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792 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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There's something very pleasant about seeing an old website like this that is outside the major social media sphere

[23/05/2023 14:28:43]

Website: Doduodrio's Website

This site is great! The tutorials were really helpful, and I enjoyed reading all of the content overall :)

[04/05/2023 13:44:20]

Website: Altissimo's Pokémon Data Source
Commenting on: 04-29-23

Fucking Pritchetts.

[02/05/2023 10:06:21]


When you shake a milkshake does it become a milkshook?

[25/04/2023 13:10:36]

Website: Fax News

This is my best website. I love it so much.

[11/04/2023 15:32:13]

Commenting on: 04-01-23

Honestly yea, it flew over my head this time around. It nice you have the Archive to explain the jokes for the less diehard fans out there such as myself. I had zero clue what the deal was or that was even a thing in Scarlet. I can't really call myself a Pokemon fan nowadays but as I stated in the past I always find myself checking this site out because you generally put a lot of effort into April Fools. Feel bad sometimes as I am unsure how many people even play your visual novel additions on the year before. Gotta admit, I never got around to looking at all of the possible paths on the game myself. Nevertheless I am grateful you try to make every year into an event and hope you keep doing them for the sake of tradition.

[03/04/2023 21:06:47]

Commenting on: 03-28-23

Everything is Lechonk

[01/04/2023 18:06:29]

Commenting on: 03-28-23

I'm dying. My friend literally sent me the link for favorite Pokemon and showing me how it worked and by the time I went to try it out was lechonk 😂😂
I guess I'll wait twenty four hours to find my favorite

[31/03/2023 23:10:12]


HOW TO INSTANTLY HATCH EGGS (diamond and pearl fake glitches)
1. Catch a Roaming Pokemon. (Latias for diamond, Latios for pearl)
2. Get your partner to level 100.
3. Breed your partner with Ditto.
4. Battle a Wild Pokemon and lose.
5. Get the egg before you do ANYTHING else.
In 5 seconds, it will hatch into a Ditto!

[31/03/2023 21:41:11]

Commenting on: 03-28-23

Thanks for add them. Now that we are talking about the tool. Could you separate the other alternative forms between permanents and the ones that can be changed out of battle?

[29/03/2023 09:27:31]


I like catch rate calculator c:

[15/03/2023 19:11:59]

Commenting on: 02-27-23

I had no idea that my tandemaus was shiny

[06/03/2023 10:07:15]

Commenting on: 02-27-23

This was so helpful

[04/03/2023 04:08:39]

Website: Thousand Roads
Commenting on: 02-13-23

"I was up until 3 AM working on my website," well, you know that means I have to show up and see what you've got going on!

Congrats on getting all this put together! I'm loving the dumb ditto glitches in this version of the capture algorithm, and the changes to the critical capture animations are interesting. I thought I'd noticed them happening a lot more often… if they show up anytime you're catching a repeat, that definitely makes sense, heh.

Looking forward to more when you have time to put it together! That subtle shinies page should be a fun one in particular; there are some truly dire ones in Paldea for sure. (Why is Paldean tauros' shiny like that. Just why.)

[14/02/2023 02:09:18]

Website: swifty's hq!
Commenting on: 02-13-23

LETS GOOO!!! i have been playing scarvio since i got it for my birthday recently, so glad to see you've got some stuff up for it now!

[13/02/2023 21:47:16]


I loved Go. You've once again beautifully brought to life how if Pokemon were real, even the most basic and common of them would be extraordinarily special.

[12/02/2023 10:13:11]


@Butterfree whoops a little belated of a reply because i straight up forgot i wrote this LOL
The main character possesses [insert shounen] powers far stronger than any other person in-universe & the show is very vaguely about his state of control. In this arc, an accident unplugs his inhibition & he wanders around in a fugue state emanating passive destruction. He wakes up as his disembodied consciousness, deep within the walking manifestation of his powers, while some other characters with powers are trying to stop him, and hes horrified & cant do anything about it - almost. From the outside he freezes right before he attacks them & the other characters go, "Wait, hes trying to resist because he cares so much!" & I went hee hee thats the scene by butterfree :D
It's not the final conclusion in this case though

[09/02/2023 05:20:20]

Website: Classic Pokémon Guide

(Go spoilers!) I just read your most recent fanfiction, "Go", and wow, that unexpectedly hurt! I was enjoying the familiar Pokémon escapism, as I'm sure Pokémon becoming real is a fantasy every Pokémon fan has experienced before, and then you just had to wrench my heart with a bittersweet ending like that. I actually teared up, which really surprised me. Your method of integrating Go into the real world (the app being like… the link between worlds) was a good way to handle it, I think. The humor in the fic also got an exhale out of my nose multiple times. The jokes about PETA in particular made me wheeze out of my nose in amusement and roll my eyes at the same time. But yeah, thanks for making me almost cry over a Pidgey. Worth it, hahaha.

[31/01/2023 07:37:19]


I spent a lot of time on this website when I was younger! I came back to visit today because I remembered using your html guide and I wanted to get into that again. I'm so happy to see this place is still up! Have great day!!

[22/01/2023 21:10:35]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

@ Happy: I don't know Mob Psycho but I'm curious! If you'd be willing to briefly elaborate on the similarity I'd be thrilled.

[21/01/2023 00:32:52]

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