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04/28/19: Quiz Updates

The eleventh movie review is almost done, I promise, but tonight I looked into some error reports, including one about clarifying a question in my Steel quiz, so I fixed that, and then I realized I hadn't updated the Steel and Flying quizzes since the sixth generation, so I updated them with seventh-generation info where appropriate, and then I saw they were still using this weird separate results page that there was no reason for them to still be using since I ported the site to Python, so I brought the result pages into the main site layout as well. I think they're all around nicer now. This has been your pointless me-updating-things-no-one-cares-about for today!

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04/02/19: Sutoraiku High Postmortem

As I think most of you figured out already, Sutoraiku High was an April Fools' Day joke, and it has now been added to joke archive with some background and explanations. I will actually be adding at least a bit more to the game, though, since I am a perfectionist and I didn't actually quite manage to finish the game to my liking. The writeup has a link to the tag on my Tumblr where I'd post whenever that's ready, as well as any possible future updates.

I hope you all enjoyed the game! Next up, finally continuing the rudely interrupted work on my new eleventh movie review.

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03/31/19: Sutoraiku High

The Cave of Dragonflies proudly presents my latest passion project! I've been wanting to add more games and such to the site for a while, and now finally we have one... or a demo of one, at least. Sutoraiku High is a visual novel about drama, friendships, prejudice, bullying, total societal upheaval, and high school romance, inspired by popular titles such as Hatoful Boyfriend. The game should be enjoyable for anyone, but especially everyone out there who has always wanted to date a Scyther (or a Scizor determined to overthrow the system).

The current version is only a prototype, with rough unfinished art and containing only the first two days of the story, but I hope to be able to publish a finished version on all major platforms by this time next year! I will accept donations towards the ongoing development of the game in Bitcoin.

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02/28/19: Let's Go

I have finally finished my Let's Go review. As usual, it's a lot of complaining followed by telling you actually I really enjoyed it (but please let me battle wild Pokémon).

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01/04/19: The Rise of Darkrai

My updated Rise of Darkrai review is up, with less poor writing and more screenshots! It's got a few more good points than I was willing to admit to last time, but unfortunately it's still one of my least favorites, and Godey's Worst Town-Saving Plan Ever still drives me up a tree.

I've also fixed a potential server error caused by giving the Zodiac images a day or month parameter with a null byte in it, a fix that is definitely relevant to honest actors and not just hopeful hackers. (Cool try, bro. No, I was not sticking these parameters into any kind of filesystem access.)

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