Fun in Cyberspace

By Dannichu

Disclaimer: Pokémon and all the Pokémon characters aren’t mine. However, I’m willing to take it of Satoshi’s hands if he wants…

Dedication: To all the authors at the Pokémon tower – Especially Bayleef, Angelical Proportions, Jolt and Togepretty. And the other best author ever: Butterfree! ^_^

Also, Sarah the Swinub, who set me the hardest challenge since question fourteen in that math test two years ago… how was I supposed to know what the factors of eighty-seven were?

Actually, I set her the same challenge with different phrases, and you can go and read that…after you read this and review it. Okay? Good.

Author’s notes:

Heh heh… I’m leaving my other insane fic for the minute, and am doing another fic. I will finish the other one, I promise, or my name’s not Dannichu.

Sarah: Uhh…Your real name is actually Danielle, so you wouldn’t be lying if you didn’t finish it.

Do you mind?! First you go and set me this stupid challenge, and then you interrupt and tell everyone my real name!!!

Sarah: Uhh…*Runs away*

Anyway, Sarah the Swinub set me a challenge: I have to fit all twenty of the below sentences into a short Pokémon fic. Sheesh… this will not be easy…

  1. There’s a fork in my eye!
  2. ____, your head fell off!
  3. Nooo! The bins are coming!
  4. My brother can fit 30 grapes in his mouth at once!
  5. I have some Sunflora in a vase.
  6. PLEASE tell me that is lemon juice!!!
  7. Uh…____, wearing ketchup on your head went out of fashion years ago.
  8. Is it possible to commit suicide with a dictionary?
  9. No, chess does not involve the postal service.
  10. It is I, Omelette the cheese Danish!
  11. Tom Jones is a robot!
  12. Nine vertical pies.
  13. Dance in front of the town hall with teacups and biscuits.
  14. I have an uncle who can sneeze the national anthem.
  15. Okay, who ate all the supplies? ___, I know it was you!
  16. Destroy. All. Living.
  17. I didn’t know it was possible to mutate into a textbook. Interesting.
  18. ____ ate all my clothes!
  19. Watcha gonna do? You are made of fluff and you cuddle Jigglypuff!
  20. It wasn’t me! It was that rock! Look at the evil glint in its eye!

This should be interesting…

*Yawn* “Oh man…what time is it…*looks at watch* 2 AM?! *sighs* Well now’s a good time than never for writing…

Okay, some of my favorite Pokémon from the TV show are going on holiday. They are; Pikachu, Pichu, Charmander, Togepi, Totodile, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. I like using the ones everybody knows. I am also writing this in script form, it makes things easier for the poor, poor author. Also, I use ideas from that episode of The Simpsons: Homer cubed. I love that episode!

Everybody ready? Good. This story will be insaaaaane…

Pikachu: Whew, we’re finally here!
Pichu: Where is ‘here’?
Pikachu: I’m not really sure. Where are we?
Squirtle: I don’t know, we just left for vacation for a few days.
Bulbasaur: That airplane food was horrible! Yuck!
Togepi: Watcha gonna do? You are made of fluff and you cuddle Jigglypuff!
Bulbasaur: You cuddle a cuddly toy Cleffa every night!
Togepi: So? I’m little. I can get away with it.
Totodile: So, now we’re at the airport. What do we do now?
Charmander: I’m not really sure. Does anybody have any ideas?
Pichu: I have some Sunflora in a vase! *holds up vase*
Charmander: Fascinating as that is, it won’t help.
Pichu: Okay, then. Bye, guys! *Sunflora wander away*
Squirtle: Maybe finding out where the heck we are might just help.
Everyone: Yeah.
Totodile: *Points to Kadabra in airport uniform* He might know.
Pikachu: Yeah, let’s go and ask him.
Squirtle: Excuse me?
Kadabra I…see things…
Bulbasaur: What things?
Kadabra: Many…things…
Charmander: Do you know where we are?
Kadabra: So many things…
Pichu: Uhh…
Togepi: Are you okay?
Kadabra: *leaps about ten feet in the air* You! I know you! You are the angel of death, aren’t you?
Togepi: *Backs away* No.
Kadabra: *runs away, screaming* Nooo! The bins are coming!
Squirtle: That was disturbing.
Totodile: Maybe someone outside can help us.
Bulbasaur: C’mon, lets go.
Everyone: *walks out of airport, then stops and stand there in disbelief, mouths open*
Pikachu: Help. Me.
Pichu: Where is everything?
Bulbasaur: There is nothing. I think we’re in cyberspace.
Squirtle: Am I alone in thinking that we should get back into the airport?
Charmander: Let’s go back. Now.
Everyone: *Turns around to find that the airport has disappeared, leaving them floating around in a black space; even thought they can see, there is no light source, and they can stand, even though there is nothing to stand on*
Squirtle: Oh, ****.
Pikachu: Hey, watch your language!
Pichu: That’s what you’re worried about?!
Bulbasaur: Ouch! That hurt! Oh, heck that hurt.
Charmander: Ack! Bulbasaur, your head fell off!
Bulbasaur: I noticed.
Totodile: How’s he still talking?
Bulbasaur: I don’t know! Help! Help me!!!
Pichu: I don’t know, but I wish he couldn’t.
Togepi: Squirtle, is that natural?
Bulbasaur: I didn’t know it was possible to mutate into a textbook. Interesting.
Pikachu: What’s happening?!
Charmander: It is obviously the evil and cruel attack of the nine vertical pies.
Togepi: Really?
Charmander: NO!!! How should I know?!
Totodile: I’m hungry.
Squirtle: I have been transformed into a geometry textbook and Bulbasaur has lost his head and all you can think about is FOOD?!!
Pikachu: Actually, I feel really hungry right now.
Squirtle: Now you mention it, so do I! What’s happening?!
Bulbasaur: I don’t know, but I HAVE to eat something! Now!
Pikachu: How will you do that? You have no mouth! Not anymore!
Togepi: I have never felt so hungry in all my life!!!
Squirtle: You ate all my clothes!
Bulbasaur: You don’t have any clothes! You don’t need any!!!
Charmander: Let’s not go there.
Pikachu: I may have something… Okay, who ate all the supplies? Pichu, I know it was you!
Pichu: It wasn’t me! It was that rock! Look at the evil glint in its eye!
Bulbasaur: What rock?! I see no rock!
Squirtle: Duh. You have no eyes anymore. Whoever made you lose your head should have taken away your ability to talk, too!
Bulbasaur: I can see! You’re a textbook on geometry and you can see just fine!
Squirtle: True.
Totodile: But there is a rock, just there. How did that happen?
Pikachu: Look! I see grass! Growing over there!
Pichu: I see a tree, a small one, but it’s a tree!
Charmander: I see a bush!
Bulbasaur: I see birds!
Togepi: I see Tom Jones!
Everyone: What?!
Tom Jones: Destroy. All. Living.
Pikachu: Ack! Help!
Tom Jones: Kill. Exterminate.
Squirtle: He’s coming this way!
Tom Jones: Obliterate. Kill. Annihilate.
Totodile: He has an axe! He’s gonna kill us all!
Pikachu: Chuuuuuuuu!!! *Thunderbolts Tom Jones*
Tom Jones: *breaks into little pieces, then joins back together*
Pichu: Help! Tom Jones is a robot!
Togepi: Help! There’s a fork in my eye!
Everyone: What?!
Togepi: Made you look! ^-^
Everyone: *Faints*
Pichu: C’mon, together!
Pikachu and Pichu: CHHHUUUUUUUUUU!!!
Tom Jones: *Falls to bits again, but fixes back together* Eradicate. Eliminate.
Totodile: Come on Squirtle! Let’s do a water attack!
Squirtle: Uhh… I’m a textbook. Do I look like I’m going to be using Hydro-Pump anytime soon?
Totodile: Guess not, I’ll have to try but myself, then! To…TOOOOOOO!!!
Tom Jones: *Falls over, breaks on a rock, but comes back together* Exterminate.
Togepi: This is like Fantasia, except it’s Tom Jones, not a broom!
Squirtle: If he’s a robot, the fire will melt metal! Steel is weak to fire!!!
Pikachu: Yeah! Charmander, you have to go!
Charmander: Can I do one thing first?
Pikachu: Whatever, but do it quickly!!!
Charmander: Can I have you autograph, Mr. Jones, please?
Tom Jones: Destroy. All.
Charmander: Waahh!!! You’re horrible! CHARRRRRRR!!!
Tom Jones: *melts into a pile of goop which evaporates, leaving a big, empty, white space in the blackness of the cyberspace*
Squirtle: What’s that?
Bulbasaur: A big, empty, white space in the blackness of the cyberspace.
Pichu: Freaky.
Totodile: Is it me, or is the hole getting bigger?
Togepi: It is! I’m scared!
Charmander: What’s down there? *leans slightly over to look* WOW!
Bulbasaur: What? Lemme see! *looks as well* Wow! That is so scary! Where are their outlines?!
Squirtle: *floats over (he’s still a textbook, remember?)* Ack! That is really, really scary!
Totodile: *runs over and bashes into Charmander* Ow!
Charmander: *Falls over and into hole* AAARRRGGHHH!!!
Everyone: *falls into the white hole* AAARRRGGHHH!!! *Bashes into the roof of a house*
Pikachu: ACK!!! Where the heck are we?!
Squirtle: My body! I’m a Squirtle again!!!
Bulbasaur: I have my head back! Yay!
Charmander: Look at the shading around us! The color! The absence of outlines!
Pichu: The three-dimensionalness of it all!!!
Totodile: Where are we? What should we do?!
Squirtle: Dance in front of the town hall with teacups and biscuits!
Togepi: Biscuits! Yay!
Pikachu: Okay. We’re stuck on top of a 3-D building, possible in the dreaded real world. We need to get back. Badly.
Bulbasaur: Any idea how???
Pikachu: *sigh* I’m open to suggestions…
Pichu: We could kill ourselves!
Togepi: *whips put a dictionary* This is all I have. Is it possible to commit suicide with a dictionary?
Charmander: I think not.
Pichu: We could sit around playing board games!
Squirtle: Board games?
Bulbasaur: I have chess!
Togepi: How do you play? I’ll look it up in my dictionary! Here we are…
Pikachu: *peers into Togepi’s dictionary* No, chess does not involve the postal service.
Togepi: How was I supposed to know? I can’t read!
Charmander: Can we put away our various chess sets and dictionaries and think of some way to get down from this freaky place and back to the Pokémon world?! Please?!
Pichu: *mutters* Spoilsport…
Bulbasaur: I’ll lower you all down using my vines.
Charmander: Good idea. Okay, do Pichu and Togepi first.
Bulbasaur: *uses his vines to lower Pichu and Togepi into the street below*
Pikachu: You okay?
Togepi: Yeah, it is so freaky, though!
Bulbasaur *lifts down everyone else down, one by one, and finally lowers himself*
Charmander: This is so freaky!
Pichu: I wanna go home!
Pikachu: I don’t have a clue how we’ll manage that, how on earth will we get back? The weird portal we came in from has vanished!
Totodile: *points at a man walking by* We could ask him!
Squirtle: Go on then.
Totodile: Why me?
Squirtle: You suggested it.
Totodile: So? You go and do it!
Pikachu: Sheesh, I’ll go do it, you chickens!
Totodile & Squirtle: *Phew*
Pikachu: Excuse me-
Man: AAARRRGGHHH!!! What the heck is that?!! *runs away*
Pichu: That went well.
Bulbasaur: Let’s go and find someone else to ask.
Squirtle: No way! The people here are too weird! Look at their eyes! They’re CIRCULAR for crying out loud!
Togepi: And their mouths aren’t triangular!
Bulbasaur: But we have to go!
Squirtle: No we don’t!
Bulbasaur: Yes we do!
Squirtle: Why should I listen to you?!
Bulbasaur: Because I’m right!
Squirtle: WHAT?! I’m always right!
Togepi: I can dance the hula!
Pikachu: What did that have to do with anything?
Pichu: My brother can fit 30 grapes in his mouth at once!
Togepi: I have an uncle who can sneeze the national anthem!
Squirtle: I had a friend in the Squirtle squad who could-
Pikachu: Can we get back to the point of getting back home?! PLEASE?!!?!
Bulbasaur: How, then?
Togepi: I’m hungry…
Charmander: We are really wandering off topic.
Pichu: I’m thirsty… Hang on… Ta-da! *holds up a bottle of yellow liquid*
Totodile: PLEASE tell me that is lemon juice!!!
Pichu: Eeeww… It’s juice *drinks it*.
Bulbasaur: So how will we get back?!
Charmander: I don’t know *sigh* I think we’re stuck here…
Togepi: Waaahhhhh!!!
Pikachu: What is THAT?!?!
Bulbasaur: What?
Squirtle: Wow, it sure can move!
Pichu: It’s coming this way!
Pikachu: *watches speeding thing stop in front of them* ACK! It’s Kadabra!!!
Kadabra: It is I, Omelette the cheese Danish!
Togepi: Omelette?
Kadabra: With ketchup! *puts ketchup all over himself*
Pichu: Uh… Kadabra, wearing ketchup on your head went out of fashion years ago.
Togepi: You…dare…Omelette…
Kadabra: Omelette! Made of egg!
Togepi: Egg…KILL!!! *launches himself at Kadabra*
Kadabra: FOOLISH MORTAL!!! *uses psychic on Togepi*
Everyone: AAARRRGGHHH!!! *vanish completely and then reappear in a flash of light*
Squirtle: …Where are we?
Charmander: Uhh… I think… we may have got back home!
Pikachu: Only one way to find out! Pichu, say something stupid!
Pichu: *sings* -And then I go and spoil is all by sayin’ somethin’ stupid live I lovvvve you…
Pikachu: *sweat-drops* YESSSSSS!!! I sweat dropped! We’re back in the Pokémon world!!!
Bulbasaur: You are so weird.
Pikachu: I know.


The end.

More authors notes:

Boogie! I finished another one! Don’t I rule?!

Hee…That was fun. I liked the Kadabra in the story. He was insane. Like anyone you might know? :p

Anyway, pleeezzze review! If you don’t, I’ll… set Sarah the Swinub on you! Hah! Bet you’re scared now!

Till the next fic,



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