Here are some of the major Pokémon sites in a variety of fields which you should see for content which can't be found on this site.

The biggest Pokémon site on the Internet. I recommend it with a caveat: while it has good, fast news coverage, its actual informational pages are riddled with errors, confusingness, botched find-and-replace jobs, etc.

Dogasu's Backpack

Dogasu's Backpack is fun for many reasons - I love the Humour and Pokémon Bashing, and it has rants too. The main focus, though, is the comparisons between the Japanese and English Pokémon episodes, which are very interesting. In general it's one of the most original Pokémon sites around - just about all the content is something you'll never find anywhere else.

Super Effective

The maker of the VG Cats comic strip does Pokémon FireRed. It's so easy to make fun of the Pokémon games.

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