Magikarp: the Gathering

Okay, this game is a bit weird, so explanations are needed.

It starts off being an aimless, Clue Game-like thing, except that each clue points you to an ordinary page of the site that (temporarily while you play the game) contains the next clue, by which I mean the page might suddenly have text, links or source comments that weren't there before. (At later stages you might also need to use direct URL manipulation.) Then the clues begin to hint towards a plot, which you are then thrust violently into, and then the game turns into somewhat of a text adventure towards the end. So don't be alarmed when the game seems to bound off in a completely different stylistic direction. That's a kind of style in itself.

Generally the most useful previous knowledge to have is to be very familiar with the sections on this site, but general Pokémon knowledge also helps. And common sense and problem-solving skills, of course.

You have thirty minutes to finish the game, but at one point there is a "save point" where it will tell you how to get back there immediately if you have to start over. The time limit is so that you won't just find the clues sometime while randomly browsing the site; you're not actually expected to finish the whole game in one sitting. In fact, I expect this to be mostly a community co-operation game: you can play with groups of friends or just join the people at the forums in solving it. Or, if you want the challenge, you can do it alone too. Have it however you like.

Oh, and have fun.

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