This section contains Pokémon-related opinions, theories and thoughts.

Rant: Overrated

A rant about "overrated" Pokémon.

Rant: Signs of Pokémon Obsession

A rant on those lists we find all over Pokémon forums and websites: "You know you're obsessed with Pokémon if..."

Rant: English Names

About how much people complain when the English names of the Pokémon are released, only to get over it a couple of months later and suddenly forget they were ever so unhappy with them.

Pokémon Genetics

A theory of Pokémon genetics, explaining how different species of Pokémon can mate while producing offspring of the same species as the female and other such genetic oddities.

Theory of Incense Breeding

A theory on how incense can cause some Pokémon to produce baby Pokémon.

The Mew Trick

A thought about the discovery of the Mew Trick.

History of Pokémon Training

How Pokémon training as we know it might have originated and developed, plus why Pokémon are so competitive and roughly how Apricorns and Pokéballs work.

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