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Commenting on: 12-31-18

Those dedications were so sweet and touching. :') Happy New Year TCoD!

[01/01/2019 00:34:02]


I'm glad i've been learning to accept myself more^^ (plus being 'girly' is fun. cute things are fun to look at =3 and dressing up with bows and make up is fun too xD)

[29/12/2018 18:29:23]


Thanks Altissimo :) Yeah i used to be the meanest person EVER to myself when i would fear my being 'a girly girl' would 'hurt' people x_x; and that fear actually lead me to hurting people too (so many people probably worried about me not being okay and stuff and i don't blame them one bit o-o cuz i wasn't okay back then x.x)

[27/12/2018 02:29:06]


tbh those sound like good resolutions you should make an effort to go through with. Less sensitive/triggerable allows you to not only not have meltdowns as often but you can experience a lot more things and generally have a better time because that won't be a massive fear of yours. It also shows that you're not letting other people affect you as much, which is good - be yourself and let them be them! Lol. And fear of upsetting others just prevents you from being who you want to be and speaking your mind. I had to get over that one myself too, and I think I'm better off for it. Be free!!!! Lol

[26/12/2018 10:21:02]


The next big holiday up is new years.

We better start thinking of our resolutions xD

I think mine should be to be less overly afraid of upsetting people or something. Or be less sensitive. Or triggerable. Something like that >.<;;;

[25/12/2018 21:24:49]


Thanks butterfree :) Holidays effect me badly :( I had to sleep for awhile since like around 1pm cuz i was having a MAJOR meltdown around then o_o; I seem fine now, though. But i'll be glad when this day is over, so glad.

[25/12/2018 20:51:10]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Merry Christmas! Take good care of yourself, hope the anxiety gets better.

[25/12/2018 18:19:39]


(i may need to have my meds after this post, i'm having a fear/anxiety attack x_x)

Jirachu wishes everyone here a….

Good tidings to you, and your missingno. friends. Good tidles for christmas and…aaah…..a sappy new year lol :P yeah, i duno whats with the last part…

Merry Christmas Butterfree xD I hope this post made ya laugh and stuff. What a nice gift, ain't it? :3 yes indeed…*snuggles against korrina's ponytail* Aaaaahhhh, beautiful korrina…>///<

[25/12/2018 07:06:10]


Christmas is tomorrow! Much wow. :O :3

[24/12/2018 03:29:30]

Lady Jirachu

-2 new mangas
-Pokemon White 2
-A 4 movie dvd set :3

Yay xD

[22/12/2018 02:24:50]


Merry Christmas Butterfree. I hope you have a great Christmas

[21/12/2018 07:20:17]


Merry Christmas to Butterfree and TCoD!! :3 just 5 days to go x3

[20/12/2018 21:51:42]

Lady Jirachu

Pokemon showdown is fun :) Its neat how pokemon and trainer bond through battling xD pokemon are so interesting.

[14/12/2018 02:42:12]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Only a couple of times! I've got too much other stuff to do. Pokémon Showdown is really cool and I have a lot of respect for the work that goes into it, though.

[13/12/2018 16:51:14]

Jirachu dah Champ

Butterfree, do you play Pokemon Showdown? :)

[12/12/2018 07:03:40]

Jirachu the Lady Pokemon Trainer

Can it be a personality test for sinnoh pokemon or unova pokemon? :3 both these regions have amazing pokemon.

Ah, yeah, i don't like focusing on the holidays too much either really (i tend to get too excited and anxious >_<;; ).

(lovin' the name i'm signing the book with now xD Lady is like such a title of mine now thanks to korrina. having a female crush rules)

[09/12/2018 07:11:21]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I will definitely be making another personality test of some kind in the future, although I haven't decided exactly what it's going to be.

I'm not quite in much of a holiday mood yet - still working and all - but it's going pretty okay!

[09/12/2018 07:06:47]


ALACK ALAY! Hi Butterfree! :3 Are you having a fun holiday season? :D

[08/12/2018 15:36:12]


By quiz i meant personality test oops lol

I like shaymin a lot for a new quiz too if you can think of a good way to write him in there. Shaymin is really cute and probably my 3rd or 4th favorite legendary xD (my first fav is keldeo now and jirachi's second of course)

[08/12/2018 02:17:48]

Lady Jirachu MilleniumPika
Website: ~Corni's Extra Mile~

Interesting! Thanks Butterfree! :3

By the way, i thought of a gift you could make for viewers of your site, but only if you feel up to it. Wanna start a new pokemon quiz that includes sinnoh, unova, kalos, and alola pokemon? You could still keep your old quiz too so theres two options for people (and theres no struggle to add older pokemon to your new quiz). So many people have probably been waiting for something like this xD Again, no pressure. Only do it if you feel you can handle it ;)

Some cool choices for new pokemon i think would be Lucario (my fav <3), Victini, Sylveon, Hydreigon, Keldeo (please add him he's so awesome and i'll give you a cookie ;3), Meinshao, Dialga, Pachirisu, Togekiss, Lycanroc, Comfey, Hawlucha, Lilligant, Noivern….and anyone else you wanna add is fine too :3

Happy Holidays to you Butterfree and everyone else who is reading this~

[08/12/2018 02:13:34]

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