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Zora of Termina

"We be a Zora,"

You win. I'd join that, hell yeah. You can guess why. ;D

[21/06/2008 18:29:36]

Shiny Eevee

Well, I could be the judge for the first one. It'd work like this:

One person decides to be judge and says what two other people need to sprite, such as "Splice Meowth and Pikachu". Then two people will volunteer to enter. When both sprites are posted, the judge will give them a 1-10 score, depending on the quality of the sprite.

Now, this will probably result in chaos, but I'm in. ;D

Okay, this competition will require two people to splice… [spritegenerator]Absol and Mantine![/spritegenerator]

*gasp* Spammifier Regice!

[21/06/2008 18:12:24]


Ugh, I wish we could edit posts in this! I meant "We could be…" Sounds like engrish. *turns red*

[21/06/2008 17:56:44]


I was thinking a Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time one, but it could be something else. The antagonist probably have to be something other than Ganondorf. We be a Zora, Hylian, Goron, Sheikah, or maybe Gerudo. That would be really fun. Whoa, that's a lot of different character races! I have no idea about the plot. Or anything. Any ideas? Four Swords would be cool, but not that many people could really join.

[21/06/2008 17:55:18]


On the subject of a Zelda roleplay, a roleplay based on the Four Swords series would be nice. We could play as one of the four links, and maybe somebody could play as Vaati, Ganon, and/or Tingle. :D?

A sprite competition among all these posts sounds like utter chaos, but I'm in anyways.

[21/06/2008 17:36:19]

Shiny Eevee

Correcting my other post (Shame you can't edit), we wouldn't be able to poll them.

Come to think of it, we could just hold ones where there's a single judge, and everyone makes sprites…

[21/06/2008 17:06:54]

Shiny Eevee

@Crazy Linoone: That wouldn't be a bad idea… we could hold sprite competitions, too!

[21/06/2008 17:04:16]

Crazy Linoone

D: Awww… *hugs* It must have been so sad….

You know, the guestbook is basically the whole Forums now. We should, like, start some RPs or something…

Spammy Bronzong. *pokes*

[21/06/2008 16:56:08]


There's… um… (goes and checks) Already 15 pages! Wow! The guestbook never usually goes up this fast!

In Pearl, my Manaphy won a master rank beauty contest! The trophy I got from Mr. E Goods was incredibly small, though. :(

[21/06/2008 16:17:49]

Emerald Espeon

Woah. It took me forever to find my last post xD

I have changed my mind. I SHALL make an account on the new forums :D Although I'll probably end up only making posts about like, the clue game.

Awww Flora, that's so sad :( *hugs too*

Togekiss for the spammifier.

[21/06/2008 15:56:21]

Shiny Eevee

*hug hug hug hug hug hug mega hug*

That is so sad… I am so sorry… ;_;

Spammifier Ursaring: *bear hug*

[21/06/2008 15:54:03]


Oh.. ;_; *Huge hug*

I might actually make the roleplay if I had any idea for a storyline.

*hugs again*

[21/06/2008 15:34:14]

Flora and Ashes

…They didn't make it to the vet. She.died in the car. *cries*

Ash: *once again playing spokesperson for Rachel* She'd do the Zelda roleplay.

[21/06/2008 15:29:28]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

oh noes my 8 posts are gone forever

I do better on forums when I'm there when there's a fresh start.. I think. Maybe it's because I've known the people at the forum I go to for a long time. And stuff. I dunno.

I'll probably miss the forum being put back up and everyone will have several hundred posts by the time I notice it. Oh well.

[21/06/2008 14:51:46]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Mm, it is a bit disappointing to lose everything, but on the bright side, I guess people can have a new start.

[21/06/2008 14:34:52]


Aw…. *also hugs*

Entirely unrelated, but there should be a Zelda RP when the forum comes back. I'd join. Hey, I might make it but I'm terrified of making topics in general. Is that weird?

*Hugs again*

[21/06/2008 14:32:46]

Shiny Eevee

@Ash…? No, Flora: That's really sad. I'm sorry to hear it. *hugs*

[21/06/2008 14:26:40]

Flora and Ashes

Ash: Rachel's off sulking at the moment, so…

SE, Castform, anybody else, do you remember the Coughing Cupboard thread about her dog?

Well…her parents had to take her (the dog) to the vet, and she might not come back. Joy.

[21/06/2008 14:15:42]


Or what you plan on doing with that team when you add the last two Pokemon. Ingame? It doesn't matter. But if you do Wi-Fi or with friends, take out the Arceus. Legendaries… just no.

[21/06/2008 14:10:31]

Shiny Eevee

@Mr. Toon: It'd be a lot more helpful if you gave us their movesets rather than their nicknames… -_-

[21/06/2008 14:04:14]

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