On this page, you will find generators and other tools that make life easier for webmasters and maybe others. Feel free to link straight to them if you believe somebody could use them; however, do not claim them as yours or copy the scripts to your own website.

Pokémon List Generator

If you're going to make any sort of a list of Pokémon, this will help.

Small explanation of how it works: You put in the format of your list according to the instructions provided there, pick which Pokémon generations the list should include, pick the Pokédex it should order by, and then press Generate List.

Example? Say you want a list of all the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn Pokémon in this format:

  • 001: Bulbasaur
  • 002: Ivysaur
  • 003: Venusaur

Then you'd put in <li><strong>%[3number]%</strong>: %[name]%</li>, uncheck Sinnoh and Unova from the included generations, and order by National Pokédex. Press Generate List, and the program generates the HTML for the list for you so all you need to do is copy and paste and wrap ul tags around it. You can also do this for drop-down lists, links, sprite archives, etc. Credit to me for the list is not required, although I'd always be delighted if you took the time to link back. And don't claim you wrote the list out manually by yourself. That's just dishonest.

Pokémon Sprite Generators

This tool can be used to generate one, two or three random Pokémon or to quickly access sprites for one, two or three Pokémon for something you need. All the sprites are straight from the games, so you don't need to give credit for them. It can give you sprites from any main series game, depending on your choice.

Pokémon Sprites

Many sites have Pokémon sprites for download, but I go a step further and actually have multiple packages for different naming schemes for the filenames. You can pick whichever one you prefer at this page.

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