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12/30/10: Ha! I made it!

Chapter 14 (the final chapter) of Morphic is up. I told you I'd finish it in 2010! (Ignore the part where I also claimed I was going to finish it in 2009. That never happened.)

UPDATE EDIT (12/31/10): Also realized I had yet to update the evolution list with the most recently released batch of English names, so I did.

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12/19/10: AAP Cleanup

Still here and absolutely not dead. I've been busy with tests, work and trying to finish the final chapter of Morphic before the end of the year, but I never forgot about this website and have in fact been planning a couple of sections (if you've been visiting this site for very long, you have probably learned to be skeptical when I tell you I'm planning new sections, but I'm going to make these, honestly).

Meanwhile, I randomly rewrote the Why Do We Like It? AAP article and took down the old "Is Pokémon Dead?" article because it was getting way old (last updated in 2006) and kind of irrelevant as Pokémon fans become less and less a closeted group of freaks and more and more a group of awesome college geeks. I also summarized the relevant content of "AAP: The Cause" in a couple of paragraphs on the AAP index and took the former page down, because it just seemed kind of silly and extraneous.

Oh, and on a slightly related note, I added a 'question' to the About the Movie Reviews page, "What's With the Hate?"

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11/22/10: English starter names

I've updated the fifth-generation starters' names in the evolution list to the official English names revealed today.

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11/09/10: Type coverage

I've added a function to the Ultimate Type Tool that lets you find which type combos resist (or are immune to) all of some types you specify - in other words, you can use it to find out quickly how good of a neutral coverage your moves have, or what sorts of Pokémon you might want to add to your team to counter its main weaknesses. Right now it only goes for resistances, since I couldn't really think of any way it could be useful to find out how many type combos are weak to all of some moves.

UPDATE EDIT: Also added, for the functions that return type combinations, the option to return only type combinations that actually exist, i.e. there is a Pokémon with those types (in any order) as of the fifth generation. Naturally, no combos involving custom types will come up if you check this.

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11/08/10: BACHURU

I made a new Almighty Random Poll. It is obviously extremely important. Yes.

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11/07/10: B/W Evolutions

Hey, guys. I've added the fifth-generation Pokémon to the evolution list, mostly because I was really starting to need that myself. Since that means Japanese names, I'm using direct wapuro romanizations (same as veekun) for all Pokémon that don't have an official English name yet and, to compensate for the inevitable confusion when people search for "Musharna" and nothing comes up (it's Mushaana, for the record), I'm including the National Pokédex numbers for the B/W Pokémon with the names. If I made a typo somewhere, please let me know, but again, the names are supposed to be that way; unless there's a difference in the name listed here and the name shown on veekun (except for Zoroark, since that's been confirmed as its actual English name), don't report it.

UPDATE EDIT: Also added fifth-generation information to the Fun Facts page where appropriate.

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11/02/10: Eight Years

It's been eight years today
since I made you, so yay?
Happy birthday, dear website!
Looks like you're here to stay.

I've been running this website for eight years now, or nearly two fifths of my life. Whoo.

Unfortunately I am crazily busy right now, with university homework, work I'm way behind on, NaNoWriMo, and the distractingness of my White (which finally arrived), and this all comes together to create a Butterfree who unfortunately doesn't foresee being able to do anything interesting for her site today. Sorry. At least I updated just a few days ago and have other stuff in the works, so I don't feel that guilty.

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10/28/10: Content-Writing for Dummies

The other one of those sections I was talking about, Content-Writing for Dummies, is up. If you think I should go into more detail on any part of it, by the way, tell me; I'd be happy to. I'm also considering going a little more into good style in general, but that may be something for later.

I'm going to London tomorrow to attend the London MCM Expo. If you're going, I'm all for saying hi if we happen to find each other. Details on how to spot us will hopefully be posted on my Twitter.

Oh, yeah, and if you're having trouble accessing the forums, it's a domain issue. The alternate URL works fine, so use that until forums.dragonflycave.com becomes usable again (my dad owns the domain registration account, so he has to go fix it, but he's abroad at the moment; I've already e-mailed him to do it when he has the chance).

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10/18/10: Training in HG/SS

10/17/10: Minor Update

I'm working on (and pretty far ahead with) two new sections that should be coming sometime in the next few days, but in the meanwhile I fixed the Gen IV Locations to show only locations that actually have some encounters in the fourth generation in the drop-down.

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10/15/10: The Legend of Thunder

Slightly belated thanks to, ahem, extremely important things and totally not my tendency to get distracted by websites like Cracked, here's the Legend of Thunder review. Includes my idea of what the Pokémon anime ought to be like, links to TV Tropes, my overanalyzing of a villain's facial expressions, and a bunch of Japanese names, because I decided to temporarily retract my dub name policy.

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10/10/10: Cool date

And on the topic of dates, I went and tweaked a bunch of things on the Zodiac page. First of all the backstory is a bit changed, somewhat better worded, makes Deoxys a bit more sympathetic and changes the order of things around a bit (since it doesn't make sense that Magikarp were powerful until after the creation of Mewtwo). Second, I rearranged the actual section a little and made the Zodiac images so that you can click each one of them individually (if you have Javascript enabled) to get a full copy-pasteable code for it, since in my experience nobody ever bothers to upload the image to an image host. Also, the Platinum/HG/SS alternate forms now work.

Speaking of the Zodiac, I've been mapping out the fifth-generation Zodiac, and I think all that's left now is distributing the Pokémon across the days, unless it turns out I've made some horrible oversight that renders all the work so far void. Of course, distributing the Pokémon is probably the most time-consuming part of it, but hey! At this rate I could theoretically have it out for, say, the site's eighth birthday on the second of November. That would require using the Japanese names for the fifth-generation Pokémon, which I'm not too keen on (I'd have to edit everything with the English names once they're out anyway), but still, it's a possibility.

If you're wondering where that Legend of Thunder review I've been promising to do is, it's actually more than halfway done, and I was going to finish that when my brain suddenly went "Let's fiddle with the Zodiac!" My brain is annoying like that. Hopefully it'll be done tomorrow.

Also, incidentally, a couple of days ago my Play-Asia affiliate earnings passed seventy dollars, enough to actually buy a Japanese Black/White of my own. So now I have a free White version coming in the mail. :D I consider it a gift from all of you who used my links to import. Thanks, guys! You are awesome. <3 This could potentially lead to some Black/White content after it arrives (such as B/W Changes); we'll see.

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09/19/10: New Poll

There's a new Almighty Random Poll, since people have been bothering me (rightly) about how it was getting kind of outdated. It's rather boring - just an updated version of the old poll, really - but hey.

I'm in the process of getting all the sprites; might update with B/W sprite packages reasonably soon. I also need to make a B/W sprite generator. Or rather, I really need to make a generalized sprite generator that can get sprites from whichever game you want.

UPDATE EDIT: I added a couple of questions to the FAQ and changed the "Pre-Order" in the Play-Asia links to "Buy", since the games are out properly now.

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09/11/10: Miscellaneous Edits

I've just made a whole bunch of minor edits to several pages, including fixing a couple of errors that were reported ages ago (the style drop-down in Roar of Time style being white with white text in Chrome, the Day-Care couple conspiracy theory saying they're childless when they have a grandchild in HG/SS, and a confusing wording in one of the crossword clue explanations) and some random wording tweaks.

I also got done with those affiliation and site rating requests. There were a couple of award requests also, but I've actually decided to discontinue the awards, so I'm afraid those won't be responded to.

The reasons for this are simple. First, website awards are becoming less and less common; fewer sites are offering awards, and fewer sites have sections with awards they've won (I took down my own ages ago, for instance). This in itself makes the awards kind of obsolete; a webmaster would have to make an awards section pretty much only to put my award on, which is just kind of a waste of space. Back when I originally created my awards, every other Pokémon site out there was offering awards and everyone had a section with awards they'd won; it was a lot more natural at the time.

Second, what the awards were was pretty much "a site rating, except I also make a silly little image that you can put on your site somewhere". I'm not that fond of giving out ego boosts; the main point of the awards was to encourage people to do better by giving them something to aspire towards. I think affiliation is pretty much doing the awards' job at that by now, though, as my affiliation standards are pretty high (and it's pretty much "a site rating, except I also put your link on my site if I really like it"); getting to put The Cave of Dragonflies' link button under Affiliates on your site serves pretty much the same purpose as an award and has a broader application.

I may possibly do something in that direction again, but for now I think the awards were basically extraneous, so yeah, they're gone. Sorry if you wanted one.

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09/07/10: Locations

I just fixed an obscurely minor little thing in the Gen IV Locations, namely how if you typed a location name into the autocomplete box and then pressed Enter immediately to go to the first matched location, it would use the currently selected terrain instead of the terrains available for the first matched location. Now it will first get the available terrains for the location and then properly submit the form.

About to go through some affiliation requests, so if you sent one in at some point since June, you can expect a reply reasonably soon.

Legend of Thunder review coming whenever I get around to it. Then there's the HG/SS Places to Train, which I should probably finish at some point before everybody stops caring about HG/SS and starts playing Black and White instead.

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09/03/10: Mewtwo Returns

Okay, that took a little longer than I'd hoped, but here's the review of Mewtwo Returns. *dodges inevitable tomatoes*

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08/31/10: Been a Month

Ugh. Sorry for the lack of... things.

But, well, yeah. I've been working, and that leaves considerably less free time than the relaxation of university, plus general other stuff to do, such as writing.

The good news is I'm back at university now, and I'm working on the review of Mewtwo Returns. The bad news is that I was going to finish it today to have something to show for the month of August, but then I got distracted making the beginnings of a mafia hack on the forums and spent all day on that instead. So uh, go play mafia? And I'll do everything in my power to get the review up tomorrow.

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08/01/10: Some Polishing

I've been continuing to improve the user interface of the Gen IV Locations. Now there is also an autocomplete textbox (if you have Javascript enabled) where you can quickly type in the location name you want, there's a bit of an explanation when you first enter the page, and the condition options will only appear for tables where those conditions actually exist. Finally, for when you use the drop-down, I ordered it in alphabetical order, which isn't perfect but hopefully somewhat more useful than before.

Now, as it has become strictly superior to the old D/P/Pt locations page as far as I can tell, I figured I might as well get rid of that and just let this one officially replace it, so the old one is now gone from the menu.

UPDATE EDIT: Somehow I forgot about the Places to Train part; I've now put that in its own section here as promised. As I've been saying, I will make one for HG/SS as well once I've finalized the location tool satisfactorily.

UPDATE EDIT (2): I believe I've finished the Where and Notes for all the locations now.

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07/31/10: More fixing, Black and White

I fixed another error that was coming up on the Gen IV Locations page for some locations, and I really hope that's the last one, but if it isn't, by all means tell me.

Also, I've switched the HG/SS Play-Asia links for new ones for pre-ordering Black and White. If you're planning to import the Japanese version of one of them and like this site, do it through these links. I mean, why not? You get the game you want, I get a minuscule amount of money. Win-win.

UPDATE EDIT: I've improved the interface of the Gen IV Locations a bit by making the terrain menu hide terrains that don't actually apply to the location you've selected. This is Javascript, so it doesn't work if you don't have it enabled, but of course it's still usable without this feature. I've also been adding Where and Notes for a lot of locations.

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07/25/10: Little Things

Well, first, the HG/SS Locations now have Where and Notes information for those locations I've written it for so far (all the D/P/Pt locations and some of the HG/SS ones). This will be updated in real time as I get around to entering more information. Also, I fixed a mistake in the code that made for instance Route 4 show an error.

Second, a_magical_me graciously corrected a couple of additional things in the capture mechanics which have now been fixed.

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07/24/10: Capture Mechanical Stuff

I'm still working on adding to the HG/SS Locations (writing the Where and Notes information for all the locations across all five fourth-generation games is taking some time), but meanwhile today I randomly went and fiddled with the capture mechanics section for the ilcoeth time: all the technical stuff about Y and wobbles and all that has been moved below the explanation of the formula for X (under the heading "Throwing a Ball"), that technical stuff has been updated with a much prettier simplified formula for Y, and some bits have been generally reworded to be clearer. Finally, I went and commented the catch rate calculator Javascript, for no particular reason except that commenting code is good and I need to do more of it.

Of course, I'll be continuing to work on the HG/SS Locations and am hoping to get a more finalized, easy-to-use version up by the end of the month at the latest.

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07/07/10: HG/SS Locations

All right, I have finally finished the HG/SS Locations section. Which... isn't actually HG/SS Locations so much as D/P/Pt/HG/SS locations.

The table display is mostly the same as in the old D/P Locations; the big difference is that there aren't two hundred tables on one hugeamongous page. The big difference in the backend is that this time it's actually interacting with a database in real-time instead of being a static pregenerated page, which is in all respects more sensible, and that the code is one heck of a lot neater than the headache it used to be.

It's awfully rough at the moment; I'm going to Germany until the seventeenth, though, so I figured I might as well put it up in its current state before I go and refine it later. Among other things, I will be adding the "Where" and "Notes" that the old section had, there will be Places to Train for HG/SS (as its own section, though; I'll also be splitting off the D/P Places to Train into its own section), there will be an additional tool for finding all locations where a particular Pokémon appears (across all five versions) and where it's easiest to find, and I'll be finding some way to make finding the location you want less cumbersome. At least in some browsers, selecting a drop-down box and starting to type a name will automatically select the appropriate option for you, so be sure to utilize that.

Suggestions for other stuff to add or fix while I'm gone would be great.

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06/11/10: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

The twelfth movie review is up.

I've also been through my affiliation/etc. queue, which also means some stuff people submitted for In-Game Humour has been added, and as usual when I go over affiliation requests, I went and tweaked/added some things in the various webmaster sections. And finally, happily, I've gotten veekun's database working on my computer and will be using that to make that HG/SS Locations section I was talking about, as well as probably revamping the D/P/Pt Locations while I'm at it.

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05/31/10: The Penultimate Peril of the Pokémorphs

Morphic it is. Here's Chapter 13. I should warn you this is a very brutal and violent chapter and if you were hoping for sunshine and rainbows you should probably stay very far away from it.

If you read the update heading, yes, this is the second-to-last chapter. And yes, that is a reference to A Series of Unfortunate Events.

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05/16/10: Giratina and the Sky Warrior

The eleventh movie review is up at last. I've also been adding to and modifying the HG/SS Changes section pretty much constantly since the last update, so if you only saw it then, stuff has probably been added.

Next up is either the twelfth movie review or a HG/SS Locations section. Or chapter thirteen of Morphic.

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04/29/10: HG/SS Changes

And I have finally, finally finished the HG/SS Changes section. For now. I know I forgot a bunch of things, because I kept remembering or noticing things when I wasn't at the computer that I'd forgotten by the time I had the opportunity to write it down, so please contact me and help fill in the gaps if you remember something not there. That's not to say it's woefully incomplete, though - it's long.

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04/13/10: Voltorb Flip Examples

I've added a couple of sample games to the Voltorb Flip guide I put up yesterday, just to demonstrate how the rules are applied in a real situation and give a better idea of how it all comes together.

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04/12/10: Voltorb Flip

My SoulSilver arrived, so I'm afraid I haven't been working on that movie review. On the plus side, however, the HG/SS Changes section is well underway, there are several new bits of In-Game Humour, and I've just finished a Voltorb Flip guide created because most people don't seem to be taking the logic of it more than halfway. This game is not mostly luck, people! My guide doesn't even mention guessing until nine tenths down the page!

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04/04/10: HG/SS Capture Mechanics

And the promised update to confirm the HG/SS data for the capture mechanics is here, with many, many thanks to a_magical_me. This is actually pretty fascinating stuff; while the workings of most of the balls are technically indeed the same as that G/S/C data and I seem to remember it being previously reported somewhere that the Fast Ball now gives its bonus for Pokémon with a base Speed of at least 100, what we just realized (and tested, mind you) is that unlike the other balls that use the built-in ball bonus multiplier in the formula, the Apricorn balls can never give a Pokémon a better catch rate than 33% at full health! Seriously, go take a look. This is cool and you haven't seen it anywhere else.

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04/03/10: Capture Mechanics

I've updated the Capture Mechanics page, both to add in tentative HG/SS Apricorn ball information (though I'm kind of suspicious of it at the moment, as the only information on the subject I could find looks like it's simply copied from common fandom knowledge at the time of the original G/S/C), refine the catch rate calculator a little (now you can enter any percentage for the current HP as well as specifying 1 HP) and update the D/P/Pt information with corrections from a_magical_me, who actually disassembled the game's capture routine to find out that, gasp, Dusk Balls don't quite reign supreme to the extent the fandom has been trumpeting since D/P came out, and Quick Balls actually only give a bonus on the very first turn of the battle, and actually Nest Balls and Timer Balls have a smoothly changing capture rate instead of it changing every ten levels/turns. Why does the Pokémon fandom always have information confidently repeated everywhere that then turns out to have been wrong all along? You can see why I'm very iffy about those HG/SS catch rates. I would go do some testing myself to try to clear this up, but unfortunately my SoulSilver has not yet arrived. :/ But eh, the preliminary info is at least something, and a_magical_me was going to take a look at the HG/SS capture routine, so hopefully that can be updated to be accurate soon enough.

Ah, well. I think I'm going to go work on the eleventh movie review now, so that might be up in a few hours, but don't count on it.

EDIT: No movie review, but I did update the capture mechanics page again, since it turns out the game really treats the Pokémon's four attempts to break out of the ball realistically: that is, it stops generating random numbers as soon as one of them is greater than Y and allows the Pokémon to break out. This doesn't actually affect the final capture rate, since that still requires the game to generate four numbers less than or equal to Y, but it does affect the chances of each number of wobbles and makes a lot more logical sense than the way I was originally led to believe it worked.

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03/27/10: Small Stuff

I've been making some minor modifications, specifically correcting some errors, adding a little bit of In-Game Humour, and adding a section about the pronouns I use for Pokémon to the About the Movie Reviews page. Sorry about the lack of HG/SS Changes; I think it would be better to do it once I have the game, and since Iceland is marvelously behind in these things and apparently won't actually have it until two or three weeks from now, I gave up and ordered SoulSilver from Amazon. It's supposed to get here sometime in the first week of April. Look forward to it.

I've also more or less decided that in addition to the actual movie reviews, I also want to review the two feature-length special episodes, namely The Legend of Thunder and Mewtwo Returns. I'll probably put off those reviews until I'm done with all twelve proper movies so far, but yeah, unless something changes I'll be doing those as well. Before I wasn't sure I could actually do them thanks to my difficulties finding a subbed Japanese Mewtwo Returns (and it would be kind of awkward to review just one feature-length special out of the blue), but since I finally did, it's a lovely excuse to add to the upcoming review queue.

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03/20/10: The Rise of Darkrai

I've finished the review for the tenth movie, finally. Interestingly, it's actually the very shortest review so far, probably because a whole lot of the movie is padding that didn't really need to be mentioned in the synopsis.

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03/13/10: Splash Prepared

Since we're getting very close to three million front page hits, I whipped up a new splash that will take the current one's place once the counter gets there. It's not as artistic as I'd have liked, but to make up for it, it does introduce the site's newest mascot.

In other news, HeartGold and SoulSilver come out in the US tomorrow. Whoo. I won't be getting it until the European release, but I'll see what I can do with regards to getting the inevitable HG/SS Changes section up sometime next week anyway (it will have both changes from D/P and from G/S/C!). And I'll get that tenth movie review done, really.

UPDATE EDIT: Since we've passed the milestone, the new splash is here, and I've now added Quentin the Dialga plushie to the mascot page.

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02/26/10: Cookies!

I've slightly modified the style cookie system - namely, the cookie domain is now ".dragonflycave.com", which should mean that once the forums.dragonflycave.com subdomain gets working, the forums will be able to detect your main site style again. Unfortunately, at least for me, this meant my Firefox didn't actually change my style cookie when I switched styles, but instead created a new one (which was then ignored in favor of the old one when it came to actually detecting which style I'd chosen). Fortunately, this has a simple solution, namely just deleting the old cookie; if you're having problems with this, you can do so by clicking here, and afterwards you should be able to select a style again without problems. I recommend you do this now so that you won't encounter the problem later when you've forgotten about it and send me an angry error report.

UPDATE EDIT (02/28/10): The subdomain is now working. Everybody use it to access the forums now!

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02/22/10: Validity

After some prompting (read: flood of error reports) by sreservoir, I went and ran the entire site through the W3C markup validator to weed out the numerous typos and other errors that have been left in them over the years. Most of the affected pages just had something minor, but others had pretty bad mistakes, so it's good to have them fixed. Right now I believe the only invalid pages remaining should be Sections that Suck (thanks to containing a portion demonstrating poor HTML) and a couple of pages with embedded Javascripts that I was too lazy to move to an external file for the moment. And a couple get a warning about character encoding stuff, which I should also probably fix sometime but I have other stuff I need to do.

EDIT: Oh, and the new forum server is up and running. Big thanks to Kat of Eevee's HQ. Hopefully there will be no more database errors and blank pages and other server wonkiness.

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02/20/10: Twenty

In what is almost definitely the most spectacularly pointless thing I have ever done for this site, I just made a snippet of code to automatically convert my numeric age into the wordy equivalent on my About Me page. So instead of saying I'm "20 years old at the moment", it now says I'm "twenty years old at the moment", and next year it will go on to automatically say I'm "twenty-one", and so on. Well, admittedly it will resort back to numbers when I get to a hundred, but the write-out-numbers rule mainly applies to numbers under that anyway, so there's no need to worry about that.

You might think this was just a random spur-of-the-moment thing, but no, the fact it wrote out a number has been bothering the hell out of me ever since I made the script to calculate my actual age so I wouldn't have to manually update it every year and this has pretty much been on my to-do list ever since. I think I've spent too much time telling fanfiction writers to write out numbers with letters.

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02/17/10: Type Quiz Updated

I randomly went and looked at the type quiz again, decided it was all awful, and rewrote the descriptions of all the types (plus putting fourth-generation sprites on the description pages instead of the third-generation ones). The actual quiz remains the same, however, so you're still the same type you used to be; the description has just become a lot more sensible and (hopefully) accurate.

Why, yes, it's twenty minutes past three in the morning on my twentieth birthday and I'm messing around with my Pokémon website. Why do you ask?

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02/15/10: It's aliiiive!

Yes, yes, it's been quiet.

Anyway, I fixed an error that would come up if you entered a non-integer into the Zodiac script. I also went through several affiliation requests, and as so often when that happens, this inspired me to add and tweak things in my webmaster sections; in this case, I reorganized the Website Tips and added several, and rewrote the Site Rater page. Then I added Play-Asia links to pre-order the US versions of HeartGold and SoulSilver to the link bar. I don't know how many of you will bother to get it there instead of just physically going out and buying it when it's out, but it's there, and it'll be shipped outside of the US, so if you're too impatient to wait the two weeks before it's out where you live, this is something for you.

Oh, and I made a new entry at the Cave of Speculative Theories, if not a very interesting one, and a new Almighty Random Poll.

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01/23/10: Morphic chapter 12

Chapter twelve of Morphic is up. Yeah, Morphic. That thing still exists, believe it or not.

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01/15/10: Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Aaaand I've finally finished the ninth movie review. Man, this movie is weird.

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01/14/10: Update Tweak

Perfectionist that I am, I just made a pointless little snippet of code that makes it so that if you are viewing the guestbook and click a link to an update from an update comment, it will actually detect if the relevant update has been moved to the Old Updates and redirect you to the update in question there if that is the case. It's been bugging me since I first made the update commenting feature.

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01/11/10: Site History Redone

I've... reorganized the Site History page, since previously it was seriously long and went back and forth and stuff. Now it's a lot neater to read. In the process, I also went and got a few more 2003 updates to put into the Old Updates.

Otherwise, I've been doing a ton of character bios for the Quest for the Legends minipage, so it's not that I've just been lazy, really.

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01/01/10: Happy 2010

It's come to the end of two thousand nine,
a year for the world to remember.
Don't know about you, but my year was just fine,
though it's felt like a hectic December.
Now it's two thousand ten with a fresh new start,
and I think this is worthy of cheer:
I hope you had fun, and with all of my heart,
I wish you a happy new year!

Yeah. Don't ask me why I decided to make a new year's poem, but apparently I did. In any case, happy new year, and I hope your 2009 was enjoyable, or at least satisfying to leave behind.

As always, my traditional New Year's Thanks!

  • Dannichu! The London Expo was awesome, but finally meeting you in the flesh was awesomer. Your Christmas present will be a bit late, unfortunately, but it's coming.
  • Espeon! Meeting you was wonderful, too. Thanks for the memories, and I hope to see you again at the next Expo. Both of you.
  • Psychic! Oh, God, I have had so much fun talking to you this year. We still need to do it more.
  • elyvorg! You are generally amazing. If you can make it to the next Expo, it will absolutely make the year 2010 for me. Also, write more LE.
  • opaltiger! I may have met you already, but that didn't make meeting you again at Paddington any less lovely. And thank you for all the beta-reading and second opinions for my fanfics you've provided.
  • Shadey! I love you. You are my favorite person in the world, and believe me when I say I know some pretty darn awesome people. Thanks for having been warm and cuddly and our three wonderful years. You make me happy.
  • Dad! You continue to be one of the coolest people I know. I'm proud to be your daughter.
  • You guys who actually did buy something through the Play-Asia links! I never really expected people to actually go and use them, but the fact it happened is pretty darn cool. Thanks for your support; it is highly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the games you bought.
  • Everybody else who continues to visit this website. Sorry about the decline in update frequency this year. I'll try to make up for it.
  • Everybody who's done the crossword so far. Come on! I need more entries!
  • Joss Whedon, for making awesome shows.
  • Game Freak, for making HeartGold and SoulSilver unbelievably great. I don't care about the complainers; I think they're without a doubt the best Pokémon games yet.
  • Quentin Tarantino, for providing a name for my awesome Dialga plushie. :P And Inglourious Basterds was great too.

See you all in the January updates once I do something of note.

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