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Had a dream where you updated the pkmn personality quiz to have 109 possible outcomes.. was very impressed but thought it was a little much

[04/04/2017 01:32:17]

Commenting on: 03-31-17

You made an Undertale reference.

But yeah I got a good laugh out of this, I like it. Nice one.
Merry April fools.

[01/04/2017 15:42:39]

Commenting on: 03-31-17

Ha! You got me for a while, I'd completely forgotten about April Fools. :P

[01/04/2017 14:32:33]

Commenting on: 03-31-17


[01/04/2017 08:01:13]


just goes to show how much the rest of the world actually knows about iceland i guess :V thanks!

[15/03/2017 19:59:27]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

No. Even in the dead of winter, it is not that dark at three in the afternoon (and of course, Cousin Oskaar neglects to mention that conversely, in the summer the sun barely sets). It's a humour video.

(Incidentally, that is not an Icelandic accent, and Oskaar is not an Icelandic name. I don't know if he's from somewhere else and just immigrated to Iceland or if he's actually Icelandic but playing a character for the purposes of a funny video.)

[15/03/2017 18:47:55]

Altissimo is this accurate

[15/03/2017 17:56:53]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Altissimo: Neat! I've often wished I was there to witness the original GameFAQs thread.

Shine: I've used a variety of different fonts, generally either fonts I just happened to have on my computer (possibly defaults that came with Photoshop or something of the like) or ones obtained from free font sites of some kind - I know I got some from DaFont. In most cases I couldn't tell you the name of the font, unfortunately; I just pick something that seems to look nice and fit with the effect I want.

Gloria Et Virtute: Hi, and welcome to the guestbook! However, it feels a little spammy for you to come in repeatedly posting several links with little commentary that have nothing to do with one another or what anyone else is saying, or telling us about your progress in random games. Off-topic discussion is allowed, but it should be discussion; try to ask some open questions rather than simply making a series of statements, and stick to fewer topics at a time, if you can. Thanks!

[28/02/2017 16:55:40]

Gloria Et Virtute

I can not edit my post. I am making a correction that there is a bucket of food in the cup.

[28/02/2017 01:35:05]

Gloria Et Virtute

Here is a photograph of Lisa Courtney, the owner of the world's largest collection of Pokémon merchandise:

Here is a video showing a crow successfully using a tool to get a basket of food out of a jar:

Here is a photograph of an eighteenth-century game table:

In The Legend Of Zelda, I have now been everywhere, got every item and secret and cleared all nine levels in both quests.

In Metroid, I have been everywhere, got every item and secret, defeated Kraid, Ridley and Mother Brain and escaped before the time bomb detonated, clearing the game. I have also completed a Metroid quest without getting even a single game over, and in under three hours to see the ending where Samus Aran's entire power suit comes off to reveal that she is a woman.

Do you want to play Donkey Kong with me?

[28/02/2017 01:26:36]


I'm just wondering, what kind of font did you use for the headers and banners in your styles? (Like in headers of TQFTL or The Cave of Dragonflies).
And where can I get some free display fonts for a website?

[27/02/2017 20:41:04]


ah I keep forgetting that nuzlocke forums links to the post itself and only the post, and not its position on the page. this is the actual interesting post: it's the person who verified that the Mew Glitch worked, way back in the day, speaking about that

[26/02/2017 22:46:03]

Altissimo - check this out, i think you'll appreciate it

[26/02/2017 22:44:46]

Gloria Et Virtute

Because you are intelligent and devoted Pokémon fans, you may have seen these, but here are images of original Pokémon concept art by Satoshi Tajiri.

Have you ever seen original Nintendo Hanafuda playing cards?

[20/02/2017 20:39:24]

Gloria Et Virtute

Hello, Jirachu Millennium Pika! Yes, I do remember you! You are a very cute and feminine young woman!

I do not yet have Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon. I plan on getting Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow.

I am currently playing The Legend Of Zelda. In the first quest, I got everything and completed all nine levels. In the second quest, so far, I have completed the first seven out of the nine levels and got everything in the first seven levels and overworld.

[19/02/2017 22:11:42]

Jirachu MilleniumPika

Hiiii everyone remember meeee? :P lololol i hope everyone's been enjoying their sun and moon games! I love my sun team, especially my three fairy types i have on it right now.

[19/02/2017 21:30:01]

Gloria Et Virtute


I have been getting classic video games of a variety of Nintendo franchises from the Virtual Console. I will get Pokémon titles, but I do not have any, yet. Pokémon fan sites such as The Cave Of Dragonflies have very much more active chat and forums than the fan sites of other video game franchises.

If you want, you can tell me whatever situations you are in. If you want me to give you advice, solve your problems or grant your wishes, I can do that, too.

Do you want to play Mario Brothers with me?

[18/02/2017 04:41:07]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I wasn't exactly planning to - I assume you're referring to the Modern style banner, which was just some nice high-res art that looked good on a banner, and the fact it's X/Y-themed is incidental, not really a product of the fact those were the newest games at the time. Usually, my styles have stayed pretty static, as I've added new ones if the site needed a coat of fresh paint, rather than changing the old one. I might consider it seeing as Modern style is currently the only proper style that works on mobile, etc., but I wouldn't necessarily count on it.

[12/02/2017 10:01:45]


Do you think you'll update the site art to Sun and Moon - themed?

[11/02/2017 08:12:36]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-25-17

Stryke: ZING

Bimbo: Sure, that can be done; might add that in next time I work on the picker. Can't promise when that would be, though.

[09/02/2017 19:37:16]

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