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06/23/03: [No title]

Big update, since I wrote down everything I've always meant to put up but always forgotten in France. Well, first off, I made a Legendary dog/cat/beast/whatever you call them guide, about a bit more than just catching them... then, I wrote this thingy... I have no idea why, just read the author's notes for details... I also made an Espeon/Umbreon guide, which can also help you for other pokémon you need to evolve by happiness... some cheats for Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal, along with a bit of truth for Gold, Silver and Crystal... and a neat little thing for the anti-anti-pokémon for pokéhaters section I thought up in France. And some contest entries. I'll be able to judge the gyms soon. Oh, and my inbox got stuffed with junk mail while I was in France, so it is very likely that I didn't get some e-mails or contest entries you sent. Just send it again.

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