G/S/C Quiz

How well do you know the second generation of Pokémon games? Test your skills here!

Some questions require you to select exactly one answer from a set of radio buttons, while others provide a set of checkboxes and may require you to check one, many, or even none of them.

Question 1

Which of the following Pokémon are unavailable in the English release of Silver?

Question 2

Which legendary Pokémon can be found randomly in the wild in Crystal after being freed?

Question 3

How can you obtain an Aerodactyl? (Check all possibilities.)

Question 4

Which of the following affect a Pokémon's happiness?

Question 5

Which legendary Pokémon can be found in-game in the European version of Crystal?

Question 6

Which Flying attack(s) cannot be seen in Gold or Crystal except through Metronome, the use of a cheating device, or on a Pokémon traded from Silver?

Question 7

Which Johto Gym leaders have one or more Water Pokémon?

Question 8

Which attack has the highest base damage of all?

Question 9

Which type or types are not used by any of the Johto Gym leaders?

Question 10

Which of the following do you need to have in order to obtain TM09 (Psych Up) without using a cheating device or trading it from another game that already has it? (Check everything you need.)


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