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Zora of Termina

YES. THAT I remember. I caught sight of some of his threads from then. May of 07, I believe?

[22/06/2008 22:37:24]


I've heard of this Watermelon character. I think I vaguely remember him and/or a couple of his goons messing with TCoD a while back. He sounds like someone who really needs better hobbies. That's all I can really say. :\

[22/06/2008 22:33:30]

Zora of Termina

*did not see Leafpool*

Yeah, I barely remember them either. I know one involved you and half the forum going emo over it though. :/

[22/06/2008 22:31:57]

Zora of Termina

Leafpool and Erindor: Believe me, YOU didn't have to suffer through it. I mean, this little 13-year old kid caused me migraines, nausea, chills AND psychological damage… *shudders* Yeah, it was just that bad.

…Come to think of it, this coming month is gonna be the one-year anniversary. Sure dun feel like that long, and I'm still scarred from it… ><

[22/06/2008 22:30:27]


Stupidme actually managed to forget most of the Watermelon incidents that went on before TRS got moved and the old forum deleted. xD

Raikou for the spammifier (my last spammifier was Entei). Spammifiers like being funny today, don't they?

[22/06/2008 22:28:40]

Erindor the Espeon

Wow, Zora. That's a good reason.

After hearing that the fourms was back upish I checked it out. I tried registering just hoping that some how it would be possible. Oh well.

I just took an online class in HTML, and soon I'll take one in C++.

Yay! Eevee for spamifier! Just like the old times.

Wait… Is that Lila? Lila! I'll save you!

*Smashes head against the monitor*

[22/06/2008 22:19:08]


Zora: Ah. Urgh, Watermelon is horrible. >.<

[22/06/2008 22:16:31]


I'm in the same position as Lord Shyguy, really. I don't care about my post count or anything like that. There were a few fun threads that were lost, but most of them can be remade. I'm actually looking forward to the new boards. :]

If they were never to come back, on the other hand, I'd be out of a place to waste time on the internet. And other message boards really don't compare. That's something I've discovered in TCoD's absence. D:

[22/06/2008 22:02:29]

Zora of Termina

Well, just before Fruitface hacked TRS and deleted the RPs and stuff, C.C. and I were pretty close friends. You might remember that. Then he told me he was working under Meleon, and I was a tad shocked. Of course I would be, I knew that the fruit was bad, and this just… yeah. Some hours after that conversation, I recieved an email from the melon himself, saying that I had been accepted as High Knight of Fire, making me all WTF.

After that, Flame Gurl (you might remember her) had started a forum of her own. Which got targetted by Cantaloupe. I had joined and got appointed a mod, then it started. He'd been banned, and since he had a dynamic IP, he'd been posting in the account activations there. One of the threads he posted was entitled "To Wind of Darkness" (my username at the time), and he was using a guest name of "you b*tch". As soon as I clicked on it, I saw that he had flamed me very badly for "betraying him". I didn't let it affect me at first, and he got another of his IPs banned.

Two weeks passed with peace, then he showed up again. Promising to be good and all that, so they naively let him in. Two weeks later, he attacked. Spam, flaming, the whole nine yards. Not to mention, personal attacks toward me myself. This time, it affected me, even if subconsciously. That entire week I suffered migranes and nausea, until finally the whole problem was solved with another ban. But that week scared me, because he kept emailing me, the titles filled with flames and insults.

Now you see why I don't give it out anymore.

[22/06/2008 22:00:34]

Lord Shyguy
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Now that I think about it, I really don't care that the forums were deleted, as long as they come back (which they are). Now, if they didn't come back, that would be a different story…

[22/06/2008 21:52:54]


I didn't know too much about the Watermelon incident since I was away for most of that time and yeah. What exactly happened to you, Zora?

(on a semi-related note I just went back to check my email and I think somebody from marching band emailed me a few days ago. I also got a few emails from my cousin who I never gave my email address to. xD)

[22/06/2008 21:45:02]

Zora of Termina

Mind if I just PM it to you both when the forums are up? I don't really feel comfortable about giving out my e-mail address unless it's dire that I do anymore since the Watermeleon incident last summer. >>

Especially since I still have no idea how he got it.

[22/06/2008 21:42:09]


Well, you could just send it all to Butterfree herself, but if you still want to send it to me, I put my email address in the address box when signing this post. :P

[22/06/2008 21:36:35]

Zora of Termina

Aaaalright. I've got all of it - storyline, character intros, day phases - saved, so where do you want me to send it to you?

[22/06/2008 21:34:20]


Zora: I think all I need is the character intro thing I was talking about, can you find that for me?

[22/06/2008 21:31:33]

Shiny Eevee

Hi Baku! Er, is okay if I call you that? Everyone seems to have a nickname now. XD

I never really got involved with RPGs or ASB, but when I re-register I plan on doing both.

[22/06/2008 21:30:07]


Hi Shiny ^^,

I tried registering too.

I hope the RPGs will be back up soon :) That was my favorite board.

[22/06/2008 21:21:37]

Shiny Eevee

@Dragon_night: Yeah, I tried to register too. Silly me. XD

[22/06/2008 21:10:54]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Wow that sounds like fun Butterfree. Not.

Slowpoke for the Spammifier.

[22/06/2008 21:04:49]

Zora of Termina

Leafpool, I believe I might be able to get the whole thing for you. If you want.

[22/06/2008 20:52:19]

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