I originally saw this idea on a Harry Potter site - I got 25% there, but I thought I'd at least get a much higher score on a Pokémon one. Basically, you check the box if it describes you, but leave it unchecked if it doesn't describe you. There are 110 questions and 240 total points, but you get the result in a percentage. After filling it out, click the button below and watch your result appear.

Please keep in mind not to take this too seriously. You can be the biggest Pokémon fan in the world, yet your score could say that you're just a part-time fan. This is just for fun. I repeat, THIS RESULT IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Get it?

Do you own Red?
Stadium 2?
Any of them in some other language too?
More than one?
Even though you don't understand that language?
Do you have more than 100 play hours on any of them?
All of them (the ones you have)?
More than 150 on any?
More than 200 on any?
Have you completed your pokédex (without gameshark) in any of your games?
All of them?
Do you have Fire Red or Leaf Green?
Even though you don't understand Japanese?
Did you pre-order any of the games (or at least try to)?
Do you own any Pokémon cards?
More than 100?
More than 200?
Do you read Pokémon fanfiction?
WRITE Pokémon fanfiction?
Draw Pokémon fanart?
Do you spend most of your time overall doing something related to Pokémon?
While you're supposed to be doing something else?
Are you registered to any Pokémon forums?
More than one?
Do you visit Pokémon websites?
OWN one?
With more than twenty pages in it?
Are you taking this quiz?
Hoping that your score is really high because you're so proud of your obsession?
Did you actually MAKE this quiz?
Do you have NetBattle?
Do you think illogical Pokémon haters are funny?
Do you laugh so much at them that everyone who hears you wonders what on earth you're doing?
Do you go to Anti-Pokémon sites for a laugh?
Do you go to Anti-Pokémon sites to counter them?
Do you LOVE countering them so much that you spend your free time breaking down some reason you've seen?
Have you ever named something after a Pokémon (it doesn't matter if it's your pet or just that you call the dinner table Noctowl when no one is watching)?
Do you talk to your Pokémon while playing the games?
Do you get very emotional while you play Pokémon games?
Do you express that?
Do you daydream about Pokémon being real?
Have you ever made up fake Pokémon?
More than one?
A whole load of them so that you can't even remember them all?
Do you want to work for Game Freak to get your ideas of Pokémon and features in actual Pokémon games?
Did you get a Gameboy for the sole purpose of playing Pokémon games?
Do you dream about Pokémon in the night?
Do you always watch the animé if you get the chance?
Do you get in a bad mood if you miss it?
Would you get in a really, really bad mood if they stopped showing Pokémon (or, if they did where you live, did you go into a really, really bad mood?)?
Would you like to throw your TV out of the window in that situation?
But decide not to, because then you can't play Stadium and Colosseum?
Do you sometimes rant about the unfairness of the fact that where people are located will majorly affect their Pokémon life?
Even though you yourself live right next to a Pokémon Center and near a cinema that gets all the Pokémon movies?
Do you know all the Kanto Pokémon?
In order?
The Johto ones?
In order too?
All the Pokémon?
And in order too?
In both National and Hoenn dex order?
Have you seen Mewtwo Strikes Back?
The Power of One?
Spell of the Unown?
Voice of the Forest?
Pokémon Heroes?
Jirachi Wish Maker?
Visitor of the Space Fissure?
Is the only reason you haven't seen them all that not all of them have been released where you live?
Do you still play Red, Blue and Yellow?
Do you play Pokémon games while eating?
While doing something else so you can't concentrate on either?
Do you love the Pokémon in your games so much you feel like you can't restart without trading them to someone you really trust, preferrably yourself, first?
Do you watch Serebii.net for updates on new Pokémon stuff?
Do you wish you could meet Satoshi Tajiri?
Have you ever tried to convince someone to play Pokémon games, collect the trading cards or watch the animé?
A Pokémon hater?
Did you actually manage to?
Do you think of the Pokémon in your games as more than a few lines of code?
Do you have a crush on one of the animé characters?
More than one?
Are birds and will always be weak to electricity in your mind?
Do you keep thinking you hear or see something Pokémon-related everywhere?
Have you tried to explain Pokémon to somebody who doesn't understand it, such as a parent?
Did you actually manage to convince that person that Pokémon is very strategic and considerably similar to chess?
Do you know any Pokémon's Japanese names (not counting the ones that are the same in English)?
Very many Pokémon's Japanese names?
Do you admit in real life and non-Pokémon forums that you love Pokémon?
Get into a debate about it?
Would you really hate getting a low score on this test?
Would you consider this test stupid and inaccurate if you got a low score on it?
Is the actual reason you're right now fixing up the test that you subconsciously want a higher score than you did before?
Are you wondering when this test will ever end so that you can go and play more Pokémon games?
Would you hate to see this test end because you love anything Pokémon-related?
Have you completed one of the Yellow, Gold/Silver, Flying and Steel quizzes?
All of them?
Did you know everything in the Truth sections already before you came here and wondered how anybody could not know that?
Have you had an actual DREAM where Pokémon was real, and gotten really mad when you woke up?

Your score will appear here.

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