Sibling Sites

Occasionally I am very well acquainted with some webmasters and feel their sites deserve something more than affiliation. This is when they become sibling sites, which implies a lot more association than you should assume for my affiliates - I for example speak regularly with the webmasters and am probably a regular visitor to their sites.


veekun is a site with what may be the best Pokédex on the Internet. Its owner, Eevee, is a computer genius and, just as an example of the awesome stuff he does, was one of the people involved in decoding the fourth-generation sprites from the ROM so that we puny commoners might enjoy looking at them on our computer screens. He also maintains an unofficial IRC channel used by some members of my forums.

A writing-focused site owned by Jax Malcolm, with her fanfiction and some great articles on writing and reviewing. There is also a forum with a twist: all rules, policies, forums and so on are strictly according to what members request.

Altered Origin

A bit-of-everything site run by Kratos Aurion of my forums, including fanfiction, artwork, other writing, a simple hands-on approach to EV training, anime-style battling guides, Pokémon of the actual Greek/Chinese Zodiacs, games, etc., mainly characterized by all being awesome. Needs more love.

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