Sutoraiku Legends

Sutoraiku Legends (click to play, no download required) is a sequel-slash-spinoff to Sutoraiku High. In the grand tradition of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the game features more action, noticeably inflated life-and-death stakes, and being isekaied to the Hisui region to calm the noble Kleavor.

Like the previous game, this game was created as an April Fools' Day joke in 2022, riffing on Legends: Arceus as an isekai story by having the Sutoraiku High protagonist similarly transported to the past to calm the frenzied noble Kleavor. It's a bit of a different genre, mostly eschewing the dating sim and relationship development elements in favor of a brief narrative followup to each of the characters as they existed in the original game, with more of a meta twist and a rudimentary 'puzzle boss'.

There are some things I'd like to tweak about this game; in particular, it unfortunately requires a lot of text-skipping to play all the routes as it stands. I may rectify this at some point; until then, know that you can skip to the next choice by holding down the spacebar, that you can save on a choice, and that primarily there is one route per character, with only very minor changes depending on other details, except that Shadowdart has three depending on the Sutoraiku High ending.

Please note that the game contains violence and existential horror elements and should be considered a PG-13.

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