Report Errors

I am a perfectionist. I essentially want all information on this website to be accurate, written in correct English and valid HTML, and all of it to be presented in a nice-looking way across mainstream web browsers. So if you spot any errors, I'd be very grateful if you let me know - even if it's just a small typo on one page.

Please fill out everything in the form that is relevant to your report. Your e-mail address is for contacting you if the error is not happening for me for one reason or another; if you don't supply an e-mail address and I am unable to replicate the error, I will be forced to ignore the report.

Generally I'm fairly quick to fix errors that are reported, provided that they are actually errors. If you provide an e-mail address, I will reply to explain if I believe the error is not an error, but if you don't and the error is not fixed within a few days (unless I'm on vacation or something like that), odds are I couldn't replicate it or don't believe it's an error for one reason or another, and you can contact me if you want the details.

Please read the "Mistaken Error Reports" section of the FAQ before submitting an error report. I'm still getting error reports about things that are already explained there all the time; if you check the FAQ, you may be able to save both of us some time.

Page last modified August 13 2016 at 02:34 UTC