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Here, you can read all the updates on this site since October 25th 2003 and some of the ones from September and August 2003 - the site has been around since November 2nd 2002, but unfortunately most of the updates from the first year were never archived. Be advised that some links might take you to outdated sections or something else that has been taken off the site - I do not necessarily endorse the content of any such sections.

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12/30/06: Style switcher stuff

I remade the Spectrum style Ho-oh by manually coloring each feather in a different hue rather than using the lazy rainbow gradient way - it fits in much better with all the sprites now.

Then I also made it so that when you switch styles and then refresh the page, you will no longer get that annoying "Would you like to resend the information blah blah blah" message. Yay.

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12/28/06: 900,000 front page hits!

Yup, it's 900,000 already, three months after 800,000! Whoo! Thanks, all. :3 When I wrote on New Year's Day that I was hoping for one million front page hits in 2006, I never really thought I'd get this close.

Anyway, so there is a new theory on Pokémon genetics by Apocalypse Raichu up (although I am still waiting for a corrected version of one part), and the Old Updates have been reorganized into pages by year. And the hit counter script will now log all hit milestones of multiples of 10,000 into a file with their date and time, although you won't see that. Then there have been a couple of corrections.

UPDATE EDIT: I finally removed the old dead topsites from my menu, and randomly joined a couple of new ones, as well as updating the topsites and affiliates sections for the first time in... a while.

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12/24/06: Merry Christmas (or whatever greeting you prefer) to you all!

Me: Hey, site, since in Iceland we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, I've got a present for you.

Site: o.o Really? What is it?

Me: It's called The Clue Game. It's ridiculously hard. About Crossword-level difficulty in more of a Secret Link format. Actually most resembling NotPr0n out of anything.

Site: ...why do you keep making all these INSANELY HARD games?

Me: Oh, shut up. <.<

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12/14/06: Just to tell you all...

Since very few people replied to the last Cave of Speculative Theories article, I feel compelled to point out that while it died during NaNoWriMo, it is fully back in action and there are news there, including one article posted just now.

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12/12/06: I have too much time on my hands.

Okay, this is probably the most random, bizarre and useless thing I've done for this website since the Pokémon List Generator, but I spent all day making a Featured Section. The Featured Section is basically the first link under "Site" on the menu, and each time you load a page, the Featured Section will change to a random section of the site. When you hover over the Featured Section, you will get the name of the Featured Section and a short, sometimes humourous description of its contents. Please don't ask why I made that, because I have no idea. Essentially it's just there for the humour value. Well, if you're bored and don't know what to do next, just go to the Featured Section and see what you get...

This also prompted me to update the Shadow Pokémon and Purification sections to include Pokémon XD information in them as well as Colosseum stuff, and I added a little to the Espeon and Umbreon section after a prodding from Suicunegirl.

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12/10/06: Aaaand it's up...

This is primarily a Quest for the Legends minipage update. Firstly and most importantly, I've now put up the entirety of the edited version of Scyther's Story, my NaNo, in a new spin-offs section. Secondly, there is now a printable version of all the chapters, extras and spin-off parts, accessed by clicking a link in the top right corner of the normal view of a chapter. Thirdly, I made a new humourous section on the minipage entitled What If... which contains my take on what things would be like if The Quest for the Legends were actually a published work of fiction with a fanbase of its own. Oh, and fourthly, there is a couple of new pics of redesigned fake Pokémon (Fangcat and Tancat) in the Fic Art section, plus an old sketch of Letaligon.

I'm having tests, which is why I haven't been updating (aside, of course, from what I was working on on the minipage). My last test is on Friday, so after that I should have plenty of time. Unfortunately I still haven't found the motivation to read all the e-mails in my inbox and put up the plethora of fan stuff I've been sent.

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12/01/06: I'm back!

Okay, so I finished my NaNo (at only 31,026 words, unfortunately, but hey). Now I can get back to updating my site again. Mwahahaha.

Now, the crossword... the best solution I got in two months had seven answers right. Out of 37.

That's pretty pathetic, to be honest. I know it's not your fault - the clues are so hard that I had no idea what the hell I was thinking with half of them when I looked at them again the other day - but I still felt it would be ridiculous to give out awards for such a lousy solution - come on, less than one fifth of the answers right? - and thus I decided to extend the crossword again, but, to make it easier, with added hints for some of the more difficult clues, designed to get you a little more on the right track. I additionally added an important note by the crossword concerning the fourth generation. By all means look at it.

So aside from that, I finished that AAP section I had started at the beginning of November, so by all means take a look at Is Pokémon Childish?, the latest AAP article.

Lastly, if you were wondering, yes, I will put my NaNo on the site, but I need to edit it first (keep in mind two thirds of it were written in one week). I'm synchronizing my editing with my posting it on a few forums, so it might be a couple of weeks before I put it up. If you can't wait, just go to the forums, register and look in the Fan Fiction section.

(Oh, and I have some fifty unanswered e-mails. I'll try to go through them tomorrow.)

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11/27/06: *giftwraps Scyther*

Do the crossword. Now.

You've had two months to do it, and both the number of entries and the highest number of correct answers I've received is downright pitiful considering that. You can do better than that, okay?

Oh, and the reason I haven't been updating is that I'm doing NaNoWriMo again. I'm trying to write 33,000 words in four days. Yes, I'm insane, but I'm trying anyway. I think you can tell why I don't have a lot of time to work on the site right now.

Otherwise it's just a few corrected typos, etc. I have a whole bunch of fan art, Hall of Fame entries, etc. that I've yet to put up, I know, but they will come in December.

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11/03/06: Poll

There's a new Style Poll (after like a year).

Go vote.

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11/02/06: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you,
It's been two years times two!
Happy birthday, dear website,
for giving me something to do!

Yeah, it's The Cave of Dragonflies' fourth birthday today (so I won't be late with this update, I'm uploading it on midnight as the second is starting over here, so don't be surprised if it's still the first where you live).

Okay, what I've done... first, and most noteworthily, is the release of Spectrum style, the first new style in... quite a while. It stars 30 different Pokémon from 29 different evolution lines in various places throughout the site, and I personally like it a lot. :) It was, um... sliiiiightly inspired by Smogon. <.< I couldn't help it, it just looked too good not to be imitated.

I have also updated the Pokémon List Generator to reflect the fact that Manafi's official English name has been confirmed to be Manaphy. I added one more question to the FAQ, and made the Sprite Generator have the buttons above the area where the Pokémon are generated. I am working on a new AAP section, but I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year (and doing much better than the last), so I didn't get around to finishing the section. Well, the main update is Spectrum style either way. (It is also up at the forums.)

But there is a new Almighty Random Poll. Also, the October crossword is being extended through November, because I've only gotten one entry. Come on, the site wants a better birthday present than that.

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10/20/06: Internet back

My Internet went down for a few days, but now it is back.

Thanks to the boredom of Internet loss, I made a new splash at last. Poor Charizard and Butterfree have to clean up after the two hits parties that have been going on. I really abuse them, don't I?

Then I fixed a bug in the sprite generator and edited it so that if the same Pokémon is generated twice with it and that Pokémon has alternative forms, the forms will only show once instead of being repeated.

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10/13/06: Pokémon Sprite Generator D/P

The Pokémon Sprite Generator is now available in three versions - Hybrid, Advance and D/P. The difference between them is basically that the Advance one does not include the D/P Pokémon or sprites at all, the Hybrid one includes both the Advance and D/P sprites of each Pokémon, and the D/P one does not include Advance sprites, but has all the Pokémon and both animation frames rather than the one seen in Hybrid mode.

Hopefully it will be useful.

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10/11/06: Listy...

I'm crazy, but I just updated the Pokémon List Generator. It now has a variety of new functions, including the ability to order by the National, Johto, Hoenn or Shinou Pokédexes or alphabetically, the ability to include or exclude specific generations of Pokémon, and all the fourth-generation Pokémon. Yup, what I have been doing all day is writing scripts that write out lists of Pokémon names. Yay.

Larissa, I will stab you severely if you use the list generator to make a random Pokémon generator with the fourth generation before I do. <.<

I know there is some fan-submitted content I've yet to put up, and I'm sorry about that. I just really don't have the time right now.

Oh, and do the crossword.

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10/10/06: Even more @_@... in more ways than one

Okay, the October crossword is here now. As the crossword page explains, it might be extended to cover November too, since I was in such a lovely bizarre-crossword-clue-making mood - the most iconic of them most likely being 3 down, which is none other than...

@_@ (9)

Have fun with that. :P

Of course, this also means we have the winners of the September crossword. First place goes to Pelipy, with 30 correct; second place goes to Crystylla and opaltiger, also with 30 correct, but later to submit; and third place goes to The AU, with 29 answers correct. The crossword had 31 words in total, and there were quite a few honorable mentions as well.

Additionally, as you may have noticed, I added a "this page was last updated" date on the top of every page. Hmm, actually, I think I'm moving them to the bottom. You know they're there, at least.

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10/07/06: @_@

Sorry about the lack of October crossword and splash page; I got into this mega-writing-mood-of-doom and wrote almost the entirety of chapter 33 of The Quest for the Legends in the past three days. So yeah, that's up, but not much else.

I'll try to work on them tomorrow.

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10/02/06: I'm on a conspiracy roll...

Okay, we have two more conspiracy theories (this is what happens when you talk to Iveechan...) and also a theory of incense breeding that I made a while ago but only remembered to write now.

Remember to check the Cave of Speculative Theories - I made an Almighty Random Poll about it, too.

I've yet to start the October crossword, but I'll hopefully get to work on that tomorrow.

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09/29/06: It's all one big conspiracy.

The conspiracy theory I talked about yesterday is up. Bottom of the page.

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09/28/06: September 28th, 2006

And what better date could there be for announcing the grand opening of the Cave of Speculative Theories?

...Well, technically, any date before today would have been better, and I thought of it a while ago, but unfortunately I've been suffering from two deadly diseases called "craploads of particularly time-consuming homework" and "urge to sit around all day with a manic grin refreshing Serebii's D/P discovery thread instead of doing said homework or in fact anything else I should/would like to be doing", the combination of which proved to have very serious consequences upon my productivity over the past week or so.

At least, now I've finished the homework part and, if you're reading this, managed to tear myself away from the new D/P information for a couple of seconds.

Anyway, the Cave of Speculative Theories, or CoST for short, is a new minisite handling what this site has never been much into covering: news. Now, of course I am still of the opinion that if you just want to know what's new, you can just go to Serebii.net or any other news site of your choice. The CoST is not essentially for providing the news, although they will obviously be there; it is more of my personal commentary and, hence the title, speculation and theories, on those news. When the news is not new anymore and I can confirm all the information personally, I might take some of the content I've written for the CoST and put it up here, depending on how appropriate for this site that content would be (if I, say, come up with a conspiracy theory, it would make perfect sense to place it in that section when the time comes, but it would hardly help anybody to have some outdated speculation on what a Pokémon's English name will be after the real name is revealed). I plan to keep up the CoST alongside the main site, but not as a part of it - if you want to read the news commentary, it will be there and only there, I'm afraid, and this site will be silent as the grave on the subject of when the CoST has been updated (which admittedly, if everything goes according to plan, should really be just about every day, at least for now while all the fourth generation info is bursting in).

Speaking of conspiracy theories, I've made one about Professor P. from Trozei, but it's three AM and I really don't have time to write it down, so that will be tomorrow. Hopefully that's a tomorrow that will happen tomorrow, not in two or three days.

Oh, yeah, and we have 800,000 front page hits. Fwee. I'll try to get around to drawing a new splash.

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09/16/06: @_@

It's half past six AM and I'm still awake.

And it's all because I was having ideas for this site.

Okay, what I did: I first updated the Pokémon Sprite Generator so that it will now never generate two of the same Pokémon anymore.

Then I finished chapter five of the IALCOTN version of The Quest for the Legends.

Then I remembered I had yet to put up Charmander's character bio that I had been making.

Then I started to edit the script behind the whole Quest for the Legends minipage, initially just to add information about Charmander's bio as an existing section, but then I realized that it was written in sloppy code and pretty much rewrote the whole thing. It still does exactly the same thing, so you won't notice it, but I did, and spent ages on that despite knowing nobody would know of it because I'm a perfectionist.

And then I suddenly happened to look at the Ouen Map and had this freaky idea that, you know, maybe I could add some information about each location. And then I spent about six hours coding that and making up the location descriptions.

But hey, it was worth it. It looks awesome, at least in browsers that can handle it, and the location info is fun. Fwee.

And then I remembered that you had voted by a large majority that I should place a direct link to the Quest for the Legends minipage on the menu and yet I never did, so I did now. It's the very bottommost link.

So yeah, mostly a ficcy update.

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09/13/06: There's my "tomorrow" thing again.

Okay, I'm a day late again because I had to study for a psychology test yesterday. I have to stop making promises.

But yeah, I added some more text to the Marquee of Doom as I said I would, and then I tweaked the About Me section and added some stuff to it.

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09/11/06: Here's that update finally.

...o_O *inches away from poll results* Guess not.

Yeah, what I was trying to do and promising to finish more than a week ago has now finally been done: the sections that have sub-sections (such as "Hall of Fame" and "Orre") will now have a little popup menu à la Axe-Murderer style when you hover over them, allowing you to go to the sub-sections in one click without further cluttering up the menu. You honestly have no idea just how long it took to get that stupid thing working in Opera. Additionally, I could not humanly find a way to make it work in Internet Explorer without major complications. It does work fine in the latest versions of Firefox, Opera and Netscape, although Netscape 7.1 appears to have major problems with even the ordinary popup navigation in Axe-Murderer style, and both Netscape 7.1 and 8 have an uncanny love for inserting random gaps between the menu items in all the stretching styles (ironically, only on the "Display like Firefox" setting; the "Display like Internet Explorer" one has no gaps, but of course no popups either). I figured that if Internet Explorer users have lived with the two clicks until now, it shouldn't matter so much that they still need to live with it now. Others, well, enjoy the shortcut.

So yeah, the delays were Opera and Internet Explorer's fault, not mine. *points an accusing fingers at browsers*

The other thing I did was revamp the Marquee of Doom, which now does work in Opera, looks spiffier and isn't as hackish. It's unfortunately also faster so it takes a lot less time to run through. I added a little more text to it, but it's still much shorter. Oh, well - good for you. Try it while you still can, because I'm going to add more text to it tomorrow.

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09/06/06: Okay, I'm a day late.

In fact, I'm not only a day late, but also haven't put up anything new. Fun. Been busy with "n00b day" (or so I call it) at school, and then coding the new look for the school website (which is messing up so much in Internet Explorer that it's not funny).

But I did make that poll.

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09/04/06: Yay for fan stuff?

All the new fan-submitted stuff is up now. I've also replied to all affiliation e-mails, although there are still some award and review requests I have to do.

Tomorrow we'll have actual new stuff and a new Almighty Random Poll.

...Oh, wait, I did do something. I fixed an error in the Pokémon Sprite Generator that was causing ugly "unownundefined" errors to appear in 1/11194 of all cases. (And guess how I figured that out? By randomly for no particular reason going there, pressing the "Generate three" button and getting that. Consider that this is considerably less likely than finding a shiny Pokémon - or well, since I generated three, it was something over 1/4000, but that's nearly half as unlikely as a shiny.)

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09/03/06: I lied.

Okay, it's too late for me to go through all my e-mails and everything to put up fan stuff right now, but I finished the crossword (I would have had it at the right time if only I hadn't been away for the weekend - sorry about that). The winners of the July/August crossword are also up - congratulations to Music Dragon, opaltiger, Crystylla, Altmer and surskitty, Meta Ridley, ..., Orphik and magnetflygon and Legolas for first, second and third place, respectively!

But yeah, I'm putting up fan stuff and adding a couple of features tomorrow unless something big happens to prevent me.

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08/29/06: *pop*

Just popping in to say that I'm not dead, that I apologize about the recent downtime of the site and that I just finished a Pokémon Trozei review, which is really, really long. Fun. Right now it has its own spot on the menu, although I will probably make a "Spin-offs" section with subsections once I have more sections to put into that. Seemed like a waste to make you click an extra link just for organization's sake.

Some more fan stuff, etc. will be added when I next have something to update with, whenever that will be. So you don't need to kick me about it even though it's not up yet.

Also, your time for getting in your entries for the July/August Crossword is almost over.

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08/18/06: Chapter, finally.

I finally got off my backside and read through chapter 32 of The Quest for the Legends to put it up on the site. So yeah, it's up.

Additionally, if you are for some bizarre reason interested in reading about my vacation, you can now do so here at my journal.

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08/15/06: Ah, it's good to be back.

So yeah. I had fun in Australia and such.

Now, what I did? I went through my e-mail and read all the starred e-mails I've been too lazy to do anything about until now or which I received while on the vacation (i.e. a lot of e-mails). Now I should have put up everybody's fanart, fanfics, Hall of Fame entries, BabelFishions and affiliate buttons. Now, if you sent me something and I still have not put it up, you need to contact me again, okay? I'll try not to be lazy in the future.

The chapter of The Quest for the Legends has not yet been revised, so that's not up at the site yet, sorry.

Now, do the crossword. Scyther commands you. And in relation to that, there is a new Almighty Random Poll.

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07/17/06: Just a heads up.

Yeah, I'm leaving tomorrow. Early. So I guess you won't be seeing any more of me for the next three and a half weeks. Just to confirm that. Bye, everybody. By all means participate in the crossword while I'm gone.

But readers of The Quest for the Legends can check out a rather rushed version of chapter 32 which I spent all day finishing at the Serebii.net forums. There is a style switcher if you can't read on the green color scheme, just so you know.

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07/14/06: New crossword

Yes, the July/August crossword is up. And indeed, it's the July/August crossword, because I'm going to Australia on vacation this Tuesday and won't be able to judge the crossword.

Yeah, to Australia. As in halfway across the world. The flight is going to be horrible, but hey, I'll give you all one of my classic boring-vacation-breakdown-thingies when I get back. That will so completely make up for the lack of updates for three and a half weeks! :D

Sarcasm aside, I also added a section called About to the Quest for the Legends minipage. And yes, I'm working on chapter 32, and yes, I'm hoping I'll be able to finish it before we leave.

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07/08/06: Splash

Okay, I made the 700,000 front page hits splash. If it's a bit hard to understand, the story behind it is basically that Charizard and Butterfree had to camp outside for the night because of all those unruly humans making a loud, wild party in their cave. Weird, I know. Hopefully I'll get around to the crossword soon.

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07/07/06: Shoot me.

I have both a new splash page and a crossword to make, but I haven't started either. So yeah, shoot me.

On the other hand, I did update the Site History section and tweaked the Contact Me section a little.

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07/01/06: Whee, 700,000 front page hits.

And I'm one step closer to one million front page hits. Fwee. Speaking of front page hits, I actually randomly made a page explaining why I'm counting front page hits and not unique visitors or pageviews on the whole site.

Crazy as I am, it's probably not surprising that I actually wrote a mathematical approach to EVs and natures. It's just a theoretical article that probably won't have much practical use, but hey. It's fun. To me, at least. Then again I'm a person who looks at a waffle and starts thinking about what a large surface area it has compared to its volume, so don't mind me.

When I added it to the menu, I figured that the page I already have about EVs and natures didn't really belong under "Hoenn" since it's in more games than just R/S, so I put it directly under the Pokémon Games category. Then, since I was editing the menu anyway, I changed the "Do not click here" link to "The Marquee of Doom". I don't have anything against you clicking there after all, and it was probably making people think it was an array of annoying alerts.

Now, because of course I love doing just about every Quest for the Legends-related thing except writing chapter 32 (*chased by rabid fic fans*), I spent a couple of hours piecing together a reply system that I added to the comments system on the Quest for the Legends minipage. Basically, it allows me to put an italicized reply on the bottom of your comment if I need to answer a question you asked or something. Now you can also enter your e-mail address when you write a comment, and if I reply, you will get an e-mail telling you that I replied. (It's just that I've been figuring people don't seem to come back to see if I've replied a lot.) I also fixed a glitch in the pages thing there where flipping to another page of comments would give you that page of the comments for all the chapters instead of just that particular one.

Lastly, I judged the June crossword - on time, gasp! - and would like to congratulate Romberguy and Raposa, Iveechan and Watergod for winning first, second and third place, respectively. This crossword was actually a very close race; Romberguy and Raposa had all 21 answers correct, but both Iveechan and Watergod followed closely behind with 20 correct, only separated by the time at which they were submitted. ank1494, the fourth place winner, technically knew 20 answers, but misspelled one crucial word which bumped them to fourth instead of the second place that they would otherwise have seized - ank1494's entry came before both Iveechan and Watergod's. All in all there are five "honorable mentions", which means eight people got more than half the crossword right. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the number of people who were so close. :) Let's hope I'll manage to finish the July crossword quickly.

Now I need to draw a new splash page. Of course, I have no idea what to put on it.

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06/22/06: And it's up!

I bring you the June crossword. It has both fewer words than the previous ones and a set theme (Johto) that makes it easier, so I'm expecting somebody to get it all right this time.

Now that I'm not feeling all guilty about not having done the June crossword yet anymore, I'm going to bed.

(I also added a spam verification feature akin to that found in the guestbook to the error report form - I was getting too many Viagra advertisements through it.)

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Bleh. This is going to be the third weekend in a row when I'm not in town to do anything. I'm just hoping I'll manage to finish that June crossword before July. -.-

Either way, I added a new feature to the splash page which you may have noticed when you came here - if it detects a style cookie, it will redirect you straight to the news page instead of making you click "Enter" on the splash. Now, you may have gone "Wait a minute!" just now, because you probably clicked the link just above which took you to a perfectly fine splash page despite you definitely having a cookied style, but that's because with ?redirect=no at the end of the URL, the splash page will stick around until you actually click Enter. This is mainly because if you're interested in looking at the splash image when a new one is put up, I'll be able to link you there without you having to clear out your cookies first. (The "Splash" link on the menu will also link to the non-redirecting splash page.) This will hopefully save you some time when you come here.

I might note that this is a nice redirect that doesn't break your back button. If it did, I wouldn't have made it.

I also decided that having Minimal Dewgong as the default style all the time was a bit dull, so now all nine styles are featured at some time of the year, depending on the Reign in the Zodiac, no less. Right now it's the Reign of Moltres, so the default style is Shiny Ninetales style. As for the others? Well... you'll have to find out. ;)

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06/15/06: Okay, I must be crazy.

Oldie style is back - but this time not in the style switcher.

For those of you who weren't around when Oldie style existed before, it's basically mimicking the site as it looked when I first created it. Needless to say, it is eye-hurting, badly designed (for example, you can't distinguish links from the main text until you hover over them), and generally very horrible.

When Oldie style was here before, it had been fixed up a little so it wasn't quite as horrible as it really was back then, but now I decided that with all the stylistic possibilities of the new layout, I just had to make something that looked just about exactly the same, just because I could. So here it is, complete with non-shaded Paint Pikachu from 2002 next to the disclaimer and updates in huge font. (Did you know that I originally used the huge font because my updates were so short? I gave up on it when I started rambling so much in my updates that they took up the whole page in that font.)

Of course, since I can't possibly imagine that anybody would not run screaming away at first sight of that style after a brief nostalgic déjà vu experience, I'm not going to scare visitors away by putting it in the style drop-down and have curious people actually select it. It's just an 'easter egg' for fun's sake.

(I started the June crossword. Because you're not going to have a lot of time to complete it, it has a special Johto theme - all the answers are Pokémon/characters/items/places/etc. that were first introduced in Gold, Silver or Crystal. However, I'm going away for the weekend so don't expect it to be up right away.)

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06/10/06: @_@

I have a job now. It is the best job ever (I get to sit by a computer all day and create stylesheets, which is basically exactly what I do when I create new styles for this site - those of you who were around before October last year will know that I just love making stylesheets) but unfortunately it occupies most of my time on workdays. (Meanwhile, the free time I have goes to a large extent into curling up in the sofa and reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I recently realized I seriously had to get around to finishing.) Therefore, I'm afraid that there is no June crossword or other notable updates yet, which I'm very sorry for.

A small message for readers of The Quest for the Legends: Chapter 32 is six pages in, but it will be rather long. Have patience. (Yes, I know chapter 31 was put up in March.) It will be fun, though.

To the only actual update: I fixed an error in the Flying quiz.

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06/02/06: It is done.

And with that dramatic sentence, I now announce the new Cave of Dragonflies forums officially opened!

It's been an annoying four-month struggle buying vBulletin, getting PHP and MySQL set up on the server, installing the forums and installing/making all the hacks for it... but now it's done and the new forums are open to the public. Go fill it all up with posts now. The more, the merrier.

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05/29/06: Well...

Sorry about the lack of May crossword. I've been too busy with the forums and everything. Happily, the new forums are almost finished, and will be opened within the next few days if not later tonight.

Now... I've made quite a few little tweaks around the site, fixing typos, putting up fanart, etc. and other stuff I don't remember right now. The biggest change is actually the Art Thieves, Click Here which has been entirely rewritten.

The guestbook can also have URLs posted in it now, since I have such great protection against spambots anyway.

Otherwise, I'm afraid there's nothing new. Not that I remember, anyway.

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05/14/06: Yay?

The results of the April crossword have been announced - congratulations to Music Dragon, Penix, Keika and Suppi and Andrew M. I'm afraid the May crossword isn't up yet as I've been very busy with other things, though. I think I'll make an extra-easy May crossword once my tests are over and stuff. (The last test is on Tuesday, so it's not very long to wait.)

On another note, I also fixed a weird error in the Zodiac and reorganized the FAQ as well as adding a couple of more questions.

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05/02/06: Note about the poll

Just as a note, this is not a matter of moving the Mew Trick altogether from the section, just the part of the text that people don't need to know to be able to use and somewhat understand the trick, i.e. from the paragraph starting with "Hearing this, of course, you have to wonder if it isn't possible just to Fly from the Gambler..." up to the one that starts in "So what was the point of this long ramble?", of course adding what needs to be added in between and tweaking some stuff. I'm thinking about maybe doing some other experimentation in the games, so it might be a good idea to have a special section...

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05/01/06: Poll

Okay, shoot me. I STILL haven't started the crossword. At least I'm delighted to inform you that I've received a bunch of crossword entries. :3 I'm a happy Butterfree now. Since the April updates have been moved to the archive, I'll say it again: if you are going to submit a crossword solution, there appear to be some problems with the dragonflycave.com server and the e-mailing thing, so please use this server to submit crossword solutions. Thanks.

However, the new R/B/Y Tips and Tricks section is up (yup, that's what I've been doing for all of April aside from working on other things), and relating to that, there is a new Almighty Random Poll concerning the section. Please vote.

Hmm. I'm having tests now, actually. Maybe I should just delay the May crossword and start studying.

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04/30/06 (2): Okay...

The crossword thing got me suspicious enough to send a test entry. That was when I found out that apparently, e-mails are not sending from the dragonflycave.com server. (I might add that I did test it just after putting up the crossword and it worked fine then, although I might have been testing it on the other server and figured it would have to work on this one too.)

This may just be a matter of the e-mails appearing in my inbox tomorrow or something, but for safety, try using this server to submit your crossword solutions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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04/30/06: What the hell?

Okay, at the beginning of April, I decided, hey, okay, I'm going to loosen up on the crossword rules. I'm going to let people submit even if they haven't completed the whole thing. After all, it's only fair to award the best, even if they're not perfect. So I changed the rules. Really nice of me and all.

But what happens? I haven't gotten a SINGLE crossword solution. What is up with you people? Why aren't you submitting at least the one or two just plain obvious words?

This is the last day of April. I haven't started making the May crossword yet, but once I've finished it, I will be judging the April crossword. This is therefore your LAST CHANCE to send in your solutions and win. If you don't, well, you'll have one ticked-off Butterfree who will get her revenge on you somehow. Okay?


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04/07/06: I haven't updated that thing since August... o_O

Chapter four of the IALCOTN version of The Quest for the Legends is up. It's been a WHILE since I last finished a chapter of that version... Been too preoccupied with the ILCOE recently.

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04/05/06: Hmm.

Since Mew's Hangout is back up and running and Mewkitty is not dead, I put it back where it used to be on the affiliate list. Welcome back, Mewkitty!

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04/04/06: New crossword, sorry for the delay

The April Crossword is now up. Enjoy. I've also made some changes to the rules, so for example now you can get prizes for an incomplete solution, provided that there weren't three people who got more words correct than you. Also by all means check out the new clue explanations by all the old crosswords - they will tell you how the clues related to the correct answers.


(I also updated the secret page.)

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04/02/06: April fools.

Yesterday's update was an April Fools joke.

Well, the first paragraph of it, anyway. The second one was completely true. But at least, if you fell for it, you greatly underestimated my stubbornness. I'd keep making monthly crosswords even if nobody did them except opaltiger and Larissa, hear me? Don't make my work in vain, now. :P At least, the winner of the March crossword was opaltiger, and second came Larissa, Eevee, Nate and Crystylla. Congratulations to them.

The April crossword will be up tomorrow. Right now I have the most homework ever, so I probably shouldn't be spending my time making a Pokémon crossword.

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04/01/06: I can't believe you people.

NOBODY got the stupid crossword right. Not even the filter that prevents you from submitting answers of the wrong length stopped people from pointlessly submitting answers with some placeholder text in some of the fields and then never submitting anything more correct. Seriously, I'm giving up on you. This whole crossword thing just isn't working out. =/ Sorry.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, by the way. I've been working on the new forums and on the return of the R/B/Y cheats section (with extra stuff about the Mew Trick mixed in).

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03/11/06: Chapter and commenting

Chapter 31 of The Quest for the Legends is up at last.

I also added a commenting system to the fic minipage, so now you can comment on each chapter. I was a bit too lazy to test it properly, though, so I'll have to see if it's all working as it should. I also, as you may have noticed if you clicked the chapter link, added all the ILCOE chapters to the actual minipage instead of making them those plain white HTML pages.

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03/10/06: Think of the Scyther!

Think I wasn't being serious about the giftwrapped Scyther? Crystylla has captured the situation in an image. Think of the Scyther.

Well, all I actually did was to add a page feature to the guestbook. I'll make a list of links to more pages than just those, but I woke up an hour early this morning for school (somehow I managed to set my watch forward by an hour in my sleep), so my eyes are practically melting in their sockets. I'll do it tomorrow.

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03/08/06: Not for the faint of heart

I realized I never uploaded some tweaks I made to the Quest for the Legends minipage a few days ago, so I did now. Those tweaks include a rating in the "Legal" section (I don't get why I never put that there earlier - I wonder how many kids I've permanently scarred) and a slightly improved version of the Ouen map. I also, in relation to this, made a new Almighty Random Poll.

Oh, and try the crossword. That Scyther is still giftwrapped. I bribed him.

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03/05/06: To Count Archangel

Since you didn't leave an e-mail with your error report, I'm forced to tell you here that usually, when the words you have don't fit into a crossword, it means you're wrong about one of them, not that there is an error in the crossword.

Have a nice day.

And to everybody else, try the crossword. Pretty please with a giftwrapped Scyther on top?

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03/04/06: Evil... <<

Okay, I only got ONE correct crossword submission (from opaltiger, Larissa and Crystylla). Perhaps that might just signify that the crossword was hard, if it weren't for the fact that I only got two halfway coherent submissions at all. The others were filled in with "a" or something like that as the answer to all of them except maybe a few.

Now, I got extremely annoyed about this before I realized that somehow the link to the crossword disappeared from my menu. -_-() VERY evil. So yeah, I'm giving you a chance. Now the link is definitely there, and I expect you all to submit answers to the March crossword, okay? I want to at least be able to give somebody a silver and a bronze.

Anyway, I'm sorry about being late with the crossword; I was having a bunch of tests, and now the computer that controls the light switches in my house decided to mess up just when my dad went abroad and we'll have to live through the weekend with candlelight. Fun.

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02/27/06: If anybody has been murdered with an axe, tell me.

Axe-Murderer style now works fully (aside from the sister site button showing by default) in Internet Explorer thanks to an ever-so-slightly modified Suckerfish Dropdowns script served to it through a conditional comment. So be all happy and stuff if you use IE. The menu is now centered on the page, too, in all browsers.

Also, I'm working on a new style slightly inspired by Axe-Murderer. I bet you won't find out what style ID you need to add to the URL to get it... ;) Oh, and by the way, I might soon start putting up more free scripts, with the addition of including PHP versions (since Larissa has been making me read up on PHP and then spend painful hours converting my own ASP.NET scripts to a programming language my server didn't even support until today - which, incidentally, is because the forums are moving to vBulletin in very near future).

That's all for now, though. Been playing XD too much. YAY, LIP MOVEMENTS! For some reason that bugged the hell out of me in Colosseum.

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02/19/06: 600,000

o.o I appear to have been the first person to notice that I wrote in my last two updates that it was 2005 instead of 2006...

Anyway, it was my birthday yesterday, and I'm getting Pokémon XD once it arrives in the mail. Fwee. Sadly, I didn't do anything for the site for it. (However, the Icelandic national Eurovision finals were also yesterday, and I can assure you, if anybody out there actually watches that thing, that Iceland's entry will be, ahem... original. In a good way. *snickers*)

But today The Cave of Dragonflies hit 600,000 front page hits, and thus I made a new splash page which contains inside humour of doom. Yay.

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02/17/06: BURN, BABY, BURN

Whee, Hellfire style.

Sorry if the name or theme offends anybody. I quite like it myself. (This is another one for those who liked the image-based Voice of the Forest style, by the way - it's very similarly structured.)

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02/15/06: *bounce*

Bouncy Mew style is up. The five of you who preferred the old style of styling (according to the Style Poll) can rejoice because it's similar to the old-school styles. I went a bit overboard with the banner, but my weird sense of humour smiles at it so I kept it. And yes, that link is clickable; I also added a quick feature of being able to add ?style=styleid after the URL of any page that uses the styleswitcher to see the page in that style (note, however, that the style cookie will not be changed if you do this; leaving the page and entering another will switch back to the style you had before). Further information (including the style IDs of all the styles) can be found on the styleswitcher help page.

Admittedly this is one of those features that are more useful for me than any of you (whee, quick way to test how a page looks in a style-in-progress), but it does have one bit of fun value for all of you: adding random Pokémon names, etc. to see if I'm making a style based on it. =P Have fun. (Until, of course, you realize that I'm not likely to have another style in progress right after I've finished one.)

Hmm, I should start planning/drawing a 600,000 front page hits splash.

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02/10/06: Whee, me

The new About Me section is done. Have fun reading my random rambling about myself.

UPDATE EDIT: There's a new Style Poll.

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02/08/06: It is done

Forgive me for that update title; I couldn't resist.

Anyway, now the whole going-through-site-and-revising-everything thing is finally finished. Now I can get around to getting the sections that were down for revision back up, in accordance with the poll results. Oh, yeah, and I was going to improve the polls so that the vote count in multiple-vote polls will count how many people have voted, not how many options have been voted for...

*starts working on doing that*

*also starts doing something she's been planning to do for a while - making it so that all the polls you've voted in are stored in one cookie*

*spends hours trying to figure out why the stupid thing kept setting the value of the cookie to nothing*

*realizes it was all because she made a typo and wrote = instead of ==*

*urge to kill... rising...*

Well, at least it works. --; Not that you can really tell, considering so many votes were cast in the current multiple-vote polls before and it was impossible for me to count now which were from the same person. But yeah.

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02/07/06: Fixes

I fixed a couple of typos in those new AAP sections and then I edited some stuff so that in Axe-Murderer style in non-IE browsers, Shinkirou Tenshi's button will show up. (It doesn't break the grayscale, anyway, and since it's my sister site I felt it deserved to be slightly more prominent than just that text link.)

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02/06/06: It's back!

Dad's computer is back, so now everything that was updated before has been updated here again. That includes the return of Nidoking style and my new sprite gallery. ^^ Also, it's worth noting that before that whole mess, I had been working on some new Anti-Anti-Pokémon sections.

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02/03/06: More clues

Okay, 3 down was evil. I added a little more to the clue.

I also added the one past crossword and its winners yesterday. You might want to check that out too.

And by all means try the crossword, more of you. XD

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02/02/06: Submit form completed

The submit form for the crossword is now functional.

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02/01/06: Bring back your crosswording skills...

The Cave of Dragonflies Monthly Crossword is now up and running! Solve a challenging Pokémon crossword and get a prize!

Of course, I need to go to bed now, so I couldn't put up a submit form for it, but I'll get around to it tomorrow as soon as possible. Have fun trying it, and in the unlikely case you solve it in one night, just e-mail me the solution (or a solved crossword image, if you prefer) and everybody who participated in figuring it out.

Oh, and Dad says he might get his computer back tomorrow. Much fwee.

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01/26/06: Redirection

Now all http://www.dragonflycave.com/butterfree/anything URLs will redirect to just http://www.dragonflycave.com/something. :3

In English, that means all the links to the site are no longer broken. Much fwee.

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01/22/06: Can't keep my words, can I?

And of course, I couldn't resist updating anyway, so now all the polls on the site are using a local script of my own which was a royal pain in the butt to make instead of pollhost.com, and Shinkirou Tenshi is now my sister site. Fwee.

Hmm, I think I did something else too, but I don't remember what it was. Oh well.

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01/20/06 (2): IMPORTANT NOTICE

This is the London server. The www.dragonflycave.com domain has been directed here because my dad's computer broke down and it went down. I didn't want everybody to think the site had died while his computer is being repaired, so here I am.

However, I will not be writing any content while the site is in this state - it will be easier if I can simply take everything from his computer once it's back and put it on here without having to worry about some files here being newer so they shouldn't be replaced. So this is just here so you can look at the site while the problems are being fixed. I apologize for the trouble.

UPDATE EDIT: The guestbook on this server is now working, and more importantly, if you have any links anywhere to http://www.dragonflycave.com/butterfree anything, please remove the /butterfree part as it will not work anymore that way.

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01/20/06: Happy birthday, dear...

Here's your Nidoking style as promised, Nidokingu. Happy (slightly late) birthday. ^^

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01/17/06: Sprite Gallery

Yesterday, I wrote long new Terms of Use for my sprites. Then today and yesterday, I manually went through all 1000-something of them (the sprites, not the terms - I'm not THAT crazy) and picked out some of the ones that didn't make my eyes bleed, compiling them into a new sprite gallery. Then I messed around with the layout and got carried off with a cool menu, so now it's a sprite gallery with extremely long Terms of Use and extremely fancy navigation. :3 Have fun browsing it, but remember to READ the Terms of Use. (I've actually loosened up on them, whee.)

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01/15/06: Guestbook

I've been thinking about how I'd like to eliminate all outside features from the site so there won't be any ads at all on anything related to the site and so nothing the site offers would be dependant on outside servers. (That was for example the thought behind it when I made my own hit counter.) Therefore, I downloaded a free ASP guestbook script a few days ago. Of course, I discovered after finally managing to alter the permissions on the database that it had almost no features (it didn't even have a name field) and thus started messing with the code to add the features I wanted. As it turned out, I actually managed to add an awful lot of stuff using Visual Basic and regular expressions despite having never used either of them before. o.o But yeah, the new guestbook is here, and I'd appreciate if you reported any bugs, difficulties or simply features you think it should have.

UPDATE EDIT: Chapter 30 of The Quest for the Legends is up, whee.

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01/11/06: o.O

*pokes everybody* Why does everybody just want me to write my fic? I included it more as a joke, thinking you were all getting tired of hearing about the fic all the time instead of getting actual updates, but apparently it's winning the poll nonetheless... Well, can't disappoint you all, can I? *goes to write... after homework*

But meh, I've finished the spriting guide completely now with the scratch spriting guide, and I've been working on the new fake Pokémon page.

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01/09/06: Funny.

Isn't it funny how I update many weekdays in a row, but in the weekend, exactly when I have the most time, I don't update?

But meh, all I did was make a new Almighty Random Poll. Then I've just been doing layout conversions.

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01/05/06: Free Layouts

I redid the free layouts to be valid HTML 4.01 Strict, have better instructions, be EVEN MORE styleless if just copied since some people apparently still didn't get it the way it was before, and last but not least, so the fixed-width one is using floats instead of a table (the exact same way, I might add, as the Voice of the Forest style).

I also redid the website tips and combined them with the "Site Stuff I Hate" section, since they were more or less the same thing except the website tips were "Do this" and the site stuff I hate was "Don't do that".

This is the fifth day in a row I update, by the way.

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01/04/06: Awards

The awards have been remade and kinda fused into one type of award. Hurry up and apply, everybody I've told to wait!

I also made a favicon (the little Butterfree head you should see in front of your address bar and on your tab if using Firefox, Opera or Netscape), mainly because I myself kept losing the site in my tabs, and contracted the menu a bit more.

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01/03/06: Voice of the Forest

It's been made clear on the poll that Voice of the Forest style would be made for the new layout, and now it's back in its full glory - as The Cave of Dragonflies' first completely image-based style.

*gasps are heard*

Yeah, I know nobody ever thought I'd do that. But I felt like trying, and after much frustration I managed to put it together, and I personally quite like it. *shrugs* Of course, that's just on my scale.

So yeah. Enjoy.

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01/02/06: Menu

I gave the menu a little revamp, so now it's not so atrociously long and quite a few sections are now placed more appropriately. Whee.

Aaaannnd... that's it.

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01/01/06: Happy new year

I updated the day before yesterday, just so you know. That update has of course been moved to the old updates.

Anyway, happy 2006. I've set myself the goal of receiving one million front page hits in the new year. (Good luck to myself with that...)

My list of New Year's Thanks for 2005, since that has turned into a tradition for the site, in no particular order except the order in which I thought of them:

  • Nidokingu, for being sweet and wonderful for the whole year
  • My dad, for helping me with stuff
  • Dannichu, for putting up with my arrest-worthy laziness at replying to e-mails
  • The people who put up with my endless perfectionism and general annoyingness
  • The people who actually read the FAQ before contacting me
  • All the entertaining people I've talked to on instant messengers
  • Everybody who takes the time to read all my ranty content
  • Everybody who takes the time to visit my site at all
  • Everybody. Really. I love you all. Let's make a big happy family. No, just kidding.

Yay. Now with my corny list over, I'll unfortunately have to tell you I haven't updated anything except a little bit more of the writing guide, which I'm revising. Have a nice year.

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