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Do you think Jirachu may be Kirby?

I'm sure plenty of you know about the nintendo game character "Kirby".

Well i've seen, around the internet, this person who claims to call herself "Jirachu" or something like that…..and i noticed something.

Her favorite color is pink.

Stars are her personal motif.

She's like ridiculously cute but also kind of a bad*** little leader of sorts? Remembering back to the days of that forum she had. This person was kiiiind of fierce…

Oh and then the way she acted on her forum. Soooo reminds me of Kirby from the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! anime. Said 'hiyo' in place of 'hi' a lot. OMFG THATS LIKE KIRBY'S "poyo!" catch phrase…

Pretty much, the only distinct difference is, i duno so much if Jirachu was the 'big eater' type…

She pretty much does have that love for all things cute, pretty, otherwise 'innocent' that kirby seems to also have. And has generally shown an upbeat personality.

If 'girly' traits weren't so associated with uhhh, females, there'd be a lot of doubts in my mind that Jirachu is, indeed, a she.

The crush on Korrina 'she' seems to have now is quite food for thought overall. Pretty dang adorable (also jirachu's kirby-like personality is also a bit korrina like too).

But yeah. Have you ever wondered if, maybe Jirachu is really a kirby in disguise…?

PS: This post was not made by Jirachu herself. And don't you start thinking it was! Muwahahahaha…yep….

[24/08/2019 04:21:57]

Commenting on: 07-15-19

I'm using this right now; happy to see it's still being maintained!

[15/08/2019 18:51:41]


Thanks Butterfree. :3

I'm getting quite a few pokemon things this year too^^ yay for pokemon

[14/08/2019 19:39:14]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Happy birthday!

[14/08/2019 00:20:31]

~Lady Jirachu~

Its almost my birthday and i relate to avril lavigne songs lol

…thanks to the sk8r boi song i can't get the idea of me as a ballerina out of my head o.o; good thing i'm like the girliest girl ever hahahahahaha. (ahh…yes. yesyesyes)

happy birthday to lady jirachu <3

[13/08/2019 06:42:12]


Posting on the forum on this site helps me feel in tune with the year 2004 again.

My life's been hard. Its nice to feel a sense of nostalgia in tough times :) It makes me feel happier.

[11/08/2019 21:11:54]


*sing's madoka majika 'connect'*

Let the clocks tick by, let the days fade away…

Cuz I found the path my heart will walk today!

I'm gonna fly on forward into that blue sky BOUNDLESS AND BRIGHT!

I pray and hope that one day we'll be together.


When we connect…

(i felt like sharing all this…)

[10/08/2019 17:00:52]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Removed the link, but: the page you asked about was made as a joke by some members of the forums sometime in probably 2005 or so. Mostly, the members wrote the bits about themselves; my boyfriend at the time wrote the bits about me. The wiki mods took notice, didn't like that people were using the wiki for some forum's in-jokes, and spammed my error report form for a while because of it. Please just leave it alone and don't draw attention to it again (hence the removed link).

[08/08/2019 16:27:32]


Jirachu: Cool, which friend bought it for you?

[08/08/2019 11:25:25]


*goes into bragging mode* I HAVE THE SECOND X AND Y MANGA WITH KORRINA IN IT NOW!!! :D

Sorry, I had to post that somewhere publicly lol


[08/08/2019 07:30:36]


Its interesting to see the new updates this site gets to this day :P Such a nostalgic pokemon site from my beloved early pokemon fandom teen years…

[21/07/2019 22:50:11]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I'm already in far too many Discord servers, I'm afraid, and don't talk very much in any of them! If they've got anything they wanted to ask me about, though, they're welcome to post here or e-mail me.

[17/07/2019 19:47:03]

Kanto Champion

My phone auto corrected my name from “Kanto Champion” to “Kanye Champion”

[17/07/2019 12:09:57]

Kanye Champion

Are you up for joining any of your fan’s Discord servers? Because I have a few friends who like your site, Butterfree. And would love to have you join their Discord servers.

[17/07/2019 12:08:23]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Paul: That'd be feasible, sure. Will look into it.

Pokemon Fan: I logged in just to make sure I don't have any PMs or something, but I kind of just fell out of it a few years ago; I've got so many other things to do.

[11/07/2019 17:51:02]

Pokemon Fan
Are you planning on returning to Pokecommunity sometime soon, Dragonfree?

[11/07/2019 06:20:48]


Hey Hlín, I love your Pokémon List Generator. Do you think there's a possibility to include a variable concerning Pokémon name language? Like [%name%|german]? I would love that!

xoxo Paul

[10/07/2019 22:23:31]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-30-19

The clunkiness is mainly the sheer number of options for at least the Gen VI/VII picker - for your average person, getting twenty form fields shoved in your face just looks intimidating and overcomplicated, and when half of those fields are in fact not going to be relevant the vast majority of the time, I'm very reluctant to make that the default.

The chance of catching it within so and so many balls is really just a way of expressing the previously stated probability in terms that might give a more practical idea of what that probability means. I think it's kind of awkward in the first place to give a number of balls for the turn-based balls, because you set a specific turn - by the next turn, the conditions have changed, so of course the result you got based on the previous turn number no longer applies! I could guess that you're going to be throwing more of the same balls on the next several turns, but why would you necessarily - after all, if the Quick Ball misses on the first turn, would you really go for another Quick Ball next turn in the first place? If you're using Timer Balls on a sleeping target, at some point the Pokémon is going to wake up and you have to spend a turn putting it back to sleep rather than using another ball - there's no way the calculator can account for that, but it still means that a result based on the idea you throw a new Timer Ball on every subsequent turn is not actually going to be accurate.

Really what I'd want most is a better explanation of what I actually mean by this chance of catching it within so and so many balls, but it's hard to think of an explanation that'd make sense without being incredibly lengthy and, again, making all this really confusing to the average user.

[04/07/2019 16:42:51]

Commenting on: 06-30-19

This is really cool! I don't think the "Show All" option is as clunky as you think. Since they're ordered from most likely to least likely, and change order upon checking different boxes, it makes sense to me.

One thing that's odd though: for Quick Ball, it says something like "You have a x% chance of capturing it per ball. Thus, you have at least a x% chance of catching it within 1 ball and at least a x% chance of catching it within 2 balls." This doesn't make much sense to me given that on the second ball, the chance would change.

[04/07/2019 12:41:46]

Chaos Theory

Good to see this site still running! So much nostalgia :')

[04/07/2019 07:00:00]

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