Steel Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Steel type with this quiz!

Some questions require you to select exactly one answer from a set of radio buttons, while others provide a set of checkboxes and may require you to check one, many, or even none of them.

Question 1

Which types of attacks will deal neutral damage to Scizor?

Question 2

How many Steel-types were added in the second generation?

Question 3

The Steel-type is resistant to one or more types which are not resisted by any other type. Which type or types?

Question 4

What are Steelix's weaknesses?

Question 5

Which of the Steel Pokémon are typewise completely immune to attacks of exactly two different types?

Question 6

What is the name of Jirachi's signature move?

Question 7

Forretress is resistant to...

Question 8

Which Steel-types can use Baton Pass?

Question 9

Skarmory is weak to...

Question 10

A Pokémon from Red is traded to Crystal, trained to level 100, and traded to Gold while holding a Metal Coat. In the Gold game, the Pokémon is a Steel-type - which one? (Check all possibilities)


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