The Clue Game

This game could be considered like a mixture of the crossword and the secret link, but really perhaps most resembles online riddles such as NotPr0n: you start out on a page where you get a clue of some sort, and from there you must figure out the location of the next clue, which will take you to the next one, where you will be able to figure out the next one, and so on.

Specifically, in the Clue Game, you get a cryptic clue; from that clue, you must figure out an answer that you type into a box; and if you submit the correct answer, you will be taken to the next clue (if you submit the wrong one, you'll stay on the page you're on). If you're stuck on a clue, there is also an optional extra hint you can view - on a device with Javascript, you can show it by clicking a link, while otherwise you can see it by viewing the source of the page or by disabling stylesheets.

Some general tips on how the clues and answers work:

  • Clues may hinge on knowledge of the Pokémon franchise and fandom, some specifically reference content on this website, and yet others build on previous clues or answers; others are more along the lines of common sense or lateral thinking. None will require extensive knowledge of anything that isn't Pokémon-related, however; they may call for some elementary application of math, or very basic common knowledge, but nothing specialized.
  • Answers consist of basic letters and numbers (0-9 and a-z) and are case-insensitive. Sometimes the answer is a phrase with multiple words; if so, it should work both if you squish all the words together into one (e.g. "ananswerwithmanywords") or if you have a single space in between words ("an answer with many words"), but other extraneous spaces, punctuation, etc. may result in the answer being flagged as wrong.
  • Some clues, on the other hand, require two-part answers. These are entered as X=Y and semantically either simply mean X and Y are two answers asked for (xerneas=yveltal) or that they're some manner of key-value pair, where X "is" Y (chansey=female). Do not include a space or any other punctuation on either side of the equals sign. It's generally up to you to figure out if a clue wants a two-part answer, although the extra hints might also tell you explicitly.
  • It is not cheating to look things up! In fact, I highly encourage it. The clues are designed on the assumption that you'll have an online Pokédex handy, so don't try to do it without that. If you want a challenge, try doing it without viewing any of the extra hints instead.
  • Each clue has a unique URL with a short random nonsense string in it, so that you can't simply guess the location of the next clue. Once you've reached a clue, however, you can bookmark it so that you don't have to go through all the previous clues again if you want to continue later.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start the game?

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