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Iwan: No, I don't think so. I don't think there's much of a good reason for anyone who wasn't there to want to be digging around in the old forums, to be honest. It's kind of like a baby photo album: it's fun to have around for you to flip through it later, sure, but it'd just be kind of weird if a stranger knocked on your door insistently wanting to see your baby photos, you know?

[03/06/2019 23:48:22]

Will registration be opened again, so new people are able to join and browse the old forum?

[03/06/2019 08:18:32]


Umn…what do ya mean by furry posts? :o i'm confused xD;

I love this site too. I got Pikachu on a quiz on here today :3 Pikachu and Lucario are my two favorite pokemon so getting one of them on a quiz is AWWWESOME! :D

[02/06/2019 21:54:45]


Hello Lunala_girl! :D *gives you a huge hug* I'm Jirachu, i lurk around this place xD I'm also a fangirl over Korrina from Pokemon x and y, i'd marry her in a heart beat if she was real….o////o; cuz a roller skating blonde mega successor girl is SO my type of partner…hehehehehe <3 Especially one who is just so cheery and caring and pretty and and….o////o oh! *blushes* alack alay!! >_<;;; <3

[27/05/2019 19:01:32]



[26/05/2019 23:45:28]

Jirachu :)
Website: My Sanrio Blog lol

Hi Butterfree! :D I hope you are doing well. I wanna show off my sanrio tumblr blog in this post, i like it when people other than me enjoy cute things x3;

[21/05/2019 11:18:04]


(please forgive me for my 6th post butterfree….i just relised his/her name is spelled 'Iwan' and wanted to correct myself on that o.o;…there should be a post editing feature for guestbooks…..xD; )

[17/05/2019 06:13:18]


Oh and in my guestbook post about being banned on the old forum, i spelled 'on' as 'one' xD haha, typoes… :P

I hope you've been having a good 2019 Iwen. The fact that I saw pokemon in the theaters this year definetly makes me quite like this year :D what could be cooler anyways xD Besides my crush on Korrina that is lol my love for that roller skating blonde is probably THE coolest thing since absolutely ever, i mean being in love with her just inspires me so much….(if only she was real and i could just give her a huge hug right now <3 i think then the world would be 100% perfect for me…..even with all its imperfections xD thats how much i love that gym leader….)

[17/05/2019 06:09:33]


OH and i should totally read your update about detective pikachu somtime b-free! :3 I loooved that movie, seeing pokemon in the theaters for the first time EVER (yes it really was my first time, since i wasn't into pokemon AT ALL during the craze believe it or not! lol…) was the most amazing of amazing things for me <3

[17/05/2019 05:47:17]

Website: The Korrina Fanklub

BTW, i don't check up on that place a lot nowadays, but i'm posting the url to my forum in this guestbook anyways 'cuz it could be cool if some tcod people join xD plus its a fanclub for korrina and more and more fans joining up would just be awesome, whether i look up on the forum a lot anymore or not (i still love korrina tho i just haven't been as into checking up lately. i do wanna post more on there again sometime, tho. its a good forum :3)

[17/05/2019 05:43:41]


I was banned one the old forum lol good times xD; i used to be SUCH a n00b…

I'm glad me and butterfree grew up to be good friends after awhile though :)

[17/05/2019 05:40:40]


Just for fun and nostalgia reasons and for people who want to see what the old forum was like

[16/05/2019 06:57:41]


I had a very good year, btw, butterfree :) well theres some really sad stuff that jackster and melanie know about that I won't post publicly. But I felt happy getting to see pokemon in the movies this year, and i got these CUTE hello kitty games! :D

[16/05/2019 06:22:15]


Good idea, Jirachu. Butterfree is a very nice person and runs an awesome site. You should totally carry on posting in the guestbook.

[16/05/2019 01:52:12]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Cryptomunchlaxologist: Running is probably fine; I'm pretty sure I just wrote that because I never run from wild battles and I invisibly assumed others play the same way. (I haven't actually checked this - the dump of the code that I was originally basing this on is gone - but I'd strongly assume it doesn't matter whether you beat or run from the Pokémon.)

Jirachu: Thanks for that. I'm doing okay!

Iwan: Is there a particular reason you want this? The old forum has intentionally not been in use since 2006.

[15/05/2019 16:36:16]


Please could you set the old site to make it possible for new accounts to join (Basically un-disable registrations?)

[15/05/2019 09:50:17]


I'm going to post in this guestbook again :) I got ferm with the person who tried to talk me out of it. Butterfree is my friend. I'm NOT going to turn on her.

I hope everyone here is doing well. I feel happy to know I stood up for a friend :D

[15/05/2019 08:34:06]


Regarding Honey Trees, does running away have the same effect on encounter ratios as battling the Pokémon in the tree? The guide makes no mention of running away and specifically recommends bringing a Pokémon with lots of PP high attacks, so I want to check.

[14/05/2019 17:11:35]


Hi. I know its seemed a bit cold i haven't been talking to you i awhile, but I may pm you my reasons over on your forum (i won't post them in the guestbook cuz it IS drama).

[08/05/2019 05:17:07]

Commenting on: 05-04-19

"Conspicuously CG Mamoswine" is an in-universe band name

[06/05/2019 12:14:18]

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