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What's the difference?

Basically, I made this section because some webmasters are really confused about things. So...

What's the difference between...

...forums and websites?

Forums are the things with posts, members, ranks, moderators, spam, threads, censoring, banning and other stuff. They are made up by the members, not the administrator, which is why I don't affiliate with forums or give them awards. Forums aren't something the owner has worked on.

Websites, on the other hand, have sections with written stuff the visitors can't edit or add to, all made by a webmaster and maybe some co-owners.

...a moderator and an administrator?

Moderators can usually modify posts, ban members and that kind of stuff. The administrator(s) can change everything, including the look of the forums.

...links and affiliates?

When somebody is your affiliate, it means that you asked them if they'd like to be your affiliate, they said yes and then you're on their affiliate list and they're on yours. Links are just links to other sites that don't link to you (or they maybe do, but not on the list of affiliates).

...forums and chatrooms?

In forums, you usually have signatures, avatars, profiles and need to sign up, and you post, then your post appears in a special thread where anyone can view it, anytime (unless the post is deleted). In chatrooms, the entries appear in real-time. Once you get on the chat, you start seeing everything everyone says, but you can't see anything said before you signed on. On a forum, you should speak properly, but in a chatroom you might want to try to type fast.

...n00bs and newbies?

"Newbie" just refers to a new person. It's 1337 form "n00b", on the other hand, is an insult. It does not mean a new person, but rather somebody who, in the speaker's opinion, acts immature and annoying. It's not meant to mean a new person.

...chatspeak and 1337?

Chatspeak is made as shorthand. It's simply for quicker typing and can be rather annoying to read. 1337 is a thing of its own; it refers to various intentional spelling errors and usage of numbers in place of letters that do not shorten the word except maybe very minorly. 1337 normally indicates sarcasm; "ph33r meh" obviously does not mean that the person is seriously asking to be feared, but rather means it as a joke.

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