually three Bikers and three Cue Balls. The difference is that Cue Balls are fat and bald. Battle them all, then head down on the left side. You'll find that your Bike starts moving down by itself. Ooh, scary!

Battle the guy cycling up and down the middle of the left road, and then turn right and battle the one on the right road. You can train in the grass, but it's kind of annoying, so I recommend just battling the guy below it, heading down the rightmost road, battling the guys there too, both the ones riding and the one waiting, until you come to a place where you can turn left. Do so, battle the guy riding up and down there, and when you can turn right, do that. You're now in the middle path. Cycle upwards and read the wooden signs. When you come to the one saying "Watch out for discarded items", press A all around it if you can (I had a very hard time). I believe the item was a Full Restore or Max/Hyper Potion or something like that... anyway, when you can turn left again, go a bit up and battle the guy there. Let yourself slide down the left road, battling the guy who's staying in place somewhere on the way, and go all the way down until you reach a fence and get stopped. Battle the guy who's going around in circles there, then head downwards. You'll get out of the slope and enter Route 18; just go all the way right into the gatehouse. Upstairs there's a guy who'll trade you a Lickitung for a Golduck (FireRed) or Slowbro (LeafGreen). Exit the gatehouse and go down. Battle the three Bird Keepers (the Pokémon found there are the same as on Route 17, the main Cycling Road) and head right. You're back in Fuchsia...

Fuchsia City: Behold! It's Passion Pink! (take three)

You're going to the Gym now. Heal your Pokémon; Koga's Gym is located only slightly left of it as you should have noticed quite a few times already.

This is the Gym with the so-called "invisible" walls. They actually aren't invisible; if you have good light, you can see small dots in the corners of the tiles that are walls. I don't have a map or anything, so you'll have to figure that out by yourself.

First off, head left and upwards to battle the first trainer.

Battle - Juggler Nate

Pokémon: Drowzee lv. 34, Kadabra lv. 34

Hey, isn't this supposed to be the Poison Gym, not the Psychic one? you think. Yep, in fact four out of Koga's six junior trainers use Psychic-types, not Poison ones. Beat them down with Bite if one of your Pokémon knows it.

Head back down and all the way right. Go up there...

Battle - Juggler Kayden

Pokémon: Hypno lv. 38

That Hypno is pretty tough, but if you have six Pokémon, you shouldn't have problems beating it. Just exploit Psychic's weaknesses. Up, up and battle the next trainer.

Battle - Juggler Kirk

Pokémon: Drowzee lv. 31 (x3), Kadabra lv. 31

More Psychics. Just beat them and go on upwards.

Battle - Tamer Edgar

Pokémon: Arbok lv. 33 (x2), Sandslash lv. 33

Whee, finally one of the junior trainers uses Poison Pokémon like the Gym Leader. But they shouldn't be too hard. Go all the way up after beating him and turn left to the other end of the Gym. You'll have to turn past the wall, and then find your way to the trainer below.

Battle - Tamer Phil

Pokémon: Sandslash lv. 34, Arbok lv. 34

Pretty much the same trainer as earlier, except one of his Arbok has been sacrificed for one extra level for each of his Pokémon. Turn down and then left after beating him, and battle the last junior trainer.

Battle - Juggler Shawn

Pokémon: Drowzee lv. 34, Hypno lv. 34

We're back in the Psychics. Shouldn't be too hard. Now, heal your Pokémon, come back the same way, turn right at exactly three tiles below Shawn, save your game in front of Koga and take on the Gym Leader...

Battle - Leader Koga

Pokémon: Koffing lv. 37, Muk lv. 39, Koffing lv. 37, Weezing lv. 43

His Pokémon have rather high Defenses, so they might not go down in one hit. Also be aware that Koffing and Weezing now have the Levitate ability, making their only weakness Psychic attacks. If I were you, I'd just use some Psychics.

Anyway, after you beat Koga, head to Cerulean, Lavender, Vermilion or Celadon, go into the gatehouse to Saffron, talk to the guard and bribe him with that Tea.

Saffron City: Shining, Golden Land of Commerce

The Pokémon Center in Saffron is located at the bottom left corner of the city. Heal your Pokémon if you didn't heal them after the battle with Koga, and head right. Enter the house with the mailbox outside it and talk to the man inside (who according to the mailbox is called Mr. Psychic). He'll give you TM29 for Psychic.

Head to the upper right corner of the city now. There's a Team Rocket member blocking the entrance to the official Saffron City Gym, but the smaller Gym beside it is open. This is the Fighting Dojo. Psychic will come in handy here, but it's up to you whether you want to waste the TM now. Fighting Pokémon are also weak to Flying.

At least, beware of walking in the middle; if you do so, you'll be forced into another battle right after the first one, so if you don't want that, be sure to walk nearer to each trainer. But if you do walk in the middle, this is the order you'll face the trainers in:

Battle - Black Belt Hitoshi

Pokémon: Machop lv. 31, Mankey lv. 31, Primeape lv. 31

Battle - Black Belt Hideki

Pokémon: Machop lv. 32, Machoke lv. 32

Battle - Black Belt Aaron

Pokémon: Primeape lv. 36

Battle - Black Belt Mike

Pokémon: Mankey lv. 31 (x2), Primeape lv. 31

And now it's the Karate King...

Battle - Black Belt Koichi

Pokémon: Hitmonlee lv. 37, Hitmonchan lv. 37

For beating him, you will get to choose either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan; Hitmonlee is in the ball on the left, Hitmonchan in the right one. Whichever you choose will be level 25.

Now, head outside, go right and down, but below where the gatehouse to Lavender is, turn left. You'll find the entrance to Silph Co.'s office building - and the Team Rocket guard is snoring outside.

Silph Co.: Team Rocket Takeover!

Music of greatness! It's very evil and chaotic. I love it.

Go all the way right past that fountain and head upwards. Go up the stairs, we won't be using the elevator for now.

Once on the second floor, go down and battle that Rocket. Head left, battle the Rocket just below and then enter the room to the right. Battle the scientist inside it, go right and step on the weird floor tile - it's a teleport pad that transports you to the eighth floor. Battle the scientist there and teleport back, head back to the staircases and go up.

Go down that corridor to the left. Battle the Rocket in the way, and go all the way down. Head left and step on the teleport pad. You'll find TM01, Focus Punch, there; then just teleport back and head to the staircases again, but before going up the stairs, step on the teleport pad to the right. The woman inside that room will teach one of your Pokémon Thunder Wave. Then go back and head up the stairs.

Go down and battle the Rocket in that room. Pick up TM41 (Torment) on the table, then go back up. Go down the corridor to the left, go on left at the bottom, battle the Rocket there, head on left and step on the teleport pad. Step on the teleport pad at the top left corner of that room and battle the scientist, but head back through the teleport pads and go up the stairs on the fourth floor.

On the fifth floor, head right and battle the Rocket before teleporting. Battle the Rocket there, then teleport back. Head down through the door on the left. Battle the Juggler there (who, incidentally, is named Dalton) and turn back up. Head left, battle the Scientist there, walk down and battle the Rocket, step on the teleport pad and battle the scientist in that room. Teleport back and head right. Pick up the Card Key, head back left, teleport and step right on the teleport pad again to be transported back, and then head upwards. Open the door to the room where the scientist is running around in circles, and pick up the Protein. Take the elevator back to the second floor, and go down there. Head all the way to the left and open the door below. Battle the scientist, go back right and up the stairs to the third floor. Just down the corridor to the left, open the left door. Head through the room, open the door and pick up the Hyper Potion. Battle the scientist to the left, step on the teleport pad, head right, battle the Rocket, open the door below to the right, and go down there. Between the two beds is a woman who will heal your Pokémon. Heal if necessary, at least remember this place, and go back through the teleport pad you came from. Go right through the rooms, up and up the stairs to the fourth floor.

Go down the corridor to the left. Open the door there on the far left, and pick up the three items: Escape Rope, Max Revive and Full Heal. Go back and up the stairs to the fifth floor and again to the sixth floor. Battle the Rocket to the left, enter the room and go around all the people. At the bottom, exit the room, battle the Rocket there, go left, up, battle the scientist there and open the door below to the left. Pick up the HP Up and X Special, then go up the corridor again and up the stairs.

Battle the Rocket below to the right, and open the door to the room he's guarding. Pick up TM08 (Bulk Up) inside. Go out of the room, head left and battle the Rocket there. Then head down the center corridor, go left, battle the Scientist and pick up the Calcium. Go back up the corridor and go up the stairs to the right. Battle the Rocket just below you, head left and down the corridor, battle the Rocket there, head right and up to find an Iron, and then go back to the top and up the stairs.

Go down the corridor and battle the Rocket at the bottom. Open the door to the left and go in - does this place seem familiar to you? Indeed, it's the place where the woman heals your Pokémon. If your Pokémon need healing, heal them; otherwise just go back right, up the corridor and up the stairs.

Head left and battle the Scientist there. Go down and enter that room; battle the Rocket and pick up the items (Carbos, Rare Candy and Ultra Ball). Go back to the staircases and go up to the final, eleventh floor...

...but you can't get into the big room. Just head right, go down and battle that Rocket, then pick up that Zinc at the very bottom. Go back, down the stairs, and down the stairs again. Ninth floor... yep, it's the one with the healing woman. Why am I taking you there? Well... heal your Pokémon, head upwards and left through the door, past the Rocket and right into the teleport pad. You'll be in that room on the third floor with the Scientist. Go right and step on the teleport pad in the next room...

Your Rival??!!!

Yep, it's him. Save your game before going anywhere, and then head left...

Battle - Rival

Pokémon: Pidgeot lv. 37, Growlithe/Gyarados/Exeggcute lv. 38, Exeggcute/Growlithe/Gyarados lv. 35, Alakazam lv. 35, Blastoise/Venusaur/Charizard lv. 40

The Pokémon listed work the same as in Pokémon Tower. You know, I keep getting more and more bothered by the "mean old rival" attitude they've slapped on him in these games. I mean, he adds in meanie comments and stuff that weren't there in the originals. They're seriously dumbing him down. Boo.

Anyway, after beating him, talk to the man there and he will give you a level 25 Lapras. Go back and heal your Pokémon, then come here again. Go through the lower teleport pad in this room and go down. Battle the Rocket there, go heal your Pokémon and then come back and open the door at the bottom. Save your game, go through and Giovanni will say something about a world of pain as he comes to battle you...

Battle - Boss Giovanni

Pokémon: Nidorino lv. 37, Rhyhorn lv. 37, Nidoqueen lv. 41, Kangaskhan lv. 35

His Kangaskhan is still tough, but your Pokémon shouldn't be too shabby either. Beat him and then head upwards to talk to the company's President. He will give you a Master Ball in thanks. Now you can exit the building in any way you please.

Saffron City: Shining, Golden Land of Commerce (take two)

You'll find that there are no longer Team Rocket members all around the city. You can speak to all the people if you want, but you should mainly go into that house near the top left corner. This is Copycat's house, which Team Rocket was blocking earlier. Hmm. Suspicious.

Anyway, enter the house and go up the stairs. You'll find a girl, a Doduo and two Pokédolls. Talk to the girl. You'll get some nonsense where you answer your own questions, since they didn't bother making it so that she actually repeats what you say, unless you have a Poké Doll from the Celadon City Department Store in your Items pocket. If you do, she will take it and teach one of your Pokémon Mimic. How nice of her.

Now you should just enter Sabrina's Gym in the upper right corner of the city. Step on the teleport pad in the first room, and you'll get transported to the bottom right room. Battle the trainer there...

Battle - Psychic Cameron

Pokémon: Slowpoke lv. 33 (x2), Slowbro lv. 33

After the battle, step on the bottom left teleport pad in his room, and battle the trainer in the bottom left room.

Battle - Channeler Tasha

Pokémon: Gastly lv. 33 (x2), Haunter lv. 33

Next, step on the top left teleport pad to be transported to the top right room.

Battle - Psychic Johan

Pokémon: Kadabra lv. 31 (x2), Mr. Mime lv. 31, Slowpoke lv. 31

Step on the bottom left pad for the top left room.

Battle - Psychic Preston

Pokémon: Slowbro lv. 38

The top right pad will take you to the top middle room.

Battle - Channeler Amanda

Pokémon: Gastly lv. 34, Haunter lv. 34

It's top left pad now, for middle right room...

Battle - Psychic Tyron

Pokémon: Mr. Mime lv. 34, Kadabra lv. 34

Bottom right teleport pad takes you to the middle left room.

Battle - Channeler Stacy

Pokémon: Haunter lv. 38

Now you've battled all the junior trainers, but step on the top right pad. It takes you to the top middle room. Then take bottom right twice and bottom left twice, and ta-da, you're in the middle room, also known as Sabrina's room.

Battle - Leader Sabrina

Pokémon: Kadabra lv. 38, Mr. Mime lv. 37, Venomoth lv. 38, Alakazam lv. 43

Watch out. Her Mr. Mime uses Barrier and Calm Mind and then passes the boosters on to her other Pokémon. Be sure to beat Mr. Mime in time. Overall, she's too fond of Future Sight to be really dangerous - I used my Pidgeot and used Fly to avoid Future Sight when I knew it would strike. The Marshbadge makes Pokémon up to level 70 obey. She will also give you TM04, Calm Mind. Then Fly to Fuchsia.

Fuchsia City: Behold! It's Passion Pink! (take four)

Teach Strength to one of your Pokémon. Jump off the ledge to the right of the Pokémon Center and enter the Warden's house, press A on the boulder and answer Yes when it asks if you want to use Strength. Then just bump right into the boulder, and it will move. The Warden won't be bothered at all, so you can just pick up the Rare Candy and leave.

Go back up the hill to the Pokémon Center, and then head downwards...

Sea Route 19: Fuchsia City - Seafoam Islands

Pokémon found: Tentacool

Go down, either down the ledges or the path beside them. Battle the two Swimmers, press A on the water and answer Yes when it asks if you want to Surf. Go down and battle all the Swimmers, then turn left.

Sea Route 20: Fuchsia City - Seafoam Islands

Pokémon found: Tentacool

Yep, it's Route 20 already. Just head left and battle the trainers, and you'll come to an island. Because for some reason you can't just Surf between those stupid rocks, you need to go through the cave. Battle that Swimmer to the left first, and then enter.

Seafoam Islands: Home of Articuno

Pokémon: Zubat, Psyduck (FR only), Golduck (FR only), Slowpoke (LG only), Slowbro (LG only), Golbat, Seel, Dewgong

Whee, it's Viridian Forest's music. This time, Seafoam is an icy cave, fitting its dweller somewhat better than the old look...

Go to the right, use Strength on that boulder and push it into the hole. Yes, that black thingy is a hole. Then go back and up on the platform. Pick up the Ice Heal and go down the ladder. Head down from there and go up on the platform to the right. Go all the way right there to find a Revive. Head up past the ladder, go down off the platform to the right and push that boulder into the hole. Go back onto the platform and go down the ladder. Head down the stairs to the right and pick up the Big Pearl to the left. Go up the ladder to the right and pick up the Water Stone in that room, then go back down and head left to go down the stairs on the far left. There, turn right, go down and head off the platform. Turn left and use Strength to push the very rightmost boulder in the room upwards. After pushing it twice, go above the boulder that was just to its left and push it one tile down. Then stand on the right side and push it left once. Be careful when you walk past it; don't push it and don't fall into the hole. Push the boulder above the hole to the left, and push the boulder near the other hole into it. Go back to the boulder you left earlier and push it two tiles left, then go above it and push it into the hole.

Go back right and up on the platform. Head down the stairs in the top left, and walk down there to find an Ultra Ball on the ground to the right. You can see how you've blocked the current with boulders if you go to the left, but otherwise just go up again and Surf into the water from just below the ladder you came from. There, head upwards to find a platform with a blue bird sitting on it. Enter it and SAVE YOUR GAME! Then talk to the bird.

Battle - Wild Articuno

Level 50

OK, we need some strategy here, because we want to catch it. Does any of your Pokémon know Sleep Powder, Spore, Hypnosis or Yawn? If not, you can attempt using Thunder Wave or Stun Spore too, but it will be harder. First, of course, you need to wear it down. If you're using sleep, you need to wear it down without inflicting anything on it (so don't use Electric or Fire attacks), but if you're using paralysis, you can use it immediately. When it's down pretty low on HP, use either very weak attacks or False Swipe *hugs Scyther* to bring it to one or two Hit Points. Then, if you're using sleep, put it to sleep, and start chucking Ultra Balls (or Great/Poké Balls, is you prefer that). If you run out of balls, Articuno beats you or you accidentally make it faint, just turn off and try again. Eventually, you should have it. Then go back on land and up the stairs. Up on the platform, left, down, up ladder. Go up onto the platform there and head up the ladder to the right; up and into that hole. Push the boulder into the hole with Strength, and head left up the ladder. Go down and then up onto the middle platform; climb the ladder. Go right there, get off the platform and push the boulder into the hole. Go down the stairs just above yourself, and push the boulder down this hole too. Let yourself fall after it, and push it into the final hole. Follow right through it. You'll be surfing in water; go up on the platform to the right and head up the ladder below. Go up the next ladder, then go down and up the next ladder...

YOU'RE FREE! You'll see light filtering through the wall on the right, and we all know what that means. Exit this wretched cave and celebrate.

Sea Route 20: Seafoam Islands - Cinnabar Island (part two)

Pokémon found: Tentacool

Air! Battle that Picnicker, Surf into the water and just go the only way you can go. Battle the Bird Keeper on that island (lucky him, he can ride his bird Pokémon to places that don't have a Pokémon Center), head left and battle the Swimmers. There's also a Picnicker there on a tiny island. A bit farther left is another Swimmer, but then you'll reach your next stop: Cinnabar.

Cinnabar Island: The Fiery Town of Burning Desire

Aww, I don't really like the music remix. :( Oh well. Anyway, Cinnabar is the home of Pokémon Mansion, so prepare for the story of Mewtwo...

First off, heal your Pokémon if needed. Enter the Pokémon Lab, which is the house at the bottom left. On the right, there's a corridor with three doors. In the first room, there's an old man who'll trade you an Electrode for a Raichu and a woman who'll take one of those Venonat you accidentally caught in the Safari Zone for a Tangela. In the second, there's a scientist (or is it a Super Nerd?) who will teach one of your Pokémon Metronome. In the third, a boy will trade you a Seel for a Pontya and a scientist will resurrect Pokémon from fossils. He will resurrect a Dome Fossil into a Kabuto, a Helix Fossil into an Omanyte, and an Old Amber, which is found if you Cut a tree near the Pewter Museum, enter at the back and talk to the scientists, into an Aerodactyl. You can only leave one with him at a time, and then you must leave and at some point come back in (I forgot to test how long it takes for the Pokémon to get resurrected).

Now, go into the big building on the top left of the island.

Pokémon Mansion: The Story of Mew and Mewtwo

Pokémon found: Koffing, Raticate, Grimer, Growlithe (FR only), Vulpix (LG only), Rattata, Weezing, Ditto

I love Pokémon Mansion, simply because of the experience. You walk through that thing, pressing secret switches while listening to eerie music and read abandoned diaries that reveal the secrets of Mewtwo's birth as told in the games.

Walk upwards until you come to the place where there seem to be patches of rubble on either side of the room. Go left and press A on the upper small stone. You should find an invisible Moon Stone.

Head on up, and turn right past the staircase. There is a Pokéball between some of those pillars; it contains an Escape Rope. Head to the room at the top left and battle the Youngster there (who thinks you're a ghost). Talk to the statue and press the secret switch. Head right out of that room and go down into a room that was closed before. In the bottom right corner, there's a Protein. Go out of the room and take the path down to the left. This time, don't ignore the staircase. Go up.

Head down, ignoring the statue, and battle that Burglar. Then go down the corridor right of that room. On the right, you can find a Zinc on a weird checkered floor, and on the left you'll find a room with a diary on a table. It reads:

Diary: July 10
We christened the newly discovered Pokémon, Mew.

Of course, this doesn't make a lot of sense right now, but it will. Just wait.

Go back up that corridor. A few steps past the staircases, you can turn right - do so. Enter the top room. There's a diary on the table...

Diary: July 5
Guyana, South America
A new Pokémon was discovered deep in the jungle.

As you can see, that happened before the other diary entry, and is the first entry. At the far right end of this room, you can pick up a Calcium on the ground. Exit the room and Go left to the staircases. Go up the stairs on the right. Battle the Burglar. Whee, another diary...

Diary: Feb. 6
Mew gave birth.
We named the newborn Mewtwo.

The plot thickens. The game differs from the animé here; the animé has the scientists creating Mewtwo from fossilized Mew hairs, never actually encountering a live Mew, let alone one that physically gives birth to Mewtwo. But anyway.

Just below, there's a Max Potion on the floor. Pick it up, then go back down the stairs. Talk to the statue and press the secret switch. Go up the corridor to the right and head left this time. Head up the stairs.

If you head right all the way to the end, you'll find an Iron on the floor. Head back all the way to the statue near the staircase and press the secret switch. Go a little right, and you'll find that while the way you took previously has been closed, you can now turn down. Be careful not to fall down there, and battle the Scientist. Invisible in the top right tile of that small upper dead end is a Rare Candy. Go out of the dead end and into the lower room, which contains a staircase. Go down there.

Head upwards and pick up the HP up, then go back up the stairs. Let yourself fall down the LARGER gap. Emphasis on larger. The one at the left. Then you should be in a room with a scientist below you. Battle him. Go down and right, pick up the Carbos in the corner and head down the stairs.

Head upwards; the door on the right will be closed so you need to turn left. Go down when you're past that room and turn left to find a Full Restore at the end of that corridor. Walk back to the entrance to the room, go in and battle the Burglar. Read the diary on the table.

Diary: Sept. 1
Mewtwo is far too powerful. We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies...

Ooh, creepy. Walk up to the statue and press the secret switch. You have to exit the room on the left this time. Go back towards the staircase, but you'll find that the door from earlier is now open.

Go up through it and battle the Scientist. Head on upwards into the room with the statue, but don't press the switch just yet. On the second tile from both the right and the bottom, there's an invisible Elixir. Go out of the room and head left. You'll come to another door above; go up into that room to find TM14 (Blizzard) on the right side. Exit, go back into the other room and press the secret switch on the statue. Exit the room again, head left along the corridor and enter the now open room on the left.

On the table above, there's a Pokéball; it's the Secret Key you came here for. But don't go away just yet; go down first and get that TM22 (Solarbeam) on the floor. Now you can finally exit the mansion.

Cinnabar Island: The Fiery Town of Burning Desire (take two)

Ah, fresh air. Naturally, it's wise to heal your Pokémon since we're going to the Gym now.

Now, the Cinnabar Gym is kind of funny. You don't have to battle the junior trainers if you answer the questions given by the quiz machines, but I recommend battling them anyway for the experience. Nevertheless, the questions are fun. So I suggest you answer the questions and at least try to get them right, and if you want you can fight the trainer afterwards. I'll list the rooms with the question (I won't spoil the answers for you) and trainer.

Question: Caterpie evolves into Metapod?

Battle - Burglar Quinn

Pokémon: Growlithe lv. 36, Vulpix lv. 36, Ninetales lv. 36

Watch out for his Ninetales; it's tough. Otherwise he shouldn't be too hard.

Battle - Super Nerd Erik

Pokémon: Vulpix lv. 36 (x2), Ninetales lv. 36

The exact same battle as earlier, except the Growlithe has been substituted for another Vulpix. There is no question for this guy for some reason.

Question: There are nine certified Pokémon League badges?

Battle - Super Nerd Avery

Pokémon: Ponyta lv. 34, Charmander lv. 34, Vulpix lv. 34, Growlithe lv. 34

Meh, should be a piece of cake. They really shouldn't make a Fire-type Gym after you get the Surf HM.

Question: Poliwag evolves three times?

Battle - Burglar Ramon

Pokémon: Ponyta lv. 41

Slightly harder, but as I said, Surf will be the downfall of pretty much all the junior trainers.

Question: Are electric moves effective against Ground-type Pokémon?

Battle - Super Nerd Derek

Pokémon: Rapidash lv. 41

Obviously, Rapidash is more powerful than Ramon's Ponyta, so watch out. But it likes to use Agility, so meh...

Question: Pokémon of the same kind and level are not identical?

Battle - Burglar Dusty

Pokémon: Vulpix lv. 37, Growlithe lv. 37

His Growlithe knows Flame Wheel, so watch out if you're using a Pokémon that's weak to Fire. Otherwise, he won't be hard...

Question: TM28 contains Tombstony?

Battle - Super Nerd Zac

Pokémon: Growlithe lv. 37, Vulpix lv. 37

Do these Pokémon look familiar to you?

But now, it's time for the leader. I recommend healing your Pokémon, even if they're pretty much fine, and making sure Surf is handy. Then save your game and talk to the old guy.

Battle - Leader Blaine

Pokémon: Growlithe lv. 42, Ponyta lv. 40, Rapidash lv. 42, Arcanine lv. 47

His Arcanine is very strong, so watch out. But once again, Surf should be the key to victory here. After you beat him, Blaine will give you the Volcanobadge and TM38, Fire Blast. Exit the Gym...

...but you will be stopped in your tracks as soon as you come out. It's Bill; he starts talking to you and wants to "spend time with you" on "One Island". Say no when he asks, though; heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and then talk to him - he will have sat down at a table inside the Pokémon Center. Answer Yes this time, and he'll take you outside, where the boat is just arriving. You'll set sail automatically.

One Island: Friends Gather at Knot Island

As soon as you arrive, Bill will take you into the Pokémon Center to see his friend Celio. You'll talk to Celio for a bit, and he'll explain that his computer system isn't working and stuff like that. Bill will ask you to deliver a Meteorite to the guy in the Game Corner on Two Island. Celio will give you a Tri-Pass which will allow travel between islands One, Two and Three. He'll also update your Town Map. Now, leave the Pokémon Center and get back on the ferry. Sail to Two Island.

Two Island: Boon Island for Two

To the left, there is a Pokémon Center, but take the small path below first. Cut the tree and go all the way to the right to find a Revive. Go up on the platform with the Pokémon Center. To the right, there's a guy who will sell you Great Balls and Fresh Water. Below to the right lives the Pokémon Move Maniac, who will teach your Pokémon a forgotten move for two Tinymushrooms or one Big Mushroom (these can be found attached to wild Paras and Parasect). To the right of that house is the Game Corner. Go in there. A man will be there, worried about his daughter. He'll ask you to search for her on Three Island, and then a Biker will enter, thinking this is Three Island. The man will correct him, and the Biker will leave. Now go left past the Move Maniac's house, and up those stairs on the right.

Cape Brink: Home of the Old Woman

Pokémon found: Fearow, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only), Gloom (FR only), Weepinbell (LG only), Psyduck, Meowth, Golduck, Spearow, Persian

Head up through that grass, go up the stairs and keep going until you come to a house at the top. Enter it. Inside is a woman who will teach your starter Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon or Frenzy Plant, depending on which starter you picked, if it's first in your lineup. Blast Burn isn't that bad on an in-game Charizard, but not really the other two (although you might argue that there is no Grass attack with higher average damage that Venusaur can learn, except Sunny Day Solarbeam, so you might want to put it on Venusaur, but Surf is just better on Blastoise). The attacks are cool, though. :3

Now return to the main island and take the ferry to the third island.

Three Island: Kin Island of Family Bonding

The biker gang is here. One is circling a woman and the other is just cycling back and forth. Head up to the town itself, heal your Pokémon if needed and then head upwards left of the Pokémon Center. You'll see the bikers harassing two little guys. Take a step forward, and you'll get to do some ground-sweeping.

Battle - Biker Goon

Pokémon: Koffing lv. 37, Grimer lv. 37

Battle - Biker Goon

Pokémon: Koffing lv. 38

Battle - Biker Goon

Pokémon: Grimer lv. 38

Battle - Cue Ball Paxton

Pokémon: Weezing lv. 39, Muk lv. 39

Then the Bikers will leave. One of the guys left will give you a Full Restore. The other one will tell you that Lostelle, the girl you're looking for, went towards Bond Bridge.

Go on upwards all the way to the top right corner of the town. Cut that tree and follow the secret path down until you find a Zinc. Go back and head leftwards.

Bond Bridge: Berry Forest Ahead

Pokémon found: Pidgey, Psyduck, Oddish (FR only), Bellsprout (LG only), Gloom (FR only), Weepinbell (LG only), Persian, Pidgeotto, Venonat, Meowth

Below the stairs you can go up, there's a Cuttable tree. Cut it and head right along the path. Face the end tile and press A, and you'll find a PP Up. Go back, up those stairs, and down at the left through the grass. Go up the stairs there, through the grass and up on the right. Battle the Twins. Head left through the grass. Go down the stairs at the end, through the grass and down the other stairs. Battle the Aroma Lady. Go left through the grass there and down the stairs. Battle the Tuber. Go left over the actual bridge (seesh, that's some area they're naming after a tiny insignificant bridge), battle the Tuber near the other end and the Aroma Lady to the left. Walk further left, up the stairs, and into Berry Forest.

Berry Forest: The Viridian Forest Rip-Off

Pokémon found: Pidgey, Gloom, Drowzee, Psyduck (FR only), Slowpoke (LG only), Pidgeotto, Hypno, Exeggcute, Venomoth, Oddish, Venonat

Come on, it's just Viridian Forest in different colors. I'd have thought they'd be a little bit more original...

Anyway, turn left, then up, Cut the tree to the right, Cut the other tree, go up, left, just down that ledge, left, pick up the Full Heal, Surf down, jump down the ledge, go all the way down, all the way left, and then up. You'll find a little girl, who is of course Lostelle, standing there. Talk to there, and she'll start crying about a scary Pokémon. Then the "scary Pokémon" attacks you...

Battle - Wild Hypno

Level 30

Catch it or beat it, your choice. It shouldn't be all that hard, seeing as your Pokémon should probably be somewhere in their forties. Lostelle will give you an Iapapa Berry for saving her, and then you'll be transported to the Game Corner.

After her father has thanked you, talk to him again. He'll take the Meteorite and give you a Moon Stone instead. Now go outside. The man who was selling Great Balls and Fresh Water before now sells Ultra Balls and Soda Pop instead. You might want to buy some Ultra Balls...

Now go back on the ferry to One Island. Head right and onto that beach.

Kindle Road: Mt. Ember Ahead

Pokémon found: Rapidash, Ponyta, Meowth, Spearow, Persian, Fearow, Psyduck (FR only), Slowpoke (LG only), Geodude

Surf into the water to the right. Go down on that tiny island with the Swimmer and battle her. Then Surf up again and enter that island. Head up through the grass, battle the Picnicker, go on upwards, battle the Camper, go up the stairs, down that narrow brink and battle the Crush Girl. Go back up the brink, down the stairs and up. On the right, you'll find a small beach with a Swimmer; battle him. Go back left, up and battle the Crush Kin. Go upwards to their right to battle two Black Belts. Go on up and enter that cave, go up, turn right, up again, up the stairs, into the middle of that hot spring if you want to heal your Pokémon, and then talk to the old man above to the left and receive HM06 (Rock Smash). Teach it to one of your Pokémon, exit the cave and go back to where the beach with that Swimmer was. Smash the three rocks just above and pick up the Ether there. Surf into the water and go down until you come to a tiny bit of sand with a Max Repel on it. Get it and Surf back. Head down into the grass on the left, up the stairs to the right and go all the way down. Smash the two rocks there and pick up the Carbos. Then go back up and to the cave, but this time turn left instead of entering it and battle the Crush Girl. Surf upwards, battle the guy swimming around in circles, head on up and battle the female Swimmer too. Battle the Fisherman on the island and surf the last bit up...

Mt. Ember: Home of Moltres

Pokémon found (outside): Ponyta, Rapidash, Machop, Fearow, Geodude, Spearow, Magmar (LG only)

Pokémon found (inside): Machop, Geodude, Machoke

Yep, Moltres has moved since the originals and is no longer located in Victory Road. Go up those stairs. The Hiker there will teach one of your Pokémon Explosion. Go right if you want to find two suspicious Rockets, supposedly digging for some treasure. If not, just go left and use Strength to push the boulder on the left, then also push the boulder below so that you can battle the Picnicker. Go through the grass on the left, up the stairs and take the jagged path right and down. Smash the rocks you come to and go up the stairs.

Go up the next stairs and battle that Crush Girl to the right. Continue right, go through that grass and pick up the Dire Hit on the end. Go back left, down the stairs at the end and take the left path, battling the Pokémon Ranger.

At the end of that dead end to the left is an invisible Ultra Ball. Then enter the cave behind him, take that narrow path to the end and go through the other entrance there. Follow the only way there too, go up all the stairs and in through the entrance you will then come to. Take that small path until you come out of the cave. Go left there and up the stairs. To the right, there's a small puzzle: smash the breakable rocks and push the lowest boulder to the side, then push the right boulder up and the left boulder left. Go up and pick up the Fire Stone.

Next, go back left and keep going left until you have to go down a huge set of stairs. Take that path and pick up the Ultra Ball. Go back to the middle between this place and the puzzle, and go up the stairs there, then up the other stairs.

Another puzzle awaits! Push the right boulder up, and the left boulder left. Then go one step up and push the left boulder left, one step left and push the top boulder up, walk to the left of that boulder and push it right. Confront the Legendary bird and save your game...

Battle - Wild Moltres

Level 50

The rule is the same as when catching any other Pokémon: Wear it down carefully (it knows Endure, which helps), make sure not to defeat it accidentally, give it a status affliction and then chuck some balls. Moltres, however, tends to be especially annoying because it uses Agility to be very fast, and Fire Spin to trap your Pokémon. Then it saves its Flamethrower for the exact Pokémon you were going to use to catch it. -_- Trust me, I know. I recommend paralyzing it rather than putting it to sleep or something, especially since a lot of sleep-inflicting Pokémon are Grass or Bug types.

Now, when you've caught Moltres, rejoice, save your game and go out again in order to Fly to One Island again.

One Island: Friends Gather at Knot Island (take two)

Enter the Pokémon Net Center. To the right, Bill will be standing beside Celio and he will tell you that they're done. Bill will then take you back to Kanto. Now you can fly to Vermilion, go down into the harbor, and sail to One Island any time you want, but now we're going to complete our Legendary Bird collection. Fly to Rock Tunnel (you can fly there because there's a Pokémon Center there).

Power Plant: Home of Zapdos

Pokémon found: Voltorb, Magneton, Electabuzz (FR only), Magnemite, Pikachu

Go up, past the grass and through that gap in the fence. Surf into the water and follow the stream right and down. Go up on the land and head down. Battle the Pokémaniac, then go left and enter the building above.

Go upwards. Pick up the Max Potion just inside the next room, and turn left past that wall. Head right when you come to the top. Turn down. Go right through that narrow door, all the way right past those barrels, pick up TM17 (Protect), and go on left. At the end, you'll find an Elixir.

Go back out of the room and head down. When you can go right or further down, go down. Turn right at the bottom and attempt to pick up the item - but it isn't an item! It's a level 34 Electrode!

Beat it and then go back to the intersection and take the right way this time. Turn down when you can do that, and pick up TM25 (Thunder) on the right. Go back up, head right and turn up at the end. Go up when you get on the corridor to the left, and take both the left and right paths there; the "item" at the end of the left one is an Electrode, but the right one is a Thunderstone. Exit the room and head left. Follow the only path until you come to a room where you can turn left or down. In the room below, there's a hidden Max Elixir in the upper right corner. Then go into the left room. Go up out of that room, left, and down. Approach the spiky yellow bird, Zapdos, and save your game.

Battle - Wild Zapdos

Level 50

Now, Zapdos can Drill Peck, which will give any Bug or Grass Pokémon that might have a sleep attack a hard time. But if you've caught Moltres and Articuno already, Zapdos should not be that hard in comparison - at least I found Zapdos to be relatively easy, since I caught it in one try with eight Ultra Balls, paralyzed and False Swiped.

After catching Zapdos, go out of that back door to the left and Fly to Cinnabar.

Sea Route 21: Cinnabar Island - Pallet Town

Pokémon found: Tangela

We're going home! Heal your Pokémon, then go up past Pokémon Mansion and use Surf from that pier. Go up and battle that Swimmer. Go on up and battle the Swimmer to the left, further up and battle the Swimmer on the right. Go onto that island above and battle the Fisherman. Go left to the next island and battle the Fisherman there too. Continue upwards, battle the Swimmer swimming in circles, continue up and right and battle the Sis and Bro, battle the Fishermen on the two islands ahead (the right one has a team of Magikarp), swim on upwards and you'll find a patch of grass with a ton of Tangela in it. If you don't want to catch a Tangela, though, just swim on upwards to Pallet Town.

Pallet Town: Shades of your journey await! (take three)

Ah, home sweet home. Go into your house and talk to your mom to get your Pokémon healed. Then walk out of town and prepare to experience some Déjà Vu.

Route 1: Pallet Town - Viridian City (take four)

Pokémon found: Rattata, Pidgey

You've been through this route before... just walk through it. A fun thing to do is making your starter battle the Rattata and Pidgey again... :P

Viridian City: The Eternally Green Paradise (take four)

Since you probably wasted some PP on the way, you might want to heal your Pokémon. Then go into the mysterious Viridian Gym at the top right of the town.

Step on the upper arrow pad of those on the left. Walk one step forward so that the trainer challenges you.

Battle - Tamer Cole

Pokémon: Arbok lv. 39, Tauros lv. 39

Next, walk past him and step on either of the arrow pads. Battle the Black Belt there.

Battle - Black Belt Kiyo

Pokémon: Machoke lv. 43

Step on the arrowpad on the right, but go up after you stop and take that right turn. Another battle awaits at the end:

Battle - Cooltrainer Samuel

Pokémon: Sandslash lv. 37 (x2), Rhyhorn lv. 38, Nidoking lv. 39, Nidorino lv. 39

Go back down and step on either of the arrowpads at the bottom, then go up into that room with three trainers. Battle them from right to left:

Battle - Cooltrainer Yuji

Pokémon: Sandslash lv. 38, Graveler lv. 38 (x2), Onix lv. 38, Marowak lv. 38

Battle - Black Belt Atsushi

Pokémon: Machop lv. 40, Machoke lv. 40

Battle - Tamer Jason

Pokémon: Rhyhorn lv. 43

Now go through the gap on the top right and battle the trainer above:

Battle - Cooltrainer Warren

Pokémon: Marowak lv. 37 (x2), Rhyhorn lv. 38, Nidorina lv. 39, Nidoqueen lv. 39

Walk past him and try to get to the top of the Gym. Unfortunately, a Black Belt will stop you.

Battle - Black Belt Takashi

Pokémon: Machoke lv. 38 (x2), Machop lv. 38

Since he's now blocking your way, go back down and step on the rightmost arrowpad in the room. Then take a step up, and the arrowpad will send you to behind the Black Belt. Mwahahahaha. Now, just sneak behind him and go down there at the left in order to approach the Gym leader in the top left corner... hmm, haven't we seen that field sprite somewhere before?


The leader of Team Rocket is also a Gym Leader! Talk to him, and you'll get a small egoistical speech first, but then...

Battle - Leader Giovanni

(Aww, he's not a "Boss" anymore.)

Pokémon: Rhyhorn lv. 45, Rhyhorn lv. 50, Dugtrio lv. 42, Nidoqueen lv. 44, Nidoking lv. 45


But... that was easy! My Pokémon barely even got a scratch! Can't you do better than that, Giovanni? Hurting three of my Pokémon by less than 1/4 of their total health?

Anyway, Giovanni will give you the Earthbadge and the TM for Earthquake (TM26). If you talk to him again, he'll say the following:

"Having lost in this fashion, I can't face my followers. I have betrayed their trust. As of today, Team Rocket is finished forever! As for myself, I shall dedicate my life to training again. Let us meet again someday! Farewell!"

And then *POOF* he'll disappear. Yay, you have collected all your badges! Head back to the Pokémon Center and heal your Pokémon; now it's time to pay Route 22 a revisit.

Route 22: Viridian City - Indigo Plateau (take two)

Pokémon found: Rattata, Mankey, Spearow

Walk through the grass and try to go on left...

Battle - Rival

Pokémon: Pidgeot lv. 47, Rhyhorn lv. 45, Exeggcute/Growlithe/Gyarados lv. 45, Growlithe/Gyarados/Exeggcute lv. 45, Alakazam lv. 47, Blastoise/Venusaur/Charizard lv. 53

I seriously got a Déjà Vu when he came, because I had forgotten you had to battle him again now. Anyway, his starter will probably be the biggest problem, being at level 53 and all, but knowing your types should win you this.

Then walk on all the way to the left, down through the grass, on left (don't jump off the ledge), up through the gap and into the big red building.

Indigo Plateau: Pokémon League HQ

Pokémon found: Ekans (FR only), Sandshrew (LG only), Mankey, Fearow, Spearow, Primeape, Arbok

First, walk through the first room. The guard will ask you for the Boulderbadge and let you through. Then walk on through the door.

The next guard is located just to the right. He'll ask for the Cascadebadge. Go on through the gate, turn left and you'll find the next guard. He asks for the Thunderbadge. Head on through the gate, up the next gate and pass the guard who asks for the Rainbowbadge.

Next, there's water. Surf into it and go through the next gate, where the guard asks for the Soulbadge. On the middle of that rectangular island a bit further on is a hidden Max Ether. Surf on to find the next gate, where you'll be asked for the Marshbadge. Go on through the gate and Surf until you come to land again. There will be grass there. Finally, walk up past the last two guards and you'll come to the entrance to a cave.

Victory Road: The Final Challenge

Pokémon found: Onix, Golbat, Geodude, Machop, Marowak, Zubat, Arbok (FR only), Sandslash (LG only)

First, go left and stop above that boulder. Use Strength and push it down, then all the way right, then up, all the way right, two tiles up, right and then down on top on that button.

Go back to the left and go up the stairs. Head right and up, battle the Cooltrainer, and go down there at the right. Go up there. Push the boulder all the way to the left and pick up TM02 (Dragon Claw) up there. Now, go all the way back and exit the cave, going immediately in again. Do everything again, including pushing the earlier boulder, but this time, only push the second boulder two tiles left, and then up. Now you can get the other item, a Rare Candy. Go back up to where the Cooltrainer was, and go left this time. Head down the stairs, left, up, battle the male Cooltrainer, and go up the ladder beside him.

Go down and push that boulder two tiles left, all the way down, and then two tiles left again. Now you can go up the stairs above to the right and head right. Battle the Black Belt, go on right and head down. On the right is a Juggler you can battle. Next, go down the stairs, all the way left, and pick up the TM37 (Sandstorm) at the top. Go back down and head right. Go up at the end, and into the big room on the left. There's a Full Heal in the bottom right corner; also battle the Tamer running around. Go up and into the room on the right, battle the Juggler there and pick up TM07 (Hail) there in the corner. Head back left into the other room, and go up the ladder to the right there.

Now, go up, and into that small dead end on the right. Battle the Cooltrainer there and pick up the Max Revive he's guarding (which makes you wonder why he didn't take it already). Walk all the way left until you come to the entrance to another room; if you go down, you'll find TM50, Overheat. Go into the room and down the stairs in the upper left corner. Battle the Pokémaniac to the right, and go on right to find... a Guard Spec. where Moltres used to be. Boo. Now, go back up the stairs, head back right, walk to the boulder and push it two tiles up. Then push it all the way left, one tile down, four tiles left, all the way down and then right onto the button. Yet again, go back right to where the boulder was. Go up the stairs, battle the Cooltrainer, head left, down, all the way left, down the ladder, battle the two Cooltrainers to the right and go on right. You'll come to a boulder; push it into the hole and let yourself fall after it.

Push the boulder all the way to the left, and it will end up on the button. Go right up the stairs and go on right to climb the ladder up. Battle the Cool Couple and go down the ladder above them. Just to the right is a guy who'll teach one of your Pokémon Double-edge. Then go right, and you'll see the light filtering through the exit...

Indigo Plateau: Pokémon League HQ (part two)

Pokémon found: No Pokémon in this part

After exiting the last cave on your journey to the Pokémon League, head upwards. There's a bit of a maze at the top, but just go upwards from the right, and you'll get through it easily. Go through the gate, and at the top, enter the big building...

Okay, the rules of the Pokémon League are these: You may bring up to six Pokémon and any number of items (if you want to test your skills, restrict yourself to not using any items) to fight the so-called 'Elite Four'. They are four trainers who you have to face without being able to heal your Pokémon in between unless you use your own items. After defeating them all, you will get to face the Champion. After defeating him, you become the Champion, but you're an exception so you won't have to stay there and wait for challengers once you're Champion. At least, now you're going to beat the Elite Four.

Take your time training your Pokémon if you feel the need to, but an averagely powerful, in-game structured team should be able to beat them at level fifty or so, provided that you know what you're doing. When you think you're ready, you can Fly straight to the Indigo Plateau, save your game and enter the room on the left. Do NOT save between the Elite Four members; if you happen to get stuck, you'll be forced to lose half of your money (which should be a good sum by now) in order to get out of there. There's no quitting, you see. Either you win or you lose.

Anyway, once you've definitely saved, enter the room you can get into on the far left side of the building.

Battle - Elite Four Lorelei

Pokémon: Dewgong lv. 52, Cloyster lv. 51, Slowbro lv. 52, Lapras lv. 54, Jynx lv. 54

She is very tough in many aspects. Her Dewgong uses Rest, her Cloyster uses Protect, her Slowbro uses Amnesia, her Lapras uses Confuse Ray, her Jynx uses Lovely Kiss... it's all made to make her Pokémon very annoying to take down. A good, fast Electric Pokémon like Jolteon with Thunderbolt (the TM is sold at the Celadon City Game Corner for 4000 coins) will probably be your best bet here. Anyway, if you have too much difficulty with her, I advise you to go training some more, because things will get tougher...

Once you beat her, head on and enter the next room.

Battle - Elite Four Bruno

Pokémon: Onix lv. 51, Hitmonchan lv. 53, Machamp lv. 56, Hitmonlee lv. 53, Onix lv. 54

I don't find Bruno too hard, because he has major weaknesses you can exploit. Onix have a double weakness to both Water and Grass moves, and Fighting Pokémon are weak to Flying and Psychic. It might just be me, but I at least seem incapable of making a team without Flying Pokémon. Aerial Ace will help as well. After beating him, go on to the next room.

Battle - Elite Four Agatha

Pokémon: Gengar lv. 54, Golbat lv. 54, Arbok lv. 54, Gengar lv. 58, Haunter lv. 53

Her level 58 Gengar likes to use Hypnosis and some very nasty combos to go with it, so I strongly suggest you bring a type advantage along, especially since it's hard to take out too. Haunter does it too, but not as effectively. Sludge Bomb can also be deadly. Anyway, after you beat her and exit her chamber, you will automatically walk into Lance's room.

Battle - Elite Four Lance

Pokémon: Gyarados lv. 56, Dragonair lv. 54 (x2), Aerodactyl lv. 58, Dragonite lv. 60

Two words: Beat Aerodactyl. It's extremely fast; it might be good to paralyze it with a very fast Electric Pokémon or something first. It might just be that my team ended up with only one Pokémon that's not weak to Rock, but Aerodactyl is definitely the hardest to beat as I see it. At least if you make sure to have a good Ice attack handy. When you beat him, he will tell you that the Champion is... *drumroll* YOUR RIVAL! Yep, he's everywhere. Now, if your previous battles went exceptionally well so that you're pretty positive you're going to manage a win against your rival, you can save. Enter the last room, and you'll automatically walk up to your Rival. He'll say he's the most powerful trainer in the world, and some dramatic music will start...

Battle - Champion Rival

Pokémon: Pidgeot lv. 59, Rhydon lv. 59, Exeggutor/Arcanine/Gyarados lv. 61, Arcanine/Gyarados/Exeggutor lv. 59, Alakazam lv. 57, Blastoise/Venusaur/Charizard lv. 63

This is the ultimate battle. He has a balanced team as you can see, so you'd better give it your best and exploit each individual Pokémon's weaknesses. Good luck!

If you do manage to beat him, Professor Oak will come and congratulate you. He'll also tell your rival off for not treating his Pokémon with love and trust. He'll also say that it is thanks to the bond you share with your Pokémon that you won. Then you'll follow him into the next room.

He'll congratulate you again and explain about the Hall of Fame. Then you and your Pokémon will be registered to the Hall of Fame as league champions! Congratulations!

Now you'll see Gary, Professor Oak and yourself run back home as the credits roll.

THE END... or is it?

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