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(The guestbook is a bit of an awkward system to leave empty replies to, but let it be known I am :3 to add another layer to the general buzz about that show
>:) )

Bro, Undertale has had a huge update right now, a really cool (& HILARIOUS) 2000s themed minisite with lots of (not-very-)hidden links to new content… but every gen Zer is calling the infodrop an ARG ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ Even though the site has a little hint page that stresses it's not an ARG ūüė≠ūüė≠ ITS NOT AN ARG YOU KIDS ITS SECRET LINKS YOU WOULD ALL KNOW IF YOU WERE STILL GOING TO THE COOL WEBSITE "THE "CAVE OF DRAGONFLIE'S""!!!!!!!!!!!!
also like it hits like a truck that.. there used to be one million of these but I cant even think of any other examples.. I didnt even realise a generation had never seen it before since everything is now hosted on rigid socmed or a professional portfolio/business site… remember how it even used to say here (I think) that you wanted a secret link hunt cuz everyone had one? Sigh…

…. Also ive found a bunch of ppl clutching their hearts at the reveal of a character's LJ blog, complete with all the right ascii emotes X) & they are wishing direly they could have this in their lives. I HAVE 30 YEAR OLD FRIENDS THAT STILL TALK LIKE THIS (stares at hands) DID WE LOOP PAST "EMBARRASSINGLY OUTDATED" & HAVE SINCE PLUNGED DEEP INTO "MYTHICAL ANCIENTS" (CRYING)

[19/09/2022 15:25:44]

Strawberry eggs

I visited this site way back in the day. It's good to still see it!

[19/09/2022 09:57:25]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Ooh, I keep hearing good things about that show. I really should!

[10/09/2022 10:05:40]


Hey butterfree, my flatmate is watching a show called "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency", & I briefly heard a gleefully mia-like character & the exhausted attempts of another character to explain human concepts & logic to them, so I think youll be interested. ūüėĀūüėĀ They didnt appear to be THE main characters, but I think they might be major. Definitely update if you end up watching it. ūüėĀūüėĀ

[10/09/2022 06:57:26]

Thai Thien

I have been here.
Have a meowingful day.

[05/09/2022 23:05:07]

Website: N/A

I don't have anything particularly interesting to say, I just wanted to thank you for all the entertainment over the years :-)

[04/09/2022 14:28:23]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

You're not always going to see every Pokémon to start with - some will get left over and simply shuffled into the next round where you can pick them.

[31/08/2022 15:00:01]


Doing the favorite Pokemon picker, I didn't see Roseila for the preliminary rounds.

[30/08/2022 22:56:58]

Website: mothcore

the psychic "which trainer class are you" test works for real i got artist and i do like drawing and the dewey decimal system (though the universal decimal classification is better <3)

[30/08/2022 09:26:50]


Clue! Lol, jk. I cant get clue game clue 4. This site is epic, too!

[23/08/2022 11:55:33]


Thank you for writing your HTML guide. I struggled with it more than many things. I appreciate your style.

[13/08/2022 01:59:02]

Valyce Negative

I've been surfing on Web Archive lately to look at all those pages I used to follow in the mid 2000s before the era of social media.
Sadly most are dead, so I'm very glad to find that The Cave Of Dragonflies is, instead, still alive and updated! Your webcorner has always been very cozy and all your pages are a pleasure to read.
Unfortunately my site isn't eligible to affiliate (due to it being an art gallery with only a few Pokèmon fanarts), but this doesn't mean I can't stick around and follow your updates :P
Kudos for the beautiful site and its lenghty life!

[05/08/2022 09:36:38]

Commenting on: 07-09-22

Sounds good to me! It’s impossible to get all of them anyway(unless you’re IndigoClaudia.)

[23/07/2022 12:25:47]

Website: The Web Site of Viatrix

(From The Style Switcher)
> In other words, [Old School Style]'s a joke style, so treat it accordingly

turns out I actually like Old School Style a lot! It's dark mode, the elements are in places I like, and the text is a good size for reading! :p

[05/07/2022 15:56:36]

Commenting on: 02-06-22

Just a suggestion, if you can. Can you used the 2D model rather than the 3D?? Although it's look more life, some monster 3D model just looks bad.

[13/06/2022 17:52:12]

Website: Dakine Shiba Inu's Oregon and California

Cute Site!

[07/06/2022 21:19:36]


I spent hours on this site as a kid and just today rediscovered you thanks to a friend linking their favourite Pokemon list… knowing this website is still up and running and has a guestbook in the year of our lord 2022 makes me incredibly happy <3 Keep up the good work!

[06/06/2022 13:07:33]


i heard an anecdote about end-user license agreements today and it reminded me of your marquee of doom :p
EULAs: the most doomy marquees :p

[31/05/2022 05:24:08]


I actually stumbled back here after so long, i'd like to think probably more than a decade, due to the favorite pokemon sorter. It's really a blast to the past and feels like a time capsule checking out all the pages and subjecting myself to the marquee of doom once again.
I'll probably go back and read your fandfic. I remember being enraptured by your work back then and I look forward to being enraptured once again.

Hope you're doing well after all this time and thank you for keeping up this website for so long.

[25/05/2022 16:40:13]


I'm using your Locations pages (Gen I Locations, etc), which incidentally are really useful, but I keep trying to middle click the results in the dropdown to open them in a new tab so that I can easily compare different floors, but instead it just opens in the current tab.

Is there any way to make it so that middle clicking opens them in a new tab?

[14/05/2022 16:51:36]

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