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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

@Rauf Mohammed: I don't think that Mareep is very subtle - yellow to pink as the Pokémon's primary color is a pretty big contrast.

[27/11/2023 20:12:27]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-02-23

@Moon: Bloodmoon Ursaluna is already in the picker! You need to enable "Other alternate forms" to see it.

[27/11/2023 20:10:27]

Commenting on: 11-02-23

Yeah sorry idk what the website blanks mean, Im just wondering if Bloodmoon ursaluna is gonna be added to the Favourite pokemon picker

[27/11/2023 16:10:20]

Rauf Mohammed

Hey. Mareep should be in the Subtle Shinies page, and heres why: The skin and tail are a bit more saturated, and the wool is pink. The black bits on the horn and tail are notably grey-ish. Just letting you know about it!

[26/11/2023 11:44:13]


Hey hey! I was amazed to see this place still online! I had so much fun here back when I first played pokemon with Ruby, so many great guides and articles! I am very happy to see that at least some sites from my childhood are still alive and not just memories on the wayback machine. Great job for being creative and free for 20+ years, I wish you good luck and prosperity for another 20!

[23/11/2023 09:02:34]


Amazing site, like a modern version of the "fansites" of old. Really impressive something like this still exists. I admire and respect your dedication to NOT having ads, too. I stumbled across this place (more specifically the forum) while randomly doing a google search for "ugliest pokemon".

[09/11/2023 00:50:40]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

@Em: Ah, this is a consequence of the bit where leftover Pokémon can no longer spill into the next round - if the round has an odd number of Pokémon, then one of the batches has to have at least three Pokémon, because the alternative would be giving you a batch of one. The picker logic now arranges things so that if the round can't have all evenly-sized batches, it'll do the bigger batches first, hence why it'll start with the three-Pokémon batch.

I'm not sure there's a great way to solve that within the requirement of having firm round boundaries. Potentially I could alter things so that we stick to the old behaviour in classic mode but do allow one-Pokémon batches in this one case in split mode, since in split mode your choice of whether you pick a Pokémon means the same thing regardless of what other Pokémon were in the same batch with it… but I'm not sure that wouldn't cause any problems. Hrmm.

[06/11/2023 16:14:37]

Orange Overhaul
Commenting on: 11-02-23

Congrats on 21! Love this site, I learned HTML here

[05/11/2023 15:14:42]


The addition of split mode in the favorite Pokemon picker seems to have introduced a few glitches when setting the batch size to 2? When you choose classic mode with the batch size set to 2, it will still have 3 Pokemon in the first batch, and there's no way to reduce it to 2 besides moving on to the next batch (picking or passing). Furthermore, in both modes, if at any point during the first batch you have a batch size larger than 2 (whether you started that way or increased it), whenever you decrease it back to 2 you will have the irremovable third Pokemon.

[05/11/2023 06:05:43]

Commenting on: 11-02-23

Happy Birthday TCoD! Been visiting you since 2006, and I am still here. :)

[04/11/2023 14:47:29]

Commenting on: 11-02-23

Happy to see TCoD is still hitting it out of the park! I love split mode but I do have one suggestion, it would be nice to have an option to have split mode start in national dex order or by evolution family with all thousand-some pokemon viewable. Having a familiar grouping would make it easier to figure out which part of an evolution line I like best or more quickly find certain pokemon. I know that could be a tall order so no sweat if it's beyond the scope of the project. The Favorite Pokémon Picker is already an incredibly useful tool and this update has been a wonderful birthday treat. Here's to another 21 years!

[04/11/2023 12:17:14]

Website: Thousand Roads
Commenting on: 11-02-23

Happy birthday, TCoD! Love to see all the ways you're still making improvements to the favorite picker. Really looking forward to when the roulette article goes up; it's got so much cool stuff in it!

[03/11/2023 16:58:36]

Commenting on: 11-02-23

happy birthday tcod! guess we're gonna have to start offering beer and cod from now on…

[03/11/2023 15:55:21]


I love the site! I still haven't found the Secret Link, but I'm looking!

[31/10/2023 13:30:43]

Website: J.A. Brown

Your site is great!

I am the same age as you, and around the time you created this site, I was avidly reading everything about Pokémon I could find on the internet. (Dunno if I ever came across your site, though, though it's very well possible!)
As a child, Pokémon was very important to me. It kind of still is, but my connection to it has waxed and waned with the years.

I really appreciate how you kept your site going all these years. Instead of making something new to go with the latest trend in web design or whatever, you kept the basics and added improvements. I like that way of designing a website. And you taught yourself programming and web design along the way. And you even kept working on the same fanfiction all those years! In fact, I'd say your site is the kind of site I wish I had. I feel very disconnected to the time of 20 years ago… the world feels so strange now. It feels like I don't live in the same world anymore, or barely. But when I visit your site, I see something that has been constantly present and developing for the past 20+ years. It's a nice comforting feeling that someone has made something like this, even if it wasn't me.

Thank you very much for making this site and please keep up the good work.

[25/10/2023 08:10:30]


Feels nostalgic to post in this guestbook again🙂👍 I hope your year has been going well Butterfree. This site has been lasting a really long time and it’s awesome how many years ago it’s been since I first found it.

[21/10/2023 17:32:47]


Hello hello! Stopping by to say how much I love this website! I've been following since 2014, and I have a ton of memories of me as a kid exploring it for hours, playing through all the games and exploring every inch of the site that I could uncover! Just wanted to tell you how majorly this site was involved in my childhood, and that I'm super happy to see it still active and updating! Wishing ya the best! <3

[14/10/2023 20:53:54]


I landed here during a search for something ultimately unrelated, but I couldn't just not give a shoutout to you for having such a clean website. Thanks for remembering when the internet was rad and keeping it alive.

[12/10/2023 23:45:44]

Commenting on: 10-04-23

Great job updating the favorite Pokémon tool. Not only adding the new Pokémon, but also replacing the scarlet and purple sprites with those from HOME. These last few days I was thinking about leaving you a message about it, but I'm glad it wasn't necessary.

[08/10/2023 14:45:38]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

@Kevin/Bo: Thanks, both of those things have been done now.

@Happy: I could do that in theory, but I don't know if I would consider a feed of my daily art (70% of which is half-assed doodles) to be quite worthwhile enough to get a starring role on the site! But I'll think about it.

[04/10/2023 21:32:20]

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