Flying Quiz

The Flying type is a lot more common than the Steel type, but is the quiz for it any easier?

Some questions require you to select exactly one answer from a set of radio buttons, while others provide a set of checkboxes and may require you to check one, many, or even none of them.

Question 1

The following are the regular Flying-type attacks existing as of the ninth-generation games - but which of them were on the corresponding list for Red, Blue and Yellow?

Question 2

Which type(s) have never been combined with Flying in a dual-type, assuming Flying/Flying means a pure Flying-type?

Question 3

What are the Flying type's resistances?

Question 4

What are Aerodactyl's weaknesses?

Question 5

How many Flying-type Pokémon species were added in Diamond and Pearl?

Question 6

Which damaging Flying-type moves have a high chance of a critical hit?

Question 7

Which types do neutral damage against Gyarados?

Question 8

Which damaging Flying attacks have 100% accuracy?

Question 9

Murkrow is weak to...

Question 10

Which Flying type combination(s) have the fewest weaknesses?


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