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TCOD Forum is so awesome, I enjoy posting on there, hopefully we can get it more active again on there soon.

[08/10/2018 16:03:30]


i love your website
(altho ive been trying for like a year to find the 3rd awnser for the clue game)

[04/10/2018 04:00:22]


I'm sorry if my latest pm was drama for you butterfree :( Trust me, I really hate it when drama comes up too. I wish I could just stop re-acting to it….

[01/10/2018 05:34:00]


I see you answered back! I just responded with some cool stuff (including asking you for your 3ds friend code xD so maybe i can battle you sometime :3).

[28/09/2018 07:43:02]


Hi Butterfree :3 I sent you a pm to talk about pokemon stuff on your forum. And i'm gonna try to not cause drama so much anymore. Its not worth it o_o; Whats the point in getting angry at people when something you don't understand happens, ya know? Well I hope you are doing well. I edited my korrina page again today^^
~Your pal, Lady Jirachu

[28/09/2018 07:28:40]


Your cat may be the best cat….but my dog is the best dog :P He chalanges your cat to a petkemon battle to see which pet reins the greatest now. My dog is a shiba inu btw. :D

[08/09/2018 05:19:34]


well when im talking about the ball part of the thing I mean like, for instance, a net ball might be the most effective ball to use on a bug/water type. (it might not be, dusk ball might be better and im too lazy to check) but like it would be able to tell you "hey a net ball is a really good choice for this" but i guess in most cases you dont need to do that, it would mostly be like i said for gen 1 and 2 regarding, like, great balls being better than ultra balls for certain mons or w/e

ignore me i dont know what im saying

the boyfriend wants to inform you (and everyone else on this guestbook) that our cat is the best cat he will not rest until i post this somewhere so you all get it.

[07/09/2018 20:25:02]

Commenting on: 08-16-18

This is one of the weirdest updates ever…and I have been surfing your site since 2007.

[06/09/2018 09:44:21]


That was a good read involving the ball mechanics.

Me and some friends of mine should try to get some activity on tcod forum sometime xD This site is so nostalgic. I wasn't even a young teen yet when I first found this place…and i've got pretty old now…..hahaha. Its great being a long time pokemon lover =3

[03/09/2018 21:14:10]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Altissimo: I mean, in the vast majority of cases there's no combination involved - balls have the same multipliers regardless of the Pokémon's status and health, sleep is always going to be the best status, and it's always going to be best if the Pokémon is at low health. So I'm not sure that'd be the most useful feature as stated - it's just pretty much always going to tell you the same things, which isn't very useful.

I have been working on and off on having the R/B/Y capture calculator feature a graph plotting the capture chance for each status and ball against the Pokémon's current HP (similar to the Mewtwo and Nidoran graphs in the capture mechanics article) - I think that'd probably be a more useful, dynamic way to show the really interesting information you're asking for there. The Apricorn Ball case is another interesting one; for G/S/C/HG/SS it really might be useful/interesting to have a thing showing what the results for different balls would be like. Might add that when I get the chance.

Jirachu: Sure, if you want to discuss something psychological I'm always down.

mossers: Unfortunately, the Favorite Pokémon Picker is entirely client-side - it doesn't send any data to the server at all, so I know nothing about what anyone's been picking. The closest I could theoretically get to stats about it right now is if I examined all the unique URLs people use to visit the shareable list page and then analyzed those favorite lists, but most people don't share their lists, or only share them as screenshots, so I'm not sure there'd be all that many lists to analyze.

[02/09/2018 09:07:22]


Do you keep statistics on the Favorite Pokémon Clicker? If you do, could you post them? I'd be real interested in seeing what the most and least popular Pokémon are.

[01/09/2018 18:21:18]

Jirachu Dah Pokechologyst

Hi Butterfree :) Today, I found something I seem to share in common with you in my personality in terms of pokemon series attitude: It seems the psychology involving pokemon seems to really, really deeply fascinate me right now. Stuff like why Pokemon battle, why trainers train certain types over others, how Pikachu became mascot over Clefairy, and probably other stuff too. Maybe we could have a chat about pokemon psychology on your forum in a pm convo sometime :D I might be interested what we could learn from each other on the topic. I may post some psychology stuff on my korrina site too. Pokemon is so interesting!

[23/08/2018 20:20:41]


capture pages suggestion: u can pick a pokemon and it can tell u what the most efficient combination of ball and status and health is

alternatively u can pick two of those factors and it can say, given those, what the most effective third factor would be

mostly this seems like it would be most useful with gen1 because of the weirdness with great and ultra balls, or gen2 because of the bizarre apricorn ball mechanics

[23/08/2018 07:19:43]

Lady Jirachu

Yes, I do have several names for myself now, lol. I edited my page to get some drama off it. And added more images and a cool pokemon blog post :D Enjoy looking everyone

[21/08/2018 20:58:06]

Jirachu MilleniumPika
Website: Here's my page again for anyone else who wants ta see~

Thanks Butterfree :) Korrina's my reason to smile everyday so i'm glad to hear others enjoying hearing me shoot off about her a little bit!

Pokemon in general has been more my 'special interest' again lately, so i may add stuff relating to pokemon in general to my page sometime, and not just korrina. Should be interesting to the read, the stuff is, i'm sure!

Also, i'm learning more and more that the worst drama queen i can be around is myself. So i'm working even harder to be an overall calmer person. I hope to post on tcod forum again sometime too! its hard to believe its so dead now…xDDD haha

[21/08/2018 04:36:49]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Haha, that was a real typo! Fixed now.

[18/08/2018 10:32:43]


In the Gen 6/7 Capture Mechanics page under the section O-Power gives is mispelled as gies or am I wrrong and gies is a real word?

[18/08/2018 00:07:10]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Unamed: Good point, actually; I didn't want to create one until I had some actual content for it, but since the Gen VI capture mechanics page was updated to cover Gen VII too, that's worth having under Alola as well.

Jirachu: It's very cute!

[17/08/2018 19:35:52]


Thanks Butterfree :) By the way, what did you think of my korrina fan page?

[17/08/2018 02:14:08]


Can you make a section for the Alola region?

[17/08/2018 01:48:53]

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