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Nah, I met my husband at school (you may be thinking of my ex). But one of the first actual conversations we had was because he noticed I was drawing Pokémon on some papers. :P (He wasn't a superfan, but had enjoyed Pokémon as a kid. Obviously, being married to me means he's pretty steeped in Pokémon again now.)

[13/09/2019 14:20:28]


(and thanks for thinking of me^^ thats so nice)

I think a lot of people had lived better lives thanks to my old pokemon forum too (that place was fun, too bad i deleted it due to drama, but i did make a new forum about korrina a few years ago. though i can get scared of posting it publicly…..cuz of my dislike of dealing with trolls and drama DX you never know when they're around…o____o; )

[13/09/2019 11:48:47]


I've made hundreds of online friendships through pokemon alone :) I can easily see how it could bring together couples too^^ I think it brought you and your hubby together too, maybe, butterfree? :D

[13/09/2019 11:45:50]


I don't own a mobile xD; Otherwise i'd be gladly playing the game right now! :) Oh well, whether or not i can befriend her in a physical game, I do have my daydreams…(maybe one day i'll have a mobile too^^ i hope so. its something i may even want to pray for.)

[13/09/2019 11:44:10]

Website: Nose Club

Thank you so much! I can't wait to make a whole new list :D

[06/09/2019 13:43:11]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Okay, I believe this was actually an issue related to recent changes to scrolling behaviour in browsers - my Firefox started doing it too after an update. I managed to make a simple change that fixes it, though, will go up in a bit.

[05/09/2019 18:03:53]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Bluwiikoon: Okay, I have no idea what's going on there; it's not happening in Firefox and I certainly didn't do anything to make that happen. Will look into, thanks for letting me know!

[04/09/2019 18:38:51]

Website: Nose Club

Jirachu, have you been playing Pokemon Masters on mobile? You befriend Korrina as part of the storyline and I thought of you :D

On another note, if I may make a suggestion about the Favourite Pokemon Picker, I've noticed recently that it now automatically puts you at the top of the page when you choose Pokemon. It really disrupts my focus, so I'd love it if it could return to the way it was before where you would stay at the same spot ^^ I'm on Chrome and my screen height is 768 pixels if that helps any! Thank you Butterfree for all your hard work

[04/09/2019 09:04:13]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Jirachu: I love the power Pokémon has to bring people together. I know multiple now-married couples who met on my forums, which is wild.

Barry: I haven't played any Kingdom Hearts myself, but recently have watched a Let's Play series (which hasn't done KH3 yet). I'm not a huge fan of the series as a whole, but I did love 358/2 Days, and Axel/Roxas/Xion in general a lot. I don't really have the crossover bug, though; fictional worlds are pretty separate in my head and it rarely occurs to me to mix them together, even when I was a kid. So can't entirely say how it'd work as a crossover!

[03/09/2019 16:58:55]

Website: Barry’s site

Kingdom Hearts 2 would be a cool setting for a crossover, in my opinion,

[02/09/2019 12:05:08]

Website: Barry’s site

This is a good site? What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts series? Do you think a crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon would work well?

[02/09/2019 12:03:46]


According to the list I got, my top 5 favorite shinies are:

1. Buneary (awwwwww!),
2. Lucario (figur'd :P),
3. Ribombee (srsly that shiny is adorable <3),
4. Slurpuff (chocolate pokemon. nuff said :P),
5. Lopunny (obviously not as adorable as buneary is; but overall a very pretty pokemon <3).

I am very happy with this list :D (also, 3 of these are basically pink ones^^)

[01/09/2019 04:47:11]


Awesome new update! I should find out what my favorite shiny is sometime <3 I'm guessing it'll be something thats pink.

[01/09/2019 04:30:00]


I agree with Wartortle :) This website is awesome, and its also very nostalgic to me, as well. <3

Pokemon in general has been one of the most interesting things i've ever gotten into, really. I don't really wanna go into full detail so much overall….but i'll just keep this a bit short :P

I really made quite a good amount of really amazing friendships through being a fan of this series. Its clear pokemon stuff has the power to bring people together overall :D

And I know there are people who have became super close 'cuz of amazing fan pages, like this one, too. Its pretty awesome! :D

[31/08/2019 03:42:07]

~Lady Jirachu~(forum member)

Hi Butterfree. I felt like making an interesting, psychological post (yay psychology) relating to some stuff i've read through this site, and things my friends have told me as a response.

See, i have friends who enjoy writing (like you do). One friend, i told her about your 'about me', and how you like dark things in ficion cuz its in a safer place, away from real life, where no one really gets hurt and anything can be acted out harmlessly.

I told my friend melanie about this, and she said she relates to darker things in this type of sense, too (she is also one of my friends who loves to write).

It made me also ponder why I like Pokemon battling so much (i even have an interest in it competitively now).

While I will agree with your article about pokemon battling not being inhumane, and that pokemon generally like to fight, I also know that pokemon may or may not still get hurt in battle. Being very sensitive by nature, this only naturally comes to my mind.

But, as pokemon is 100% a fictional setting, i do not get all bothered about this at all when i battle/watch battle stuff. I just like that its a safe zone of conflicts that no one real is really getting hurt (and, in general, by fictional standerds overall, its positive really).

I felt this would be interesting to make a comment about :) your site really does help people ponder psychological stuff as a whole. its pretty cool. :3

I may or may not of typed this all accriately enough (as i am on a clock, i need to go some where out of my house real fast and thus this is probably rushed). But hopefully the general jist of all this is pretty well understood :)

I know Butterfree in general has been a understanding person for all the years I knew her. She's a pretty cool owner for a site like this one (and, even if she has flaws, people in general have them. i try to forgive people for this, cuz hate overall is nasty. in my opinion, though, butterfree is quite cool :3 and this site in general brings back so many memories for me and my earlier days as a pokemon fan).

[28/08/2019 08:06:05]


Thank you for the many good memories. Bless this site.

[27/08/2019 23:24:50]

Jirachu again

(so some younger readers of the guestbook aren't confused) I misspelled its name. Its Alcremie :3

I wonder if that thing will be good in battle. Either way I also like pokemon just for being cute too.

By the way, i read some of your old fanficts on this site last month. The Delcatty and Kingler one had a pretty intense and scary approach to battling that I found quite fun to read. I quite enjoyed that one :D Good job!

[26/08/2019 17:42:08]


I hope sword and shield have some pokemon you might like enough to mention on this site, Butterfree :) That would be so much fun ^_^ I hope you've been doing alright by the way.

My favorite of the new pokemon is Acreamie. They finally have a strawberry themed pokemon and its amazingly cute <3

[26/08/2019 17:35:58]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Yeah, please do try to keep messages less spammy. That said, also please don't be rude.

The current personality test was made in 2008 and it does have Sinnoh Pokémon. It's kind of arbitrary which Pokémon are in a test like this anyway, though. I would like to revamp the test at some point, but I can't guarantee it'd have Pokémon from every generation in it. And it's definitely be a waste to do so just before a new generation is coming out! Maybe after Sword and Shield are released. It's a lot of work making a test like this, though; it took ages to make all the results for the existing one.

[25/08/2019 09:19:29]


Sorry…I guess I got a little carried away with my autistic ponderings….

I'll have something about the actual site in this comment.

Butterfree, have you ever started working on a new personality test? I'm curious what a test with sinnoh, unova, kalos and alola pokemon would be like ^_^ I think adding some mega pokemon could get confusing, though. Please give me feed back on this! I'm sure many other people are curious about the idea of a newer, more updated test now too. So many gens have came and gone since around 2003-2004ish….

[25/08/2019 07:53:38]

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