Sword and Shield Weather Encounter Tool

Pokémon Sword and Shield's Wild Area features a huge variety of different Pokémon and nine different weather conditions, which change every day for each area of the Wild Area and affect which Pokémon you can find. While many sites can tell you what Pokémon are found where in which weather, for practical purposes it's not all that helpful to know that you could find Goomy if only it was raining at the Lake of Outrage (unless, of course, you cheat by resetting the date on your Switch a bunch). Instead, what you actually want is usually just to see if there's anything interesting you can catch today, and where. That's what this tool is for!

Enter the weather for each area of your Wild Area below, press the button, and see a breakdown of what Pokémon are available for you today. The Wild Area locations are ordered by their blip's location on the Town Map, top to bottom, left to right.

I am playing:

Hammerlocke Hills

Lake of Outrage

Giant's Cap

Dusty Bowl

Giant's Mirror

Stony Wilderness

Bridge Field

Motostoke Riverbank

North Lake Miloch

East Lake Axewell

Watchtower Ruins

West Lake Axewell

Axew's Eye

South Lake Miloch

Giant's Seat

Rolling Fields

Dappled Grove

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