Contact Me

Want to get in contact with me? No problem.

Please read the FAQ, or at least briefly glance over the list of questions in it, to see if I've already answered your question there. I'd greatly appreciate if you tried not to send me chain letters or invitations to social networking sites or games - if you often send those kinds of things to your entire contact list, it may be better not to put me on your contact list.


My e-mail address is If I don't know you or we've only spoken a couple of times, please introduce yourself at the start and tell me how you know me - if you're reading this, you'll probably want to mention you visited my website, for instance.

I check my e-mail very regularly and usually respond quickly; if you send me a question, ask for help with something, etc., and I haven't answered within 48 hours, feel free to e-mail me again.

I'm on Discord and that's the best way to talk to me in real time these days, but I don't accept random friend requests out of nowhere, so if you'd like to talk to me on Discord, please e-mail me first with your username and explain what you want to talk about.

Other Means of Contact

I frequent my own forums and the Thousand Roads forums daily. If you send me a private message on either one, I will definitely see it and should respond promptly.

Meanwhile, if you have a query or comment that would make sense to answer in public, you can post it in the guestbook, on the Facebook page, tweet to the Cave of Dragonflies Twitter account or my personal Twitter, or throw me an ask on Tumblr.

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