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Pokémon Forever!

There are many types of Pokémon fans.

Some play their Pokémon games, watch the show, collect plushies and trading cards, are just utterly obsessed.

Some only play the games, only watch the show or only collect trading cards, but love Pokémon itself.

Some feel their interest fading a bit, but know that when the next Pokémon games come out, it will be rekindled (me!)

Some don't play the games, watch the show or collect the trading cards, just like the idea and therefore like Pokémon.

Some feel their interest fading, but still know that they will always love it as the above type.

But some feel their interest overall fading, want to like it, but are still about to give in to their little voice that tells them to stop liking it.

And this section is dedicated to them and how they can keep their interest intact. Given, of course, that they truly WANT to like it.

How can you keep liking it? I don't know if this helps everybody, but at least it helps some people.

Every time you see a Pokémon site closing down, think "That won't happen to my site."

Every time you see a Pokémon fan say they're losing interest and quitting Pokémon forums, think "That won't happen to me."

Every time you see a former Pokémon fan, think "That won't happen to me."

Every time you see a Pokémon site that is getting longer and longer waits between updates, think "That won't happen to my site."

Every time you feel that you're losing interest, think about all the times you've promised yourself that you'd like Pokémon forever.

Every time you see a picture of your favorite Pokémon, save it to your computer and look at it every now and then and think "I won't stop liking you."

Every time you see a Pokémon fan who's older than you, think "They can like Pokémon at this age, then I can do it too."

Every time you see a good Pokémon fanfic, read it.

Every time the little voice that tells you to stop liking it for one reason or another, just shut it up because your free will is stronger than one little voice in your head.

Every time that voice gets to you again, banish it from your mind because you don't want to go by its will.

Every time you see an anti-Pokémon site, disagree with it.

Remember all the good memories you have of your Pokémon, the day you first beat the Elite Four, the day you first got a Pokémon to level 100, pick up your old games, your old cards, your old taped episodes, enjoy your memories and know that they will never be destroyed.

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