The pokémon contest entries



Location: The route down from Blackthorn city and silver cave, but only at night.
Type: Steel/Dark
Description: A kind of big, Growlithe-sized dog with long ears and a metal horn. It is black (silver when shiny) with armour plating, it knows a special attack called Howl which does 60 damage, has a 75% cance of lowering defence and a 10% chance of flinching. It is a fairly inaccurate dark move with 20 pp. It is pretty fast but, has awesome defence, owing to the fact that it is a steel/dark type. It is a 55% chance that it will be male and doesn't evolve.

By Dannichu


Location: Use metal coat on Eevee
Type: Steel
Description: A cute Pokemon that hangs around iron mines and blends in with its surroundings making it a rare Pokemon. To get one you can go catch one or the simpler way evolve an Eevee. How you ask? It is quite simple. All you have to do is use a Metal Coat on eevee and it evolves. It can be an angry rage of a million whirlpools. It looks like an Eevee but it is shiny and grey. It doesn't have the fuzzy stuff around it's neck. Instead it has a small red jewel that lets Oremeon control anything that is metal. Kinda like a phychic ability.

By Latias Sister


Location: Jingo City
Type: Poison/Electric
Description: It has thunder shape antennae with poison needles and balls that gather electricity (is that how you spell it) when thunderstorms strike. It has holes at the sides of its guitar shaped body.

By Jacob


Location: Anywhere, if you're really lucky
Types: Psychic/Ghost
Description: It has no visible body, only a bright yellowy auror around the part from neck to hip with a white dust inside the auror. The visible parts, (head arms and legs) are a dark blue but hard to see as it only appears at night. It has the head of a Pikachu, along with the arms and legs. The cheeks are clearly visible as they glow a bright purple when it encounters another pokemon or a human. It's tail is visible only when attacking with it. It is born only when a Pikachu and an Abra die at the same time.

By Rebecca Mays


Location: Mt.Silver
Types: Fire/Dark
Description: It's got deep dark eyes, and is red with black stripes like a tiger, has bat-like ears, dinosaur tail and sharp claws and it stands on all fours.

By Lucky


Location: Near shores of Cinnabar Island.
Type: Water
Description: They have a round face and gils on their neck. They have a tall skinny body. They are pale blue and have webbed hands and feet. Their tails are exactley like Vaporeon's. Attacks: Surf (with HM03), Raindance (already knows it), Thunder (somehow it learns it at Lv.23) Hydropump (at Lv.30).

By Tanner


Location: Randomly in the grass in ruby
Type: Psychic/Water/Ice/Flying
Description: A Latias and Latios bred and they had an egg. She/he is purple and looks like his/her parents. It is very strong and playful. It is very cute and has purple feathers. It is 5'9 and is 45 lbs. DON'T TRY TO CATCH IT. IT WILL BITE YOU AND BLAST PSYCHIC ENERGY AT YOU.

By Latias Sister

Cedale (Seh-Dale)

Location: Mt. Moon
Type: Psychic
Description: Cedale is about as big as Wigglytuff. Cedale is a light purple-pink, with a white back. This Pokemon has no ears, but it has large horns on its head. Its arms are very little, but that doesn't matter because it never uses its arms to battle, it just casts psychic spells.

By Emily


Location: Ever grande city
Type: Normal
Description: A big black pokemon with an axe blade shaped head (also, axeblade at end of tail) and red eyes.

By Zack Veddern


Location: Mt. Silver
Type: Water/Poison
Description: When startled, Aquill buries itself in the sand with its spines pointing upwards. It's special attack is rollout.

By Claire


Location: Caves
Type: Fire
Description: This pokemon makes a great pet because even though it is srong, it always obeys you, unless it's in the wild.

By Harriet English


Location: Mt. Moon
Type: Fire/Electric
Description: An evolution of Eevee. With a sun stone, Eevee becomes Kyemoreon.

Kyemoreon, the shining Pokemon.

Kyemoreon are not known to attack, but when one does, it has enough power to K.O a Dragonite. They love to sunbath, and their coat sucks up the suns rays, therefore, at night making it glow. (no picture please, I already have one).



Location: Unknown
Type: Fire, Ground and Flying
Description: Its basic form is what looks like a Jigglypuff but with a Geodude body, it also is black and white.

By Angus McLennan


Location: Olivine City when you beat Jasmine
Type: Fire/Flying
Description: It is rainbow, looks like a pikachu with Twelve ears and has 100000 tails

By Angus McLennan


Location: ????
Type: Psychic/Normal
Description: An eevee will evolve into Moonvee if it is exposed to the full moon.

It is a white eevee!

By Matty

End of contest #1


Location: Viridian Town
Type: Water/Electric
Description: Suikou is the most common pokemon to find in Teara. It has a Gyarados with thunder fins.

By Angus McLennan


Location: Undu City
Type: Rock/Grass
Description: Kunatos are always male. They have a rocky face with a flower on top, a really long body with two legs and four arms, a little gem on each arm, their tails are the same as Arbok's and a diamond plating on their back. Attacks: Starts with Vine Whip, Lv 10 Earthquake, Lv 25 Solarbeam, Lv 31 Rock Throw, Lv 39 Psychic, Lv 78 Ancient Power

By Angus McLennan


Location: In a volcano
Type: Fire
Description: It has lava all over its body and has mini volcanos on it.

By Chris


Location: Gift from Profeser Pine.
Type: Grass/Heal
Description: Hibiku is a cute mint like pokemon that looks like a minty green blob with three mint leaves on its head and long pink ears and has little pink healing crystals on the tips of its minty leaves. Hibiku is the grass starter of lukia (The land of cuteness). Hibiku has the ability to heal, it uses its pink things to heal itself and others and it can even revive dead pokemon. It is so rare, you can only get it as a starter pokemon.

By Misa


Location: Near Celedon, Cerulean, Olivine and Lilycove.
Type: Fire/Flying
Desription: Solareon gets energy from the sun, if there is an eclipse at any time, all Solareons in the world will faint untill it's over. (You may have guessed it doesn't come out at night.)
It is red all over it's body (Bronze when shiny), it has sandy coloured wings, white paws and a gold ring on it's back. This is it's solar panel.
There will be a 75% chance that it will be female in the wild, or you evolve it from Eevee with Sun Stone.

By Jolty


Location: Mount Moon
Type: Fire
Description: Only seen on certain occaisons. Its Flaring Fire attack burns any opponent`s pokemon. Very moody. Needs a few days before it can trust people.

By Jacob


Location: The dragon shrine
Type: Dragon/Flying/Fire.
Description: Head: Bearded dragon head with whiskers
Torso: scaly long body like a snake's
Arms: Clawed and razor-sharp
Tail: Like a Peacock's tailfeathers, rainbow colored. Wings: gigantic, structure simular to a bats.

By Dylan R.


Location: Sky Pillar
Type: Normal/Flying
Description: An Eevee evolution of the skies, it is no wonder that it lives in the Sky Pillar of all places. It has a head similar to a normal Eevee's, without the fuzz around it's neck. It has a pair of feathery wings on its back, and its forepaws are small and rather delicate in comparison to, say, Flareon. However, its hindpaws are very powerful indeed. It has a jewel in the shape of a sun on its forehead. It prefers to launch itself from high places, rather than start from ground level.
Evolves from Eevee with a Sun Stone.

By: Nightling


Location: Sootopolis City
Type: Electric/Fire
Description: It looks like a Ninetales but it is dark blue. 2 gold colored thunderbolts jut from its sides. Its blood red eyes startle prey. The 9 tails on it are shaped like thunderbolts just like the ones on its sides. It can be found at night in The Cave of Origin. It has a face only a dark trainer could love.

By Mewchu


Location: Viriden Forest
Type: Light
Description: Black horse W/a Diamond on it's head.
It has wings and a horn above the diamond.
By Eryn Trujillo


Location: Unknown Dungeon
Type: No one knows
Description: It's small, yellow, mouse-like body helps it navigate the smallest cracks of the Unknown Dungeon. It's racoon-like eyes and huge, blue, flappy ears make it an excelent hunter. Though it is small, it can sneak up on Pokemon of all shapes and sizes, Burning them with it's fiery tail. It has greenish wings twice the size of it's body, which prove to be very good for hunting it's favorite snack, Wurmples, when it makes it's uncommon trips out of the dungeon.

By Burninating Torchic


Location: Just about everywhere!
Type: Fighting
Description: A cannonball with arms, legs, eyes, a nose, and a set of razor sharp teeth! To open a can of juice, just put a Bazzeer over it and hit him over the head! (They also look really freaky when they smile! Seriously! Their eyes get really wide and stuff!)

By Jackrabbit


Location: Kanto Power Plant, New Mauville, other power plants.
Types: Fire/Electric
Ability: Levitate
Description: Nucleiss (Pronounced Nuke-lee-iss) is a radioactive pokemon shaped like an atomic particle. Its trademark attack, Meltdown, takes away 1/2 of every other pokemon's (Enemies' AND Allies') Current HP in a battle, but like false swipes, can't knock a pokemon out. It has the ability Levitate, so its only weaknesses are Water and Rock.

By Honalululand


Location: A secret area in Dragons den thats only acssesable after you beat Red
Type: Fire\Dragon
Description: Learns these attacks:
Start- Scratch
Start- Leer
Start- Tackle
Start- Ember
Lv.15- Fireball (Like Ember, but also burns without fail)
Lv.23- Heater(increases fire attacks base damage)
Lv.29- Dragon claw
Lv.30- Ashfall (Burns opponent Badly)
Lv.35- Dragon rage
Lv.39- Fire spin
Lv.47- Magma attack (Canges to Rock-type on contact with water pokemon)
Lv.58- Flamethrower
Lv.65- Scorch(powerful, But dosn't affect water pokemon)
Lv.72- Decoy flame (makes oponent flinch, then attacks)
Lv.80- Sacred fire
Lv.81- Holy flames (heals heath tham damages)
lv.94- Groka fire (if opponets HP is half or lower the opponent automaticly faints)
Lv.100- flashing flame (Can't miss and automaticly faints the opponent)
By Joshua.C


Location: At 1:00 in the morning in the National park in the tall grass on Thursday
Type: Grass\Ground
Description: A very rare dinosaur pokemon that only hunts in the morning and it's breath makes Grass grow taller and a fang from one is said to bring good luck.

By Joshua


Location: Iro Town (a Town west of Mt.Silver)
Type: Steel\Psychic
Description: A great Iron pokemon that's Def can deflect almost any attack. It is very rare and uses it's axe-like claws to capture its prey. Its diet contains stones, Rattata, Pidgey, pure steel if it can find it, and Raticate. It is so powerful it rarely has to resort to using it's Psychic powers of Hypnosis and Psybeam and Psychic of course.

By Joshua.C


Location: Anywhere it wants
Type: Fire\Water\Grass\Electric
Description: It's a legendary pokemon that is so rare only one exists. It is so rare that it was never seen and we only know it exists because of old legends and inscriptions on walls of old temples. Very few scientists (and people) belive it exists. 13 years ago a reasercher in the middle of a forest claims he saw its shadow, but before he saw it it disappeared. It learns these moves:
start- Ember
start- Water gun
start- Razor leaf
start- Thundershock
Lv.13- Tri attack
Lv.19- Bubblebeam
Lv.29- Thunderbolt
Lv.33- Vine whip
Lv.33- Leech seed
Lv.34- Teleport
Lv.44- Flamethrower
Lv.44- Surf
Lv.47- Thunder
Lv.47- Fire blast
lv.47- Hydro pump
Lv.50- Guillotine
Lv.50- Areoblast
Its pokedex data is: A pokemon so rare and powerful it is said to control the other legendairy pokemon.
It is only a myth that it exists.

By Joshua.C


Location: N/A
Type: Flying/Psychic
Description: A beutiful evolution of Eevee. To get one you must go to Fortree, beat Wiona with a Lv20 Eevee(Save because it doesn't work if the level goes up in battle), then put the Eevee first in your party and fly to Mauville right outside the gym and your Eevee will evolve.
They are female 85% of the time and male 15% of the time. When their wings become too tired they fly using their psychic abilities. They are able to read and manipulate thoughts and even the whole mind once they become strong enough.

By Raven2


Dark Fire Gym

Location: Next to Clair's gym
Type: We use fire Pokemon and Dark Pokemon
Description: This gym was made by Clair's little sister Sakura. It is a large building and when you walk in you have to use FLASH and battle two trainers.

Trainer 1's Pokemon

Lv. 23 Magmar
Fire Punch

Lv. 30 Umbreon
Faint Attack

Trainer 2's Pokemon

Lv. 27 Sneasel
Fury cutter

Lv. 31 Ninetales
Quick attack
Tail whip
Fire Spin

Sakura is an eleven year old who always wanted to be a gym leader and became a trainer in Clair's gym. Sakura then opened her gym and hired some trainers.

Sakura's Pokemon

Lv. 34 Houndoom
Fire Blast

Lv. 32 Murkrow
Wing attack
Steel wing
Faint attack

Lv. 40 Umbreon
Quick Attack

When you defeat her you win a badge and some other special gifts. The badge is SunRising Badge which raises your Pokemon's attack and defence. The rewards are listed:

By Latias' sister

Invis gym

Location: Spook City
Type: Ghost, Psychic and Dark
Description: Trainers and pokemon used:
Spookman Pete: Gastly Lv40, Unown Lv23.
Witch Lisa: Misdreavus Lv41, Espeon Lv43, Haunter Lv36.
Gym Leader Alisha: Unown Lv66, Espeon Lv69, Umbreon Lv70, Slowking Lv74
Use Dragon and steel pokemon against this gym.

By Jacob


Location: Avoch, near inverness, in Scotland
Type: Rock, Dark, Psychic, Flying, Water
Description: Diamond gym-made of pure crystal, MY GYM! NOBODY ELSE'S BUT MINE!!!

By Ryan Williamson

Ice mansion gym

Location: Celadon city
Type: Ice, Dark, Psychic
Description: It is mostly ice & crystal & like a maze. It is shaped like a mansion if a robber comes crystals will trap him

By Andrew

Femara gym

Location: Gamarra village, west of Goldenrod but only accessibe after you've beaten the Elite 4 (Nuh, you're gonna go and challenge a gym with Lv. 72 Pokémon after getting creamed by Whitney's Miltank).
Type: Uhh... mostly normal, but they like 'cute' Pokémon.
Description: The gym leader is called, uhh...(You give me a nice Icelandic one) (You wanted it, her name is Sóley!).
There are a lot of trainers in the gym, mostly Lasses, JR females and Beautys.
Pokémon used by Sóley are:
Pikachu Lv. 70; Agility, Cutebite, Thunder, Zap cannon.
Chicorita Lv. 72; Solarbeam, Sleep powder, Toxic, Cutebite.
Eevee Lv. 68; Mud-slap, Cutebite, Shadow ball, Crunch.
Ninetales Lv. 73; Fire blast, Confuse ray, Take down, Cutebite.
Marill Lv. 69 Surf, Hydro pump, Acid armor, Blizzard.
Girafarig Lv. 71; Psychic, Stomp, Hyper beam, Cutebite.
All of them are female.
When you beat her, you get the TM.00:cutebite-does 80 base damage, has a 50% chance of making the opponent flinch only be taught to females) and the Aatrabadge- Increases the chance of catching Pokémon in balls.

By Dannichu

Kimono Gym

Location: Kimono City, Shanto
Type: Fire/Electric
Description: It is a maze gym with "buttons" that change the pathways. There are 4 trainers that train Magnemite but the Gym Leader (at the end of the maze) trains a Charmeleon. It's on a volcano.

By Jordan


Location: Sundile City
Type: We use light pokemon in this gym.
Description: Leader: Leana
If you beat Leana you will get the Sunshine Badge. You must heal her sick pokemon before beating her. There are no other trainers in the gym so you can only go agenst Leana.

Leana's Pokemon:
1.Lightchu Lv. 24
Light Screen
Thunder shock
Star Sparks
Solar Beam.
2.Lightgerenia Lv. 30
Meteor Shower
Twinkling Star
Thunder Wave
Starlight Beam.
3.Oranlight Lv. 37
Light Shower
Wishing Spell
Starlight Beam
Starry Night.

Sunshine Badge:
The Happiness of all pokemon
gets a little higher. It also
lets you use Flash any time.

By Misa

Waterfall Gym

Location: Staleport City, Hoenn
Types: Water/Ice
Description: You challenge the leader AFTER you have beaten the Elite 4. There are Waterfalls to get up, ice to slide on and in one place you need to use Dive.
Trainer 1: Cooltrainer (F)
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Take Down
- Hail

Trainer 2: Cooltrainer (M)
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Sheer Cold
- Hail

Trainer 3: Cooltrainer (F)
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Body Slam
- Slash

Leader: Victoria
1. Blastoise
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Earthquake
- Body Slam

2. Marshtomp
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Earthquake
- Brick Break

3. Milotic
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Attract
- Recover

4. Vaporeon
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Substitute
- Body Slam

5. Sharpedo
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Crunch
- Earthquake

6. Walrein
- Surf
- Sheer Cold
- Rest
- Body Slam

Prizes: Atlantic Badge, TM 13 (Ice Beam), Master Ball.

By Jolty

Caryball gym

Location: Somewhere near the Elite Four battling place.
Type(s): Random
Description: Because of its location most people thought that it was a last chance gym if someone needed an 8 badge but couldn't beat Clair or Giovanni (or later - Gary). But it surely wasn't the gym's purpose because the owner R. Obert has been able to easily defeat the current master Lance many times. His pokemon were just to powerfull, and no one could win his badge. R. Obert thought that it isn't good to make everyone fail so he changed the standard rules a little and instead of beating him in a pokemon you can try and beat his pokemon at Caryball. Caryball which was born when R. Obert trained his Wobbuffets is similar to Volleyball, the only difference is that the ! players are pokemon and they can use any of their special powers on the ball(special rule banns the use of Abra family because of the powerfull psychokinesis). You win when your pokemon team scores 21 points or when all enemy pokemon are fainted due to the ball hits. You can use 3 pokemon. R. Obert's team consists of: Jigglypuff, Farfetcht'd and Wobbuffet. The tactic is simple: Farfetcht'd catches the ball and using it's stick throws it at Jigglypuff who inflates and blows the ball at the Wobbuffet. Thanks to it's counter the ball ends as a extremely fast and powerfull comete and is very hard to stop. Altough Caryball Gym has been beaten a few times since the change of the rules, it is still a very hard gym as the father of the sport is the gym owner. Whoever gets the Kekows badge may be really pround of himself.

By Cytrus

Shadowdart Gym

Location: Just south of Mt. Silver, on the slopes of a mountain.
Type: Dark
Description: This gym is practically impossible to navigate, because of the lightless corridors and the Sableye who attack you the moment you try to make a light and disturb their peace. Only in the Gym Leader's arena is there light, and then not much. The Leader, Noir, uses phenominally fast Dark-type Pokemon. The three Pokemon are Mightyena, Sableye, and Umbreon. If you win, you get the Shade Badge.

By Nightling

Briana`s Gym

Location: Route 312 Fire pave
Type: I own a fire pokemon gym
Description: My gym is all red with two rooms, one room with my pokemon that fight in the gym and one for my other fire pokemon. I would have all my chalengers go through a hallway witch would be very hot. If you can bear heat than you woud get a chace to battle me in my Firey HOT gym!

By Briana Stoddart

Shallamp Gym

Location: Route 119 in a cave by a waterfall
Type: Legendary pokemon
Description: After you become the Hoenn league Champion there is a slim chance that you will receive a pokemon with mail (a Pelefliper by the way) that says: You have formally invited to a championship 1st class gym where your prizes will be 5 masterballs, a Mew, a Celebi, a Entei, a Suicune, a Raikou, a Lugia, a Ho-oh, a Zapdos, an Articuno, a Moltres and a rare badge by the name of the Mystic badge will receive a cash prize of 10,000,000,000 please meet in the cave on Route 119. When you get to the cave 5 trainer's and the gym leader. They use these pokemon:
Lv.70 Celebi
Lv.70 Mew
Lv.50 Articuno
Lv.50 Zapdos
Lv.50 Moltres
Lv.50 Suicune
Lv.50 Raikou
Lv.50 Entei
Lv.60 Ho-oh
Lv.60 Lugia
The leader Terry uses these pokemon:
Lv.80 Groudon
Lv.80 Kyogre
Lv.85 Latias
Lv.85 Latios
Lv.90 Mewtwo
Lv.100 Rayquaza

By Josh


Mika Sonami

Location: She is from New Bark Town
Type: She is Pokemon Trainer
Description: Mika is a young Pokemon trainer who is the star of my Fan Fic. Mika is 11 and has seven Pokemon. I bent the rules and let Mika carry 7 Pokemon. She has Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Meganium, Skarmory, Typhlosion, and my favorite Suicune. Mika is trying to gain her Pokemon trust. Mika is a tall, blue eyed, and pale blue haired girl. She loves every Pokemon and is willing to protect any of her Pokemon. She has two friends Marina and Kenta who travel with her. Kenta and Mika always are fighting but hey Kenta is annoying to her. Marina looks exactly like her. They are best friends and love each other.

By Latias Sister

Jake Dynor

Location: He is from Hodo Town
Type: He is a Pokemon Trainer
Description: He is the main character in my fan fic. He is 9 and carries around 5 pokemon, his pokemon are Venomoth, Bellosom, Meganium, Tryanitar and Sneasel.

By Angoooooo

Angus McLennan

Location: New Bark Town
Type: Pokemon Trainer
Description: He has lots of information but i can not tell you. His favourite pokemon are Venasaur, Nidoking and Dugtrio.

By: Angoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Phoebe Shadowdart

Location: Hometown: Blackthorn City
Type: A Pokemon Trainer
Description: Specializes in Flying and Dragon Pokemon. The only Pokemon of hers that will never fly is a Meowth. Her Pokemon are as follows -


She is a character in my friend Polaris's fic. She's eighteen in the story, carrying six Pokemon as you can see. She has black hair, green eyes, and a knowledge of secret places to match almost anyone. She can find almost anything you ask for. Her flaws? She has a quick temper and is rather oblivious to rules. Her memory is pretty bad, too :)

By Nightling

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