Magikarp: the Gathering

This game is a little weird, so explanations are needed.

Once you click the button below, you will have thirty minutes to play, during which some pages of this website will be slightly... different. Your job is to browse around the site finding where the clues point you - strange links that weren't there before, cryptic comments in the source code, special form input that activates something different. The clues start to coalesce into a theme, until it turns into a quirky little plot involving the site mascots.

Although there is a time limit, you don't necessarily have to finish the game in one sitting - the time limit is mostly to ensure that the site will go back to normal if you stop playing. Just get as far as you can, and when the time runs out, come back here and start over, knowing where you have to go and what to do to get where you were before. At one point in the middle, there is a "save point", which you can get back to immediately without doing the preceding steps.

To complete this game, you'll probably want to be familiar with:

  • This website and the content on it generally.
  • The main-series Pokémon games and the Pokémon, items, locations, features, etc. found in them.
  • URL manipulation - that is, manually editing the URL in your web browser's address bar to get to a different page without being linked to it. (You'll never have to exit this site, though - anything you have to type in is going to be[something].)
  • Some slightly more technical features in your web browser, in particular viewing the source code of a page (Ctrl+U/Cmd+U on most systems). This means that unfortunately, this game is difficult to play on mobile devices at the moment. I may rectify this at some point.
  • General common sense and problem-solving skills, of course!

Have fun!

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