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Mr. Toon

Hi its been a very very very very very very very very very very long time cos i was trying to find out how to post sprites cos i made loads of em (10) and i wanna post em……… who knows how to post sprites im getting confused

pokemon pearl team:

Inferno the infernape lv 79

slasher the weavile lv 77

earth the garchomp lv 80

god the arceus lv 85



[21/06/2008 13:45:57]

Shiny Eevee


When I re-join, I'll use Shining Eevee, but I would like everyone to continue calling me Shiny Eevee. So there.

[21/06/2008 13:38:14]


*Eating chocolate ice cream*

What's going on now? Huh? Oh hey, it's Link again! And he isn't dead! And eating pistachio ice cream! I don't have a cold anymore, yay! Still can't wait for the forum to be back.

[21/06/2008 13:29:16]

Shiny Eevee

Ah. I see.

And unfortunately, Castform, my history won't go back that far. I hate to say it, but I don't think I visited your thread often…

[21/06/2008 13:18:53]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-19-08

For the last time, all the data was wiped. That means users, infractions, banned members, et cetera. Yes, you can start over with a clean slate (although you'll be quick to get re-banned if you're not one hell of a lot better).

As for why MySQL went bonkers, it started with it displaying a "Too many connections" errors at everybody, then that fixed itself, and when I was trying to fix it so that it wouldn't happen again, it refused to start up afterwards. I'm not sure at which point during my attempts to get it working the actual data was destroyed.

[21/06/2008 12:06:46]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

That sucks. Good luck getting it going again, Butterfree.

[21/06/2008 11:18:55]


It's funny that the forums went down, just as I was starting to think of coming out of my months of hiatus. XD; Oh well! The fresh start'll probably give me fresh inspiration, haha. A new sprite thread and an art thread, perhaps.

Speaking of which, if anyone lost the urls to any sprites I made them, give me a shout and I'll fetch them from my Photobucket. I was gonna wait until the new forums to do this, but some people might not like waiting, and it would be easy to assume I wouldn't make a new sprite thread, since I've been dead for a gazillion years. Plus Walker's post some pages back reminded me.

And nobody requested these at all, but here's some recent-ish sprites, my Arceus icon, and a Mew with weird legs and a short tail. Both are scratch.

aaaaaa this is a huge post. Bagon for the spam Pokemon thingy.

[21/06/2008 11:03:27]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Also, if anyone has Farroh's URL in their History, could I have it so I can search for it in that archive thingy?

[21/06/2008 08:14:57]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Ambi - worry not, I shall continue.

[21/06/2008 08:10:21]

Website: dA
Commenting on: 06-19-08

wow, that really sucks. D: hope everything gets sorted out okay.

[21/06/2008 07:22:04]

Zora of Termina

*pokepoke* My butler is black~ *poke* My butler is bluuuueeee~ *pokepokepokepoke* 'Cause his honey got greeeeeeeen~ *pokepokepoke* Comin' out her wazooo~! *poke*

Starlight: *pokepoke* What. The. Hell. Was. That?

[21/06/2008 05:04:33]




Human: Would you stop.

Spoon: No, why would even consider that option?

[21/06/2008 05:01:20]

Zora of Termina

Starlight: Poking nearby humans? I'm in.

Me too let's go. *starts prodding a human*

[21/06/2008 04:58:27]


Heh, thank you~

Would you be up to poking the nearby humans?

[21/06/2008 04:49:57]

Zora of Termina

Starlight: Glad you enjoy it. ^^

Thank you Starliiiight~! *inhales strawberry ice cream*

Starlight: You're welcome. Both of you. ^^

[21/06/2008 04:40:38]


This is wonderous *devours sorbet with rasberries*

[21/06/2008 04:37:33]

Zora of Termina

Starlight: Yes, ma'am. You heard the lady, waiter.

Waiter: Yes, my lady. *is serving the ice cream*

*grins* I love today.

Darkness: Seconded.

Windfall: Thirdeeeeed~!

…When did you two get here?

[21/06/2008 04:23:01]


I'll have Lemon Sorbet with Rasberry if you don't mind~

Thank you, Starlight~

[21/06/2008 04:11:56]

Zora of Termina

OK, just make sure mine's strawberry.

Starlight: You got it. YO WAITER!

Where did we get a waiter…?

Waiter: Yes, ma'am?

Starlight: Ice cream for everyone! On me! Get to it!

Waiter: Of course, my lady. *goes to fetch ice cream*

[21/06/2008 04:05:57]


Zelda: That was a tad random.

*Link raises hand*

Since when does he like ice cream? Do they even have it in Hyr-

Zelda: EEVEE!!!


[21/06/2008 04:00:31]

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