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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I think I see; you want to remove the height:150px from the #header element in the CSS. You'll probably also want to set max-width:100% on the header image, so it won't stretch the page for someone with a smaller screen.

[15/06/2024 08:28:39]

Website: Inkyflock's Brain Schaboodle

Like, the banner is meant to be large across the top of the page, like how a banner in real life would look, across the top of something. (not big enough to cover the whole page) I used Krita to draw it and I used a 1920 x 800 pixel canvas to draw it.

[15/06/2024 04:20:47]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

@Inkysplotch.AAA: What do you mean by "changing it to a banner"? What's the effect you want?

[15/06/2024 00:39:44]

Website: Inkyflock's Brain Schaboodle

I was still using your free website layout, and i decided to change the logo of my site to a banner, and for some reason, the banner stretched out to the entire page and went under the text and other images? And i resized the banner and it stayed that way? Why did this happen?
Have an epic day!

[14/06/2024 18:22:55]

Website: Inkyflock's Brain Schaboodle

@Butterfree: Ello! Thx for the help! I really appreciate it!
Have an epic day!

[01/06/2024 06:14:35]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

@Inkysplotch.AAA: Hey! Glad you enjoyed the HTML guide.

Your menu links don't work because you've just written <a blog.html>, when it needs to be <a href="blog.html">. You need to be careful with stuff like that in HTML - the syntax needs to be exact!

On the art dump page, it's just that the images are very large. You could shrink them down in an art program, or you can add this to the bottom of the style.css file:

#content img {

This will prevent any images inside the main content from becoming any wider than the main content itself, regardless of the size of the user's screen, while keeping the images at their original aspect ratio.

Hope that helps!

[31/05/2024 18:02:41]

Website: Inkyflock's Brain Schaboodle

Hey, I found you through your HTML guide and i decided to use one of your free layouts (the stretching div layout) and i added the links to the other pages on my site and i tested it and i could hover over the links and stuff but i clicked the links and they did nothing, They didn't link me to the page the links were supposed to, i still was on the Home page when i clicked the links. I checked the code and i saw no reason this was supposed to be happening.
Also i had an art dump and when i used the layout suddenly the art went off to the side and as a result a part of it is off screen and you couldn't see a part of the images, I could see why this was happening, but i don't know how i could fix it.
Have an epic day!

[31/05/2024 06:40:30]


Been a while since I've been here. Missed this place

[27/04/2024 16:17:09]

Commenting on: 04-01-24

Wait, the whole thing was real? I cross-checked with Bulbapedia (which also had a great prank) to make sure the roulette machine existed, but I kind of just assumed that everything after the first helper tool was fake, because <i>who in the heck</i> programs that much nonsense?! I miss the 2D games…

[02/04/2024 00:08:26]

Website: Thousand Roads
Commenting on: 03-31-24

God dammit. Of course it would end up being something like this.

So hype to see all this posted at last! I didn't even remember that the probabilities are set to the player always wins in the long run. And the simulator came out so nicely! It's weirdly satisfying to put it on one of the multi-ball options and just watch all those circles spin around to their final positions.

The fuzz value… Something to do with cleanliness of the ball seems plausible. Or at least as plausible as anything else. DEEPLY wish I could pick the brain of whoever designed this minigame. I have so many questions!

Love the header. Chaos goblin Shroomish is everything to me.

I hope whoever asked for this one is happy! Surely they got way more than they bargained for, lol.

[01/04/2024 23:41:41]

Commenting on: 03-31-24

Roulette game honestly seem fun, the physics likely was used for Pokemon Pinball in some way, or at least that the vibe I got from it.

[01/04/2024 18:24:30]

Commenting on: 03-31-24

Man, I really love your April fools jokes.
The article was great - it's so fun to see the bizarre logic that hides in some corners of these games. I also unironically like the layout, that Taillow is adorable.

[01/04/2024 15:36:09]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 03-31-24

@Umbral: Fixed, thanks.

@lucaa: If the battery is dry, the clock will have stopped - you can check the in-game time in your house in Littleroot.

[01/04/2024 05:46:59]

Commenting on: 03-31-24

i really loved this article!!! seeing the time of day factoring into the calculations made me wonder, though: does it make a difference if your cartridge has a dry battery???

[01/04/2024 01:43:22]

Commenting on: 03-31-24

So apparently the new layout makes the catch calculator no longer mobile friendly.

[31/03/2024 23:28:51]

Shiny Mailman Scyther
Commenting on: 03-31-24

I'm glad you're finally decided to embrace this site's true calling as a means to confront your own roulette addiction. I gotta say, the new roulette minigame and layout really make my spurs go Jingle Jangle Jingle. They're a real Platinum Chip on the website's table.

[31/03/2024 21:54:37]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

They assume your Pokémon is the same level as the opponent, yeah, which seemed like the most reasonable baseline to use, given I wasn't giving you a form to input the level of your Pokémon. Though it does lead to somewhat skewed results, since it means the higher-leveled Pokémon in the location will show as having lower experience gain compared to the lower-leveled ones than they actually would in practice. Maybe I should reconsider.

[20/02/2024 17:36:02]


How do the Gen V Locations pages handle the scaling experience formula? They still give an "Average EXP per Pokémon", but I don't know where the specific numbers comes from.

Do they assume your Pokémon is a particular level (maybe the average level of the area)? Something else entirely?

[18/02/2024 09:36:30]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Thank you all! Very touched to hear you enjoyed this incredibly self-indulgent story, or my tutorials, or the BMF mention (we should talk!). These comments make my day every time.

[05/02/2024 17:03:58]

Madz Knight/Carmine/"SilverLatios" long ago

I just want you to know how excited I am every single time you post more Morphic. I've read it over so many times, it's ingrained in my brain chemistry, I feel like I've grown up alongside it, I'm still beyond stoked about the eventual coming rewrite, which I feel like I will be able to more easily foist upon my friends and partners just so I can talk to someone else about it for once. Thank you for the delightful Dave torment. The art you've done mentioning it has always intrigued me.

Or rather, "Wow, I loved Dave and Mia Discuss Timeloops!"

[04/02/2024 20:41:47]

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