Author's notes: Okay, I have NO idea why I wrote this. I was just searching for Misdreavus on Crystal at two o'clock AM or so, got in a weird mood and made this out of what happened. Then I wrote it down. It's not really a story, it's more of a thought that's put up like a story. It's mostly about rare pokémon and the Master ball. Oh well... anyway, I'm warning you, it may be boring.


Imagine that you're searching for a pokémon. It is very rare, but it also happens to be one of your favorites. Patiently, you walk around, finding more and more pokémon that unfortunately aren't The One. But you know you will find it, sometime...

Imagine that like from a dream, you return to reality finding The One in front of you. You attack, it attacks. But as you attempt without success to dry your sweating hands, all is lost. The One faints. You throw a swear word or two at the first pokémon in your party for losing you The One.

Imagine that you know you won't be at rest until you've caught The One. Half dozing off, you patiently keep searhing. Why, oh why, are you put through this?

Imagnie that in the middle of your despair, The One's cry fills your ears. All whys are forgotten instantly. But it ends up fainting in the same dreadful way as before: You used one of the attacks that trap the enemy and damage it for a random number of turns, and it didn't stop in time. You promise yourself in silence that you won't use that attack on The One again.

Imagine that you have to search longer than usual. When you're just about giving up, you finally find The One. Within one critical hit, everything is lost. You are starting to hate the first pokémon in your lineup for being so lucky.

Imagine that yet again, you find The One. You pray that your pokémon won't blow it, then attack. The One is down to less than half HP.

Imagine that this was your weakest attack apart from The Cursed One that cost you The One two times. You carefully check your pokémon's stats. One of your other pokémon has a less powerful attack, but it has higher Special attack. You hope that Base damage matters more than the attacking stat and switch to the other pokémon. You are wrong, you lose The One yet again.

Imagine that you don't blame your pokémon this time, you hate yourself for making the wrong decision. For the fifth time, you find The One. Deep down, you know this is the truly One.

Imagine that you attack, praying not for a critical hit. It makes The One frozen solid, but with less than half HP again. You start throwing balls. In the end you see that you have no choice but using The Cursed One. You do, praying that you'll catch it before it faints.

Imagine that you're down to your last Ultra ball. Of course, you have some Great balls and Poké balls, and the Master ball, waiting there innocently like any other ball, but still a forbidden treasure. The truly One is almost down to the red area although not quite. It is still frozen. You could use the Ultra ball and risk its HP being still too high, or you could wait and risk it thawing out so the Ultra ball won't catch it.

Imagine that you use the Ultra ball. It wobbles. You somehow know this is it. Within seconds, The Truly One is in your PC box, where it will probably spend the rest of its days. I mean, what's the fun of a rare pokémon after you catch it?

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