This part of the site contains various sections related to the Cave of Dragonflies itself.

Newest Updates

This page contains the latest updates to the site, the current Almighty Random Poll, and the current Site Poll. It's the main page of the site, basically.

Old Updates

All the updates on the site from October 25th 2003 are archived here, as well as some older ones where they could be salvaged. The front page contains the updates of the current month, while older updates are moved to the archive every month.


A page about the mascots of the site, Charizard and Butterfree. With Magikarp thrown in, too. And Quentin.

Site History

Read about the history of the site since before it was even made.

April Fools' Day Joke Archive

Read about the April Fools' Day jokes on the site since its inception.

Report Errors

If you see ANY errors in the site whatsoever - even just a small typo - I would appreciate if you reported them here. I'm a perfectionist, you see.


Frequently Asked Questions. Please read these before contacting me; it will save me a lot of pain. x.x;

About Me

If you ever wanted to know who is writing all the stuff on this website, look here.

Contact Me

Information on how to get in contact with me, but please read the FAQ before doing so. v.v

Hall of Fame

Where you will find lists of people who have completed the various games this site offers, as well as the Almighty Random Poll archive.


The guestbook, where people can chat and comment on the site.

The Cave of Dragonflies Forums

If you would like to talk to other visitors of this site, register at the forums. Please note that the forums are PG-13-rated and swearing is allowed as long as it's not too excessive, so if you don't like that, you have been warned.

The Style Switcher

If something about the style switcher is confusing you, this page should explain it all.

Front Page Hits?

If you were wondering why on Earth I'm counting "front page hits", look here.

The Cave of Dragonflies Zodiac

Ever wondered what this funny date at the top of the page is? Well, it's today according to the Cave of Dragonflies Zodiac. You can find out your birthday's zodiac Pokémon, too.

Affiliate with The Cave of Dragonflies

If you want to become one of the site's affiliates - displayed on the affiliate bar - you should read this section before you apply.

Link to The Cave of Dragonflies

If you are a webmaster and would like to display a link to The Cave of Dragonflies on your site, go here for a selection of link buttons you can use.

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