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*Grabs new bucket of popcorn*

This should be good!

Zelda: Yes, she did. And he's sorry for that, RIGHT?

Link *moving slightly further away from Zelda.*

[21/06/2008 03:23:05]

Flora and Ashes


Arrgh, run awaaaaaaaaaaaaay! He's gone mental again!

Sora: Oh, for Pete's sake…Thundara, please. *thunder asplodes from teh sky*

Ash: *sizzles* Owwie. Thanks for that. Oh, great where's that stone Pokeball… What the heck? All I get is a Rattata?

You know, tKoES said the sme thing. Almost.

Ash: "tKoES?"

The Kinge of Evil Spirits.

Ash: Oh.

[21/06/2008 03:21:55]

Zora of Termina

Starlight: Waaaaiiiit a minute there Zeldy. Kissing a crazy lady? Did she happen to be a blond wearing a white dress and sash and gold bracelets?

Oh here we go. >>

[21/06/2008 03:18:06]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

haha I'm so out of the loop right now; I'm in #tcod all the time and yet I still only found out that everything was unsalvageable a couple of hours ago.

I can't actually think of any posts I'd want to keep that I *didn't* keep just in case, though, so all is well~

[21/06/2008 03:17:40]


It's a recently added feature. I believe Butterfree added a random Pokémon generator after typing in Eevee was not enough to prevent spambots. The guestbook goers suggested it, and Butterfree added it.

[21/06/2008 03:15:13]


Oh hey, Dragonfly changed the warning stuff for posting in the guest book.

Hmm. I wonder, was the shiny thing here before? *want's to see a shiny pokemon and post with it*

Anyway, because I'm extremely board, I read through all 12 pages of this guest book. All I have to say is this (all towards the poor forums, you will be missed TT_TT):

*Coughcough* (Sung to the tune of whatever song has that 'Because it's the end of the world…')

Cause it's the end of the world and MySQL blew it

Cause it's the end of the world as I know it to be true TT_TT

(Voice is now distorted by an old microphone)

If we re-build it, users shall come (Or else!)

And on a final note, luckily I have my fic saved on two other forums (and soon, and I have most of the versions without the type-o's and mistakes (if not, I always saved some of the reviews for it :D)

[21/06/2008 03:10:13]

Emerald Espeon

…I give up. I don't want to read nine pages of guestbook posts xD

Hope the forums are fixed soon!

Rhydon for the spammifier.

[21/06/2008 03:10:05]


Eh, sorry I'm not a mage of colourlessness, or of any colour spectrum for that matter. It appears that you've fixed the blood loss problem, though.

Do you require any assistence?

[21/06/2008 03:08:33]


*Link wakes up*


Zelda: Oh jeez, I forgot about you there! Quiet guy.

….How do you forget him on the floor? He could have bled to death! You threw the shuriken, anyway.

Zelda: Shut up, Eevee. He was kissing that crazy lady!

And biting her finger!

Zelda: Stop saying anything, please.

[21/06/2008 03:03:13]

Zora of Termina

Ah. Men with mustaches are cool.


*blinks* wut.


…Um. OK then… Why ain't you with Hysterical?

Rhythm: iunno.

*footsteps are heard* It was only a matter of time. SUP OTHER ZORA.

Other Zora: Not much. I was just–ohaithere Rhythm <333

*both run off*

Oooookay then. >>

Does anyone have a cookie? Oh wait, Link's on the floor. STARLIGHT!

Starlight: Yo.

Heal him.

Starlight: You got it. *heals*

[21/06/2008 02:59:20]


So. I'm in like, RP withdrawal. Is that weird?

*Notices Link fainted on the floor*

Oh crap, how long has he been there? I said losing a lot of blood like that is bad for you.. Anyone here a white mage?

[21/06/2008 02:57:02]

Shiny Eevee

I love that smiley. ^^

:{D :{D :{D :{–*shot*

[21/06/2008 02:36:37]

Erindor the Espeon

Okay… I guess I am just too new to know what the "Drama Period" of T-Cod was. Anyone want to explain it to me?

Hey, look. A Spammy Weaville. I'll take care of that!

Erindor used Psychic!

It didn't affect Wild Spammy Weaville…


Foe Weaville used Faint Attack!

It was Super Effective!

Erindor has fainted.

Oww… I thought I was stronger than that…

Erindor used Revive!

Wild Spammy Weaville fled!

…Darn. Just as I was about to catch it and name it "Magnum."

[21/06/2008 02:35:40]

Flora and Ashes

Ash: Oh, no, Regice…

*steals from Brandon*

I believe ":{D" is meant to be a man with a mustache.

You disrupted my 1000 Words! *annoyed*

Ash: O_O;

[21/06/2008 02:14:49]

Zora of Termina


Dare I ask, what is this?

[21/06/2008 02:11:17]

LynxRunner (...)
Commenting on: 06-19-08


I had so many awesome things there. There was so much awesome in those forums. It was one of the few forums worth going to. Will banned members be allowed to sign up again? I really don't want to lose all traces of people like AK.

Also, sorry if I'm repeating, but has it been said anywhere WHY the mySQL started to act up?

Well, the upside…

We get to be all new people? :{D

[21/06/2008 02:09:57]

Twilight Dragon
Commenting on: 06-19-08

I wonder what happened.. this stinks D=

[21/06/2008 01:32:35]

Zora of Termina

I have the misfortune of having two GSC games that do not work. My Gold version (First Pokemon game. I cried for hours when that went ;~;) and possibly my Crystal version. Save is gone on Crystal, but it still shows the sprites, whereas Gold doesn't. :/

[21/06/2008 01:30:52]

Flora and Ashes

My Gold game still does.

"GENAA" the male golem needs a name change. XP

[21/06/2008 01:26:36]


That'd be fine.


Oh, my Crystal still works, too. I've been playing FireRef, obsessively.

[21/06/2008 01:15:21]

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