R/S/E Rumours Debunked

A brief look at some rumours and misinformation about the R/S/E games.

The Trendy Phrases and the Feebas Tiles

If you have two different games with the same trendy phrase, their Feebas tiles will NOT be the same (well, technically it's a possibility, but the odds are so low it's not even worth mentioning). The tiles are re-randomized when you change the phrase; they're not set to something specific based on what the phrase is.

The Rocket Launches

The rocket launches don't hold a secret about Deoxys or anything; there is simply one rocket launch a week, meaning that it tells you for how long you've been playing your game.


You do not need to have a Pokéball in your bag to get a Shedinja when Nincada evolves. All you need is an empty slot on your Pokéball belt. I deposited all my balls and evolved a Nincada, and sure enough, a Shedinja appeared in my empty slot. It is simply shown with the same Pokéball icon as you caught Nincada with. There, myth busted.

(NOTE: This applies to the third-generation games only! In Diamond and Pearl, you do need a Poké Ball (and not the other Pokéball types, either) in your bag to get a Shedinja.)

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