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Sprite system

If you have forums from Conforums or Proboards, you might have been wondering how you can do a sprite system like on my old forums (where you can use a Pokémon's name between colons or stars to get a normal or shiny sprite of it). And here comes the savior with the whole list... just copy and paste it into the censored words, and you're done. Neat, isn't it?

NOTE: If you have a website you can direct link from (you can't on Freewebs, just in case you were wondering), I would appreciate if you didn't waste my bandwidth for it. But then I'm afraid you must save all the Pokmon yourself and upload them to your site. If you do, though, be sure to edit the filenames accordingly. Then, also, you get the added bonus of being able to select whether you like the FR/LG or R/S sprite better - or maybe even the Emerald sprite.

By the way, you don't need to give me credit for the sprites since this exact code should give you unedited Ruby/Sapphire or FR/LG sprites. You can give me credit for the system or not, you decide (but don't claim you wrote the whole code yourself, I put a lot of work into it twice (first writing the whole of it, then saving Ruby/Sapphire sprites additionally and changing the filename in the list to link to the Ruby/Sapphire sprite instead of an old recolored one). If any of them don't work or return recolored sprites, please report it. Here's the list, finally:

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