Game Mechanics

The Pokémon games contain all sorts of interesting (in my opinion, anyway) formulas and other inner workings hidden from ordinary players. These sections are devoted to explaining some of them as conclusively as possible.

Stat Mechanics

A breakdown of how your Pokémon's stats (Attack, Defense, etc.) are calculated outside of battle.

Stat Stages

An explanation and comprehensive guide to "stat stages", the most common kind of in-battle modifier to your Pokémon's stats.

Battling Basics

Explains most of the basic concepts of the Pokémon battle system, for beginners.

Battle Mechanics

Goes through the inner workings of turn order, accuracy checks, critical hits, damage calculation, and secondary effects.

Gen I Capture Mechanics

An in-depth analysis of R/B/Y's capture algorithm, with math.

Gen I Capture RNG Mechanics

A full explanation of the random number generator in R/B/Y and how it affects capturing, with graphs, visualizations, and a calculator.

Gen II Capture Mechanics

Explains how Pokémon captures work in the second-generation games and the many delightfully wonky bugs with it.

Gen III/IV Capture Mechanics

The inner workings of Pokémon captures in the third- and fourth-generation games.

Gen V Capture Mechanics

Capturing in the fifth generation, with math and a thorough explanation.

Gen VI/VII Capture Mechanics

How capturing works in the sixth- and seventh-generation games.

Gen VIII Capture Mechanics

How capturing works in the eighth-generation games.

Gen IX Capture Mechanics

How capturing works in the ninth-generation games.

R/B/Y Safari Zone Mechanics

An explanation of how the R/B/Y Safari Zone works, including an analysis of the surprising fact that bait and rocks are nearly always unhelpful and a calculator for your chances of capturing a Pokémon before it runs.

R/B/Y Stat Modification

An explanation of how stat modification in battle worked in Red, Blue and Yellow. It was incredibly buggy and the page includes a calculator to let you revel in the bizarre behaviour that ensues when the different modifiers interact.

Status Ailments

The various status afflictions in Pokémon, both major and minor, what they do, what they have done and the various moves, abilities and items that relate to them.

Honey Trees

A combined practical guide and mechanical explanation of honey trees in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

R/S/E Roulette Mechanics

A comprehensive explanation of the roulette minigame in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, complete with interactive simulations.

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