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I'm using your Locations pages (Gen I Locations, etc), which incidentally are really useful, but I keep trying to middle click the results in the dropdown to open them in a new tab so that I can easily compare different floors, but instead it just opens in the current tab.

Is there any way to make it so that middle clicking opens them in a new tab?

[14/05/2022 16:51:36]


I just want to say I'm glad to see that this website is still up and running. You were a big part of my childhood, when I spent a good portion of my day browsing Pokemon fansites and personal sites. I was pretty bummed out to find that a lot of them were straight up gone, but seeing that TCoD is still here kinda puts a warm feeling in my heart.

When I was in middle school I would read your webmaster guides and try out your layouts. I didn't really grasp it all too well then, but coming back to things like this has been really reigniting my initial love of web design and coding. I hope you're still doing well after all these years.

[30/04/2022 02:38:28]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-28-17

Your browser probably has some form of "Save Page As…" option; I get it when I right-click the page, for instance. Use that to save the picker page, then open the downloaded html file to edit it.

[25/04/2022 04:57:23]

Commenting on: 09-28-17

I want to make my own version of the pokemon favorite picker that includes some cool fakemon but I don't want to start from scratch with the github link, is there a way I can just copy the exact code the way it is so I can add my items to it?

[24/04/2022 20:37:12]

Maddox / CarmineKnight / Silverlatios

Oh heck yeah, I needed an excuse to replay all of Sutoraiku High for hours because I forgot to go back to the updated version. Thanks for all the fun things you make, Butterfree.

[01/04/2022 19:06:50]

Commenting on: 03-31-22

First run didn't turn out too well. I told you this before but I always check your site around this time of year because you always post something interesting. I'll have to play the game some more but I might need to play Sutoraiku High just to remind me what I even did there last time. Regardless thanks for all of the hard work you do on the site in general.

[01/04/2022 01:01:52]


I just wanna say that Serena from XY(Z) is my favourite Pokemon character and seeing Masters Serena with a haircut similar to the anime haircut made me very happy.

[25/03/2022 20:07:53]

Commenting on: 12-02-21

I 'unno how this trult works and, I know you might not want this but. Hope you're doing well, regardless of what you think of me. Ans I hope you continue making this site, it's cool.

I also hope this doesn't show my email publicly lol

Have a good one if you see this

[15/03/2022 16:18:49]

Website: swifty's hq
Commenting on: 01-01-22

hello ^_^ long long long time reader, first time commenter, i think…

it's been many many years, but i still fondly remember your site (and many others like it!) from my years as a preteen browsing the internet in 2003-2008ish. i'm really really happy to see it still alive and well when all the others have fallen into the internet archives.

your site has always been a very big inspiration to me! and i finally made my own personal website as a love letter to sites like yours. i'm hoping to keep up with it as a little home for myself on the modern internet.

anyways! thank you so much for the years of memories, and for sticking around :-)!

[08/03/2022 16:57:20]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-06-22

Should be fixed now, thank you!

[09/02/2022 16:41:30]

Commenting on: 02-06-22

When switching to Shiny Mode the sprites for the Female and Male Hisuian Sneasel are swapped

[09/02/2022 16:18:39]

Commenting on: 01-01-22

I've been reading since some time in 2008 (had to look at the old splash pages to verify haha) and I have no plans to stop any time soon. Looking back, over the past 13 years your site has had a weirdly large influence on me. Your HTML guide got me into web development, if only as a hobby.

I really appreciate that you've kept the old stylesheets around by the way. It's really funny to see the transition from 800px fixed-width layouts to fluid layouts for widescreen monitors to mobile-friendly layouts for screens even narrower than 800px.

[31/01/2022 12:13:06]

Commenting on: 01-01-22

Happy New Year! I have been reading your site since 2005 and don't plan to stop anytime soon. :)

[31/01/2022 06:36:57]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Ahaha, I had not been alerted! Thank you, I got a kick out of that.

[28/01/2022 18:40:17]


I don't know if you've been alerted, but this website was cited in the supplemental information of a peer reviewed scientific paper!

(The paper is about modeling bias in species distribution models, but uses Pokemon Go data for Kangaskhan as the dataset, and maintains the joke of acting like it is a real animal throughout the paper, complete with a "supplemental information" file about the biology of Kangaskhan, which cites The Cave of Dragonflies' pokemon genetics page.)

[28/01/2022 12:58:43]


I love "Butterfree", it was a great read that made me tear up a bit. Glad to see the site is still up!

[15/01/2022 17:30:04]

Website: Pokeheroes

Came for the personality quizzes, stayed for all the cool things this site has to offer! TCod is one of the coolest fansites I've ever seen. 10/10 would visit again

[07/01/2022 23:53:12]

Website: Field of Innocence Forum
Commenting on: 01-01-22

Happy New Year! I'm so glad TCoD is still alive after all these years. :) I hate that personal sites aren't really a thing anymore, but TCoD was always my favorite, and I hope it's around forever.

(Also, is it weird that I loved reading the blog-style updates in 2004? They were fun to read.)

[07/01/2022 19:51:59]

Maddox / CarmineKnight / Silverlatios

"Butterfree" so perfectly encapsulates _everything_ it is I adore about your writing. Pokemon being truly people, young trainers struggling to deal with that, absorbing descriptions of mental pain, catharsis. Yes I got a little emotional. I don't even know if I can properly explain it all, except that I LOVE what you do, and it's a TREAT to my day when you share your writing. I drink up every word like precious nectar flavored with the intense love of the Pokemon World. I remember reading "Butterfree" when it first came out, and I loved it then, too, but the revisions deepen it as much as my own analysis have grown over the years, too. I genuinely feel like people could take something away from it regarding the relationships we have with in-game Pokemon, too.

It also feels appropriate to restate my general appreciation for the more general work you do, keeping this website up, and everything. It is indeed sad being in a time when websites like this are hardly a thing anymore(to greatly understate my unhappiness with the state of the internet world.). The Cave of Dragonflies is truly loved and appreciated.

[03/01/2022 18:51:49]

Commenting on: 01-01-22

Oh… that story was beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it. The characters' emotions feel so real and raw. I actually burst into tears near the end.

Happy new year, anyway! Here's hoping for more mechanics testing opportunities in 2022.

[03/01/2022 08:14:39]

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