When two sites affiliate, one webmaster basically contacts the other and asks to affiliate, and if the other says yes, they will put up each other's buttons somewhere under an affiliate list. An affiliate is not just a good site you decide to link to; that's just that, a link. If you want to affiliate with The Cave of Dragonflies, look here.

My Affiliates

(In chronological order by affiliation date)

Pokémon Rebirth

Pokémon Rebirth is basically a huge piece of fanfiction plus supplementary material about "the deeper side" of Pokémon. Darker and edgier and one of the best-known Pokémon fanfics out there.

Sneasel Plushie!

fab's Pokémon fan art gallery, also featuring occasional contests and the like.

Aqua Bunny

A Nido family fansite by the owner of Creative Worlds, with a whole bunch of art, comics and articles about those adorable little bunnies.

Nose Club

A small, personal site themed around Nosepass, featuring artwork, guides and articles that are detailed and well presented.

Grenin's Place

Another small, more personal site with quizzes and articles.


A site with a long history focusing on printable resources for the Pokémon games and Pokémon-related downloads.

An older resurrected site with downloads, quizzes, music remixes, articles and more.

Blue Moon Falls

A small site with a focus on the first two generations of Pokémon games, with helpful guides and tools made with obvious care.

Autumn's Grace

A site largely dedicated to keeping aloft old-school Pokémon fansite culture and some other fun Pokémon and non-Pokémon content.

Across the Pokémon World

A small site focused on personal articles talking about the Pokémon games and what they mean to the author.

Hallowed Tower

A small site with useful resources and information about the fourth generation of Pokémon, especially focused on shiny hunting.

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