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Commenting on: 07-01-18

I am confused because I thought TCoD was more than 13 years old??

[15/07/2018 11:11:50]


Hi, I just stumbled upon here and don't know what to put here.
I like the Fennekin line, especially Braixen.

[09/07/2018 00:45:16]

Commenting on: 07-01-18

I think it'd be cool if you added the option to display the demo gs pokemon in the favorite pokemon picker,because I think Kotora has definitely made it's way into my heart, and my top favorite pokemon list.

[05/07/2018 23:36:27]


Can Lucario and Sylveon be on the new personality test? I really like those two pokemon :3

[27/06/2018 20:09:54]

Website: Tabletki na odchudzanie

It's so cool return back to the old times when i watched pokemon's movie all days :) thanks ;)

[26/06/2018 14:33:16]

Website: Lycanroc.Net
Commenting on: 05-24-18

AWStats is my favorite analytics platform. I had Google Analytics previously, and it's great for seeing the flow of visitors around your site, but it certainly feels invasive.

[25/06/2018 18:39:26]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I've been meaning to make a new personality test for a while! Not sure if it'd just be a new "What Pokémon Are You?", though; I've had various other ideas, but admittedly it would be fun making a test with newer Pokémon in it.

[23/06/2018 07:56:39]


A new pokemon quiz with gen 5/6/7 pokemon would be something to look forward too :) When you're up to making one.

[19/06/2018 04:27:49]

Website: Link Building

this is totally nostalgic! pokemon never dies

[18/06/2018 02:14:40]

Web Scraping
Website: Web Scraping

Its been such a long time, and what a special place in my heart this community holds. let's hope everyone here has a blessed life.

[18/06/2018 02:12:24]


Thank you Pokemon Fan. Dragonfree will be happy to have read that :D

[12/06/2018 02:55:02]

Pokemon fan!
Website: Pozycjonowanie stron wrocław

What a great and interesting website :) It's glad to see a lot of hard work here :)

[10/06/2018 13:22:54]

Commenting on: 05-20-18

LOL magikarp the gathering is a really funny name xDDD

[24/05/2018 13:02:23]


Hi Butterfree and the gang! :P Whats been up?

I may show off the url to my Korrina fan page on here sometime…..but i guess I do feel a little embaressed over it (dispite literally the whole net having been accepting of my crush on her).

I was pretty obsessed with playing my playstation 2 yesterday. Felt too lazy to really play any pokemon games, though. Although I swear i'll still be a Pokemon fan for life <3 Pokemon's done so much for me….(and it's like the cutest franchise ever IMO too)

[17/05/2018 09:21:15]

Lady Jirachu
Commenting on: 04-01-18

The nostalgia of back when i was 12-13 years old…. :3 and such an online n00b who knew NOTHING of how to properly act on the internet xD lawl~

[17/05/2018 09:17:28]


Yo what up. I've have been checking this site for quite a while, I dunno how long, 5ish years or so maybe?
None the less;
Good stuff man. Good stuff.

[16/05/2018 21:18:58]


Just stumbled upon this site and it looks very cute!

[08/05/2018 04:04:41]


It actually doesn't work that way in this case, Pokemon Brick Bronze is an online game with no downloads, so once it is deleted you can't access it and all the save files are destroyed. Very depressing.

[26/04/2018 23:49:09]

Website: Vegan Bags

Sorry i forgot to add on. I am proud to be a bug-catcher, always ;)

[25/04/2018 07:09:58]

Website: Tokyo Bags

Regardless of the generation, we still love celebi, just saying :)

[25/04/2018 06:55:25]

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