What is Anti-Anti-Pokémon, you ask? It is basically the notion of defending Pokémon, or more specifically the right to like Pokémon, from the thoughtless accusations society sometimes throws at it.

There used to be a big "Anti-Pokémon" movement on the Internet, a backlash against Pokémon's popularity back in the fad days. Anti-Anti-Pokémon was originally an explicit counter against this movement. Today, when the Pokémon fad is nearly forgotten, Anti-Pokémon is irrelevant and it no longer makes sense to battle it, but certain negative attitudes towards Pokémon may warrant a second look, not precisely to get at those who hold these attitudes but more to address them for the sake of all the confused Pokémon fans out there who might start to take them seriously and think they 'shouldn't' like Pokémon.

Animal Cruelty?

An article concerning the subject of animal cruelty in Pokémon.

Why Do We Like It?

A short article on why Pokémon fans like Pokémon.

Is Pokémon Childish?

Are teenagers and adults who like Pokémon 'immature'?

Religious Objections to Pokémon

Concerning those who hate Pokémon on religious grounds.

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