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Happy belated birthday!

[23/02/2019 08:46:29]


…I've actually never roller skated/bladed before :P (outside dreams and daydreams, of course. i've skated loads of times in those xD)

It would probably be dangerous for me to try it with my constant dizzy spells…ahaha….

But, if I ever did want to try skating, id wanna do it in the most adorabley pink outfit <3 afterall, i am soooo girly lol

[23/02/2019 04:57:10]


first time signing the guestbook! I can't believe after 9 years I still find myself coming back to this site. hey everyone. :')

anyway, hey Butterfree, I was wondering what your favorite movies were. I've always loved how introspective and tragic a lot of your work is (I still remember how I felt reading your Butterfree story for the first time when I was 12). I was just curious on how your favorite works of fiction line up with your own creations.

glad to see you're still active and doing well!

[23/02/2019 03:07:08]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Nah. I'm pretty risk-averse and don't generally go for physical activities that seem liable to get me injured, even if they seem fun. It sounds awesome, but it's not for me. Thrilled if you enjoy it, though!

[22/02/2019 15:25:52]


Korrina wants to know if Dragonfree has ever roller skated :O :)

[22/02/2019 13:03:09]


Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day.

[20/02/2019 10:01:07]

Lovely Lady Jirachu

Happy Birthday from me and Korrina <3

[20/02/2019 08:20:30]


Easter comes up next xD I like the cute bunny theme to this holiday. I even uploaded some rabbit pictures to my jigsaw planet account!^^

I wanna dress up korrina in something super cutesy this easter *gigglegiggle* I hope she won't mind too much xD

[17/02/2019 03:28:51]


Carmine/Silver's post is so interestin'! :3

Thanks Butterfree! ^^ I had some kawaii korrina adventures taday x3 squeeeeeeeeeeee

[14/02/2019 23:40:00]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

CarmineKnight: Yup, I've seen that one! I think I retweeted it on Twitter? It's really good at visualizing the nitty-gritty of cries.

Jirachu: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Hope you're enjoying it.

[14/02/2019 20:05:28]

CarmineKnight (SilverLatios)

Heya, this is random but I found something you might think is pretty cool - there's a youtube video by "Retro Game Mechanics Explained" that discusses how the original Pokemon cries were created on the Gameboy – and how even though we know that a couple 'mons had identical cries due to all the GB limitations, it turns out that altogether, all 151 cries were made from a pool of only 30-some sounds, just adjusted in pitch/lengths/etc! They have a super interesting way of visualizing all the processes the game goes through to make these sounds.

The reason I thought to point this out, however, is that the creator just put out another video visualizing all 151 cries; grouped by the "base cries" and showing how they were tweaked for the other Pokemon that use it – and it turns out that among many others, _Butterfree and Scyther_ share the same "base cry"!. Which is one I wasn't expecting. It's pretty cool seeing how obvious some are, along with the less obvious ones. It seems like it might be something up your alley.

[14/02/2019 12:05:15]

Lady Jirachu

Happy Valentines Day Butterfree! :3 I'm watching an old favorite cartoon tomorrow!! Strawberry Shortcake~:3 the series that used to come on the hub xD I think its sooooo adorable. I've been playing online games relating to it, too! :3 can't wait till tomorrow xD Oh and of course tomorrow's a nice day to celebrate my loving feelings for Korrina too! :3 Still no one out cute's her~x3; tehehehe

[13/02/2019 19:40:26]


Are you enjoying 2019 butterfree? I seem to be having fun this year, and i'm very happy my crush on korrina is still going strong. Theres no doubt that blonde haired roller skater girl has somehow become extremely special to me xD Girl power~ <3

[11/02/2019 03:41:46]

Lady Jirachu

Thats fine Butterfree :) Is a Lucario style possible? With blue/yellow/black colors? He's probably my favorite pokemon, anyways. ^_^ So i was wonderin'

Sounds like you'll have a peaceful day too :)

[10/02/2019 23:58:36]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I'll probably just be hanging out with my husband! We usually don't do much in particular for Valentine's Day, but we might watch a movie together or something.

Feel free to e-mail me some good samples of in-game humour in the later Pokémon games if there's something in particular that's caught your eye.

The Pokédex counter thing looks interesting; I remember waaaaay back I used to have a checklist thing, but it wasn't very good or convenient to use. Could look into, maybe.

I'm afraid I'm unlikely to make a style themed around gym leaders from a particular game, though; generally my styles are mainly about layout and color scheme and then I pick an appropriate Pokémon as a mascot for it, rather than first taking something and then trying to build a style around it.

[10/02/2019 08:43:35]


Happy v-day in just 5 more days butterfree!!! :3

Love is so interesting, and can take so many forms. I myself am in love with a fictional person…I love her like she's real…..i duno if i will find someone real one day but i kinda don't see myself with anyone but korrina :3 its interesting. she means just so much to me…(and seems to be my overall inspiration to be my best self^^)

I wonder if you have any plans for the day too! My plans are probably the most adorable korrina daydreams i can come up with…ahhh….(maybe the best sleep over ever is in account <3 maybe i'll wear matching pink nightgowns with my waifu, even if i normally see her in her normal pajamas xD haha)

[09/02/2019 22:11:57]

Lovely Lady Jirachu

*by 'theme changer' i meant the style switcher, of course :P

[06/02/2019 20:20:18]


…Can you make an x and y gym leader site theme for the theme changer? Just so i can see korrina on this site? XD; (you don't have to. but newer pokemon related themes would be cool in general :3)

[06/02/2019 20:18:52]


I agree, that would be cool to see an update to the humor section.

[05/02/2019 16:04:12]


Program suggestion: much like how you took the concept of the favorite Pokemon picker and polished it, an updated version of the pokedex counter that the speedrunners use ( that has more functionality. Specifically, the ability to create a custom set of Pokemon, which I don't think this one has (as is, the premade sets only include regional dexes for the main games, which cuts out side games and other uses), and the ability to incorporate different forms and genders, and potentially shinies. The Mystery Dungeon speedrun community laments the inability of this tracker to include Unown and Burmy/Wormadam forms, and when someone finally sits down to catch em all in Gates to Infinity (which only has 144 mons despite being a gen 5 era game) I suspect they'll run into issues figuring out how to represent it on stream. Could be useful for a lot more than just speedrunning/streaming if implemented properly, I'm sure.

[04/02/2019 09:57:10]

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