HTML Guide

The Cave of Dragonflies HTML guide, teaching aspiring Pokémon webmasters valid HTML and CSS since 2008.

The guide is written on the assumption that you read through the parts in order, but if you think you already know everything in some sections, you can skip ahead if you like. (Be warned, though, that many people who think they know HTML don't know valid HTML, and if you're not absolutely certain this does not apply to you, you're better off starting at the beginning.)

Lesson 1: HTML Tags

An introduction to HTML's format, what a tag is, and the basic structural tags.

Lesson 2: Working with Text

The basic tags used in writing content (paragraphs, headings, line breaks, em and strong), nesting tags and an explanation of inline and block-level elements.

Lesson 3: Attributes, Links and Images

An explanation of attributes, hyperlinks, anchors and images.

Lesson 4: Lists and Tables

The three types of lists, tables, how they work and how they're marked up.

Lesson 5: CSS

Everything about CSS, complete with reference for most of the most useful CSS properties, an explanation of hexadecimal color codes and a script to let you experiment with them.

Lesson 6: Layouts Part 1 - Markup

How a div/CSS layout is structured on the HTML end and why you should not use tables for layouts.

Lesson 7: Layouts Part 2a - Absolute Positioning

Getting a CSS layout into place using absolute positioning.

Lesson 8: Layouts Part 2b - Floating

Using floated elements to format a layout.

Lesson 9: Making a Menu

How to make top, drop-down and sidebar menus using HTML unordered lists and CSS (well, and the Suckerfish Dropdown script).

Lesson 10: So What Now?

Discusses includes, hosting, reference links and some final tips.

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